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Bonus $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with Telstra 80GB $59/Month 12 Month Plan (Port-in Customers Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


Full credit to WanderingEgg.

You do get a bonus $500 gift card rather than a $400 gift card, however it is today only (22/10) and ends tomorrow. Available at all stores nationwide.

*Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

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    Errrrr signed up for $400 gift card on Saturday.

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      Same. :(

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      I signed up for the $400 one a couple of weeks back, spent a week waiting for activation then 1 week later, still wound up with a $500 gift card. Fingers crossed you get the same!

      • Got my gift card straight after signed up.

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      You’re not on ozbargain if a better deal pops up right after you pull the plug

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        You're not on ozbargain if you don't see an incorrect idiom being used right after a post is up

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          The plug was attached to a trigger

    • I am sorry to ask this question, after getting this deal, can we still jump on telstra offer on their XL plan for $65 a month without ETC ? Thanks

  • How long do you need to have ported out of current Telstra plan before you can port back in? is there a time limit thing?

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      Think it was 30 days.

      • last month I was rejected after a 2 day gap from Boost to Vodafone — to telstra. I tried this time roughly around 18-20 days and was accepted. It really depends on Store Rep.

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      I heard 30 days but not too sure

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      there are different experience from different ppl.

      some say they are rejected by jbhifi staffs for not having ported out for 30 days before porting back in.

      some say jhhifi just allow them to get thru even they just ported out a day ago.

      my experience: jbhifi staff said the 30 day limit is a thing, he is happy to put me through but if telstra finds out, they will charge me for the 500 gift card.

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        Thanks guys so over 30 to be safe sigh… still trying to get out of them "upgrading" my plan and charging me more lol

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          I'm in the same boat - with 2 services. Let me know how you go?

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            @sekid3n: day 2 of chat … lol first guy had no idea and said will get back to me (never did) … second guy wants to know how he can help me .. i said is it possible for you to read the conversation ? rather not re-type everything ..

            sooo not looking good at the moment .. lol

          • @sekid3n: meh waste of time.. even if you say you will port to another provider they go we are sorry we understand lol .. time to look for a month to month plan off telstra network for a while lol

            shudders at using optus again…

        • Yeah I’m shocked about them upgrading me? That’s never happened to me before? I’ve had plans that lasted 10 years not be ‘upgraded’ before

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        The 30 days is a billing period requirement.
        If you are 1 day into your next billing cycle when you port out. Your account is still valid until your billing cycle is over, even when you port out and the service is no longer still active.

        In the system you are still treated as an existing Telstra customer. Therefore no deal when it comes to new/port in deals.

        If you happen to be one day before your billing cycle ends and you port. Technically you would be able to process the order and be eligible.

        This is where it comes down to the staff applying to rule accross the board (As it's written) or enforcing it based on why it actually exists.

        Please note, Staff are not in the wrong for enforcing the rule with an account ported out within less than 30 days. It is Telstra policy. It is however technically possible if the port in is processed out of the billing of the original port out date.

        Keep in mind. If you port out the day before your billing cycle ends and the provider you port too takes longer than a day to process the port. That would put you inside the next billing cycle and you're back at the 30 day mark.

        I hope this makes sense.

        • Will this be the same for Belong?

          I moved from Telstra to Belong on Oct 4 and the next cycle begins Nov 4.

          My end date of the last billing cycle with Telstra was Oct 23.

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      Set up a new SIM on Optus, wait till active (was at Optus shop for me) go to jb, sign up there on Optus number. Once done ask telstra to put number from current plan onto the new plan. Done.

      • This works?

        • keen to know as well. is it really that easy?

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            @randomdude14: Yes, you can ask for a change of fnn once you have signed up. The number you want to swap to needs to be under the same account. This was covered in earlier deals. I've done this personally with chat, you just need to say the magic words "change of fnn" with codi to get the CS with the right training.

            Also, you don't have to do a port in, you can just get a new number at JB when you sign up to this deal. Some people had to do the port in thing as some of the earlier deals was for port in only, not for new numbers. This deal seems to be for both.

            • @assailantsky: thanks for that write up .. bummer i got a boost pack for my daughter just before this popped up .. i could have tested this with a new number and worst case it would have just gone to my daughter .. oh well! lol

              Just wondering what then happens to that new number? does it just disappear or get canceled or something?

              • @scud70: No worries. I assume that number will go back to the pool. As your goal is to get your old number from current telstra plan onto the new plan, I won't lose too much sleep about what happens to the new number! :)

            • +1

              @assailantsky: I'm a bit confused.

              So you set up a brand new sim & new number with it - Then get the JB deal porting in the new number.

              Then you ask telstra to put your old telstra number onto the new plan, and the 'new' phone number dissapears and you've now got your normal/old phone number again?

              • +1

                @corbz: I did this with oppo deal a few months back.

                Signed up for a new number with the phone.
                Waited 24 hours for the Telstra system to update.
                Requested live chat move my old number onto the new plan and cancel my old plan (I was out of contract).

              • @corbz: No need to get a new sim from another provider and port in, you can just get a new number/service with this JB deal. Then as you described in your second paragraph.

            • @assailantsky: Be mindful if you were using an eSim for the number you want to keep. Whole other world of hurt required…..still waiting for my issue to be sorted after doing it this way with an eSim……

              • @Tacosaurus Rex: I've only done this with physical sims, but thanks for your warning.

              • @Tacosaurus Rex: I had an eSIM and the agent processed it within 20 minutes. I did have to toggle iMessage a few times to get the number to sync but phone and SMS worked straight away. The old number was disconnected for the duration.

                The agent seemed very competent and understood what I wanted to do straight away. Maybe took all of 5 messages back and forth. Luck of the draw with these things unfortunately.

                • @Poppin: Wish I had your agent. I’ve had nothing but 4 days of (profanity).

            • @assailantsky: do you know if this can this be done if the phone number you want to keep is on pre-paid? as long as its under the same account?

              • +1

                @dan086: Probably works similarly for prepaid numbers. You can try and see.

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      I was on Belong , i ported out to Lebara the very next day i ported back to telstra and availed the offer $99 plan with free S20FE 5G

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        belong is Telstra network???

    • I was on Belong , i ported out to Lebara the very next day i ported back to telstra and availed the offer $99 plan with free S20FE 5G

      • +22

        One more time for the people at the back!

      • +2

        Sorry you're going to have to repeat that. I didn't hear

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    Ah this is back again, I signed up for this last time. If you sign up in store, make sure they 'submit' your application and make sure you get a confirmation email from Telstra. Mine took days and multiple trips and calls to JB/Telstra. Shouldn't be that hard.

    • Same, I ordered via phone as I am in VIC. The whole process took more than 3 weeks and I still don't have my gift card. I also noticed that JB Hi-fi don't send any kind of cobfirmation which is annoying as I ordered over the phone, and now have no track record of their gift card promise.

      • Same thing happened to me. I just called up JB and they brought up my account and confirmed that they still need to send the gift card, I got it 2 business days after my call.

        • Same happened to me. Two weeks so I called JB and their plans guy sorted it and I received the new sim 2 days later and the gift card in email maybe 1-2 days after it went active.

  • does this work with boost?

    • I don't believe so

    • Nup, neither boost nor belong

      • +1

        *Port out to optus or Vodafone first. I was with belong during the previous deal, so in the morning I ported out to Vodafone and in the evening ported to Telstra. My port completed in 5 mins and Telstra confirmation email received in 20mins.

        • Can confirm that this worked for me also. Port out from belong in the morning, then signed up at jb in the arvo. No problems.

        • Do I need to go to a Vodafone or Optus store to do this?

          • +1

            @bargainzz: Not unless you don't know how to port.

            1. Buy a sim from wherever (Woolworths, coles, petrol station, 7-eleven, corner deli, etc.)
            2. Follow instructions on the sim pack to port your existing number to the newly bought sim from the convenience of your home/car/office/public library. Recommend doing it on a computer with internet access.
    • Nope

    • +1

      I've had them reject me for being on an Aldi plan. I was advised that the deal was not available if you were porting out from a provider that uses the Telstra network. I probably just had an anal staff member though…

      • No issues porting from Aldi.

      • I got an aldi sim and was able to port the number over no issue

      • Definitely a staff member being strict for no reason. The rule applies to Telstra owned providers such as boost and belong. Not Telstra wholesale customers like aldi.

  • +1

    Darn, ordered a Kogan SIM earlier this week to preempt this deal returning but it's back sooner than I expected! If only Telstra opened this deal up to existing customers, especially those being forced off their grandfathered plans.

  • Is this the $69 per month plan with $10 off per month (bringing it to $59)? If so, they had this offer at the start of the month. Great value!!!

    • I think that only had a $400 gift card

      • +2

        It was definitely $500 as it is the one I signed up to. It was the $69 per month plan though with a $10 discount per month (bringing it down to $59 out of pocket for each bill). Trying to figure out if this one advertised is the same

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    Per comments from the previous deal, can I confirm if you have an existing Telstra number (not on a contract), you can get a new Telstra number with this deal, then combine both numbers and choose the number you'd like to keep?

      • +1

        It's very very easy actually. Get on live chat explain what you wanna do. Takes 10min. Have done it twice.

        • Last time I tried this (same deal last year) I was told that I would've needed to pay the ETC for the plan - did they say anything about this in the experience you had posted above?

          • +3

            @jayypandaa: No, I wasn't on a plan. You move your old number that's not locked into a plan onto the plan.

            That said if you need to get out of a plan no etc you ring up, talk about other stuff and if they need to meet quota they offer to review your plan ;) then you check no etc and your golden.

            • @Slippery Fish: Yep! and if you've only got a few months left, tell the chat person you want to swap to month to month - 2 occasssions over the last 2 years, telstra has done this for me for free (ive said the month to month has better data etc and if they dont do something ill swap providers).

              As soon as you're on month-to-month, you have no cancellation fees :) port out, do whatever.

          • @jayypandaa: Early termination charges are applicable if you are in an active termed contract (12/24/36M) if you are outside of your contract (That you signed) then there are no ETC.

            If you are on a Month to month plan, or prepaid, then there are also no ETC.

    • -2

      Can do it but it's hard work.

      • Right. I guess the other method is just to port out and back in then?

        • +1

          Yeah if you're in the market i would port out now, sit on it for a month and wait for the next deal

    • +2
    • +6

      I've done this, went into jbhifi and said I wanted to sign up, he could see I was an existing Telstra customer and I said I want a new service (ie number) and he signed me up. I went home got onto Telstra live chat, cancelled my old service and asked them to port my old number onto the new service. Took 10 minutes.

      New customers only seems ridiculous to me since they are basically saying we don't want your money for at least a month, and then you can come back. You'd think they'd be happy to lock in current Telstra customers for another 12 months

      • Thank you! If I am signing up via phone, at what point would I call to cancel/combine?

        • +1

          Hybridex might have that answer for you, he has done it multiple times and is the person I borrowed the idea from after he posted it in the last deal. But I assume it will be the same process, when you can see that you have 2 active services go onto Telstra live chat and say you want to use old number on new service and cancel the old one providing you are out of contract.

      • Hi all,

        Do you need to be an existing Telstra member/number to bring your old number over on the plan after initially signing up with a new number for the JBHiFi deal?

        (I.e. don't want to port in straight away).


    • I just went to Jb hifi and tried to do this and they said that I won't be allowed to port my old number to the new plan, that it was a loophole they closed after the last time they ran this deal. Don't know if it was just all talk but something to beware of - probably better off going to optus porting over for $1 then porting back.

    • +4

      I can confirm this works. This is what I did today since it was Port in only:

      1. Activate $2 Optus Sim
      2. Go to JB and initiate the port
      3. Port completed within 10 mins
      4. Get gift card
      5. leave store and contacted telstra via their app
      6. requested to merge services and cancel my previous service. Specifically state that I would like a change of FNN and change from 04XX XXX XX2 (new number) to 04XX XXX XX1 (old number). This took them a little bit of back and forth since they weren't exactly live (not 24/7 chat). Took about 2 hours for them to finally comeback and confirm. They quoted the ETC fees for my previous service and I agreed. Restarted phone and everything was done.

      All done within 3 hours of porting. No issues and fluffing around. Pretty solid experience and I'll probably do it again.

      • This is not necessary. You can simply get a new number with Telstra and the deal is valid. It's only not valid if you're trying to "upgrade" an existing Telstra phone number.

        • Called three stores and all said Port-In only.

      • +1

        Just some tweaks to @richh1833's handy guide above, as I did the same thing:

        Addition to step 1: I got the sim at an Optus store and got them to activate in store for me. Benefit being that the activation is instant and you don't need to put on any recharge credit. When I tried to do the activation myself on my mobile it wouldn't let me get past the add credit screen which had a minimum $10 recharge. Also self activations can take up to 4 hours (though usually ready in less than an hour). Lastly make sure your details match your Telstra account details exactly or you can expect days of delays or even rejection.

        Addition to step 4: Keep in mind port can drag on for hours if there is are system delays with either telco provider. In my case Optus port outs were experiencing a couple hours delay.

        Addition to step 6: Depending on who you get, you may need to put a couple hours (in total time back and forth) to get this done. Despite me saying the magic words "change of fnn" the CSR I got just didn't get it, even though I explained it to them in at least 3 different ways about what I wanted to achieve. They kept insisting that as it is a JB hifi plan, only JB can change the number on it. DO NOT accept this as JB cannot do it, it has to be done by the Telstra CSR. Anyway finally got sick of repeating this over and over to them so asked them to escalate the chat to someone higher up as they simply do not know the procedure. Suddenly they knew exactly what I wanted and within 10 mins flat I had my old plan disconnected and the old number moved across to the new JB plan.

        Key is persevere or ask for someone else. Don't take no as an answer or be brushed off to JB as they can't do squat about it. Good luck!

      • Doing step 6 now, will know soon how it goes but the person on Telstra's end understood the request.
        I'm out of contract on my old number anyways.

  • What's the ETC- obligatory ask.

    • $414 if it's consistent with the previous deal.

      • +1

        So it's up to $86 net profit for the effort of signing up and cancelling on the same day.

        • +1

          if someone has time to do this 10x, wow 860 profit

          • +4

            @ChiMot: Is it worth it for 10x credit check?

            • @Ughhh: I really don't know how much a credit check will effect me if I never intend to buy a house…

              • @cc23: Home loan lenders aren't the only one doing credit checks.

                • +2

                  @Ughhh: I guess I don't really understand credit checks to be honest.

              • @cc23: The credit checks affected me recently when i was trying to refinance my loan

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