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Westpac Altitude Platinum 60k Qantas/Velocity (Exp)/100k Altitude Points ($0 Fee in 1st Year) (Spend $3k in 90d) (Existing Cust)


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Get 100,000 Altitude or 75,000 60,000 Qantas bonus points + 1st year annual card fee waived (usually $150).
100k bonus Altitude points currently gets you $350 in cashback or up to $470 in e-Gift cards with Altitude Rewards.
To earn the bonus points you must apply and be approved for a new Altitude Platinum card between 7 October 2020 and 3 February 2021 and spend $3k on eligible purchases within 90 days of new card approval. 
Apple Pay available.
Existing customers only. T&Cs apply.

Earn 0.5 Qantas Points or up to 2 Altitude Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases.
Ongoing annual card fee: $150
Ongoing annual rewards fee: $0 if you choose Altitude Rewards; $50 if you choose Altitude Qantas
Variable purchase rate: 20.49% p.a.
Variable cash advance rate: 21.49% p.a.
Interest free days on purchases: Up to 45 days
Minimum credit limit: $6,000
Minimum income required: $30,000

Complimentary cover for overseas travel, extended warranty, purchase security, transit accidents.

Eligible purchases do not include interest, fees and charges, cash or ATM cash advances, cash equivalent transactions, gambling transactions, payments to the Australian Tax Office, government charges, BPAY or similar transactions (such as Post Billpay), refunds and balance transfers debited from the card account.

The bonus Altitude or Qantas Points will be added to your points balance within 12 weeks of meeting the eligible spend criteria.

Existing Westpac customers who currently hold an Earth Classic, Earth Platinum, Earth Platinum Plus, Earth Black, Altitude Classic, Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black credit card, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer. Switches, upgrades or Westpac group staff are ineligible.

Mod 11/12: You must be logged in to see the offer, if you only receive 60k points please contact Westpac, some users have reported this.

Update 5 April 2021 - Offer has been extended until 7 Sept 2021 for 100k Altitude Points, but 75k Qantas points has expired and is now only 60k.

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              • @timhn: thanks for the response, strange though.

                did u spend on government charges? like utility bills or rego?

                i did, maybe thats why we spent 3k and the points arent showing

                • @victimized: @victimized, you probably right. I've a look at the statement and there were nearly $1K for Water & Council.

        • Same boat. Points not posted yet. Did you have a screenshot of the 75K offer by any chance? Poor form from Westpac.

          • @G77: It still shows 75k points if you click on cards when you are logged in.

          • @G77: https://imgur.com/sIbzi2g

            Here is one I grabbed on the internet

            • @Nohtyp: Awesome, thank you

            • @Nohtyp: able to find out what's the T&C???

              I owned WP credit card but cancelled in May 2020. I'm just wondering if this applies to a customer who owned a card but less than 12mths.

              Besides I do not have a transaction with them, hence can't see the term. My online banking has been suspended.


    • I have 60K bonus showing on my statement. (not credited to qantas account yet). I still have not got my physical card yet lol. Purchases all done with digital card.

      • 60K bonus is now in qantas account today.

        • Rang rewards customer service today 1300 881 645 - they are looking into the 60K vs 75K issue.

          • +2

            @JohnSy: Got this email today after calling on the 17/11:

            Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your enquiry.

            We are sorry to hear that you did not get the amount of bonus points expected.

            We are pleased to inform you that the additional 15,000 points have now been allocated to your rewards account and will be transferred to your Qantas account on your next cycle date.

            We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we appreciate your understanding.

            • @JohnSy: I also rang them on 17/11, however yet to hear back.

              I was advised the case has been opened and someone will revert to me.

              • +1

                @Ash-Say: Just got an email confirming the allocation of points. Will appear in my Qantas account on next billing cycle.

            • @JohnSy: Hi john,

              What did you say during the call with the Westpac team on the 17/11?

              Ive tried calling numerous times and they deny the bonus 15k points.

              It was already a hassle as they didnt even credit me the points to begin with and after 11 outbound dials from myself, they finally credited me 60k points which is incorrect.

              its so frustrating dealing with their customer service team.

    • They hit me with a $99 card fee last Friday, I think there must be some sort of system glitch, that applied the current offer to us (60k points, $99 annual card fee).

      Will have to call them now, did you manage to call them today?

    • I've also only had 60k Qantas points added to my account (spent $5000 on furniture). Called CS today and they said their offer with the Altitude Platinum card has only ever been 60k Qantas points in the past 2 years…? (Which is clearly wrong). Think I might wait the 3 months before disputing the points.

  • nice… $50 qantas rewards fee? who tf even charges this nowadays..

    • Yeah I came back to point out the same charge. Not advertised on the post :(

      • Same here - this hit my account a few days ago. Oh well… :/

    • St George, WPac and I believe BOM as well.

  • Might get this one but is St George offer better?

  • I had some follow up for salary and to documentation confirming other cards are now churned, but within an hour or two, listed as declined? Anyone know why they bother going through all the rigmarole when they already have the information on hand? Would it help to call and ask them to review?

  • How long did it take for people to receive their credit card?
    I got approved on 27th October, been using the virtual card but I still haven't received the physical card.
    I know Auspost is having delays but this seems too long! Received my debit card from the Westpac Choice account that I opened two days prior to opening the credit card, but no sign of the credit card.

    • Approved October 16, got it about a week later.

    • +2

      Exact same thing happened to me.

      Choice card arrived within a few days.

      Credit card took 16 days. I ended up reporting the credit card as lost in the mail after 12 days, so when it arrived on day 16 it was already cancelled.
      Now I am still waiting for the replacement card to be sent out :(

  • +1

    I too had only 60k bonus points on my statement. Gave Westpac a call and they said there is 15k points sitting in my account that will be transferred over in the next month.

    • +1

      Really strange. I see 30k bonus points posted on my Qantas account on the 22/11 so I received 90k points in total. This was before calling them so I wonder if I'm gonna get an additional 15k points. I'll just have to wait and see.

      • The extra 15k bonus points arrived on 17/12. Winning.

  • Does anyone happen to know if bond payments in NSW count as "government charges"?

  • I only got credited 30k points, will wait for the next bill cycle, but a bit weird that it's different to everyone else

  • was slugged the $99 annual card fee, called and had the fee refunded.

  • Good deal amongst current offers available.

  • Got my first statement but no bonus points?

  • Does using this to pay off your zip balance count towards the $3000 spending minimum?

  • Website is showing 60,000 Qantas points with $99 annual fee - has this now ended?

    • The offer is for existing customers - have to check in the internet banking links

  • To anyone who received the bonus points, did you see the bonus point in your statement?

    I've spent over $4K and now on my 2nd statement but the bonus point still showing 0.

    • Same for me…i've spent $3.5k within the 3 month timeframe and got my statement today. Bonus points still show 0. Not sure if there's some lag and it'll show on the next statement??

      • same here mate - spent close to 4k, got my 2nd statement today but no signup points, will miss out on the 15% bonus points on Krisflyer transfer

        Will give Westpac a call tomorrow to see where things are - expect to hear the rhetorical - 90 day wait period after hitting the min spend

        • The app says 12 weeks until bonus points are received

          • @chartparker: It's just standard T&C.

            Given this promo was started in 14/Oct, if applied on that day, most people should be just on their second statement month - and some already got the bonus points.

        • Maverick1, did you manage to call them?

          • @timhn: yes, I did, was told I hit my min spend on 17th nov, so expect to have it latest by 15th Feb
            And call them again after 15th Feb if the points are not credited

        • Same situation. Spent close to 4k in 1st statement. Still no bonus points on my 2nd statement.

    • +2

      Same situation for me. Second statement, no bonus points. I have spent in excess of $5K. Bit annoying, other banks definitely better.

      • -1

        ANZ is always the worst anyway lol

        • I used to think so. Past 2 ANZ accounts i've had were faultless from sign up, points without much delay, easy to deal with. Way better than Westpac imo lately.

          • @Xizor: I cannot agree. For example, they still require you to mail back the DD form. Errr…

            • @louuisc: Lucky you i guess? I never had to mail anything or even go into a store once for ANZ in recent years churning credit cards.

  • +1

    Extra 15k points arrived yesterday

  • Anybody else paid strata fees on this? I didn't get points on it…how can that be? It's Stratamax, not BPay etc.

  • +1

    Just closed my cc and also got $50 refund of Qantas reward fee. Essentially got 75k points with no fee.

    • How long did you keep the card?

      • 2.5months

        Bonus 60k arrived in first statement. Had to wait another month for 15kmas they were manually applied by Westpac

    • Where did they refund the $50 too if you account is closed? Are they sending you a cheque?

      • I also have Westpac choice account with them.

    • Did you ask for it to be refunded or did they just do it automatically?

      • +1

        You have to ask for it

        • Thanks. Still haven't got my points yet so I guess I'll wait until then.

  • Coped the $99 fee which was later refunded once I called. However, am only getting $60K points as they claimed I did not enter the promo code in the application.

    • what promo code, there isn't any!

      • It was embedded in the sign up URL

  • Just got my 100,000 points, 6 weeks after meeting spend

    • Got my 100k too
      Transferred to Krisflyer to get 15% extra Kris Miles

  • Late to the party again but did you guys get a digital credit card just after you got approved? Or do we have to wait these days (saw some issues with the digital card)?

    • You get a digital card via the app. I added it to google pay immediately and had no issues using it.

      • Ahh okay. I eventually got the digital card working, just waited longer then usual for it.

  • Im on my third statement and still no bonus points. Westpac are easily the worst bank I've dealt with in recent years.

    • I've checked my 3rd statement this morning and, lo and behold, saw bonus points in it. Went check at Qantas and also saw the points in there.

      Account is now closed.

      • Lucky you. I hit the min spend within first few weeks easily. When i called them to ask whats up today they were vague and said all this stuff about bpay doesnt count, paypal doesnt count (paypal? wtf) and to wait until next statement. Slowest bank for anything. Nightmare from day 1 when they locked my account using the digital card then wasted hours of my time in store trying to fix.

  • Just checked via Qantas frequent flyer app and 75k points was given

    • when did you sign up? anyone signed up recently?

  • can anyone still see it?

    • Yes.
      75K points for existing customers.
      60K for new customers.

  • Got my points. I take it most people just close their account straight away ready for the next one? Pretty new to churning.

    • +1


  • Sounds like most are going for the Qantas points. How much is 75000 points worth? The 100000 altitude points for $450 gift cards sounds more appealing but is it?

    • It depends on how you use the q points, flights are 36k bris to nz return excluding fees. Normally flights are around 500 including fees, so about $350 per ticket, so you get about $700 if you go this way.

  • I hit my spend in mid december but still no bonus points.
    Will give them a call on Monday

    • Don’t they have 3 months to give the bonus points?

      • Yep, they will just say that as per their terms and conditions it can take up to 12 weeks.

  • Got my 75k qantas points on the second statement.

  • Is the deal still on (75k for existing customer)? I want to open an account and join but I see the date is up to 3rd of Feb …

    • It just got updated

      • Was it ? I cannot see any changes … What is the new end date ?

        • Apologies, I misread the description.

          Hornet, this is long running deal and they have extended it multiple times, so there's a good chance of it being extended again just no one has confirmed and updated the description

          • +2

            @frazel: Looks like the deal has been extended to the 31st of March 2021.

            They have also now extended this to Velocity points as well (75K velocity points for the same $50 Rewards Fee)

            I have just applied for this now. Didn't get an instant approval, not sure if that is a thing with Westpac or not.

            • @Helmutson: Nice you should report it so the moderator can update the posts description

  • For those who got the offer, can please advise how this deal actually works?

    If you own or owned a transaction account, does it count as an existing customer?

    • Yes I signed up for the transaction account as part of the $50 deal and I was eligible for the special 75k QFF application.

  • I applied Friday, checked with their application checking tool today and it says I've been declined. But after calling them, I was told it's still with their senior team to check payslips etc.

  • If I sign up for a Westpac Savings account, would I be eligible for this deal, or does it have to be a transaction account?

    • I thought a savings account is a transaction so my guess would be yes but check with Westpac to be sure.

      • Just had a look, all Westpac Savings accounts come bundled with a transaction account that has monthly fees, so no way to get around it

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