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NBN 50/20 Unlim $59.95/Month, NBN 100/40 Unlim $79.95/Month ($20/Month off First 6 Months All Plans) @ Superloop (New Customers)


$20/month off for the first 6 months on all Superloop NBN plans for new customers only. No signup fee or contracts apply. Enter promo code SLC20FOR6 at signup under 'Referrals and Promotions' at the details page.

If you've missed out on the recent Aussie Broadband offer, Superloop is a solid nbn provider with an excellent network to rival or arguably surpass Aussie Broadband. Australian-based support in SA. Excellent latency around Australia and internationally to locations like USA, Europe + Singapore (both via Perth on Indigo cable) & Japan. CVC charts similarly to Aussie Broadband are made available in the members portal for your POI.

  • nbn 50/20 500GB ($54.95/month first 6 months, $69.95$74.95/month thereafter)
  • nbn 50/20 Unlimited ($59.95/month first 6 months, $74.95$79.95/month thereafter)
  • nbn 100/40 500GB ($69.95/month first 6 months, $79.95$89.95/month thereafter)
  • nbn 100/40 Unlimited ($79.95/month first 6 months, $89.95$99.95/month thereafter)

**Edit 27/11: Updated to new prices. More info*~~

Please note: for anyone planning to change from a 100/40 plan to a 50/20 plan after 6 months, be aware that your monthly charge may be $74.95 for the 50/20 500GB plan and $79.95 for the 50/20 Unlimited plan as the $5 special discount on the 50/20 tier is only applicable to new customers.

Full T&Cs available here

Plan changes & cancellations
If you change your Superloop NBN Plan, then the $20 discount will be removed from the monthly internet service charge. The price of the monthly internet service charge will return to the minimum monthly charge set out in our Critical Information Summary (CIS)

This Offer is open until 31 December 2019. Superloop may withdraw the Offer at any time without notice. By applying for the Offer, you agree you are bound by Superloop’s Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA) and these Terms and Conditions. Superloop may change these Terms and Conditions at any time in accordance with the SFOA.

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    • Fantastic! I’m with Kogan too, but I will wait until end of the month as they don’t refund the half month we will loose (as we pay for the whole month)

  • i guess no one asks this question before,, i'm currently using a Telstra modem with Tangerine as my NBN provider.
    Will my modem still work with Superloop?

    • Superloop doesn't require VLAN config on the modem so most likely should work unless yours is locked to another VLAN

  • I was just on the phone with Optus to ask when my current contract ends and it was on the 12/11/19. We are also using a home phone connection and Fetch TV. They informed me that without an Optus internet I cannot use the landline and Fetch. I'm really confused by this. Would I need to look for landline else where? Move from Fetch to Foxtel? My dad enjoys watching his sport recordings.

    • Superloop doesn't do phones, so you'd have to switch to a VOIP company like MyNetFone. You can pay for Fetch outside of an ISP, but I'm not sure if the ISP supplied boxes are locked to them. For more info on Fetch, go to https://www.fetchtv.com.au/packages

  • Would like to know that during a sign up, are we allowed to specify the date when we want the connection to get activated?
    Also for my house, its FTTC. Is it true that the speeds may differ and usually FTTP > FTTC > FTTN when it comes to quality of service?

    • I signed up today and within 15 minutes was converted to super loop.

      Of factors that can affect nbn. All those you listed, area, distance to node, etc.

      • whats your previous provider if i may ask..ta

        • I'm moving to a new suburb and the lease doesn't start until next month. Thus wanted to know if I can specify my move in date so I'll have internet ready.
          Where I'm currently living, my provider is Leaptel. Not at all happy with their service.

        • Aussie broadband

  • +1

    Cheers OP, signed up this morning, it was connected about 4 hours later. That's service worth commenting on. Thanks for the deal!

  • Great offer - was constant changing plans up and down with internode between 100gb and 500gb at same speed (50/20) because $75 was a bit rich for my use level. Just put the churn through and my internet went dead literally 2 minutes later. Logged into modem, clicked dynamic IP in setup and everything back up and running. Wow - easy and fast.

    • +1

      3.1 is a pretty decent score on that site

      • Actually quite poor vs the others players , you guys can be the guinea pigs and I'll check how its going in a few mths .

        I won't gamble on NBN lines for what $20 lol :)

        I'd bet on the early data some of you aren't going to be happy chappies in that time frame !

        • Speedtest yesterday afternoon DL: 93.4Mbps UL: 37.8Mbps

      • many of those from Skymesh customers who voiced displeasure at the acquisition. Can't be helped.
        As others have commented, read whirlpool. That is where the real reviews from people are.

    • +3

      And all the whirlpool and ozbargain crew here are all just liars then? My Grandad has written 4 reviews on product review, My grandma 3, and my mum lives on there. That’s the demographic of those reviews. Ping of salt, grain of sand yaddi yaddi yah etc

  • +3

    Hi all,
    Newbie to the whole NBN thing. I'm currently on HFC with Telstra on some high speed boost which gives me 100+mbps download and only 5mbps upload…
    Couple of questions, how does one connect to NBN and what equipment/costs associated with this do I need to know of..? This superloop deal looks good but doesn't mention any equipment and from the little knowledge I have, I think I need a new modem (nbn compatible one) at the very least. Is there any other costs I'm missing? Seems like a great deal and wanna jump on board but wanna make sure it's feasible… Thanks in advance

    • +2

      Exactly one the same boat.. i am with TELSTRA CABLE broadband 100+mbps .. so do want to hop onto Superloop 100+ nbn plan but can we use existing telstra modem / router ? or need to buy new or this superloop comes with it ?
      I have been given a deadline to move by March next yr.. and currently I am paying $49 monthly to Telstra cable.

      • Geez that's cheap! Nice one… Im on an $89 monthly plan… But expired now…

        • Yea, thats why i am hanging onto it to as long as I can.. and they have been after me to move to NBN since 8 months and only solace is that they will throw in premium speed to their existing $89 nbn plan.. Thank you but NO THANK YOU.

          Hence this superloop seems to be the way so thinking if i jump the ship now or wait till early next year ?

    • Keen to receive info on this same issue

    • +1

      Hi Pattiemate15,
      it all depends on which NBN connection you will be connected to.
      Enter your address on https://www.nbnco.com.au/ and it will tell you which NBN technology you will be on the right hand side.
      I am assuming based on your address, you will be on NBN HFC so you can take a look at this guide. You will be supplied with a NBN box which you need to plug into your NBN compatible router. There may be a NBN tech that is required to check your wall socket as well.

      In addition, if you have a home land line number you will need to find alternative if you wish to keep your existing number.

  • Can I get this and use it later like in few months? Or Will this offer be around that time for to order?

    • +3

      You can't schedule it. Once you hit the go button the order is submitted and they will connect you asap.

    • +1

      You can apparently phone SL to request a connection date but you’d have to check how far out they’d allow you to place an order.

    • The offer expires on the 31st of December, so I guess it depends on how many months you will use it in

      • thanks for that! i will need it by then

  • +1

    Thanks op! Signed up online - got confirmation email in 10 mins. Restarted router - all set!
    Switched over from Aussie BB and will save over $25 per month for next 6 months. Also confirmed with Aussie BB before switching. They will refund the remaining month pro-rated.

  • +1

    I just moved from Aussiebroad FTTC 100 and the switch over was painless for myself.
    It was done in less than 5 minutes! I didn't need to turn off my router as well.

    • Did you also get refunded the pro-rata amount from ABB as others have mentioned?

      • +2

        Yes I called ABB to cancel and they will refund the remaining days.

  • +3

    Well that was easy…

    1029 - Placed order with Superloop
    1039 - Superloop connection active (no reboots required)
    1045 - Cancelled ABB connection and confirmed pro-rata refund for 29 days
    1545 - Email received from ABB confirming service cancellation and refund to be processed.

    So far so good on our FttN connection and saving $25/mth.

    • Good stuff hope other isp do the same thing

  • Anyone know the churn time on a HFC connection?

    • 15 minutes

    • Should be 15 minutes, but a small percentage of people get stuck on the nbn side, which can take a few days

  • So I'm with Telstra cable 100mbit $89 and am holding back transferring at the moment. I wouldn't mind the upload speed increase but will miss the 4g backup. Is this worth the move?
    How much will a new modem cost?

    • What kind of NBN is available at your house? If your existing Telstra cable modem has a WAN port, you can simply plug the supplied NBN modem they provide, straight into your existing modem/router.

      • H thanks for the reply hfc. Yes it has a wan port and honestly I can't fault it. I've had some pretty beefy routers and it's got great WiFi.
        Looks like down bellow someone is saying the Telstra modem won't work.

    • Hi mate,
      it all depends on which NBN connection you will be connected to.
      Enter your address on https://www.nbnco.com.au/ and it will tell you which NBN technology you will be on the right hand side.
      I am assuming based on your address, you will be on NBN HFC so you can take a look at this guide. You will be supplied with a NBN box which you need to plug into your NBN compatible router. There may be a NBN tech that is required to check your wall socket as well.

      In addition, if you have a home land line number you will need to find alternative if you wish to keep your existing number.

      • Yes it is hfc. If the equipment I have doesn't work it will probably be another couple hundred on top so I dunno if the costs weigh. (Although that will need to factor it eventually).

    • i got this for same setup as urz, (m with telstra cable too)- A modem/router is not required for your service to work, however, should you need to connect multiple devices via ethernet or WiFi, you will need an ethernet Wide Area Network (eWAN) WiFi router.

      Should you wish to purchase a suitable device, you may get in touch with our sales team on 1800 10 12 10 or [email protected] once you have completed your signup, and quote your username.

    • So I've decided to make the switch Telstra were not very helpful at all and I just gave up with them.

  • Just churned from ABB, took less than 10 mins!

  • +3

    Switched from Kogan took under 15min. GOT 46/18 On 50/20 plan @ 7pm. Superb!

    • I'm looking to do the same, did kogan refund you the pro-rata rate for the existing month that you paid for?

  • Anyone got this working with Telstra Gateway Max? Worked fine with AussieBB (NBN HFC) but not with Superloop so far. "Your WAN connection is down.".
    Connecting laptop to NTD works fine, so it's the router.

    • +1

      Obviously you have power cycled?

      • Yes, twice, both router and NTD.
        "WAN Backup -> Enable - WAN Mode" is on, and "Dynamic IP" is on.
        I can't see any other settings that are relevant here…

        • No lingering settings in there from the Telstra days? Can you restore defaults and see how it goes? Pain in the ass I know, but worth a shot.

          • @NotAMoodle: Think this might be due to VLAN tagging which the CG3100D-2 probably doesn't support. But then why was it fine for AussieBB?

            • @fredblogs: Possibly…. what did SL support say? Anything they can tweak on their end?

              • @NotAMoodle: They said it doesn't require VLAN tagging, but they have no idea why it doesn't work. There's something up with this router to Superloop - I've seen multiple reports of the same problem.

                • @fredblogs: Yuck…. other than flash to updated firmware and restore defaults, you might be up ship creek

                  • @NotAMoodle: I had something similar when I moved from my republic to AB. Was on phone to tech support who did something on his end. Was over a year ago, sorry can’t rmember exactly what it was

  • So I just switched to them from Internode, the transfer from my old ISP to superloop literally took like 10-15mins. Just had to update my router settings after. However my down and up speed is really disappointing. Got the 100/40 plan and the absolute peak I'm getting is 50/13.5 @ 8:40pm, thats hardly any different from my old internode plan of 44 down. I have feeling its bottlenecked by the copper line…

    • +1

      So you were on 100/40 with internode and only never reached 44 down, but now you’re on 100/40 with superloop and getting 50 down? Sounds like a win with 10% + extra speed, but you obviously have some big line issues needing to be investigated…

      • sorry my wording was probably confusing. I came from the Internode 44mbps plan, now on the 100mbps superloop and im getting 51 max

    • +3

      Sounds like your FTTN is only capable of 50 down… You can thank the Liberals for that gift… Not much Superloop or any other provider can do.. You'd be better off on the 50/20 plan though

    • +2

      If you haven't already done so, I would strongly recommend you get a licensed cabler in to take a look at your internal wiring. I have seen great speed and stability increases from running new cat6 from the point of entry in your house to a single socket outlet. I can vouch for the difference it makes. We are 800m from the node and could barely get 25mbps down. After rewire I now can hold a solid 55mbps. It's the best $200 u will ever spend

      • We're in a rental property so there's probs no point :/ too much hassle

      • +1

        Agree with this… I went from 60 to 79mbps with a wiring cleanup

  • Alice Leader to Doggy Bag, is that you?

  • Can I purchase a modem form superloop? Or can someone suggest an alternative place to buy one?

    • +2

      Basically any IT store or online retailer. I always get my stuff form pccasegear.com (not associated) You can get a pretty good VDSL/NBN ready modem router for $120

    • Can I use my old modem, or it is must to buy a new modem

      • It depends on the modem and connection type I think. I currently have an archer vr500v and should work according to comments here.
        I have seen people giving out free modems on Facebook marketplace as well (albeit the free ones from other providers) So if yours
        Is not compatible look on there.

        I have hfc connection and I have recently moved to kogan. My previous Telstra modems worked automatically I didn’t have to do anything!

  • It's been 4 hours. Service still not up? Coming from ABB. Any idea?

    • Probably closed shop for the day. They should connect you tomorrow.

      • Will you receive any confirmation when you get connected? I only received the email that states that my order is confirmed.

        • Yep, you should receive an email and a text.

  • +4

    If I join Superloop will Nicole from the NBN stop calling me….?

  • +1

    I have just churned from ABB to Superloop at two separate addresses. One is FTTP and the other HFC. Took less than 10 mins. Speeds are on par with ABB. Managed to sign up at both addresses using the same email address.

    In the morning, I will call ABB to officially cancel with them.

    Plus will call Superloop to see if they can merge the accounts together.

    • At what time did you sign up with SL? I did so at 5pm but still not churned from ABB.

      • 10pm for both addresses.

  • Currently I am with tpg. I wanted to change to superloop, can still use my old modem… Or I need to get a new modem. Cheers

    • What kind of NBN do you current have, and what kind of modem?

      • I am currently on TPG FTTN Connection with Archer VR1600v1.0 Modem.

        If someone has answers to the following:

        Will Superloop connection work with Archer VR1600v1.0 modem?
        What protocol is used for the WAN connection? PPPoE?
        What type of IP do they provide? Static or Dynamic?

          • as long as that modem/router is VDSL2 compatible, it will work with Superloop FTTN
          • PPOE died with ADSL
          • dynamic IP, static is $5 per month extra
          • @NotAMoodle: Thanks for your reply.
            I was just trying to make sure that my Archer VR1600v1.0 modem will definitely work as I don't want to buy a modem from superloop if the existing one will work.
            TPG FTTN NBN at my home still uses PPPoE type of connection to connect.

            I am actually using the Archer VR1600v1.0 modem as bridge mode and using an OpenWRT router to do the PPPoE authentication.

            It's just that once Superloop takes over the connection and I find out my existing setup is not going to work then it would be troubling for me.

            • @iamtapu: I actually wasn’t aware providers were still using PPPOE, as I figured they had all moved to IPOE. I am not sure what Superloop use then sorry, but I would “assume” not PPPOE for FTTN.

  • +5

    Churned from ABB to Superloop. Speed wise I would rate them equivalent. Switching was absolutely seamless, missus wasn’t even aware of the swap. Happy family.

    • This made me laugh.

  • Hey guys let’s say I sign up on 23/10, do they bill from 23/10 as one week in October? Thanks

    • +1

      You'd be billed for 23/10 to 23/11

      • Thank you!

  • hi guys. I have no idea how this work. only ever had adsl and huawei 4g modem for internet.

    my current apartment has NBN installed. it comprises of 2 boxes on the way……….. i think i need to buy a modem/wifi router? is this right? if so what do you recommend?


  • Is anyone having an issue entering the promo code? It's just coming up with a cross next to it for me.

    • Are you maybe entering it in the referral code box ?

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