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Send a Regular Satchel for $1 with ParcelMate on Mondays @ 7-Eleven

  • Send a Regular Satchel with Standard service for $1 every Monday until 7 December 2020 with 7-Eleven ParcelMate
  • Regular price is $11. Save $10
  • Regular Satchel measures approximately 38 x 29cm
  • 7-Eleven ParcelMate is delivered by TOLL
  • ParcelMate is not available at all 7-Eleven stores
  • Some further details in JipD's comment below

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  • +7

    Interesting,never use that service before. Maybe worth a try at $1

    • same here , didn’t know it existed.

      Looks like they use toll internally

    • +8

      It's pretty good, I've used them a couple of times in the last few months. At first they took a week to deliver 25km within suburban Melbourne but everyone had the same delay due to the lockdown. But now the service is good, sometimes even better than auspost express, parcel posted in afternoon got delivered interstate (Canberra) before noon next day.
      Another things about them is their large parcel is much bigger than the Auspost medium so you can save a lot, similar size parcel would have costed nearly $20 with Auspost. And you can lodge it anytime the servo open, which is a big win.

  • +5

    Good deal for a $1 but their normal rates seem quite high compared to sendle/auspost

    • +3

      If you have something small then Auspost is cheaper, anything bigger than A5 size better go elsewhere because Auspost sizing get really annoying and you'll almost have to upsize and pay significantly more unless you do your own packaging and resizing the package to fit.

      • And with your own packaging you pay more (by both size and weight instead of size only) as it won't qualify for the fixed rate postage.

  • +6

    I like this deal. Auspost is terrible now anyway.

  • +2

    Does it come with a satchel?

    • +4


      Looks like it comes with packaging.

      Can I use my own packaging?
      No, you need to use the 7-Eleven ParcelMate packaging but when you buy our service it includes the packaging as well!

      • Legend. Very good deal.

    • Yes, it does, the carton option cost $1 extra

      • The service includes all packaging (satchels and boxes). So nothing extra on top of that.

        • The cost of both the box and satchels are included in the charges.

          But sending a box is $1-$3 more expensive than the satchels, recovering the cost of the box.

  • Has anyone used this - Is a regular sized satchel A5 size?

    • +2

      Their regular is nearly A4 size

    • +1

      Just came back from 7-11.. My advice is if you have more than 10 items to ship. Don't go. You need to enter the address manually over the dodgy screen, check out & lodge the parcel separately EVERY TIME. You can't ship in bulk. Took me an hour to lodge all parcels.

  • Pretty good value if they are reliable

  • +1

    Is full Parcel tracking available with this service?

  • There great. There rule is if you can ram it in the satchel they’ll send it.

    • Is the satchel size roughly the same as A4 paper?

    • +7

      ThereThey’re great. ThereTheir rule is…

      There, I fixed it.

      • +1

        Thanks mate, life saver.

  • +1

    Can you send multiple for $1?

  • +3

    Looks like Gumtree/eBay stuff is only being sent out on Mondays now…

    • Yeah, do not go there for fuel as you may not be able to pay at the counter.

  • No Darwin support darn

    • +1

      My sister just tried without luck Brisbane -> Darwin, seems like that confirms it.

  • +10

    So now I can mail someone a slurpee for $2…

  • Nice! This will be handy

  • Is it just one package per week?

    • Nope unlimited.

  • Equivalent for Auspost is $9.20.

    • +10

      Aust post is such a rip these days

      • +8

        Yep the Cartier watches don't pay for themselves lol

  • +1

    It’s unclear- is this for the “STORE to STORE” or can we use it for the “STORE to DOOR” option?

    • +3

      it looks like its the store to door option, given that the regular price is $11, Save $10

  • +1

    Looks like a great deal, but what are the conditions that apply - other than regular size and mondays only?
    Will this deal be available at all stores offering parcel mate? Or only specific stores?
    Is it one package per week?
    Do I need to be a 7-eleven member and scan my loyalty card? How can I get this deal?
    Tried clicking all the links in the website, but couldnt find answers to any of my questions above.

    Is there someone here who can help clarify? Thanks!

    • Do I need to be a 7-eleven member and scan my loyalty card? How can I get this deal?

      According to the FAQ, you can't create an account to begin with. Without it, this means the promo is not limited to one per person.

    • Mondays until 7/12.
      Regular Satchel only.
      All Parcelmate stores.
      unlimited satchels
      Don't need to be a 7/11 member, and if you are there is no benefit when using parcelmate.

  • Very difficult to see conditions .

    Is it store to store or store to door or both in the offer ?

    • This offer is for Store to Door only.

  • Anybody know how deep the Regular box is?

    Website is not particularly helpful only giving 390x280, and missing the 3rd dimension.

    Never used this service before, but seems quite good value for heavy items. As long as it fits, parcel can weigh up to 25Kg. Good for those gold bars I want to ship.

    • regular box is quite small, depth probably less than 10cm. If you're unsure go there and test one for yourself, the attendant probably wont even blink an eye if you take one home. The service is entirely self-serve and attendant isn't involved.

      • Thanks, I'm over 50kms away from the nearest store that does parcels.

        I'll try and see if the presents fit into a regular box on Monday.

        Good deal if they do, waste of time if not.

        Also from the FAQ, it seems to come with $500 insurance standard which is nice.

  • You have enter all the address details on the touchscreen computer, no online option.

  • +4

    this is cheaper than sending a regular letter by Aus Post.

    the more competitors and alternatives, the better.

  • +12


    I called up support and OP can add this additional information to the OP

    Can you send more then one package? Yes
    Can you take a satchel and package at home for free? Yes, you just rip it off from the display near the computer screen. Then come back to finish your postage
    What happens if there is no space in any of the lockers to send your package? Pay and get your shipping label for $1 on Monday and send at any 7/11 any other day

    Hope that helps everyone. I've sorted my packages ready to be sent on Monday :)

    • +1

      You've had more luck than me.

      Sent an email to support to get the box sizes advising only 2 of the 3 measurements were listed on the website.

      Got 15 emails telling me they will get back to me, and one telling me to look at the website or call their hotline.

      Called their hotline on hold 15 minutes, then explained the query, another 10 minutes on hold and given the web address that I already told them did not have the full measurements. 5 minutes later came back with these measurements.

      Regular 210x310x90
      Large 230x310x180
      Super 290x390x210

      Now this would be fine, but the website says

      Regular 390x280
      Large 405x320
      Super 500x440

      So, the sizes given by support are very different, and much smaller than the website. Don't know what is correct.

      Wouldn't be much of an issue, but my nearest 7-11 that accepts parcelmate is 50kms away, so not a quick trip just to check.


      • +8

        Ok went down today and got the measurements.

        Satchels (Measured to the short end not including the fold down flap):
        Regular 390x280 ($1 Mondays)
        Large 405x315
        Super 500x435

        Boxes (internal):
        Regular 205x175x85
        Large 345x245x115
        Super 365x270x175

        Even accounting for inside/outside measurements, the boxes are all MUCH smaller than the website says. Basically I think they have confused the box and satchel sizing on the website.

        It's pretty cumbersome if sending multiple parcels at the same time. You have to manually enter the senders details every time.

        Also if you are sending something you have sold, you need to enter a street address for the sender. PO boxes are not allowed even for the sender, and the senders address you enter is printed on the label.

    • Ok I 'll see how I go grabbing 30 of them for tomorrow small parcel postings :)

  • Can you send to po boxes?

    • +2

      According to T&Cs we do not deliver Parcels addressed to post office boxes.

      • Ahhhh damn there goes shipping stuff to family in the country

    • You may wanna try Parcel Collect/Parcel Locker.

  • For those bulk-buying the satchels/boxes for later use, they expire within 1 year from purchase. From the T&C's;

    4.5… Products Purchased by you:(a)must be used within the earlier of:(i)12 months of Purchase;…

    • What is the point of bulk buying if you can't post on the Monday ?

      You can't buy as many as you want for $1 on Monday and post on any day .

      • +1

        You don't have to lodge the parcel the same day you buy the satchel/ box.

        The $1 price is only for Monday. Stock up on that day and send off later.

        • To get the $1 deal don't I have to pick up the satchel, put my items in, enter details on the touch screen, pay and send? Wouldn't that all have to be done on a Monday? Or can I grab a bunch, pay. Come back any day and then enter details and send?

        • +5

          You have to enter the receiver's address to pay and generate the label unfortunately. So itd be ok if you were continuously shipping to the same address but not for ebay, etc.

          You can take empty (i.e. unpaid) satchels, pack them then post them another day (but it won't be at $1).

          • @ol mate: yeah thought so, thanks for clarifying.

          • +1

            @ol mate: Locking in the receivers address unfortunately stops the stock up on the day : (

  • Oh that’s good… went to use mailman the other day and found out they closed the service!

  • So now Toll deliver their drugs via 711…

  • So I guess if you ever need to send heavier items, going for the 7-11's Toll service, even at regular price ($11) is still better than using Aus Post?

  • So weight has nothing to do with it?

    • yes, up to 25kg

  • -2

    Pro Tip: Never purchase packaging and any other items from Post, they are terrible for the price and the returns process is really bad. Their prices are already getting unaffordable and it is quite unhelpful to stimulate small businesses locally…let alone internationally. This is the result when a country like China has govt subsidised postal service vs a postal service run as a business I guess.

    • Hmmmm my real pro tip is to load up prior to price increases that have served many people well :)

  • +1

    we get parcels from every company i would say most reliable and fastest is the Toll so this is a bargain.

  • For Brisbane these two stores definitely do ParcelMate.
    East Brisbane.
    Moorooka (Technically Moorvale)

  • System seems to be down atm. Same for anyone else?

    • Down when I went this morning, got ozbargained as well lol

    • Just came back from a 7/11 store and it wasnt working. Took a few home to pack and will try later today.

      • Any chance I could grab the measurements of the regular satchel? Cheers

        • +1

          39cm long by 28cm wide .

          Nearly same size as old Aust Post 1 KG .

          • @popsiee: Perfect, thank you!

            Planning to stick a few 21x17x8 boxes (which I would usually send through Aus Post) in some regular satchels later today pending the systems get back up and running

        • The satchel is pretty good value, the box not so much, it's like a pizza hut kids meal pizza box or slightly smaller lol

    • System crashed when I tried to use it this morning. The 7/11 guy rang for instructions, then rebooted the system, but it came up still unavailable. I came back a few hours later and successfully submitted my parcel. Great deal!

  • Hi does anyone know whether they are sending via Toll IPEC or Priority?

    • It’s via toll priority but their standard service is by road (I believe the freight is consolidated with Ipec); the express service is via Air.

  • Anyone posting successfully ?

    • +1

      Nope, tried twice today, systems down, almost seems like a coincidence… guy helped me reboot the system 3 times.

      • Did it end up working after the reboot?

    • Got mine through at 5:30am AEST/6:30am AEDT.

    • Got 2 through about an hour ago

    • +2

      I did, 20 parcels took me an hour. Too much hassle.

      • +3

        You saved $200

  • Got mine through today. Has a slight issue after i paid where it wouldnt print the label but did after about a minute.

  • Has the regular satchels ran out?

    • +1

      There were heaps of satchels when i just went…. probably because the machine didn't work

  • +1

    Tried at 12.30 and the system was down. The worker said that it was probably because noone had used the machine in so long… He tried re-setting it but it still didn't work

  • Just lodged a small package. Its like a post box but I'm kinda worried my small package is going to get crushed if someone chucks down somethings heavy.

    • Ahhhh, thats a bit of a concern. Which store was this?

  • Sent a few from Sydney in the city this afternoon, no dramas.
    System is a bit of a pain if you are sending multiple parcels but for $1 I can handle it.
    They definitely need to develop and app or something to streamline the whole process…

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