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15% off Nintendo eShop, TCN The Kids/Teen/Him/Her/Cinema/Pamper/Pub&Bar/Restaurant, Google Play Gift Cards @ Coles


Saw this today at Coles.

15% off gift cards including Nintendo eShop, The Kids/Teen/Him/Her/Cinema/Pamper/Pub/Bar/Restaurant gift cards and Google Play gift cards ($50-100 only)
Starting 25/11 ending 1/12

UPDATE: cards not activate or not scanning/discount at checkout. Coles are pulling all cards out and refund. Some people reported some cards are fine. Wait until this is resolved. Such a shame.

UPDATE 2: some people reported that JB-Hifi has lifted the restriction on $500 max Gift card purchases, so you could try your luck. Please buy max 5 cards only and leave them for other people (including me, haha, got none so far) so everyone can have a smiling Black Friday purchases.

PARTY IS OVER. Well done to those who got the cards. Pity to the people who could not get the cards (me too, tried 5 times, gave up, friend gave me few cards). What a good deal with such a shameful operation that left many people frustrated.

Mod Update:

Participating Retailers
The Kids Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), H&M, Foot Locker, Xbox, Platypus, Surf Dive n Ski, Hype DC, Booktopia, The Athlete's Foot, Toyworld, adidas, ASOS, Bounce Inc, Culture Kings, Holey Moley Golf, IMAX, INTERSPORT, New Balance, Quiksilver, Scooter Hut, Skechers, Strike, SurfStitch
The Teen Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), adidas, Foot Locker, Xbox, Platypus, Hype DC, Tommy Hilfiger, ASOS, Glue Store, Universal Store, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Surf Dive n Ski
The Him Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), ASOS, Universal Store, Culture Kings, Tommy Hilfiger, Hype DC, Platypus, Foot Locker, Xbox, Aquila, adidas, Glue Store, Drummond Golf, Academy Brand, Calibre, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Edge Clothing, Neverland, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, Timberland, Van Heusen, H&M
The Her Card Nike, JB Hi-Fi (Max $500), ASOS, Kookai, MAC, Princess Polly, adidas, Showpo, H&M, Universal Store, Sportsgirl, Platypus, Calvin Klein, Forever New, Glue Store, Adore Beauty, Aveda, Hype DC, Seafolly & Sunburn, Tiger Mist, Culture King
The Cinema Card All major cinema chains or local cinemas that accept eftpos
The Pamper Card Use this gift card at salons, day spas and beauty clinics that accept eftpos around Australia.
The Pub & Bar Card Use this gift card at pubs or bars that accept eftpos around Australia.
The Restaurant Card Use this gift card at restaurants and cafes that accept eftpos around Australia.


Excludes $20 and $30 Google Play Gift Cards. Excludes The Home, The Online and The Baby Card Gift Cards. Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 25/11/20 to 01/12/20. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions. Google Play and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

#Mod 24/11: "A maximum of $500 of Cards may be redeemed at JB HiFi (including online) in any one transaction". See pinned comment below.

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    • call them and ask the counter, i just called coomera and they said its been lifted.

      • They said it's not lifted yet

      • Chermside havent, just bought a drone in their and have a conver with manger. He's chill but the decision is not on their hand

        • The same applies to Carindale branch.

  • Some guy just got smashed by the store manager trying to use more than $500 of the gift cards at JB Home Maribyrnong.

    These GC are out of stock in Footscray, but in stock at West Footscray and Braybrook (Inner West, Melbourne)

    • why though, even if new policy that came out that its fine to use unlimited. I guess as a last resort, just buy something and then refund that item for store credit?

    • Checked with braybrook and they sold out

  • I noticed some cards don't have the jbhifi logo any more. I guess as long as its on the TCN website it's all cool?

    • which card would that be?

      • HIM, HER and KIDS.

        • i just bought the HER gift card and it says date of issue 11/20. So i'm not sure if theres 12/20 ones? I'd actually give them a call before buying.

          • +2

            @Jackpot518: The date of issue is hand written by the coles staff so until it's december there won't be 12/20 ones. Those cards without JB logo would work just as fine - the logos on the packaging simply don't matter, it's the logos listed on the website that matters.

    • what the heck. is this the Kids/Teen/Him/Her? if that is really true, they must have just made the new batch of cards that don't have JB-Hifi anymore after this fiasco.

      • I spotted a TCN $100 HER card last night that did not have the JB Hi-Fi logo on the front and did not list JB Hi-Fi as a participating retailer on the back. The URL on the back said www.fashioncardher.com.au, but that redirects to the TCN page for the HER card, so I suspect that card I spotted is very old stock from a time before JB Hi-Fi was included as a participating retailer for HER cards.

        • i assume it works but they just redesign the card?

        • Saw cards like this too last night, no JB logo.

    • +2

      JB hifi joined the play in OCT, if you got the old card, then there is no jb hifi logo. But it should still work

      • I wouldn't want to risk $1k unless someone confirmed that they have managed to use the old print cards at JB successfully. Anyone?? Thanks.

  • +2

    Purchased $500 worth to spend on an Xbox, when its back in stock. Playing the long game to save a few $$$. I get it, it's going to be 8 months or so most likely but at least by then it will feel like I'm getting a cheap Xbox :)

  • +6

    the amount of revisits to this thread for hourly updates …..

  • +3

    This is kind of hilarious, I have no idea what's going on here.

    • I think the latest is JB will process any amount of gift cards but need to make sure they're activated with the correct amount.

      Difficulty now is finding the cards in Coles lol

    • Yes so many comments I mean if it is 1 day only I understand, but there is still 5 days left.

  • +1

    Hunting for the gift cards has become a game and challenge in itself. :D

    • +1

      It's exhausting. Probably burning enough in petrol to negate the discount lol

      • +2

        Just wait a day or two? There’s 5 days left.
        They will probably restock plenty to meet demand, and the store will be quiet and you can buy as many as you need.

        • Yeah hoping they restock.

          • @iShibby: That’s what I would do if I needed something expensive right now. I mean it’s only 15% off..
            But good to know this deal exists. When I need to upgrade the phone or something I will look out for this deal on future Black Fridays.

            • -1

              @thebadmachine: Yeah I have $500 of cards but I'm after the $649 Apple Watch and a $1429 iPhone 12. Apple products are rarely if ever on sale so great time to jump.

              • +1

                @iShibby: Yes I see you are in that situation now.
                I agree Apple products are rarely on-sale, especially if you going for the latest model.

  • Went to 3 Coles in Waterloo and Bondi Junction, NSW and nothing in any. Wonder if they will restock within the week.

  • +9

    I didn't realise OP hasn't managed to get cards for himself. Feel bad for them :(

  • +1

    FYI. TCN removed the $500 JB Hifi Spend limit.

    • but i am afraid the limit are from jb hifi
      anyone can confirm?

      • JB Hifi has already removed the limit now.

        • so no more limit for using maximum of $500 right? so can use unlimited correct?

  • +2

    No shortage in 2 SA Stores I went to, everyone must be broke after spending all their money last week for no reason.

    • +1

      I could only find the $50 cards but not the $100 ones.

    • +1

      Which ones?

    • Really? Which stores? We visited two and didn't find a single one. Plenty of the "Ultimate" gift cards, but they aren't on sale.

      • I went to both Mt Barker and Elizabeth today and yesterday.

        Both had plenty at the time.

        • Greenacres and Sefton Park stores were empty this morning ~9am.

  • +2

    Can't even get one gift card!
    Such a waste of time visiting Coles around Sydney just looking for these cards

  • Don’t bother looking at Coles chatswood - they’ve pulled them all off the rack, they had a whole lot of them in a cardboard box behind the counter.

    • I bet they will get some calls if that info is true .

      • +1

        I think they are saying they put them all behind the counter, so go straight to the counter and ask instead of looking for them.

  • +2

    Here's my adventure with these cards…

    Went to one Coles (Capalaba) at lunchtime yesterday but all sold out. Luckily the other Coles is only 1min drive, they had heaps of cards. Lady would only let me buy 5 though, so I left and had some lunch and came back, spying on the ladies as they were on the checkouts near the stand with the gift cards. Did some shopping and waited until they were distracted and grabbed 4 more. Went straight to JB and found that the cards weren't active. Had a huge panic moment thinking "I've scratched $850 of cards and there is no way Coles will refund". They didn't all activate until around 8:50pm, so I went to bed knowing I was heading straight to JB in the morning.

    Got the same checkout girl who recognised me and unfortunately told me of the $500 limit. I suggested I buy something and return it, and then they wondered if I could buy a gift card with the gift cards? Halfway through swiping the cards, the manager came over and said yeah we are not supposed to do that, so I guess I was the last one at that store! Walked out with a new S20 FE, saved $200 through Black Friday, plus another $130 with GC. Got there in the end but not sure it was worth the panic. Still, flagship Samsung for $720 isn't bad.

  • +6

    UPDATE 2: some people reported that JB-Hifi has lifted the restriction on $500 max Gift card purchases, so you could try your luck. Please buy max 5 cards only and leave them for other people (including me, haha, got none so far) so everyone can have a smiling Black Friday purchases.

    Is anyone can confirm this?
    Now is 26/11/2028 17:22

    • I can confim there is no limit on $500 purchases now.

      • thanks

    • confirm no limit at JB HIFI. apparently a midday update to the policy.

      • thanks too

  • +1

    No good guys?

  • +2

    Bought 5 $100 restaurant cards at Coles South Perth. Quick and easy. Not many of other cards left.

    • how long takes to have the money load on to your cards ?

      • I bought a $200 one today @ $170.

  • I'm sure there's a moral to this story, but I'll be f(&^ed if I can work out what it is.

    After running around yesterday, finding cards had been recalled when I went to the store in the same complex as JB, having to wait for cards to go back on sale , finding another store on my travels (I actually had to asked at the store I was passing as the cards were still behind the counter but I'd read her they MIGHT be working again, and the lovely lady there sorted out for me) and getting cards there, waiting for the cards to activate, driving back to the JB…….. I really wonder if it was worth the $75 I saved. My time's valuable and I've sucked up a lot of that and petrol.

    The postive side of me says I got the notebook and just ordered the USI Pen for it and I'm still effectively $20 ahead from a monetary point of view.

    If this sort of things happens again will I do it…..dunno :)

    • USI Pen

      Which one?

      • +1

        Lenovo one $59 delivered from the Lenovo store. Whether it'll ever get here's another story.. :) I'm in no hurry so figured I'd just order and wait. (with my $75 saving :p ) Actually I'm only $16 ahead :p

    • +1

      No one on the thread seems to take into account the 5% off readily available multiple merchants so for $500 your effectible saving $50 more then minus your costs .

      • yes but times that by 10 is how much I have saved which in itself is very neglible.

      • 15% > 5%

        Discount at the till instantly > online portals

        Flybuys points > no flybuys


        • We don’t earn flybuy points on gift cards, do we?

        • I earnt on the $ value of the cards, but the earn doesn't qualify for spend in various promotions

      • What an odd way to look at things. 'You could save 5% already, so you're only saving 3 times that using this deal… '

  • Glenroy (VIC) Coles has plenty of $100s left. Grabbed some yesterday and they've restocked today.

    • Do you know if Glenroy Coles enforced any limits on the gift cards?

      • +1

        Nah they were pretty cool. I did 3 in one transaction and told the bird I was gonna do a few rounds. If you do >3 you get all these warnings they have to bypass.

  • Is it still taking ages for credit to be put on the cards?

  • Im hoping for JB to have a similar Switch+Mario Kart deal tomorrow as has been advertised for Big W. Seems most retailers will have some variation of a deal. Just went and purchased $400 of cards. Odd they havent advertised anything yet.

  • Was there a certain process the checkout chick was meant to do to activate these other than scanning them, my credit still aint on and getting worried cause the kid looked like he was 14 and didnt know much when I asked him

    • Nope, just make sure it says active on receipt as it auto activates when payment made. But it can take a few hours for credit to show.

    • They auto activate. You may have noticed it took a while for the receipt to print? At least it should have. There is a delay whilst their system activates the cards.

      • +1

        Cheers guys, took a while to process and has 5 rows one for each card under the reciept each one says approved so Im assuming thats how it should be right?

        • Yep, approved = good :)

          • @SBOB: Juicy, might have to go out again and grab me some more goodies

        • Same as mine.

  • 'Instore only' really restricts me from any real savings, 500km to nearest JB hi-fi store.

    • Get the restaurant cards, at least you can use them pretty much everywhere and you still save the same amount of money.

      • Have you tried using them at a shop which is not restaurant? For example, meat or vegetable

        • At fast food chains and vending machines.

    • Is it in-store only for JB? - The mod note under the OP say "including on line"

  • Just wanted to share my experience with the TCN gift cards if anyone was wondering.

    Wanted to buy 3 to redeem for an Elgato Stream Deck XL at JB, however my local Coles didn't have any of the discounted cards in stock (they did have Google Play and Nintendo cards though). After running around for an hour I found a store that had them behind the counter (had to ask).

    Then I found out after trying to redeem them that I needed to validate each individual card to use them. I then proceeded to do so, and it seemed like it would be an instant validation but my balance read $0 when I checked the balance online. I called customer support and they said it was because they were really busy.
    Thankfully, the cards got their balance updated 3 hours after I redeemed them. Then you use them like any other gift card with their included pins.

    Saved $45 for 5 hours of work, so… worth it?

    So just some pointers:

    • Valid Gift cards will most likely be out of stock now unless you've got an insider telling you when Coles have restocked.
    • Cards are not discounted at Coles substores like Coles Express.
    • You need to validate each individual card online (requires an email and phone number).
    • Balance can take a while to validate (phone clerk said to expect a waiting period of up to 24 hours).
    • And remember the JB Hi Fi gift card restrictions!
    • +3

      Not hard anyone else mention anything about having to activate each card? That should be automatic at time of purchase with balance loading within a few hours.

      • Reading back of the card, it says you can register your card but i suspect thats more about tying the card to an account for use?

    • You need to validate each individual card online (requires an email and phone number).

      I don't think that's true, can anyone confirm that they needed to "validate" each card?

      • +1

        There is no validating…checking the balance online doesn't magically activate them.

        • Oh, my mistake then. That's what the clerk at JB Hi Fi told me.

          • +1

            @ultimatealternative: Thank you for leaving all your hard work.
            I was in a panic checking the card balance and showing $0 on TCN site.
            Guess I'll just try again after 24hours.

  • +17

    Bonus of being a Victorian is that you can keep walking in and out of coles and just put on a different style facemask. They never realise you're the same bloke

  • Can anyone confirm that they have managed to use the old print (without JB logo) cards at JB successfully?

    • +2

      Yeh you can. I just used it today

      • Great!

  • Can i ask if the TCN website says that your card is active and balance is $xyz. Then going to JB HI FI will work?

  • +1

    The Hawkesbury seems to be a good bet. I've been to Windsor, Richmond and North Richmond multiple times and they always have most of the range. North Richmond in particular has practically been untouched since the deal started, and I'd bet on it staying that way. I would advise people to not go gung-ho though unless you already have something in mind for purchase sooner rather than later. What with TCNs ability to remove JB as an option if they so decide to go full-retard.

  • +1

    So can i confirm that you can only check the balance by exposing the pin number? Im using one card to give as a xmas pressie, so want to make sure its fully activated, given issues some people have been having. Seems no other way?

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