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Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus $66,900 + On Roads (Was $73,900 + OR) @ Tesla


Greetings everyone, this was originally posted on the weekend but was removed due to a lack of information, but thought it was best to share again as it's a substantial discount :)

As per the Drive Article:

The price of the Tesla Model 3 has dropped substantially for the Australian market, in line with upgrades to the electric sedan's interior and exterior design and technology features and claimed electric range figures.

The base Standard Range Plus model is now priced from $66,900 before on-road costs – representing a decrease of $7000 on previous pricing – while its quoted range has received a 30km boost, now extending to 490km on a single charge (according to the NEDC test).

The mid-spec Long Range variant has dropped to $83,425 before on-road costs, a price cut of $6000, while its quoted range has climbed to 657km, up from the previous 620km (an increase of 37km).

Finally, the top-of-the-range Performance variant now costs $92,425 before on-road costs, or $5000 less than before, and offers a claimed range of 628km – marking the largest range increase in the line-up with a boost of 68km.

Surprisingly, while prices have decreased, the level of standard equipment on offer has been either upgraded or revised.

All prices listed above exclude on-road costs, but include Tesla's mandatory $150 order fee and $1375 delivery fee.

As always, enjoy :)

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      • +1

        If the gov was such big fans of coal mining, wouldn't they want more electric cars?

        • Not when many people will be charging these from solar and using as a battery bank.

      • agree, there should be some subsidies!

        • Yeah I agree should definitely be some kind of incentives when purchasing an ev

  • +44

    how much is the cashback for this?

    • +15

      0% and you get your details leaked all over the interwebs

      • +12

        And you’re on Elon’s marketing list for life.

        • +3

          You know Tesla don't market right? You can always block his twitter account

        • +1

          I wouldn't mind tweets from Elon

      • +1

        What makes you think your details arent on the interwebs already.

  • +21

    Thanks, op… just got my tax return last week so just ordered one

    • +4

      That's a whole lot of return refund I must say……

      • +34

        Turns out I worked from home for a lot more than I realized and claiming 80 cents per hour ended up with a nice return of $69,420

        • +18

          ha ha. you got me opening a spreadsheet.

          Assuming the full refund is the work from home increased hourly deduction, you would have
          worked 86k hours ($69k / $0.8 per hour)
          at 8 hours per day, that is 1085 days of workdays
          or 2170 5-day-work-weeks.

          So after 41 years, you can get a Tesla with the 80c refund ;)

          • +9

            @grang: Jeez I know I worked a bit of overtime but didn't know it was that much. Remember we're all in this together, just some more than others

          • @grang: apparently the ABC worked out in certain conditions the 80c claim was worse than standard hours claim.

          • @grang: I'm sure he got that sum working 24/7 for the whole year. Not an impossible claim i'd say.

            • +5

              @PrasangaD: Yep, it was sarcasm
              Look at the number
              69 + 420

          • @grang: @grang - isn't it a deduction rather than an offset? ie. 80c deduction might only yield 30c reduction of tax, and no refund at all if dropping below nil taxable income/exceeding already withheld tax?

        • +2


  • +2

    What's the price of the Model S? Never liked the 3 styling, but the S still looks good.

  • +1

    Woah nice finds OP hv been looking for this deal

  • +6

    Nice, buy 10 get 1 free.

  • +26

    Where can I find discounted Tesla gift cards?

    • Can I use iTunes gift card to pay?

      • +3

        No, that's for your tax

  • +3

    Give it another year or so, the price probably comes down to around 50K

    • +4

      people are spending 50k on a hybrid rav4
      I doubt Telsa will massively drop the price until the VW ID.3 comes to aus, since that car is reviewing insanely well.

      • +7

        What reviews are you reading? Every review I've read says the interior is downmarket and un VW like, the range is disappointing and the charging rate is too slow for a current generation EV.

        • +5

          yeah the ID3 is half the car that the model 3 is.

          • +5

            @Bryden: Should be called the ID1.5

          • +2

            @Bryden: And half as fast with worse software and unknown long term reliability.

      • +2

        Model 3 is $40k US at the moment, paying $70k AUS doesn't really seem like that much of a bargain. Cheap to run and own though…

    • -1

      This price drop is because of the Lucid Air announcement. Lucid looks a much nicer car.

  • +12

    Any cash rewards or points?

    • Amazon Prime: Free Delivery Tuesday by 9pm

  • +2

    Is battery life good?

    • +20

      You can always back it up with some Mi powerbanks.

    • +2

      Attach charger to portable generator so you run it on petrol in a pinch

      • +1

        Have you seen anyone try this and succeed? Only ones I've seen failed. You'd need a pretty decent geny… YMMV, literally…

        • Nah, was a joke. People have tried it? Lol
          I would have thought charging would be disabled while driving

      • +1

        portable generator so you run it on petrol in a pinch

        I'm always amazed that no electric car maker has announced a trailer with built-in generator, effectively turning your electric vehicle into a hybrid. So if you want to go on a long road trip, e.g. holidays, you can. And you have most of the trailer space remaining for your holiday luggage. Even better, you could just hire such a trailer when you want to go on holidays, seems like it would solve all of the "range anxiety" problems.

        • I was reading your comment thinking "yeah, why isn't that a thing? Big oil would love it if electric car owners used petrol…"

          But then thought about how that would kinda solve the range and non-metropolitan infrastructure issues with electric and increase adoption, which they probably wouldn't love

  • +8

    Can I use 23738 Tesla gift cards?

    • +3

      can confirm .. just used it

    • +2

      You need 42069 Tesla gift cards

    • +3

      More like 18650 of them

  • +27

    Thanks price beat at OW and bought 9. Could have bought more but wanted to leave them for other ozbargainers.

  • +1

    Would there be a BaaS in AU like NIO in CN anytime soon?

    • Battery swapping is mostly a workaround for the lack of home charging + fast DC charging. It’s less useful here since we’re more likely to have our own garage where the charge connector can be installed easily and you can always wake up with a full charge.

      • BaaS is also dealing with battery deterioration, hence an EV’s value.

        • Reports are after 20k of driving losing about 10km of total range. They’ve managed to squeeze more out of the distance with software updates over the last year.

  • In China model 3 price dropped to about $50k

    • +4

      Tax buddy. Tesla prices are standardised around the world, then it's just exchange rates + tax and import costs.

      • +3

        I think in China the import tax is more but the government rebate for the electric car is quite a lot.

        • +5

          They are built in China buddy. There is a Gigafactory there for the Chinese market (and it's going to start exporting soon, so hopefully we are getting Chinese made Teslas soon).

        • modal 3 is being manufactured in China so a huge save on tax

          • +1

            @lawbee: I don't know how the tax calculated. The thing I know is iPhone manufactured in China but the iPhone price is not low in China

            • +10

              @RichardF89: Apple just greedy

            • @RichardF89: Chinese pay a premium because Apple is seen a status symbol, not just a phone. Same culture isn't as prevalent/noticeable in the West.

              • +3

                @xinyi: Oh it is. Just for different things

              • +2

                @xinyi: so does Tesla. I think it is a company strategy. Apple only want to top market but Tesla wants the whole electric car market.

    • They drive on the left? maybe we can grey import.

      • +4

        They drive on the right and the drivers seat is on the left

      • +10

        China and Japan are two different places.

        Except Hong Kong still drive on the left. (Motorists have not been sent to re-education camps yet.)

        • I probably laughed at that more than I should have.
          (My dad was forced to learn to use his right hand as his dominant hand in re-education camp.)

        • i must be missing something - where did Japan come from in this thread?

          • -1

            @Elijha: You asked if China drove on the left, something you could have found in 2 seconds from Google.
            Japan is LHD, and where Australia has imported many used cars from privately in the past.

            • +3

              @bargaino: @manic just confirming to you that Japan have drivers on the right hand side, ie the same as Australia.

              • @sn809: Arrgh ! , yes, of course I meant to say driving on the left, hence why we can import used cars from there. Thanks for proofreading :-)

            • @bargaino: Oh right, so it was a passive-aggressive reply? I'll just move on then.

        • +1

          Thanks for that I always thought China and Japan were the same place

        • Key word: yet

      • +2

        grey import from Hongkong

    • Hmm so you reckon Baba will ship it here?? and will I have to pay GST.
      Happy if its drop shipped.

      • waiting for the free shipping deal.

  • so more or less they're covering OR charges

  • +4

    Only putting it back near the price it was before last exchange rate adjustment.

  • +8

    Bugger I just bought the Mercedes AA Class.
    Battery replacement is handy though as I can just pop into Coles & get some more.

    • Eneloop supported

  • +11

    Panel gaps included :)

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