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Save $20 Per Month on nbn100, $10 per month on nbn50 for 6 Months (New Customers Only) @ Aussie Broadband


$20 off for the first six months for nbn100

100/20 - $79 for 6 months
100/40 - $89 for 6 months

$10 off for the first six months for nbn50

50/20 - $69 for 6 months

Offer starts 27/11/2020 and ends 4/12/2020 at 11.59pm (AEDT). New customers only and BLACK20 not eligible for nbn™ Fixed Wireless.

Terms and Conditions: https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/forms/legal/promotions-te...


Upgrade to our 250/25Mbps plan and save $20 per month for 6 months!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • And again, as a current abb customer, I'm left out of any discounts or offers.

  • Any deals for opticomm?

  • I dunno if I'm ready to give up my 100/40 plan with Superloop. I don't know if I'll be able to get it back.

    But this is a good deal. I hate ABB though.

    • Hate them for any particular reason?

      • I found them really hard to cancel last time around, but otherwise just a vibe. I guess I didn't think they were as good as people were banging on about so they suffered from high expectations.

        • They are good in terms of Australian based customer support. I'm currently with Belong, have no option to call them when things go wrong, log a request and hear back the next business day, offshore people reading from a script, learning about outages from the Telstra website yourself etc. So compared to this they are good, probably comparable with other ISP's offering Australian support though.

          • @Marrk: Despite being Australian they were hopeless when it came to anything related to VoIP. They sent me a VoIP box preconfigured….with someone elses phone number. Trying to get the correct login details for my phone number from them and to have the box be able to receive calls on that number too was a nightmare of frustration. Hours spent on the phone speaking to different reps who were totally clueless about their own products. Having Australian based support doesn't mean much if the training is lacking. End of the day they are a business like any other and will cut corners where they can.

        • That's weird.

      • I was having speed issues with data coming in via Asia after they had made some “changes” to their network. I was told to run ping tests and check on whirlpoool for the solution, within 30 minutes of that call I activated a new service with Launtel and rang back to disconnect my ABB service. Since the change the issue has been resolved!

        Also trying to get a refund that I paid in advance on the account took multiple phone calls and 3 weeks to resolve and each time it was like I was inconveniencing the phone rep.

        Australian support doesn’t mean anything if they can’t actually fix your problem or offer customer service.

    • Don't do it. SL provides much better speeds than ABB.

    • Based on their current pricing the 100/40 will come down to $89 - that's what i'm paying SL anyway and i imagine you too if you've been with them for ~12 months

  • How long do you have to be “away” from ABB to count as a new customer?

  • Deals have prices. Should be removed until confirmed

  • This is a pretty vague deal. What NBN100 plan are they referring to? I'm not sure why the final price isn't listed. Is it bound to change?

    Currently NBN100/20 will come down to $79
    NBN100/40 down to $89

    These are unlimited. Then there are the limited plans.

    I recommend check out SL 6 month deal or MATE's everyday prices which are similar.

  • Just switched to Superloop :) Hopefully after 6 months I can jump back on a nice deal for ABB

    • how long did it take to swap, i would like to know if i can make it before Belong first of month charge

      • 5mins on fibre

        Been with SL 2 weeks, identical to ABB. Over provisioned also.

        • Yup, at times I am getting like more than 100Mbit speed, which I signed up for (100/40). And churning is pretty much instantaneous.

        • Its pretty much also 5 mins on FTTN, but you might have to power cycle the modem

      • I made at 1 day before my ABB billing cycle.

      • It took me less than 24 hours to churn from Aussie Broadband to Superloop if that helps

      • I switch between ABB and SL every coupe of months to take advantage of these 'new customer' specials. It always takes no more than about 15 mins and Im on FTTN. It always does require disconnecting power to my modem/router for a couple minutes then it connect to the new ISP just fine.

  • Was on a 100/40 500gb for $80/mo with ABB. They jacked the price to $95/mo. Left to superloop for 100/40 $69 month.

    So much for keeping grandfathered plans, the dogs.

    • Same situation as me. How they can justify a $15 a month increase AND halving upload from 40 to 20 I’ll never know. Such an insult the way they went about it.

    • Where did you find the superloop 100/40 for @$69, showing $83.95 after discount

  • +4 votes

    I recently saved 25% off ABB… by switching to SL

  • Just move guys. They will not learn or listen. I negotiated 2 free months with internode for 8 months total commitment after the 6 months.

    Can't fault ABB service though. Second to none.

    • Yeah, they don't seem to care, and keep flinging the "oh, but we offer local support" (so does Superloop), and "their bandwidth is more expensive as there's less congestion" (how do they support that claim?).

      I give up… movin' to Superloop. I don't care how good their customer support is, to increase prices when no other ISP has, then to repeatedly offer discounts to new users, competitions, waste money on television advertising, not to mention they informed us of the increase just weeks after listing on the stock exchange and giving us the option to buy shares… is the price rise a coincidence?

      That saying "second to none", so it's one better than nothing? That doesn't make it sound so good (I never understood it lol).

  • so many entitled people in this thread "wahhhh ive been a customer for x time pls gibe me discount wahhhhh".

    (mod: edited), you're the same type of person who asks for a discount when there's barely any margin of profit for a business

    • We're not asking for discounts, but other ISPs and mobile carriers generally "grandfather" existing users on their existing plan and pricing.

      Any price increase/plan change should only be passed onto new users.

      • Grandfathering is so early 2000s. To be visible ISPs can't do that anymore. I think that you should be allowed to contract 6-12-24 months to get a new customer discount though.

        • I think that's a fair trade-off. In order to be locked into a plan/price, i'd go on a contract.

          If Aussie BB offered that, i'd accept it. I'm happy with their service, but raising their prices in this manner, seems a bit "wrong", considering that it looks like they're just trying to increase their share price for shareholders, wasting money on TV commercials and competitions, and offering discounts for new customers.

          There's also the new plan 75/20 which they introduced at the same price as the "old" 100/20. And, the disparity between the next level tier with Fetch included (which did not increase in price) and only has a $10 difference from the increased 100/20 plan.

          These plan changes/increases should've been passed onto new customers rather than leaving existing customers pissed off (pardon the language).

  • What are the T&C's? I just weeks ago churned away from ABB but would churn back for this deal.