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Westpac Altitude Black - 150K Altitude Points or 90K+30K Qantas Points - $0 Fee First Year, Saving $250 (Existing Cust Only)


Similar to the Westpac Altitude Platinum of 2 days ago, but this time for the Altitude Black

Whilst logged in on the homepage, I saw an offer scroll across the screen for the Altitude Black, clicked on it and the offer for $0 fee first year was displayed, Lucky I saved the link , as the offer has yet to reappear.

You will receive an initial 90,000 bonus points if you spend $4,000 or more on eligible purchases within 90 days of card approval + 30,000 points the 2nd year if you stay and pay $250

1. Existing Westpac customer with ability to log in.
2. First log in then come back to this page and click the below link


Offer excludes customers who hold/held any Westpac Rewards credit card in the last 12 months. New cards only. Offer ends 11th November 2020

I would have preferred this card but I applied for the Altitude Platinum yesterday and got approved and I was unable to switch. Hope this helps others

Remember, once logged in, click on the link above ….. do not search the Westpac site otherwise the incorrect offer will show

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    • They'll consider your current financial status. Not because you have another CC. Your history of paying on time would be a bonus.

      Source : I'd this CC before then apply for low rate one for the cashback. All good.

  • Does anyone know how long it will take to receive the card after being approved. Need card to spend $1260 from this deal here before it goes Out of stock


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      You can access digital card immdiately, so it can be added into Google/Apple pay for instore purchase.

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        Or online as well since they also generate a temp CVV for 24hr.

        • I have a similar issue, card approved yesterday and want to stock up on Woolworths eGift cards before the discount ends on Tuesday.

          Tried to use the digital card but received a generic error message (We're unable to display your card details online. Please call 1300 651 089). 25 minutes on the phone to eventually be advised that there is a internal system message stating that I will need to redo the 100 point ID check at a branch…

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            @gotz: Westpac are useless in this case, I had a similar terrible experience yesterday.

            I purchased Woolies GC and authorised the transaction via OTP so successfully received the card. After 1 hour, Westpac sent email that my internet banking had been blocked and I must visit branch to do 100 point ID check. I spoke with the customer service who said they can't help. My card had also been blocked and I must visit their branch.

            I had to make a large payment, so I used another card and missed the opportunity to meet spending criteria. Bastards!!

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              @Ash-Say: Can confirm Westpac are useless. Two phone calls, one branch visit and a webchat to finally be advised that the digital card will not work for unactivated credit cards (other than replacement cards). This of course directly contradicts the welcome email I received.

      • Ive been approved. Will this be in the app?

        • Found the temp digital card under 'services' side menu in the app (after clicking on the mastercard section of the app).

          All up brilliant. This is the first time I got questions about every detail of my finances, but with a couple of calls all approved and made a $4k spend in 24hrs (solar install).

          Btw, No annual fee first year in the letter of offer and I used the insert promo code into link method on 21/10.

  • Is this deal definitely for the general public and not targeted to certain customers who the deal is supposed to appear for?
    Don't want to end up like this guy… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8737970/redir

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      It is appearing in the App for existing customers when you click on Product> Credit.

      Westpac can't get away with it…

      • Is the black offer coming up in the app though? I've looked through the comments and the OP said it scrolled across the top of his screen in internet banking and I can't see anyone else who has seen it without clicking on the link.

        • Sorry my bad, I was referring to Platinum card.

        • If in doubt grab a screenshot of the promotion and call them up once the application is approved.

          • @nightelves: That's what the person in the comment did and they said the offer wasn't meant for him and wouldn't honour the $0 annual fee…
            It's definitely not coming up in internet banking or the apps in iOS or Android for both myself or my wife.

            • @thestig: Happened to my uncle as well but they were able to reverse the charges after he sent through the screenshot.

  • If i use the link in the post for application, it throws and unexpected error ! So appears they have done some changes to their site to stop this link.

    • No they haven't. Did you even read what OP wrote?

      • Does it work for you anymore? I can't seem to open that page now with the link OP shared…

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          First login into Westpac online portal, then copy and paste link into web browser and it will be there. I have tested it before replying to you and it works.

  • Approved very quickly, digital card ready to use instantly. Well done, Westpac.

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    Isn't this a bit risky since the annual fee waiver is clearly a targeted offer?

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    I called Westpac to confirm whether the fee would be waived and the person checked and said it's showing as waived on their end.

    I'm an existing WBC customer (albeit as at the start of the month).

    • Going on from this

      Confirmed fee is waived. This is mentioned in my welcome email: (refer to financial table)

      Annual Card Fee $0.00 annual fee in the first year from date of card approval: 19 October, 2020.

      $250.00 thereafter. Charged to your account following the first cash advance, credit purchase transaction or balance transfer and charged to your account in subsequent years on or after the anniversary of the first charge.

      Normally banks just send a generic financial table so I'm glad Westpac sent out a proper one.

      • Is your welcome email subject "You're approved"?

        I clicked on "credit card fact key fact sheet" link and it does not show the fee as being waived for first year for me.

        Not sure if there is another email I should be waiting for?


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          Titled as Your Westpac Altitude Qantas Black Card

          This email came a day after the You're Approved email

          • @Unorthodox: Thanks for confirming. Hopefully I will get the same confirmation when I get the email shortly.

  • Anyone know the turnaround on them checking payslips? Conditionally approved straight away, and have uploaded my payslips confirming income. Just not sure how long it will take to approve the card fully.

    • 2 business days

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      put through playslips yesterday morning, approved today before lunch

      • Thanks!

        • Uploaded bank statement + dividend statements on Friday.

          Approved this afternoon.

          No digital cards etc yet though

          • @Unorthodox: are you an existing customer?\

            I applied and upload payslip on Sat Night, still shown as conditional approved.

  • Applied last night and was told up to 10 business days to review my application.

    • Got the same result, wonder if it's for financial or offer eligibility reasons.

    • Based on what people are commenting below, are you going to cancel your application before they hit you with a credit check or just keep on with it?

      • Circling back; got a text this morning confirming I am conditionally approved!

        • Congrats, better keep an eye on the fee waiver line in the welcome email haha

  • Mid way through the application and couldn't progress as it would never load a drop down list of occupations for my industry.
    Cancelled the application and went to start it again and now getting

    An Unexpected Error Occured.

    (logged into internet banking, copy pasted link)

    • me too…unexpected error.

  • Hi op, re zero fee 1st year. Is this for existing bank customer or ex card holder under 12 months???

    I can't see the term re this online.


  • Is the link broken for anyone else? Trying to apply but the link takes me to "An Unexpected Error Occured."

    • Same here and I tried a few times this afternoon after logging in. Maybe it's a targeted campaign and Westpac removed it?

    • yep getting the same error

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      Spoke to a rep and they said that this deal never existed.

      My guess is that this was a targeted deal that they've revoked when they found out it was publicly accessible.

      Knew I should have just signed up the day it popped.. Fingers crossed someone can figure out how to get it again!

      • strange, wonder if those that did manage to apply will actually get their annual fee waived!!!

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    Anyone who applied for this whilst the webpage was still accessible, would you kindly search your browser history for a URL like:


    and tell us what the value for promoCode is?

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      • Thanks, Is WABDB the promocode?

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          That's what my browser says. It appears to be same as an old code used before

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        Legend - worked and after applying, called to confirm the annual fee would be waived.

        Also FYI, believe you can speed up your application process by calling and asking them to review it and let you know if anything is missing.

        • pacman21, people below are unfortunately not having the same experience. Were told the fee won't be waived because they don't have a homeloan with Westpac.

          If you don't mind sharing, do you have a homeloan with them?

    • Can't + this enough..genius. All worked, no homeloan. Ask no questions, just read/ check the letter of offer once the digital card arrives.

  • Unfortunately, been told that this special offer was only available to home loan owners. So not sure if the fee will be waived…

  • Wow… just signed up for a transaction account… now getting an error on the link

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    Applied with the WABDB promo code by changing the sign up link.

    Called after submitting documents and they said there is no annual fee waiver.

    Cancelled the application. Confirmed with them a credit check hadn't been run yet.

    • Bit of a different outcome compared to "pacman21"s comment above!

      • Indeed. They did tell me the points are listed, and that the fee waiver is only for their home loan customers

    • I was told no credit check has been run and it was

      Check your credit report every so often to be sure.

  • I just got approved for mine yesterday - but having second thoughts now that the fee may not be waived. I do have a printout of the offer that I applied for, which states the fee is waived the first year, and there is no mention of it only applying to specific types customers. I will challenge them if/when they decide to hit my account with the fee.

    • Do you have a copy of the print out just in case ?

    • Please can you share the screenshot with me via PM, I am in the same situation!

    • Would love this print out as well if you could please PM. Be good to cover myself if they don't waive it.

    • Can you please share it with me as well?

  • FYI approved yesterday and got my CC details email today
    Annual Card Fee
    “$0.00 annual fee in the first year from date of card approval: 19 October, 2020.
    $250.00 thereafter. Charged to your account following the first cash advance, credit purchase transaction or balance transfer and charged to your account in subsequent years on or after the anniversary of the first charge.”

    I used OP’s link and am not a home loan owner

    • What was the subject of the email?

    • I've got the email as well and mine also states that the fee is 0 in the first year and then moving to 250. So all good. No a home loan customer either.

    • Would you mind confirming what the subject of the email was?
      I have received "You're approved" email only so far and not sure if the detail you are referring to will be contained in a subsequent email I should be receiving?

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        Subject was “Your Westpac Altitude Black Mastercard”
        came a day after the You’re approved one

  • Has anyone got the screenshot of the original offer that he / she is willing to share? Please PM me

    • Thank you egglings. I have a screenshot of just the main offer page which I can share if people need it.

      • Rolled the dice with the promo code. Cheers egglings.

  • Damn, expired.
    I needed to wait until about Nov5 to apply so looks like I missed out.

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    Finally managed to get my credit report fixed up and got approved.
    It truly is amazing that credit providers compile credit information based on so few variables. Having a twin sibling who lived at the same address at some point is enough to confuse the system. Unbelieve incompetency.

    • How did you fix it? I need to fix a stuff up by my bank.

      • Rang up Illion and they fixed it.

        • What's their contact? I'm a cba customer does that make a difference?

  • Got the email overnight confirming no annual fee for first year.

  • Applied on Friday night 16th and uploaded payslips - I'm still waiting for an approval.

    • Same here, applied over weekend with required documents submitted. Was advised it may take 3 to 4 business days for outcome.

      • I phoned the Westpac lending number which is their Philippines team. They said it's with the "Senior analyst" (assuming local Australian team) and can take up to 10 business days.

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    So I applied again three days ago after egglings posted the screenshot above with the WABDB code, despite my story further above.

    Got approved yesterday and got the welcome email today.

    Annual Card Fee $0.00 annual fee in the first year from date of card approval: 22 October, 2020.

    $250.00 thereafter. Charged to your account following the first cash advance, credit purchase transaction or balance transfer and charged to your account in subsequent years on or after the anniversary of the first charge.

    Use this modified link to apply:

    • Thanks mate - will give this a go

    • Thanks for posting this. Gave it a go after what you've said, was hesitant before. Let's see how it plays out! Got conditionally approved, and uploaded some pay slips…

    • No luck for me

      They say this deal has expired and cannot waive the annual fee as no current promotions are offering this. Cancelled my application.