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Westpac Altitude Black - 150K Altitude Points or 90K+30K Qantas Points - $0 Fee First Year, Saving $250 (Existing Cust Only)


Similar to the Westpac Altitude Platinum of 2 days ago, but this time for the Altitude Black

Whilst logged in on the homepage, I saw an offer scroll across the screen for the Altitude Black, clicked on it and the offer for $0 fee first year was displayed, Lucky I saved the link , as the offer has yet to reappear.

You will receive an initial 90,000 bonus points if you spend $4,000 or more on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval + 30,000 points the 2nd year if you stay and pay $250

1. Existing Westpac customer with ability to log in.
2. First log in then come back to this page and click the below link


Offer excludes customers who hold/held any Westpac Rewards credit card in the last 12 months. New cards only. Offer ends 11th November 2020

I would have preferred this card but I applied for the Altitude Platinum yesterday and got approved and I was unable to switch. Hope this helps others

Remember, once logged in, click on the link above ….. do not search the Westpac site otherwise the incorrect offer will show

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    as someone who just applied for the Platinum Credit card yesterday, fml

    • +2

      i would feel victimized too.

    • I got approved for platinum too but I haven’t activated the card yet. And I got approved for the black just now, do you think I’ll still get the points?

      • I'd say no

      • I am in the same boat(haven't applied for black yet though) and i am on the phone with westpac and think we can, they are verifying atm
        Edit: they said cancel and reapply and call back and they will check with no assurance. Doing it anyways.

        • Cancel the platinum first? I don’t even get the option to cancel it my Westpac account even though it’s there, although not activated. That should suggest we should be eligible for Black card points.

          • @srapole: Call to cancel, in the end i stayed with platinum as there were too many ifs.

  • damn , platinum just got approved yesterday errrrr!

  • What is the minimum credit limit?

  • Wow… this is great!

  • +2

    bastards..just applied for the plat yesterday

  • Damn i juat applied platinum. Canni change it to black

  • Looks like it's open for everyone as this link doesn't talk about 'existing customers only' : https://www.westpac.com.au/personal-banking/credit-cards/rew...

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      $250 annual fee applied

      • I don't see any reference to annual fee in that link?

        • +2

          It did for me, under 'the important numbers' right hand side of the black card image. 2nd line from the top.

        • +1

          the OP’s link states first year free

        • -1

          look harder

        • I cant see it either ?!?

    • Offer is good untill the 11th November 2020.

      Presumably that's long enough to sign up to a transaction account, then qualify for this offer.

      Edit: Just read the comments further down, so answering my own question: Yep, appears to work.

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    can I open an everyday account and then apply?

    • About to ask the same question. I don't see why not, since you'll be a customer once u opened an account?

    • +3

      I did that yesterday for the plantium card. My bank account was not even active but the plantium credit card offer was available to apply.

    • I did that last time for a similar deal with westpac (maybe early this year?) and it worked fine. Have received my points.

  • +1

    damn, did the black about a month ago… going to request a fee waiver… try my luck!

  • Not a current customer. If I sign up now would I be eligible?

    If so, could it stack with this? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/573498

    I'm also eligible for BoM/St George's Bank offers, is this better?

    • Yeah I signed up for that same account and can see both offers in the app.

  • +4

    Just extra 15k points because you only get 90k points in first year and need to pay $250 fee to get additional 30k points.

    It will be useful for few people but with minimum credit limit of $15k and income requirement of $75k, there is a higher probability of rejection.

    Not worth a risk IMO.

    • Yeah my first instinct was to withdraw my application until I read your comment.

      For my Altitude platinum application, my case officer contacted me an hour ago and asked for more documents which I have now submitted.

      With a credit limit of $15k there is probably high chances of rejection (at least for me because I already have $33k worth of other credit cards), not worth the hassle for extra 15k points I guess.

    • Thats good point

  • What’s the cash equivalent of 150k points?

    • +4

      Used to be about $1650-$1800 but with lockdowns it would be closer to $1050-$1200.. that's selling it to someone else (which breaches Qantas T&C's) The value if using for Qantas shop or flight upgrades is less. (round the world fares were previously the best value for points)

      Edit: realised you are referring to the Altitude points and not Qantas. I've left the original comment there anyway in case others curious.

      • altitude are worth half as much as qantas

      • Thank you for the comments. :)

      • which team did you talk to? the applications team or the cards enquiry team? I’ve been pinballed and passed through both teams multiple times.

    • -1


    • worth around $500 cashback.

  • I have never had a westpac credit card but don't have an account either. Can I apply?

    • Yes you can apply

  • Dammit, just got the platinum.

    Still, it’s not too bad - I got a 6k limit

    In order to get 15k extra qantas points, it would have eaten up 9k of credit limit.

  • Thanks OP. Applied it and got approved within 5 mins.. I opted for Rewards points rather than 90k Qantas points

    • I would opt for Rewards as well given you don’t pay the $50 just to join the Qantas Rewards Program. But the beauty is being able to earn 6pt/$1 for flight booking. Defintely can rack up quick points there.

  • +5

    Bonus Qantas Points Promotion Altitude Black: To be eligible for up to 120,000 bonus Qantas Points, you must apply and be approved for a new Altitude Black credit card between 6th August 2020 and 11th November 2020. You will receive an initial 90,000 bonus points if you spend $4,000 or more on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval. These will be credited to your points balance within 12 weeks of meeting this spend criteria. You will receive an additional 30,000 bonus points if you keep your account open for more than 12 months and continue to use the card. These additional points will be credited to your points balance within 12 weeks, after the first eligible purchase is made in the second year of your card account being active. If you do not meet the minimum spend criteria within 90 days of card approval, you forfeit the initial 90,000 bonus points only. However, you are still eligible for the additional 30,000 bonus points in the second year if you continue to use your card. Existing Westpac customers who currently hold an Earth Classic, Earth Platinum, Earth Platinum Plus, Earth Black, Altitude Classic, Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black credit card, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer. Qantas Points earned during a statement cycle are added to your Qantas Points balance on a monthly basis."

    • +1

      That's a very valid point about it only being 90k upfront. Worth the description being updated, particularly as you would be charged the $250 annual fee to get the extra 30k points.

      • +1

        Thanks, you are right, I did have up to 120K but it is clearer with the update

    • +1

      min spend requirements should be added to the OP

      • Just added minimum spend

  • Just closed my account. I shouldn't be able to access this deal right?

    • You must wait 12 month since you closed the account if you were a previous member,

    • what account did you close?

  • FML just got the approval for Altitute Platinum

    • a few of us in the same boat, mine was approved this morning and then I discover this offer

  • I wonder if I’m eligible as an additional card holder … not the primary account owner. Tempting..

  • +4



    Westpac Credit Cards
    Your account closure - 10/11/19

    Offer page:

    Offer ends 11th November 2020

    1. Login with my previous Westpac details. Blank white page. Hmm?

    2. Refresh. Loads the regular Westpac Internet banking account, but with no accounts because I've none active with them.

    3. Visit the link provided above:

    Annual card fee: $0 in the first year, $250 thereafter+


    • Yeah same here. Closed account on 26/11/2019. Can still access account with old customer number, even though not an active customers and the credit card link works. There is still a risk they don't honour the points due to the T&C's.

      • True. However, you've unfortunately also got this to worry about:

        Offer excludes customers who hold/held any Westpac Rewards credit card in the last 12 months

        I've just scraped in as long as I order the card on the last day the offer is available.

        EDIT: They do have a habit of extending these offers though. Cut-off dates are presumably designed to fuel FOMO.

        • Gotcha. I thought you were going to apply now as the offer was showing up for you. If you planning on applying on the last day then you'll be fine.

        • +1

          Worth noting, a few times this year westpac have ended deals early. This may not last until 11 November

    • De ja vu - have you made this comment before on another thread because I am 110% sure I have read it before

      • Have I made a comment before about a just announced deal, pertaining to specific dates this year?

        No. No I have not 😂

        I'm guessing you posted your response to the wrong comment? Either that or your account is run by one seriously impressive bot 😛

  • Fml!!

  • absolute rookie mistake apply for (any) deal the day it drops, or even the day after. Especially with Westpac. They always seem to up their offers in quick succession.

  • Thanks Op
    Just cancelled my Attitude Platinum application and apply this instead

    • +1

      Wouldn’t that mean your credit score gets hit twice?

      • Not sure, but I always pay in full closing balance and never got overdue payment on cc
        Last month I applied Latitude Pay and got a new credit score enquiry
        However, surprisingly my credit score even increased by 1

        • +1

          credit inquiries impact the credit score regardless of how punctual you are with repayment

          • @AAN: From my understanding, credit inquiries will impact the score
            but overdue payment will have more impact ?

            I am just saying I got 1 new credit inquiry last month
            but my score has increased this month
            so probably while the inquiry deduct my score
            some other factors have increased my score and the net score value is still being improved

            • +1

              @littlesoldier: If you are applying for home loan in 1-2 years do not apply for more than 1 credit card :) I learned the hard way, got rejected 4 home loans even though I paid every 12 of my cc on time and had 60% deposit.

              • @neostarsx: True indeed, I did a refinance last year from HSBC and only got 1 card left. Since I am not going to refinance again sooner, been applying for few new cards this year :)

              • +1

                @neostarsx: I don't think applying for them will hurt you so much as keeping them - as they'll assume you're going to max out every single card you hold, and deduct that from your allowable monthly expenses.

  • Altitude to krisflyer ratio = 2:1 so thats not bad for 150k points = 75k krisflyer points.

    • +1

      Nope, it's been 3:1 for a while. St George is still 2:1. Still a nice one, 50k Krisflyer points for free!

  • One little trick that used to exist, and may still exist, is you can get the two Qantas invites, then switch to Altitude points, and order the Priority Pass. At least it was useful when travel was a thing.

    • +1

      Still exists although I tried this last year. However be mindful that once you cancel the card, the PP can no longer be use so not worth it if you're churning.

      • Yeah, found that out the hard way whilst trying to get into a lounge in Rome. I had assumed that priority pass would keep working for the full year of membership, but it actually ends when the credit card is closed. So if you want to use priority passes you need to open the card, use the passes, then close the card. Going to be pretty hard to get good use out of it with covid. Qantas lounge passes are linked to your FF number, so they stick around after you close the card, until they expire around 1 year and 3 weeks after being issued.

        • +1

          Hence I got a separate card for lounge access now just to avoid the situation that you experienced.

          • @nightelves: Diners? I'm hanging onto a Citi Signature with 2 free PP, even though I never use it, but it does limit the ability to churn.

            • +2

              @JohnHowardsEyebrows: You can buy DragonPass entries for around AU$36.51 (the exact amount I was billed in Rome when PP didn't work, so I immediately bought a lounge pass through the DragonPass app, and then used it). Steps to get entries for this price & avoid the joining fee: https://flighthacks.com.au/how-to-get-40-off-plaza-premium-a... . DragonPass is usually the same lounges as PP. So those 2 Citibank free PP entries have a dollar value of $73.02. Futhermore, the Citi Signature PP passes can only be used by the card holder, but DragonPass can be used by anyone, so it's actually better. Personal preference, but I wouldn't hold a card open for $73.02 in benefits if there were more beneficial options available.

              • +1

                @nickj: Thanks, you inspired me to bite the bullet. Just applied for BoM (so I can use it to pay the ATO), and the extra $15k should work well to keep cycling through more (I'll try get Points Club Plus in the next year).

              • +1


                I wouldn't hold a card open for $73.02 in benefits

                That's a valid point considering the Citibank Signature has a $15,000 minimum credit limit.

  • Got lucky. Applied for the Platinum 2 days back.
    Westpac needed me to call to verify some personal info.
    Saw this offer just before I called. So cancelled Platinum and have applied for Black.
    Only problem is credit rating will take a beating….

  • I am eligible to reapply from 5th Nov. Great timing!

    • How do you check?

      • I knew I cancelled sometime around then but I checked creditsavvy and it has report date 4th Nov from Westpac that it was closed. I just make it the day after that.
        Most banks are so slow to report the closure though.. some take months. But Westpac acts quickly to register the closure the times I have had the card.
        Lately I put in Google calendar a year after I close it that I can re-apply as I churn so frequently.. ;)

  • +1

    I got conditionally approved for $14.7K limit, do I still get the points?

    • +2

      That's odd. You should be fine though as I believe the bonus points are linked to getting approval for the card, not to your credit limit (but didn't think it could go lower than $15k).

    • +1

      had this happen to me in march they gave me a 10k limit on this very card which is supposed to have a 15k min. still got the bonus points.

  • got approved for Platinum just 2 hours after i applied yesterday + email saying the card is on the way.

    today got a text asking me to call the personal lending team from the branch for id verification… does it mean i still can back out or not?

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