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iPhone 12 64GB $549 on Telstra 12 Months 150GB Plan $89/Month @ JB Hi-Fi (in Store Only)


Just received this via email.

ETC is $594 + $549 = $1143. RRP is $1349. Saving is $206 or 15% off RRP.

Data for use in Australia. Unlimited talk & text to standard Australian numbers. Excludes current Telstra, Belong and Boost customers. Not in conjunction with any other offer.

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  • So roughly $1083 if cancelled within first month?

  • Good deal……but I tell you what, i'm sick to death of Telstra/JB selling their souls to new customers but people like me who've been with them for 20yrs get sweet FA. Yes, I know I can port away and port back but I just don't have time to screw around doing that.

    • "Yes, I know I can port away and port back but I just don't have time to screw around doing that"

      That's the exact reason they don't offer people like you discounts…

      • Explain please.

        • The whole point is for them to get new customers so they make more money, if your an existing customer why would they offer you a discount? Your already making them money so there is no reason for the, to offer you a discount.

          If you really want a discount then it might be worth chatting to the disconnections team and they might give you a deal.

          • @WoodYouLikeSomeCash: Of course, I know why they're doing it……..but customer retention is just as important as new customers.

            • @willsy01: I think you just proved in your first statement that customer retention is not as important as new customers. Not to say it doesn't grind my gears as well. Currently on my 30 day port out stint.

            • @willsy01: Sad reality is that you have to leave telcos, not stay loyal to them, to get the best deal. Same with insurance. It's been this way for a while now.

              SME customers get the same treatment on a different scale.

              • @buffalo bill: Same with getting a pay rise. You almost always get more when you get a new job at a new company than staying at the same place and getting a "salary review".

              • @buffalo bill: +1 for the insurance. It does NOT pay to stay loyal to your insurer. In fact they are as sneaky as they get with increasing your premium with the least amount of communication as legally possible.

            • @willsy01: That's doesn't show on the balance sheets though. Unless its a significant %, they ignore it.

              Its why Kathmandu method of 'membership' and big discounts work is able to ignore non members.

              It doesnt/can't calculate the people like me who intentionally ignore Kathmandu because I don't have a membership

            • @willsy01: They seem to have retained you ok, while offering you nothing?

            • @willsy01: I feel and hear you. Customer retention matters right?

              However in the financial world with everything is based on numbers, customer acquisition rate matters.
              And one would think the net number matter more, but in reality, it really depends on who tells the story, like this.

              "Although net customer acquisition rate slows down due to market downturn, our sales and marketing achieved a higher than market average customer acquisition rate"

              With current data mining, most company already profiled their customers and know who is more likely to stay and will pay the "lazy tax".

              Similar to renting, as a consumer, I would "relocate" when I can find a better deal and when the saving in running cost outweight the moving financial cost and time cost.

            • @willsy01: What? They retained you for 20 years without doing jack shit. How is customer retention important?

              You cant even be bothered to port to someone else and port back in 30 days. They aren't even losing that 30 days of sales.

          • @WoodYouLikeSomeCash: I've tried that, and the best they could give me was a measly $10/mth discount for the life of my contract, which was something like only 6 months to go. It's even worse when you're a Telstra Business customer, because that uses a different system and porting out of it is nothing short of a nightmare (if not downright impossible). I gave up in the end and decided the best way to game Telstra is to buy a handset outright and then sign up for the cheapest plan that supports the basics I need, then haggle with my Telstra rep to tack on some extras for free (e.g. overseas calling packs).

          • @WoodYouLikeSomeCash: The problem with this logic, is that customers like this, if they ever leave they never come back. Losing them money and market share.

        • It’s a lazy tax, they know most won’t shop around and just keep paying.

          That the reason I am moving away from Telstra completely soon. Sick of being used, and them increasing my costs 30%.

    • My most recent experience last month was that you can open a new number while getting the deal and then have Telstra switch your old number to the new plan and cancel your old plan.

      • Yeah good luck getting in touch with human Telstra customer service, I tried to do the same thing and spent couple hours a day for 3 weeks trying to do just that and gave up at last, They have the worst customer service I have ever come across.

        • This is true. Although I did cope better when I treated the 24/7 app channel as a text channel rather than as a chat channel.

        • True, their chat service was OK a few years back, but they seem to have changed this to a round robin/hunt group kind of text chat, with an annoying chatbot as gatekeeper.

          Chat people kept saying they can see my previous correspondence but also asked for my DOB and details every friggin' time.

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      I hear you, but unfortunately the corporate AI has determined that this is the best method to make shareholders happy. A company is not person, it's a machine. It doesn't feel loyalty or shame. Customer retention is overrated from a purely financial point of view.

    • It is actually Telstra's fault as the retentions should be from Telstra while JB Hi-Fi is reward from acquiring new customers.

    • It is actually Telstra's fault as the retentions should be from Telstra while JB Hi-Fi is reward from acquiring new customers.

  • 2020/21 can't believe they still released a 64gb phone & upped the price & took charger/headphones away, it's almost worth paying the extra for 128gb pro then buying any of the 12 base models will get better resale value

    • You're absolutely right. Which is why I bought the 256gb model when I last purchased a phone.. Though to be honest, three years later and I've used up about.. 30gb so maybe 64gb is not too bad for most people

  • So is this offer only for 64GB model? Anyway to upgrade to 128GB?

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      It’s actually an $800 credit so yes you can upgrade to higher storage 12s.

      • I went into store (in QLD) and was advised that this deal is only for 64GB model. I said i want to upgrade to 128GB but was advised cannot use this promo…

  • I'm all over it if it does come with free Samsung buds live.

    • comes with a box

      • A smaller box. With less in it.

      • And bragging rights that you're doing your bit for the environment. Warms the heart dont it?

      • Ahhh the annual bash Apple time of the year, only for Samsung to likely follow suit.

        I still remember you lot mocking the headphone jack thingy…

        Why can't people just be happy with their own phone brands and let fanboys be fanboys?

        I see less Apple people mocking Android phones in Android threads (if any tbh) than you lot coming into Apple deals telling us how we are idiots for overpaying for a product we are happy to overpay for.

        • +3 votes

          we are happy to overpay for.

          You are clearly in the wrong website if you are happy to overpay for a product.

          Apple people don't have to mock Android phone makers as their own user base do that already whenever they do a boneheaded move.

        • "you lot" yeah I actually have a apple phone, like their products, but im realistic when a product is being pushed to a point of becoming a joke, as said above it's 2020 64GB/No charger/No Headphones + a price increase is simply a joke, 64gb should have been dropped years ago or only sold for SE models, but apple stretches it as long as they can get away with it, smart on their behalf & reason they're a $2+ trillion company

  • can we have operator in title please

  • Even if you keep the plan its $1617 for 12 months.

    If the price of the phone is $1349 outright, then you're paying $268 or $22pm over 12 months for 150GB plan. That's pretty dope.

  • I don’t see why you can’t sign up pay first month then “upgrade” to the $110 plan (discounted to $65 a month) then port out thus dodging the ETC fee. So effectively $549 for phone + $89 for first month + $65 plan = iPhone 12 for $703.

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    Anything for other 12 / 12 pro models?

  • Do you definitely need to be ported out for 30 days to get this? Was hanging out for exactly a deal like this. Is it possible to port number to existing service w/ telstra?

    • Also would like to know…
      my last bill cycle on the Telstra plan ended 23/10 but I have already ported to Belong on the 02/10

    • Nope, just signed up yesterday after maybe 2 weeks as I've ported out from the previous Telstra contract. Just don't say that you're just port out from Telstra.

    • Nope .. I did it last weekend. Ported out then back in on the same day & got the deal plus gift card