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Ozito 18v 4 AH Battery $48 @ Bunnings


I was looking for higher capacity ozito battery for mower. Called to check the 2 ah battery and the agent told me that they have 4 ah for $48. Just got two for the mower and the blower. Not online and this is a special buy. Had to ask in the power tool section.

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    I don't need more than the 6 of them I've got.

    …or do I??

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      I'd say yes, you could put them in series and have the worlds 1st 108 volt vacuum cleaner, or maybe drill.

      That is a brilliant deal, you could off load some on eBay once the sale drops off. Don't be greedy just re-coup your cost on the initial ones you keep.

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        Lnk cr b82rez 2g4

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      A man cannot have too many batteries or torches.
      Don't, in a moment of self-doubt, ask yourself 'why'
      It just is so.

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      When you think you may have to many batteries you need to buy more tools

  • Can replace 15 Eneloop cells, and cheaper.

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    If you're not in a hurry to get one now, they do go on sale for lots cheaper.
    Like ~$29 each.

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      When is that though?
      I thought it was when the aldi battery were also 29 but not it seems the battery is for $49 for the aldi ones too.

      • My crystal ball isnt working today. But i dare wager the $29 sale will be back.
        For now if you're in a hurry, this is a somewhat decent enough price..

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          When will your crystal ball be working again? Does it need a new battery?

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          What a useless comment.

          • @spiff: Right back at you, honey.

            • @Nivlac: You dare wager. Ok Braveheart way to go.

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                @spiff: "Ok Braveheart way to go."

                Thanks 😘

      • The battery is never 49 bucks for the aldi ones. It 29 bucks advertised, or as low as 19 if they can't move stock.

        Hence the 29 dollar price matched Ozito at bunnings

    • I think you have that confused with Aldi stores that fail to move their battery stock or you just wait it out till the next round and hope it's back to $39 or less.

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        Nope, no confusion. I remember purchasing it for $29 on 2 separate occasions.

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          Yeah there was the black box version one on sale $29 last year. Wish i bought more than 2. Bunnings basically just price match Aldi. If Aldi dont do it good luck waiting for bunnings to on their own.

          Also gotta keep in mind weight. I put 2 x 4amp in the jet blower and its a bit annoying, so the lower amp batteries do have some benefit to consider.

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            so the lower amp batteries do have some benefit to consider.

            Maybe for puny weaklings. But most OZBers earn over 200k and are buff as hell. So no problems here.

            • @serpserpserp: Ha, more a matter of practicality in certain use cases. Chainsaw up a ladder, jet blower on roof etc.

          • @Xizor: You have a 36V jet blower I assume? (i.e you need to use 2x18V to drive it?)

            • @jason andrade: They don't need to be 2x4Ah though. You can use 2x2Ah if you don't need it to run long.

              • @NigelTufnel: Yeah mate i have 2x4amp and 1x3amp batteries at the moment that i use accross 7 tools. Might buy 2x2amp batteries… mullin it over.

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            @Xizor: They should really design 36V skins such that it uses the same (single) battery, but in 36V mode.

            Larger (>4Ah?) batteries must have at least 10 battery cells (3.6V each), so they should be able to work in series to pump out 36 volts when needed. In 18V skins they can still work in 5+5 parallel configuration (with double the Ah).

        • Yeah, and I can link to old deals when Isoprop was $10 for 5L. So tell me how long people will be waiting till it's $29 again? Considering it's not even the $39 like the last round.

          I bought a bunch at $29 so I'm set, and some Workzone when they flogged them even cheaper but I'm not expecting $29 again for a while personally.

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            @dufflover: I was merely refuting your inaccurate statement with evidence which others hadn't cited. Didn't seek your pointless commentary.

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      Good if you need them but the discount is a bit meh this time. They have been $19 cheaper before.
      This is the dearest 'discount' price they have been

    • For the 4amp battery though? I would assume for that price it would 2>amps

      Edit: saw the old post, nhot bhed

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    • Yeah well, not that much of a bargain if you consider what type they are and how many cycles they have.

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        Have you seen test results on these batteries? How many cycles do they get?

        Mine have held up ok so far, some about 3y. Decent power too

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          I have not seen any results BUT I do know that you cannot manufacture good batteries cheaply.
          If you look after them that's a different thing altogether but cheap does not always = quality.
          I used to run Lipo RC rigs, 6S in series, 1/5 Baja.
          As soon as I saw any puffing, battery or $60~$80 went into a bucket of salted water and was left for 2 weeks to discharge so could throw out environmentally friendly.

          I have some Worx with 20 volt 2 2 MAh, they take a pounding and still working fine. Replacement as singles is expensive af.

    • thats a different version.
      it has a red bottom rubber bit (regular version) compared to the black all black bottom (this is the one that sold for $29 during aldi price match).

      see link from ripprind below

    • edit - redundant

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      I called two different Bunnings stores. The RED 4.0aH battery with I/N: 6290574 ( https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-4-0ah-lithium-ion-... ) for $69 is NOT on sale!!

      The one on sale for $48 has I/N: 0169989 ( https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-4-0ah-battery_p016... ) which is the BLACK 4.0ah battery which was on sale for $29 a few months ago. The black one one is the budget version and uses lower quality cells compared to RED version.

      • Is this known, or just suspected about the lower quality cells?

  • I was literally looking at bunnings online for these. So you just go into bunnings and… Tehy are that price in there, or do you need to ask for it some how?

    When the 2amp one is usually 20 to 25 dollars, it feels like the only reason the 4a is 69 is to make the next up sell - the fast charger and 4a bundle for 99 dollars seem worth it.

    • Should be behind the counter with the rest of the batteries in the tool shop.

      They'll scan at $48 no issues, they've been expecting to match Aldi like this for years now

      • As per my reply later in the thread they are not scanning at $48 at at least two stores in SA.

    • There are two versions, the $69 red version and the cheaper black version. On the outside, they both feel very similar in terms of build quality, however the cheaper black version may use cheaper cells.

      • Not any more. There were two versions in January until they sold out

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    if you really need them buy, but deal would be at $29 : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/510742

  • My local bunnings doesn't have any in stock unfortunately and others are more then 5km away (the closest store with stock is a good 18km away). So unless our restrictions ease over the weekend, I don't think I'll be able to purchase one.

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    Now I just need Bunnings to have a sale on Makita 18V batteries…

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    Are there actually any decent tools in the line-up? Like a decent finish nailer? Can it compete with ryobi at least?

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      not a good competitor with Ryobi I think. you really get what you paid for

  • how many sqm can your mower cut before you need to swap batteries?

    anyone here got a Ozito PXCLMK-1418 18v brushless mower?

    • Only recently got an Ozito PXCLMK-1418 18v brushless mower and am getting around 30 minutes runtime per charge with 4AH battery

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      Mine runs for half hour no worries, but the issue isn't cutting time it's cutting power, it struggles in thick grass on a lawn mowed only a month ago. If you are really budget conscious its workable, but it can be frustrating. If I had the choice again i'd spend the extra on a double battery unit.

      • Keep em blades sharp with an angle grinder + flappy disc, makes a world of diff

    • I bought the 2x18v steel deck one in August, just before they shut Bunnings. Came with 2x3A batteries. From the box, used up 1-2 of 3 dots for 120m2 lawn. After recharging, uses up just one dot. Both machines are brushless, and yours would be much lighter, so may be similar? Love using it - but the lowest setting is not low enough for some parts of my lawn, imo.

  • Could the price go lower after Aldi release they promotion?

    • Nope. ALDI is $49.99 now.

  • So when I scan the battery in bunnings, it will be $48?

    • Nope, at least not at Edwardstown SA. Labelled at $69, asked for a scan in tool section and came up full price still.

      Edit: and called Mile End and got same answer from tool section. Still $69.

    • You have to ask in the power tool section.
      They have these behind the counter. There was 20 of them in my local store so stock level is not much.

      • Exactly what I did at Edwardstown! The assistant in Tools took one out the locked display cabinet and scanned while I watched.

        • Just ask them if they have special battery on sale.

          • @kisshell9: Ok called and used that script. No go. Must not be national or at all stores yet.

  • Called my local store they have in stock but as due to the restrictions i am not allowed to go in to buy so not sure how to buy it…How did others in Vic manage to buy it?

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      You need to be transfered to the special orders desk. They can create a click and collect order for you and you just pay over the phone.

  • I remember I got 6 of these for $29ea once upon a time. Ozito batteries definitely die faster than most batteries I've used, but I'm giving them a workout for sure.

  • https://ozito.com.au/products/18v-4-0ah-li-ion-battery/
    They are different and it's why balck one is cheaper, cannot say the difference tho.
    Bunnings 69$ is the red one and the 29$ one is the black one, not sure about the 48$ one!

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      My local bunnings (epping) had the red $69 ones in stock but not the black $48 ones. The closest one to me with stock of the $48 black ones was the Eltham store which is a good 18km away (well outside our 5km restriction here in Victoria).

      • Thanks for sharing this info.

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      $48 is black version which is on sale now but was $29 in January. Personally I would wait for a price drop since $48-$29 is a further 40% off!

      Shows $48 on their site right now: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-4-0ah-battery_p016...

  • Sorry if this has been covered before, but are there other brand batteries & power tools compatible (battery-wise) with Ozito?

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      There are converters available on gumtree that allow you to connect ozito batteries to ryobi tools and vice versa as both ryobi and ozito share the same specs. However you can't do it with other brands.

  • OP, thanks for the post. On a separate note, may I know which Ozito lawn mower do you use and how's the experience so far?

    I am planning to buy Ozito PXC Garden care kit @399. Just noticed its not available online anymore when I was trying to get the link for this post.

    Anyway, does anyone have feedback on the garden care kit?

    • I have got this mower
      Not sure of the garden kit but the mower is great

      I had issues with ryobi 18v mower so got this and it has no issues but 2 x 3 ah battery was not enough so had to get these battery.
      I had a very long couch grass and this cut it all without issue.

      • I got this mower too and very happy with it…enjoy mowing now :) and been painfull earlier

  • I just rang the Kingsgrove Bunnings store and scanned the 4amp battery and they said that is $69 dollars?!

    Where can I find that $48 deal?

    • read above. Discontinued black case is $48. Better off buying the Red case for $21 extra.hth

    • I was also ringing around (in WA). Not many of the staff knew about the deal, or maybe wasn't in their stock system? Decided to walk in my local and sure enough there were a pile of them.

  • Any one figured out the difference between black and red?

  • Scanned at full price $69 in SA

  • I can confirm that the offer of the battery is for the black box. It doesn’t show up in the website but I went to bunnings Kingsgrove and they have plenty left at $48. I bought 2.

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    Hi Folks. Well thanks for the heads up on this. I ordered the $48 batt thinking it was the $69 red unit on special. Have cancelled order.
    Just one point I'd like to understand. Why the reference to Workzone? My understanding is that Bunnings have sole rights to selling Ozito and that Workzone are different batteries. ie. Workzone cannot be used in Ozito products, or am I wrong. Can I consider the ALDI Workzone batteries for my Ozito tools?

  • Looks like the black ones are back on their website. Looks like stock levels are healthy with 4 of my five closest stores with stock.


    • Now available in SA too.

  • 14 left at Marion SA, Tool shop guy said this is the last batch of black ones, Ozito are getting rid of them and 5.2Ah and getting a 6Ah for apparently around $70

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