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NBN 50/20 Unlim $59.95/Month, NBN 100/40 Unlim $79.95/Month ($20/Month off First 6 Months All Plans) @ Superloop (New Customers)


$20/month off for the first 6 months on all Superloop NBN plans for new customers only. No signup fee or contracts apply. Enter promo code SLC20FOR6 at signup under 'Referrals and Promotions' at the details page.

If you've missed out on the recent Aussie Broadband offer, Superloop is a solid nbn provider with an excellent network to rival or arguably surpass Aussie Broadband. Australian-based support in SA. Excellent latency around Australia and internationally to locations like USA, Europe + Singapore (both via Perth on Indigo cable) & Japan. CVC charts similarly to Aussie Broadband are made available in the members portal for your POI.

  • nbn 50/20 500GB ($54.95/month first 6 months, $69.95$74.95/month thereafter)
  • nbn 50/20 Unlimited ($59.95/month first 6 months, $74.95$79.95/month thereafter)
  • nbn 100/40 500GB ($69.95/month first 6 months, $79.95$89.95/month thereafter)
  • nbn 100/40 Unlimited ($79.95/month first 6 months, $89.95$99.95/month thereafter)

**Edit 27/11: Updated to new prices. More info*~~

Please note: for anyone planning to change from a 100/40 plan to a 50/20 plan after 6 months, be aware that your monthly charge may be $74.95 for the 50/20 500GB plan and $79.95 for the 50/20 Unlimited plan as the $5 special discount on the 50/20 tier is only applicable to new customers.

Full T&Cs available here

Plan changes & cancellations
If you change your Superloop NBN Plan, then the $20 discount will be removed from the monthly internet service charge. The price of the monthly internet service charge will return to the minimum monthly charge set out in our Critical Information Summary (CIS)

This Offer is open until 31 December 2019. Superloop may withdraw the Offer at any time without notice. By applying for the Offer, you agree you are bound by Superloop’s Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA) and these Terms and Conditions. Superloop may change these Terms and Conditions at any time in accordance with the SFOA.

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  • +2

    Anyone had experience getting these promotions applied for current customers?

    • +6

      Current customers usually never get a discount, they have no incentive to anyway since you are already with them

      • +3

        Existing customers subsidize new ones , just threaten to quit

        • +2

          Yeah I was thinking of leaving to try out the Vodafone 100mbps plan. Maybe i'll call them, ask for the discount, if refused, ask to cancel my plan.

      • +5

        lol no incentive to stay, but an incentive to leave maybe.

        I'm not quite in the category of "don't do deals with others unless you do deals with me", I've been planning to leave since they took over skymesh. They came in and said "welcome. You're new rates are $20pm more, but we're great guys and will let you settle in for 3 months first". Well the 3 months is up, so I'm looking for something more affordable.

        • +1

          Just an update. I'm staying with superloop. They're bumping my price from $39.95 (old skymesh price) to $59.95 for 500G at 12/1.
          I could save $5pm and double the speed with ABB (100G would still be plenty of data), or go with TPG for $30pm for just 10G (which isn't quite enough), but after the praises here for superloop I've decided to stay.

          You don't get much internet for your money though hey!!??

          • @SlickMick: You are better off with Belong $55/mo plan 33mbps 12 month contract

          • +1


            They're bumping my price from $39.95 (old skymesh price) to $59.95 for 500G at 12/1.

            Flip do $39.90 unlimited at 12/1. No contract or joining fee… Just have to prepay a month ahead.

    • no. you could only wish!

    • Nothing stops you from porting it out then come back in

      • +10

        That's not a deal for existing customers. That's an incentive to recruit new customers, just like this promotion.

        It's pretty easy to switch ISPs. If you don't give customers a reason to stick around, customers are going to keep hopping between ISPs for the "new customer" deals.

        A deal for existing customers would be a loyalty bonus, like extra data or a small discount after you've been a customer for 12/24 months.

        • +2

          Superloop does both of those things :)
          Plans recently moved to unlimited when they had limits at the same price, and we do offer loyalty discounts to customers at 12/24/36/48 months.

          Also, it never hurts to ring and ask. Sometimes we can apply a retention discount if you have been with superloop for a while. What we won't do is give you a discount after a free month. ect. at the end of the day, we are a business :)

          • -2

            @warsome: How about you let us keep our skymesh price, and give us a discount for taking away our landline?

          • @warsome: That's fair enough. Everyone loves a bargain, but nobody wants their ISP to go broke and start cutting back on infrastructure and services.

            Are your loyalty bonus incentives documented on your website so customers are aware of them? Are they automatically applied on the anniversary dates? Do they require the customer to proactively ask for them in hope, or when they threaten to leave?

            BTW like many others on Ozbargain, I was with Skymesh on a pretty sweet deal, and ported out when Superloop took over and told all their customers prices would be going up.

          • +1

            @warsome: I was with Superloop for 8 months sent an email asking if you could match Tangerine 50/20 unlimited for $59.95 never had a reply so I left. Would've stayed for even a $5 discount but didn't bother to even reply to me. Shame.

  • Similar price with Vodafone for 100/40. Cheaper 50 plan than Tangerine

    • +1

      Please do explain

      • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/484469.
        Tangerine is $59.90 for 50/20.

        • +4

          Tangerine doesn't deserve to be in the same discussion. There is a significant quality difference between the likes of Superloop/ABB and Tangerine.

          • @noz: what's the full name of ABB? Thanks.

            • @lily99: Aussie Broadband

              • @r0xz: Thanks you for your quick response!!!

        • +1

          I left tangerine after a month for their poor connection

          • @Kenww84: Just signed up with Tangerine to see, need a static IP (whitelisted in firewalls) but did a bunch of speedtests from various locations around the world from my current Optus connection so will compare when churned across. Otherwise I'd have jumped on this deal (and still might if Tangerine are bad).

        • +1

          I was with tangerine for two months and moved to super-loop. Tangerine is not in the same league as superloop and Aussie BB.

    • ? I’m with Kogan 50/20 for $65. Is there a cheaper deal with voda?

      • Similar price with Vodafone for 100/40.

  • does anyone know what these " POI Connections" are? will it effect my speed if im far from one of them?

    • +2

      POI's are basically the main location that your internet is connected before being distributed to other smaller sites e.g. exchanges then going to your house from there. So the simple answer is no, your speed won't be effected by your distance from a POI.

    • +3

      Your predominant factor for speed will be your nbn technology. Other technologies like Fttn and HFC can have node / segment congestion. https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/blog/a-guide-to-understan…

      Distance to the node for fttn will affect your speed.

      The router sends the packets to the node or applicable device, travelling via the NBN network to the the point of interconnect which are then handed back to your ISP / RSP.

      CVC will be the main factor in determining if you isp can deliver what they promise you.

      • Congestion at the Point of Interconnect (PoI) due to RSPs purchasing inadequate CVC is the main cause of performance issues, particularly during peak periods.

        To avoid congestion discourage heavy downloaders from connecting to your RSP and encourage low usage customers.

        • +1

          Or just join AussieBB, they actually display every PoI along with utilisation graphs so you know if they’re purchasing enough capacity during peak times for your area: https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/cvc-graphs/

          • @zaprct: Nice charts don't prevent a few heavy downloaders from joining your PoI and trashing it.

            However, AussieBroadband to implement data quotas for faster 250Mbps plans so that is a good reason to join.

          • +2

            @zaprct: Superloop also provides cvc graphs to users (in the members portal) many POI charts can be found on whirlpool

            • +4

              @That One Guy: Superloop does also show the graphs to users in the members portal. We did it as a 'support tool' rather than a 'marketing tool' however we will very soon be putting them on the website.

      • +1

        Another important consideration for FTTN: How much redundant phoneline in your house. I went from 35Mbps link speed to 88Mbps after disconnecting extra copper. (2 story house, old alarm back to base hardware, 5+ phone outlets). Router is connected at first point that copper enters the house and is 350m as the crow flies from the node.

        I'm with MyRepublic 100Mbs plan

  • +1

    Is credit card still the only option with these guys when using a promo code?

    • Yes I believe so

    • I signed up last night with Visa Debit card.

  • Belong is this price as standard though

    • +5

      Belong is no where as good as Superloop though

      • +4

        This type of thing gets said alot re ABB/SL vs other providers but the ACCC research doesnt really bear it out? Im not sure why

        • Belong isn't listed there and the Belong product is a lot different to the Telstra product before anyone says they're owned by Telstra

          Having said that besides a little more latency I didn't notice much difference between ABB and Belong.

        • +2

          ABB is praised mainly for the support and staff where as Superloop owns all of its own network which gives it greater flexibility on international and domestic traffic. Not to say bad things about Superloop staff as they're all AUS based as well. ACCC hasn't got much on Superloop due to its size

  • How does the cancellation fee work with no contract?

    • Why would there be a cancellation fee

    • +3

      $0 early termination fee. Minimum cost is one month plan.

      • Ohhh, just realized the "fee" mentioned in op was for changing plans

  • +3

    Switched to these guys from Telstra a couple of months ago. Been really happy so far, great speeds and quick churn.

    • How long did the churn take? You on hfc?
      Did you just place an order and telstra service got terminated once churned? Thinking of doing the same.

    • +3

      holly Sh!t mate, i switched from optus to telstra last week, my idea was that telstra has the best speed and most professional service, and boy oh boy was i wrong. now i see optus customer service as angels..

      firstly they included a free 100mbps speed pack in my deal (to get me to sign up), one week later after having my service activated im still not getting the speed pack. i called them about 15 times and a combined on phone time of around 4 hours. finally one of them told me that the guy who signed you up was not allowed to give that speed pack for free so we will not be including it, i told them that is a breach of contract, than they hung up.

      i called back and they knew who i was from my number, so i was saying hello, and the other indian guy on the line said hello, than i heard some chit chat in the background in indian, i think it was the last woman talking to me, she was filling him in on the situation, after that he kept saying hello hello sir i cannot hear you,(which was clearly bullsh!t as he could hear me clearly and he was playing fumb to hang up again, so he kept saying that than he hung up. what a disgrace kind of service, i will be contacting their Australian team to terminate my service tomorrow,

      i was thinking about aussie broadband but than i saw this deal which seems pretty sweet, how does this compare in terms of night speed and congestion, customer service?

      • +1

        Don't bother calling just do live chat

        • Live chat I’ve tried too it’s the same Indian team..

          • +1

            @striker5950: Easier to keep track of what was promised

          • @striker5950: Do the needful (pun intended) outside of Indian business hours. I think their other teams are from the Philippians, and sometimes America.

            • @[Deactivated]: what Indian business hours? they work 24/7/365.

              • @r0xz: Not all of them. I've called Telstra within the last year or so, and have spoken to their non-indian support teams previously. Just try calling during their night time hours (usually in the morning here).

                • @[Deactivated]: I'm pretty sure their Indian team handles the techy stuff, the Philippines handles the customer service side. If you need tech support, you'll be forwarded to their Indian team, no matter when.

                  • @r0xz: Isn't this a billing issue, not technical.

                  • @r0xz: Not sure if this is still current, but their Bigpond tech support used to be based in Australia.

                    Source: I used to do Bigpond tech support.

                    • @Munki: Been a long time since it was like that …

    • Just wanting to do the same, wondering if the Telstra wifi router works with Superloop? Or you have to order a new one from Superloop?

      • Hey Om Nom, did you find an asnwer for this? I am rather curious myself!

    • Hey Woodsy175, were you able to use your Telstra router with Superloop?

  • +4

    Belong 12mth lock-in $55PM + first month free if sign up after 2nd

    • +3

      Yeah, thinking of jumping to a cheaper 50/20 fttn plan than my current Aussie broadband

      Going to be a toss up in a couple of weeks.

      • +1

        DONT - belong is sh*t!!

        • the belong thread doesnt seem to be full of such feedback

          perhaps local POI and NBN type make some kind of difference over positive v negative reviews

        • +2

          Agree, after nearly 12 months of complaints and troubleshooting they finally admitted there was an issue and no eta to resolve. I was getting 8mb down on a 100mb plan, no that's not a typo. It felt like dial up days. Was resolved as soon as a I switched to another provider.

          • @serbpie: This is similar to my experince. Switched from Blong to a similar plan from ABB and all the problems disappeared.

            • @Bluberry: Well don't go with my republic then haha. I had better experience on Belong than Myrepublic: no disconnection, lag is reduced plus cheaper price.

          • @serbpie: Yeah depends how much bandwidth they purchase in the local CVC yours was probably congested AF. Aussie/Superloop aren't congested at all.

  • Super loop

  • 50/20 unlim.. why use these guys instead of Belong (NB I don't care much about pings)?
    It's $0.05 cheaper.. for 6 months.
    Serious question.

    • +1

      Higher typical evening speed.

      • Ok. My house can't hit 50 anyway (19.1Mbps attainable rate according to ABB line test)

        • +2

          That's below the acceptable rate. Get ABB to complain to the NBN (unless the issue is to do with internal wiring, in which case you'll need to foot the bill to have it redone).

          • @BuzzBuzzBuzz: I chose a 25Mbps plan because of this though. Is it still "unacceptable"?

            I was considering getting a licensed cabler to replace the house wiring. Previous owners put 4 or 5 phone points spread throughout the house so that could be the cause. But now I wonder, if I get the work done, will NBN just bitch that it wasn't "to their requirements"?

            • +1

              @justtoreply: Ah, bingo. Line splitters are terrible. We went from 24mbps down to 45mbps down once we had a technician come out and just remove the splitter and wire up a single outlet. Being 900m ish from the node that's our max theoretical under VDSL.

              If you get a tech to come out and your speeds don't increase you can tell NBN it's an issue with their network as you've had your cabling checked by a certified electrician.

            • +1

              @justtoreply: Sadly if you are on FTTN the NBN min acceptable line sync rate is 12/1 but goes up to 25/5 after co-location ends which seems to be never. Yes getting the cabling done and remove line splitter will help a lot. Also a specific D-Link DS-2888A modem (with latest firmware) is renown for getting faster sync speeds (does not support voip) so that can help as well. I went from 33 to near 38 after switching to that modem.

              • +1

                @Ruprect: Hey thanks for the pointer … been looking to find out about a good modem .. getting 28Mbps sync at 700m and have had clean internal wiring done. Had NBN look at the connection when it was first done too and they 'found and fixed' an issue in the pit outside and I went from 19Mbps to 24Mbps new wiring got me to my now 28Mbps.

                I was using my Ftiz box modem from ADSL2 days (was known then to be one of the best for weak signal ADSL2), borrowed a friends iinet NBN modem to test sync and it went to 32Mbps. Changed to exetel and got a included modem thinking newer NBN modems must just be better (12 month contract - huge regrets) and it also syncs at 28Mb :( … so I think a "good" modem could get me another 10 - 15% fingers crossed. Sigh .. still can't complain used to only get 7.5Mbps on ADSL2.

                • @Elijha: That specific D-Link modem is a bit special. It has a very unusual chipset onboard (TriDuctor VSPM340) whilst most in Aus have Broadcom chips and D-Link seem to have tweaked the software to maximise the sync speed. You have to download the latest firmware from the D-Link website before it gives you the better speed. Also if you have a drop out issue it also hangs onto a connection way longer than other modems might.. just a warning however that it must be that exact model a DSL-2888a (forgot the "L" in my previous post) and I'm not even sure they are still sold. Been a couple of years since I got mine.

            • @justtoreply: Whirlpool users have had good results get it all cut just to one lead in socket

            • @justtoreply: Do it. I went from 18 to about 28 get sockets removed. I'm about a km from the node apparently, maybe more. Cost $80, worth every cent.

              • @tessel: Are you in Sydney ? Can you recommend a cable specialist ? I got these smart wiring in the house when I bought it which has a main hub in the garage and then phone sockets goes to all different rooms. Telstra advise I should be able to get up to 60m speed but I am only getting 28.

                • @fseng: Sorry, I'm in Tas. I just googled and found a list of NBN approved installers or something. However, the guy knew less about NBN than me and was a simple cash in hand job. What he did for me is removed every port but one. So line comes into house from the street and goes directly to one port. That's it. I would happily pay $150 as it's worth every penny.

  • +9

    I read somewhere that Superloop (and Aussie Broadband) are two of the better/best ISPs out there.

    I think I read it on WhirlPool, so it was a personal opinion, rather than fact.

    Ps. I couldn't remember where I heard of Superloop in a positive light (because I've never heard of them before) and it wouldn't let me rest until I remembered lol

    • +2

      Aussie broadband, Super loop (Skymesh), Leaptel etc.

      Usually avoid vocus resellers and Optus.

      Telstra is also good if you can stomach them.

      • +2

        Superloop isn't a reseller, it owns all of its own network domestically and many international pipes

        • Never said that boo

    • +4

      TLDR; Just signed up and doubled my d/l speed. AussieBB -> Superloop

      I just signed up for the 50/20 with superloop from AussieBB.

      AussieBB support is second to none, saying that… I just churned via the Superloop website on the spot, and it disconnected my modem, reconnected, after a reboot I'm getting double the connection speed I was getting with AussieBB.

      So I've gone from ~20Mbps down to ~44.50, I'm pretty chuffed as I'd given up that it was a copper issue with FTTN.

      I spoke to a tech from Superloop too (because it took about 15m to reconnect) and he checked the line to see if I could squeeze any more out of it.

      Full disclosure though, it took about 25m to get through to support.

      • +3

        How did cancellation go with Aussie? Did you cancel beforehand?

        • Same first timer… Could you detail the process please?

        • I thought ABB needed 30 days notice?

          • @rye: Seems to be conflicting outcomes;
            1. Cancelling without notice and pro rata refund
            2. Cancelling without notice and forfeiting remaining billing cycle that's paid for
            3. 30 days notice on T&Cs although haven't heard from anyone that has had that enforced.

        • @chriise I'm just waiting to find out.

          I had 1 day left in my month, I did receive the next bill for November but I've emailed asking whether it's valid.

      • just did the same hit the enter key it disconnected me for about 10 minutes then I received my full 100/40 connection. Telstra who I moved from wanted me to talk to their disconnections department once I confirmed I was out of contract and it wasn't costing me anything to move.

  • +2

    bugger! I wish they have this to the existing customers!

    anyway, great speed. no complaints!

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