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AMD Ryzen 7 5800x (8 Cores, 16 Threads) + Bottle Opener $699 Delivered @ Shopping Express


Seems like a respectable rrp deal with a nice bonus

Starting from 10pm today, and yeah this is a really good cpu

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2020

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  • Price please

  • No Price? and link is the a general product page.

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    RRP + a bottle opener xD

    • And free delivery too

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    PCCG has them in stock for $699 + delivery if you don't care about the bottle opener (though shipping is generally more expensive from PCCG too).


    EDIT: Few others have them in stock too.
    Umart https://www.umart.com.au/AMD-Ryzen-7-5800X-8-Core-AM4-4-7GHz...
    Scorptec: https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/CPU/AMD-Socket-AM4/86006...

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      i got mine form scorptec on Tuesday.
      comes with Farcry 6 via redemption.
      maybe check what other retailers qualify of you want that. also limited numbers and redemption expires before the game is released.

      • How are your temps?

        • warm. idle is mid 30's but under 100% load, very warm need to re-paste as ran short of MX-4 during application.

          Edit: and no doubt my system/setting arent correct.

          • @Sheld: Real question is, what cooler are you using, because there's no stock cooler, keep that in mind when buying anyone who stumbles upon this.

            • @conza: corsair h100i pro
              i will re-paste now new paste was just delivered and spend some time tweaking on the weekend.
              ordered a fuma 2, but thats a few months wait…

              it replaces a 9900k, and short term 3700x and "feels" a lot faster. just maybe warmer than both.

              x570i pch fan also runs too much so have changed my case fan setup (note all in a nr200 with 2080s) and havent done any benching since. original benching was done with no case fans.

          • +1

            @Sheld: Seems to be a the case (according to multiple posts on reddit) that the 5800X is running very warm, quite a bit more so than the 5900X / 5950X, so it might not be specific to you. Hopefully later BIOS releases will somewhat temper this but there are a couple of ways in which this makes sense:

            • All 3 CPUs run a stock power limit of 142W. 5900X and 5950X have this spread across 12/16 cores on 2 CCDs , 5800X has this concentrated on 8 cores on a single CCD (so the 5800X is very thermally dense)
            • Compared to the 5950X, perfect quality silicon will be going to the 5950X for its 8+8 config. Arguably the 5800X also requires perfect quality silicon at least on one of its CCDs due to its 8+0 configuration, but practically the chips are likely going to be of lower quality. This means that the 8+0 chips used by the 5800X might have a few cores which require higher voltage to hit advertised boost clocks, contributing to heat generation even when not at full load
            • Compared to the 5900X, the 5900X is 6+6 config, which means it can take the best 6 cores on each CCD and disable the 2 "lesser" cores. 5800X is 8+0 config, so there is no ability to pick and choose the best cores as it needs to use all 8 cores on the CCD even if some of them require higher voltage to hit advertised boost clocks, increasing heat similar to the above.

            If AMD had gone with a 4+4 core config (similar to the 3700X) temps would likely be much better given the lower thermal density and the ability to pick the 4 best cores per CCD. However, 8+0 provides better overall performance so that's the path they took.

            • @jeefbeef: Just note that unless I'm mistaken, the 5900x is 8+4, not 6+6, which in practice means it should be faster than 5800x in all scenarios (which wasn't the case with 3900x vs 3800x)

              One of the reasons why I'm considering the upgrade :)

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                @Zedster: I'm almost 100% certain that the 5900X is 6+6, which accords with anandtech's deep dive: https://www.anandtech.com/show/16214/amd-zen-3-ryzen-deep-di...

                Also refer to Igor's Lab's review of the 5900X here: https://www.igorslab.de/en/amd-ryzen-9-5900x-und-ryzen-5600x... where he goes into more depth by disabling one of the CCDs in the BIOS, and the 5900X becomes a 6 core CPU.

                8+4 would result in uneven access to cache across the cores (since it's 32mb of L3 per CCD, so 8 cores would share 32mb while the other 4 would also share 32mb) and potentially other hardware / software issues, so AMD always goes with a symmetrical CCD configuration.

                The 5900X (6+6) has the same amount of L3 cache as the 5950X (8+8), just like the 5600X (6+0) has the same as the 5800X (8+0).

                Zen 3 has had huge advancements in terms of inter-CCD latency as compared to Zen 2, so even the 6+6 5900X with a higher stock boost clock according to benchmarks seems to do better almost all of the time as compared to the 8+0 5800X (other than the anomaly noted by Igor's Lab in Tomb Raider, but this doesn't seem replicated in other reviews). Keep in mind the 5900X also has more than double the cache available per core as compared to the 5800X.

                • +1

                  @jeefbeef: I agree that sounded weird when I read it - after a quick google, apparently I read it on pc mag. You read it from Anandtech so you definitely win.

                  "A single CCD, with one eight-core CCX and one four-core CCX, now lives underneath the hood of the Ryzen 9 5900X. This is configured with four of the cores of the second CCD disabled in the Ryzen 9 5900X, and this new approach of centralizing eight cores at a time, rather than just four, helps the processor lead the pack in lightly threaded games like Counter-Strike and League of Legends."

                  "This processor is enabled through two six-core chiplets, but all the cache is still enabled at 32 MB per chiplet (64 MB total). The 5900X also has the same TDP as the 3900X/3900XT it replaces at 105 W."

                  • +1

                    @Zedster: Yeah unfortunately the accuracy of that PCmag article is dubious - he refers to the 5900X has having a "single CCD" consisting of "one eight-core CCX and one four-core CCX", when clearly accordingly AMD's own technical slides the 12 and 16 core Zen 3s all have 2 CCDs + an IO die.

                    Additionally, Zen 3's CCDs are no longer divided into smaller CCXs, and each CCD has up to 8 cores being able to directly access all of the cache tied to that CCD. Refer here: https://image.slidesharecdn.com/ryzen5000seriestechday-zen3a...

                    The sentence talking about one CCD consisting of an 8 core CCX and 4 core CCX doesn't make sense in light of that.

                    Despite this, the 5900X IMO is still the best value Zen 3 CPU given its price, performance, core count and cache amount.

                    • +1

                      @jeefbeef: Yeah read pc mag on the back end on my reviews catchup, didn't bother to double check the details… Going forward I will also not bother reading them at all :)

                      Thanks for setting things straight on this one, appreciate it.

                      • @Zedster: No worries at all, are you looking to move from a 3900X to a 5900X?

                        • @jeefbeef: Potentially, although clearly not a priority. I've got a good 3900x that's happy to do 4.4ghz on all cores at lowish voltage and does great for my workloads (especially coming from an old 4790k), but wouldn't mind the extra oomph for high refresh rate 1440p.

                          • @Zedster: What GPU have you got it paired with? 3900X is still a very solid CPU.

                            • @jeefbeef: Yes for sure, I am certainly not saying I "need" to upgrade. I'm on a 2080ti right now.

    • Can't edit post, didn't notice it was $699 delivered!

    • +2

      Note with PCCG,

      I ordered the 5800 on 6/11/20 and was on backorder. The stock came in on 10/11/20 and my order still not have procesed to shipping yet their 59XX customers, their cpu came instock on 11/11/20, 1 day after the 5800 and they processed their orders straight away.

      I've sent them messages and they said they will get back to me via phone but they never did.

      Also people on whirlpool are waiting for their 5800 CPU as well whereas Umart etc are sending it out 2 hours after order!!!!!

      PCCG can go suck a fat one….

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    This isn't a deal considering staticice showing at least 10 other shops selling it at the same price - one shop has it for $695. Just the free delivery I guess.

    • +7

      Ahh but the bottle opener is some special looking karambit bottle opener that they sell for $49.


      • +8

        essentially a glorified CSGO bottle opener

        • +1

          It should come with an RGB stand so you can display it inside your case. Maybe then it would be worth its $49 price tag.

      • +1

        I was going to take the piss but that bottle opener is pretty schmick, would carry into battle.

  • +4

    RRP and deal don't really go hand in hand. This is OzBargain! Where's my 20% off?

    • I don't get out of bed for less then 20% off I hear you.

      • I go to bed with 100% off.

        • Sounds like a good chance to get a two for one offer going

        • +1

          When was the last time you slept?

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    Yay we are now OzOpener, a great leap forward from OzRRP

    • +1

      Use the bonus bottle opener while building the Ryzen system and spill it throughout is a real rrp deal.

    • Doesnt count as dupe if it’s not in the title.

  • This was already listed in https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/580589 in the "Opener" Shopping Express thread of the day.

  • Wow. I thought these were in extremely short demand. Backlogged for weeks.

    • I don't think there will be any issues with supply. Nothing serious like GPUs anyway.

    • +1

      5900X and 5950X yes, 5600X and 5800X much better

    • Not for this CPU. It is regarded as the black sheep of the series and likely the least sold / popular. If you are going for a pure gaming system, you would get a 5600x or wait for the 5600 and if you needed something beyond gaming where you need more cores you would pay a bit more for 5900x / 5950x. I have yet to hear anyone say this chip is good value for money and it is basically for people who cannot afford the extra $ for next step up. Having said that, plenty of the latest series chips out there at RRP right now. Not everyone has sold out.

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    The 5800x doesn't really make sense at this price point imo, either get the 5600x for gaming for $230 less (bit more since you'd need to spend $30-50 on a cooler for this one) or spend only $160 more for the 5900x for way better productivity and the very best gaming performance.

    if it was like $600 +-$30 I'd be more inclined to recommend the 5800x

    • Agree and basically what everyone is saying about this one. No one rates it as a good buy.

      • -3

        You don't buy zen 3 for price to performance, you buy zen 3 just for performance and 8 cores is still good for future proofing since this is the last cpu on this socket. When you speak in term of value, 5600x is actually the worst, a $500 CPU for 6 cores is gonna be laugh at soon

        • -1

          you absolutely do, the performance is insane in games, the 5600x can compete even against the 10900k. There's almost no chance of 6 cores being a laugh in the next 5 or so years, what are you basing this on? yes of course the 8 core 5800x is better for future proofing, but when you're spending 50% more for "future proofing" and not much extra (gaming) performance, it doesn't really make any sense, since you can just buy a new cpu much sooner with that money, and if you need multicore performance the little extra money to go from the 5800x to the 5900x is a no brainer with the gains you get. So again, the 5800x, at it's current price, doesn't make sense for anyone to get.

          • @Aequitas: We'll come back in 2 years time and see

            And 5900x is actually not better value in reality, even though it is better value on paper since most people would be unlikely to use all the 12 cores on the cpu, 8 cores is the sweet spot imo and unless you're willing to wait for 5700x, 5800x is probably the best option for non-productivity required people

            • @ln28909: So you are saying for non-productivity i.e. gaming, 5800x is the best because in two years we will magically see a massive development in games that are optimised for 8 cores and therefore 5600x is obsolete. By the way people were talking about multi core gaming 5 years ago when I built my last system……..

              I counter that with save the money, get a 5600x or 5600 when it comes out, accept you lose 2fps with this move, and use that saved money on a better GPU which is going to give you most bang for buck improvement in gaming experience.

              With regards to tech, money is no object to most ppl however no one in their right mind likes to burn money which is what you are basically doing by getting a 5800X for gaming.

              • @baker bob: Like i said time will tell

              • @baker bob: You are not factoring in that the next gen of consoles IS 8 cores. This is a step up and consoles drive games. 5800x is the minimum I would buy at this point given i dont want to lay out another 600-700 in a few years to undo a mistake

    • Yep, such poor value. The worst buy out of the whole lineup.

  • Why would you buy this over a AMD Ryzen 9 3900X ?

    • -1

      You wouldn’t

      • …but i did. :D

    • 5800x is slightly cheaper right now in some stores but they could even out and the 3900x has even gone as low as $650
      In terms of benchmarks 5800x beats the 3900x in games but its the other way around when it comes to most productivity applications

    • +1

      Single thread performance and 1080p gaming mostly.

      • Why 1080p gaming are you saying that there would be less noticeable improvements if you went up in resolution?

      • +1

        As a general rule yes. As you increase resolution you move the bottleneck from your cpu to your gpu.

  • +1

    Anyone? But I just keep waiting to snap a ryzen 5 3600 deal sub $200 .

    • What do you think the 3600 will go for on Black Friday and Cyber Monday ?

      • It was low at $270 before. I just guess $230 would be nice.

  • +2

    $699 bottle opener + free ryzen 5800x

  • 1.1747% better than the 5600X in Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 1080p! Probably not worth it. (source: Gamers Nexus 9:37

  • Why not a 10700K vs a 5600X

    • or a 5600X…

      • 5800X, my bad

    • *5800x

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