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Google Pixel 5 $749, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G $849, OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G $1199 & More + Plan Cost @ Telstra


4 days only Black Friday deal from Telstra, more updates is coming soon. Besides, save $350 from Samsung Tab S7+ 5G $1,699 (instead of $2,049) and get up to $240 credit over 12-24 months for Galaxy Watch ad-on.

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Assume you can sign up then cancel plan straight away for just pro-rata amount charge or just 1 month worth in worse case

OPPO Find X2 Pro 5G $1,199
Google Pixel 5 $749
Samsung S20FE 5G $849

Available to new and existing post-paid mobile customers. 1 mobile per plan.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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                    • @td93: not yet, hope it's soon!!

                    • @td93: just got it now! cheers mate. Didn't need a new phone, current one's only a year old (and cracked, so probs not worth on selling), but still extremely happy!

                      • @S7iCkSt3R: Yassss!! Ready for collection, let's goooo!!

                        • @S7iCkSt3R: Literally just got back to my car with it in hand! Hilarious seeing the reaction of the staff in store. Completely ridiculous how they were acting over not approving thismorning.

    • Surely it gets approved. There's literally no reason for them to deny it. It's $749 outright - clear as day.

    • +2

      If they try that I'll give them 1 chance to reconsider and then get it all in writing and head off to Consumer Affairs….

    • Yes, I got approval over the phone (they said needs managers approval - but will be no issues, just a sign off because of large price variance). Money is taken from my account, but haven't received any other communication since this.

      • Yes! There may needed better communication with the order status lol. They said email will come through but I never gave my email so I'm guessing it will be text confirmation for pickup

        • +1

          if you've ordered with officeworks before (either online or via phone) they will have your email address by looking up against your phone #

        • also, you'll be able to see your order online if you log into your account

    • If you paid for the product, and they processed the transaction, they're required by law to provide you with the product.

      Any attempt to weasel out of it is an ACL breach.

  • Telstra website: currently experiencing technical issues

    EDIT: Checkout as a guest still works

    • Did u get an order number when u checked out as a guest?

  • tired calling the East Kew OW, but wouldnt take my calls. decied to try my luck in store and succuessfully managed get pxiel 5 for $711.50

    thanks guys !

  • Got my confirmation email from OW!

    • Same here. Looks like it's all legit again.

      … And just now a text. Ready for collection. W00t

      • Collected. No hassles.

  • Took some time but got it price beat at OW

  • Just got a text from OW. Ready for pickup on Tuesday

  • +3

    We should all thk the sleepy Telstra IT team for the price glitch. FFS they still had the old hub offer on till the early hours this morning

  • Bought one from OW, however would love to get it from JB

    Hope they do something as well

  • Why does the photo of Pixel 5 have Google Home? is it included?

  • Just price beat OW online in under 5 mins, the girl already knew about it and just put in my details for the order straight away. She said both colours are still available, delivery on Nov 30th.

  • +1

    Pixel 5 has been removed from the JB Hifi website, weird.

  • Officeworks North Ryde Successful Price Beat $711.55 @ 1200 today. Very easy going just make sure you:

    1. Show the telstra site with the Outright PRice
    2. Show them it is 5g (yes they will ask)
    3. Be NICE


  • Bought at OW Caroline springs for $711, 1 black left in stock and now I have two new phones smh. The good thing buying from Telstra is they give 2 years warranty where as OW only 1 year.

  • Another OW success : $711.55 - called 1300# no wait time - almost immediately found an agent and done.

    • +3

      Same here, got through quickly. The agent laughed when I said Pixel 5 pricematch.
      Apparently she had done more than a few already.

      • Yeah. Same same. Now to find some cases and screen protectors. Do you know of any deals?

        • +1

          Spigen all the way. If your fussy then Zagg glass the top end option with it being around $40-50. Gives you lifetime replacement tho. So if you crack it they replace it as long as the model is still in production

        • +1

          Got a Spigen case off
          20% off 27/11-30/11 BF sales.
          Free shipping.

          • @lidker: Where'd you be getting the screen protector from?

            • @tik tok: I don't like screen protectors on my phone, so it goes bare :)

  • +1

    Just got one put aside at JB, will pay with GC so will be about $637

  • +1

    OW price match receipt:

  • Some one should try walking into the Telstra store, show their own outright deal to them and try to get it straight off them. Boss move lol

    • Haha

    • +2

      I did that, they just asked are you with telstra and I said im with boost and they gave me the phone for outright price lol. easy peasy.

      • +1

        Haha good one mate. I was basically asked to wait for 2 hours to discuss the deal, later went to JB hi-fi and saw no promotions there, that's when I saw here that Telstra is glitching in their price and went to 2 OW store but no availability

  • Telstra deal is an error, I think. When you click on black friday, it says: "Available to new and existing post-paid mobile customers. 1 mobile per plan."

  • Just pricebeat at OW Camberwell. No questions asked. Ready for pickup next Tuesday. Thanks OP.

  • Anyone got an order number when they placed an order with Telstra? I got just an invoice number.

    • Same. hope they don't cancel the order.

      • Hope so, lemme know if you get an order id. Thanks!

  • Just FYI those that are anxious about them honouring the order. I just got confirmation via SMS and Email for both phones to be picked up 30 Nov :)

  • Walked out of OW with the device. PB @ 711.55

  • Bought outright in Telstra Store (Wendouree). Ballarat JB and local Officeworks wouldn’t price match. Ballarat Telstra store said I’d need a new plan ( for outright !) but Wendouree were much easier to deal with. Poor back room guy had been pressed into storefront service for Black Friday and was on a steep learning curve with their in house software but we got there in the end.

  • +1

    Called local OW, got price match, took a bit of convincing its not on a plan, went and picked it up during lunch break.
    $711 paid.

  • +1

    Called office works
    "Ahhh, yes, the pixel 5
    No problem, I've done a lot of these this morning, unfortunately sold out….

    • +1

      Oh damn. Thats a new one. But might be the case as morning orders cleared out the OW inventory.

  • There is no Pixel 5 on the OW website. Is it still worth calling the 1300 number and asking for a price beat?

      • Thanks FEELS! I had found the product page via Google but it was blank. This link helped when I got through on the OW 1300#. Got a Sorta Sage for C&C on Tuesday (Marion store, SA). The lady on the line didn't even ask what price to match - she just quoted $711 right off the bat. Clearly had done a few of these already today!

  • Omg I just did the OW PBG . paid via CC over phone and got a confirmation number . Store pick up later.

    Checked me CC. Got charged $711.55.

  • thought i wouldnt get price match at OW but just got confirmation email

  • Amazing deal called OW and got it but waiting for confirmation then pick up.

  • Is this Google Pixel 5 better than the S20FE?
    Looking to upgrade from S10.
    (I've just got the galaxy watch delivered too)

    • +1

      Pixel 5 at 711 or 750 is gold. Also,
      In matters of personal preference, pixel 5 is just the right size, not too big not too small, can be easily carried in jeans. The stock android is amazing.
      Many ppl say that competition has caught up to the camera of pixel. My 3 year old pixel 2 takes better night sight picture than any major smartphone that I've seen currently (huawei excluded)

    • Personal preference really, both good phones (albeit concerning reports about touchscreen issues on the S20 FE).

      I hate One UI though, and the P5 has better battery, software and camera overall.

  • Just ring their customer service, no problem getting a price match. They also give option of click/collect or free delivery for this item as it is a PM from Telstra which includes delivery- well done OW.

    • I was told no C&C available, have to do it instore.

      • I was given an option by the customer service operator.

  • How long did it take you guys to get the confirmation email with Officeworks? I've yet to receive mine, but can see the charge as pending on my card.

    • it's been an hour now and i haven't received my confirmation - getting worried!

      • Just got confirmation but says only available for collection on Sunday. Rep on phone told me they had some in stock.

      • +1

        Check your OW account => Order History.
        The order should be there => Pending status.

  • +9

    Price matched at JB-HiFi for 749

    Used 15% off gift cards making it 636.65 outright 😍

    My 2XL can retire now

    • Would you be able to share the receipt?

  • Keeps coming and going off the OW site. 1300OFFICE approved a price beat but it still needs store approval before proceeding.

    The Telstra store wouldn't sell me one outright.

  • Just ordered 2 from Officeworks. No problem at all, the rep was so helpful.
    Haven't received the confirmation email yet.

  • Sorta sage out of stock in Telstra website

    • Just cancelled my order as got confirmation of my OW orders being fulfilled.

      • How did you cancel your Telstra order? I'm totally confused with this. I did not get an order number, just an invoice number, and Telstra support is unable to track my order.

        • I have the Telstra app and I chatted/message them. Left the invoice number ACCXXXXXX and they replied with cancelation confirmation after 6 hours.

          But I only got it in case my orders from OW didnt come through.

  • Just rang OW and was told that there was no more Google PIxel 5 stock, anyone get the same message?

    • +1

      I think they've pulled it to avoid matching. Should be product code BRGA01316

      • yeah, I read it out and was told if it's off the website it's out of stock.

        I guess I'll go in store and have a geez.

    • +1

      Same thing happened to me…but the lady on the phone was great and managed to still process the order. She said the Sage stock was only available at the warehouse from what she could see…and 5 remaining

      • +1

        OW got OzBargained, lol

    • I got the same message, went in store instead and just got one price matched Just Black at OW for $711, all done in 10mins with click and collect later. Defs go in store.

  • Can I sign up to a new plan and just cancel it if Telstra are being jerks about selling them outright?

  • +2

    I was still able to do a pricematch at OW 30 minutes ago. The lady on the phone was super friendly. Not a lot of stock though.

    Make sure to provide the product codes and be nice.

    BRGA01316 for Black and BRGA01986 for Sage.

  • I was able to do Price match on phone. When first called, they were not able to find it on their website. But received a callback 10 minutes later and ordered then. Pickup on Monday.

  • Price Matched at officeworks virginia just now got it for $711.55 no issues. Just make sure they have it in stock first before driving down.

  • I'm on boost - is anyone getting it legit from Telstra store.

    • I got one today morning with boost service

  • +3

    One mistake from Telstra….. and huge leap for google and pixel users :D

  • I think I got the last one at Ow Keysborough, they were happy to price match. Manager just had a quick look on the Telstra website and it was all sweet.

  • Thanks friends, managed to get a sage green one in store today for $749 - Telstra also gave us the medium plan for $55 / month instead of $65 / month, so total saving of $370 :notbad:

    • +1

      Wouldn't it be better to buy the phone outright then also join the jbhifi $500 voucher plan or am I missing something here

      • +1

        Was already an existing customer, didn't want to port out and back in!

    • That's 2 discounts in one transaction! Were you with boost or belong before that? I'd like that deal but I'm with boost and they don't normally allow transfer from belong or boost to Telstra with a discount. Was it in a Sydney branch of Telstra?

      • I just went to Bondi Junction Telstra shop and it seems to be some special deal for Black Friday. She said they spend half an hour transferring to Telstra prepaid and then Telstra post paid or vice versa.

  • +3

    Office works just took the Pixel 5 off the website.

    • +2

      I went in store and asked it was out of stock. They also told me some BS about not price matching the phone because it has Telstra bloatware. What the (profanity), Officeworks?

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