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[SUBS, Prime] Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Added to Amazon Prime Video


Sonic The Hedgehog Movies now stream for free @ Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime subscription require

Users who wish to block "Additions to Subscription Services" can do so by adding SUBS to their deals customisation. * Xbox Game Pass, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus etc. are considered additions to subscription services. You can also block seeing deals from certain stores or users by hitting the hide button below. Discussion Thread

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  • +16

    grabs popcorn

    • +7

      It's a great movie. Don't forget the after credit scene too.

    • +6

      This thread should be more entertaining than the actual movie

      • -8

        shit deal/spam; if peeps haven't already watched it by some other media, they probably never had to watch it anyway.

        • I've seen it once, might watch again with family….

  • +10

    Aren’t all the movies ‘free’ after you pay for the service?

    • +52

      You must be new here.

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    • +9

      Prime also do video rentals. So while Sonic has been accessible on Prime for a while, you had to pay extra. Like Disney + and Mulan.

      • +1

        Oh right. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it. I’ve never used prime video except to watch ‘the test’. Might give it a look

        • +2

          If you have prime ayway, it'd be silly not to try watching a few things on it. It's more or less on par with Netflix or Stan in terms of amount and quality of movies and TV shows are available.

    • +1

      its like whose line. the rules dont matter

  • +17

    I love paying for a service that gets me free movies

    • +12

      Do you like everything Medicare has to offer after you paid your tax?

  • +25

    Who actually pays for Prime for the movies? I consider it a free service…

    • +13

      As do I. Amazing value with this membership

    • +13

      I had Amazon Prime for ages before checking prime video out. Feels free to me aswell.

      Pretty good library of TV shows. I have more on my watchlist in Prime Video than Netflix.

      • Prime has a lot of good docos and weird shows hidden in their catalogue. Also has Seinfeld/30 rock/its always sunny/the office/ parks and rec. 5 best comedies all time (maybe)

    • I’d say it’s quite good value even in its own.
      There’s tons of series on there and they’ve been adding a lot of great and recent films. Knives Out, Joker, The Lighthouse, Cats (if you like torture)

    • I actually only use prime for the movies/series, there’s hardly anything grocery wise to buy that isn't super processed and shopping for other goods intermittently cheap so i’d say not worth a subscription.
      All my opinion and experience, but what do other use the prime subscription for that gives it value if not for watching the digital content.

    • Don't forget movies and games. I got a membership last week for Prime Day… now I don't know if I want to give it up.

      I fell for it.

  • +19

    Are we going to post every new release movie on streaming services?

    A line must be drawn.

    • +11

      Wait till you see the monthly PSN and Xbox games lol

      • -18

        I actually like those lol

        • +8

          And here is where your hypocrisy shines, you want a line drawn on movie services posts, but you are cool with monthly games posts cuz you want them.

          Now do a backflip and think about how it must feel for those who like the movies but not game posts.

          Now you understand right?

          • -1

            @dbmitch: PSN games are different though. Its only available for one month and if you sign up in that month the game remains in your library forever. If you don't sign up during that one month period you miss out. The games are also much more expensive.

            For this you can sign up anytime you want to watch it. Its not a timed thing where you have to sign up now or you miss out. There are also plenty of other ways to rent/stream these movies for cheap or even free.

            • @ko0l: Then you will still need the posts for the xbox posts.

            • @ko0l:

              and if you sign up in that month the game remains in your library forever

              Also, the games only remain in your library as long as you are subscribed to PS Plus. You no longer have access to them when your subscription lapses, so it's not forever. I find the whole PS Plus subscription model really silly, I don't understand why so many people seem to love it.

        • lol?!

      • And Borderland keys…

    • +11

      That's what the voting system is for isn't it? If it gets on the homepage, the people have spoken.

      • +5

        This is true. A majority have never been wrong before…….

        • +9

          We ain't exactly voting for life dictators here.

          • +3

            @Joker042: Ooh can we though?

            • +5

              @jeppetto367: OzB in 1815 France: "Are we really gonna go posting every time Napoleon comes back from some island?"

        • How you know its a majority? There are 80+ votes as of right now and there are hundreds of thousands users. There could be 99% users that don't like this so called 'deal' but can't neg because of the rules.

      • +3

        We can't neg though, the site is big now. Post anything and you're bound to have min 20+ votes.

        • +1

          Adjust the homepage threshold accordingly.

  • had been waiting more new movie come out for little while, was surprise they release this one, will get my popcorn ready this weekend

  • +6

    Gotta go watch it fast.

  • Is this the first time you've paid for something and got something in return?

    • +4

      It was under buy/rent for a month or so.

      It's now included "free" with Amazon Prime subscription.

      That's the whole point of this deal.

      The one you are commenting on.

  • +3

    Good family film. My 10, 8 and 5 year old all loved it asking with this 42 year old gaming geek

  • +1

    Thanks OP, I'd been hoping this would be added someday; wouldn't have known otherwise!

  • -3

    In before negs.

  • +4

    sign up to prime, watch the boys, unsubscribe…

    • +13

      The Expanse

    • +6

      The man in the high castle

    • +3


    • +7


      • +2

        Tales from the loop

        I just added the other suggestion to my list!

    • +1


    • +3

      Star Trek: Picard

    • +4

      Jack Ryan, Homecoming, Undone, Carnival Row….

  • +2

    Was surprisingly a fun flick. Jim Carrey really sold me as Dr. Eggman.

  • great deal op omg thank you!!!!!!!

  • One of the only new movies this year

  • +1

    prime should have prime family….

  • +4

    This was the last movie I saw in theatres!

    • And a great movie to end to too!

    • Mine would've been Invisible Man (or The Lighthouse). It was one of the two. But yeah, Sonic was one of the last. Ahhh the good ol days.

  • watched it via stremio month ago was quite good

  • +2

    Prime video has come a long way. It is getting a lot more block buster movies and tv series these days.

  • +1

    I’ve only watch The Grand Tour and The Boys on Prime. Nothing else interests me. I think most of us get Prime just for buying stuff really.

  • This deal might end soon, gotta go fast

  • +2

    How is this any different to the dozens of movies added to paid streaming services every month…

    • +2

      Just create a deal for each of them, spam the front page. Eventually it'll annoy enough users.

      • +1

        Pretty much. Do the moderators want this to become a subscription message board or something.

        • +4

          Did you see the mod's note about how to block these types of posts if they bother you?

          • +2

            @ragrum: I generally look at the new deals, by the time it goes onto the front page. Any actually good deal will be sold out/gone. Also there are millionaires of stores. Not gonna make a setting for each individual store.

            • @ko0l: You don't need a setting for each store - just one to block the "SUBS" tag. The problem will be that most users won't add the proper tag, so you would probably see the deals in new before a mod or power user added the tag.

              • -5

                @ragrum: Yeah well, then I'll miss out on the subs that are actually exclusive like the psn subs.

  • oh no.

  • This was such a great movie. A well deserved tribute to the Sonic heritage.

  • I just searched and it came up 6.99… maybe I'm in the wrong place

    • perhaps you have your vpn on

  • Good movie

  • -1

    There's two sonic movies, the good and the bad one, maybe the bad one.

  • Added to my whatchlist! Thank you op!

  • Just watched 'The Boys', excellent show , will watch this if its a similar standard.

    • +2

      I'll save you the suspense : it's not. It's a light-hearted Hollywood family friendly movie based on a video game. That's all it tries to be, and it does perfectly fine at that. It's also interesting to see Jim Carrey back on screen (after a long absence) and playing a whacky character.

  • +1

    Expect more Sony Paramount movies to come to Amazon Prime

    One of the exclusive is
    Paramount has sold the distribution rights to the film, a sequel to star Eddie Murphy's 1988 signature comedy hit, Coming to America, to Amazon Studios for around $125 million, as sources tell Variety. … The commericial deals are expected to transfer to the film's Amazon streaming premiere

  • I want to see the original Sonic design for this movie now (teeth and all). It'll be nightmare inducing.

  • +1

    250 upvotes on this deal - 1 single downvote.

    ……..guys we located dr robotnik

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