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Ryzen 7 3700X | RTX 3070 Gaming PC [B450 Aorus/16GB 3200/650B]: $1688 + Delivery @ TechFast


This is our big one for BF/CM. AMD have supported us for a once off R7-3700X at R5-3600 price for this deal and Galax and Gigabyte have chipped in to bring us $200 under the PCPP comparison. Feel like it stacks up pretty well price-wise against the Dell 3070 system, with plenty of upgrade options available as always.

Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 3070 8GB Gaming PC: $1688 after 3700X-3070-BFCM

  • Ryzen 7 3700X 8c/16t processor
  • Galax SG MSI Ventus 2X RTX 3070 8GB GPU (Gigabyte Eagle and Ventus upgrade available) - updated 28/11)
  • Gigabyte B450M Aorus Elite motherboard (lots of upgrades including MSI Pro-VDH WiFi and X570 Aorus Elite WiFi). If the Giga B450M sells out (loads available) the Biostar B550 is also the same price.
  • 16GB 3200MHz RAM (brand/model may vary)
  • 240GB 2.5" SSD (for those bringing own storage, or upgrades available; brand/model may vary)
  • Gigabyte P650B 650W 80 Plus Bronze PSU (750 Gold and 850 Gold available)
  • Lance-V RGB 4 Fan ATX case - details/specs

The below cover entry level, budget, sub-$1000, 1440P and high tier deals. If you have any other BFCM spec requests let me know and I'll see what we can do; RTX 3080, RX 6000 series and Zen 3 chips deals are not possible. RTX 2070/S and 2080/S are end of life too.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • PC Arrived very pleased, but struggling to see where to install further ssd/hdd drives.

    taking the back panel off there seems to be space under the mobo. The heat panel is there for an ssd, but the mounting bracket is nowhere to be seen. Does the case not have one or was it not shipped to me?

    Secondly there are the bays at the front of the bottom with space for drives, but again no mounting brackets supplied to slot the drives in..

    Both of these are standard on previous cases I've used. Am i missing something? or can i get/purchase the case parts i need?


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      It's a cheap case that you have to provide your own screws to mount the drives directly. And good luck.. it's a nightmare.

      • Got screws etc, just not sure where to mount them. any vids/docs to help?

      • +1

        Certainly not the 'Premium ATX case' that was advertised.

        • After having a wrestle with it, i think i've got it worked out.

          The second 2.5" space is hard to use with standard power cables as they clash with the cables of the 1st sata space. I think ordering some sata power adaptors with 90 degree angles solves this.

          the 3.5" bays require removal of the PSU and front fans to get access to screw it in. however i've not tried this yet. I'm waiting on some ultra-thin sata cables as 2 of the 4 sata ports on the mobo are blocked by the case itself.

  • +2

    This case is… Certainly interesting. The bay where you mount 3.5" hdds has several flaws.

    The left side has the back screw hole open like you're meant to put a screw on the left side of the drive with a 1mm clearance and slide it in. The front screw hole on the left is inaccessible unless I remove the entire front of the case and fans. And the standard hdd screws I have, the heads don't fit in the slide channel.

    The right side's screw holes are blocked by the mass of cables on the psu. I might be able to squeeze a hand in there and use screws that have a finger turn knob on them, there is no way in heck I could ever get a screwdriver in there without first removing the psu.

    The third fan and rgb controls are missing as noted by others, but mine came with a letter explaining why they're missing and that it will be coming soon with instructions on how to mount it.

    This case is clearly intended to be a one and done build, put everything in in the correct order to start with and try not to change it ever again.

    I too have what looks to be a couple of small outward dents in the metal side panel from where spare cable connectors have been in the way and the side has just been pressed down to get it screwed on. Haven't actually booted the computer yet as I'll need to work out screws for the extra hdd. Pretty disappointed in the quality of this "premium" case compared to others with rack systems or slide mounts and rails in the cages for your hdds. And nowhere near enough room for the cables that would be required if I wanted to put in even just one more drive.

  • +1

    So while I was waiting for my PC to get built, I requested the following:
    - 16GB RAM to 32GB
    - Gigabyte B450M Aorus Elite to X570 Aorus Elite WiFi motherboard
    - 650W PSU to 750W PSU
    - Case upgrade to Deepcool Matrexx 55 3F ($89)
    (The MAG Case Forge was sold out)
    I thought why not. If I'm going to wait longer, at least I'll make it worth it

    • For those interested, I just paid the following:
      - 16GB RAM to 32GB ($99)
      - Gigabyte B450M Aorus Elite to X570 Aorus Elite WiFi motherboard ($239)
      - 650W PSU to 750W PSU ($79)
      - Case upgrade to Deepcool Matrexx 55 3F ($89)

      So all up it was $506

  • Hi all

    Is anyone getting a buzzing/rattling noise from their machine?

    Usually happens under load, unsure where the noise is coming from. Have checked to make sure all the wires are out of the way.

    Thanks for your help

    • no

  • Anyone still not got theirs yet? I ordered 27th Nov around 2pm and live in Vic and still nothing :(

    • yep, ordered 27th 5:30PM SA time. Just emailed them this morning i will post the update once they reply!

      • got a reply.

        My build now has all the parts required and is in the queue currently to be built, estimated ETA is next week. Was hoping for this week but im sure it will be worth it.

        • I ordered on the 27th at 1:37pm Syd; Aus Post have msged with tracking number

    • BF/CM orders are priority. They only restarted work today. They gave an update in their latest deal post.

      • +1

        ^^ This is correct - we were closed for the 25th and 28th public holidays (and will be for the 1/1 PH) but are back in full production and prioritising BF/CM and 3080 pre-order systems.

  • +1

    I've been reading the comments on installing HDD's in the case thinking "nahhh there's no way it could be that bad".

    You were all right. It is bad. It's so bad. I've never come across an HDD bay this difficult to install drives in before. What were the people who designed this case even thinking?

  • +1

    Anyone still waiting for the order build?
    Ordered 30/11. Not dispatched yet…: /

    • Ordered on Black Friday and it was dispatched yesterday, so yours shouldn’t be too long

    • I'm also still waiting I ordered on the 30th aswell

    • Still waiting from the 28th

    • Still waiting, ordered 27th 5:30PM.

      Think they ran out of GALAX 3070's because other commenters who ordered after me and got the other branded cards have gotten their computers before me.

      • Ordered 2pm 27th with the Galax card, pretty sure they’ve got stock now

    • I recieved the dispatch notification today at 2:12 pm sydney time ordered on the 30/11 around 6pm hopefully everyone left gets theirs soon aswell

  • Ordered 27/11 morning,
    Shipped 17/12
    Arrived 30/12 To address in the NT

    Had some initial troubles, had to make sure all cables inside were secure. But once up and running performs well.

    Ran into an issue updating Nvidia Drivers for the graphics card where my screen would go blank for a few seconds come back and then go black again for a few seconds in a constant endless cycle. Bios update fixed this.

    • I've been having the same problem and i tried everything i could to fix it. I tried flashing the BIOS with the latest one on the website but to no avail. Could you please tell what bios you used and if there are other things you did to fix the problem?

      • just tried to update all the drivers for the chipset, bluetooth, wifi network.

        I installed the latest Nvidia driver from the website and it got stuck in some sort of "Force uninstall" or something loop. Screen went on for 5 seconds, then blank for 5 seconds, just at the desktop.

        I did order the MSI B550M Pro-VDH wifi motherboard. I updated everything from the official motherboard website and nothing worked. Did the BIOS flash last and thank goodness it worked. Updated to the 7C95v25 BIOS update.

  • +1

    Ordered 28/11, shipped 24/12, delivered 30/12 to Sydney. Standard build with no upgrades. I did get the MSI 3070 graphics card (dual fan) replacement and the case did come with all 3 case fans. Installed my own 1tb m.2 ssd drive under the graphics card.

    Australia post were a bit rough on the parcel regardless of the fragile stickers, the outer box that the pc came in had this hole that penetrated the second box, sort of like someone used some sort of hook like tool to move the box rather than pick it up. Very subtle dent in the right side case due to this, but nothing I'm concerned with.

    There is a slight bulge in the right side case covering with the wiring, but it's only like about 2mm when you look at the pc from the front. I probably wouldn't have even noticed had someone not mentioned it in a previous thread. Nothing I'd lose sleep over.

    I'm very happy and pleased with this pc and the good value.

  • +1

    So I’ve been trying to play a couple of games at optimum settings and the games keep getting crashed. I have even seen the worst nightmare, BSOD at least 4 times now. The bsod errors were all related to memory and I wonder if it is a bad module? Anyone had similar issues? I’ve raised it with their support.

    • +1

      Try updating to latest Nvidia drivers. I had a couple of crashes and updated the drivers and its stable now.

      • That is the first thing I did and it still crashes. So, I performed the hardware test using MemTest 86 tool to identify any hardware issues and it actually picked up 90 errors. I am not sure if this is all related to RAM or something else but I have raised this with TechFast and awaiting their response.

    • +1

      I know the fix.
      You need to turn off XMP Profile, overclocked ram speed causes crashes I believe.

      • +1

        Thanks for the solution, I will try that tonight. But if the ram does not run at rated speeds on a motherboard that is capable of such speeds, I would consider it as defective. Turning of XMP will bring the ram down to 2333-2600Mhz from the rated 3200Mhz.

        • +1

          I turned off XMP profile and manually changed it to 3200mhz. No crashes since I turned off XMP profile.

          • @skinnyleon: Thanks for the tip. Will give that a go as well. Cheers.

  • Shipped today :D Ordered 29th afternoon

    • same here yay for us :) got 2 tracking numbers from auspost

      Ordered 30th … should not be too far off everyone else waiting :)

      • +2

        Ordered 28th and am over waiting. Asked for a refund on Sunday and am waiting for a response. I was hoping to hear back today so I could start buying parts to build my own PC (which I wanted to do before I saw this deal anyway).

        Really disappointed in their lack of customer service. If email is their only contact, then they should be more proficient. Sorry if I sound sour, but was really looking forward to playing on this during my holiday break. Good luck to everyone waiting.

  • +2

    My unit arrived today (ordered on the 27th). It is as amazing as the specs say it should be. All I had time for today was a quick system test.

    For those who have been following this thread, a couple notes:
    * My unit came with all fans - I know some didn't
    * The case is as difficult to install additional drives as others have mentioned. You need to remove the front of the case, disconnect the lowest fan and go from there. Not impossible but just fiddly
    * No issues with sag from the GPU. The unit came with lots of protective packaging. I will still be installing the anti sag bracket.
    * No dents/swelling issues from the panelling at the back of the case housing all the cables.
    * Case is noisy - fans are always on full bore.

    Let me know if there are any specific questions

  • +1

    Picked mine up yesterday! Ordered on the 27th at 5:30pm

    So far have only installed the anti sag, need to install couple of SSDs and Il turn it on for a test run.

    For reference I upgraded the case to the MSI forged one so it hasn't been too difficult so far.

  • Did anyone keep getting a looping "preparing automatic repair" error message when booting up the system?? :/

    • +1

      NVM fixed it! Found out that installing Nvme drives in certain M2 slots can disable sata connections, which meant windows wasnt being loaded as i turned on the computer!

  • Just received mine today, ordered on the 28/11. For the most part I'm pretty happy!

    Was wondering if anyone else who upgraded to the MSI 550M WiFi mobo is having wifi issues? I've got weak connection and slow speeds. I've tried updating the driver but not sure what else I can do.

    Thanks in advance

    • I live in the country where internet is bad but i have no issue finding wifi networks and maintaining connection

    • +1

      Received mine today; speeds are fine with mine; you did attach the two antenna on yeah…?

      • I don't have an antenna and it definitely wasnt shipped with any, there's nothing in the box :( is the wifi motherboard meant to come with antennas?

        EDIT: definitely didnt come with antennas, guess im going to have to follow up with Tech fast :( pretty dissapointed given how long its taken to arrive

        • +1

          Shame, the second box they sent me had all the spare parts including the two antenna which sits at the back of the motherboard (on the outside)

          • @Syn: Looks like I may have jumped the gun…

            Auspost tracker still has another delivery to be shipped which I'm assuming is the box which has all the spare parts as you've just mentioned.

            Still annoying but not TechFasts fault!

            Already sent them 4 emails haha OOPS

            • +2

              @PorcoLozzo: Lucky you; i received the parts box first… was very sad… had to wait another 2 days for the actual computer…!

  • +1

    Has anyone plugged the Galax anti-sag bracket RGB into their B550 wifi mobo? I want to but I don’t know where it goes

    • I didn't get my screws so I had to email them for mine and still waiting for them. But it simply slots beneath the GPU. You can find a picture on the Galax page for the card.

    • There should be a RGB connection on the motherboard which you can connect to. For MSI, I think its the JRGB connection on the bottom left corner? I'm just guessing by looking at the online manual. I have a Gigabyte B450M I couldn't find a spare connection apart from the one next to the CP that says "LED_CPU" which seems to work.

      If you have a Gigabyte motherboard then you can use the RGBFusion software to control it. But for MSI I think its called Mystic light?

      • I think you can also control it and sync it with Galax's software (Xtreme Tuner) too actually

      • I couldn't find any spare ones in my Gigabyte B450m. The LED_CPU in mine is already occupied by the CPU' RGB fan! Any other options?

        • Interesting, I just found the RGB cable for my CPU in the accessories box! It wasn't installed which is why my connection was free to use!

          However, I can still control the CPU RGB lighting using the Wraith Prism Cooler Master software but its not synced with the mobo RGB software. I don't think its possible to sync all (CPU, GPU and GPU Bracket) with this motherboard unless you buy a hub/controller? But it is possible to have them all working and synced separately if you remove the LED_CPU :(

          • @tigerknight: I might just leave the support bracket as is without any lighting. There is already too much RGB ligthing with 3 x case fans, 1 x CPU fan, 3 x GPU fans etc. :-)

    • Let us know if you find it, could only see two possible connections from the manual, but it was loose on one, and didn't fit the other…

  • Finally got my build

    I upgraded the case and SSD.

  • Got it today, all is working well and the MAG100R was a dream to add drives on, cable management was excellent too.

    Sadly the front RGB fans are not working, sometimes one of the center LEDs will flicker and get brighter when removing one from the board at the back but there doesn't seem to be a consistent issue, suspect faulty fan controller board, will shoot TF an e-mail.

    Fan not working and then dulling when the second is connected

    • Fixed, the 15 pin SATA cable for the hub must have come loose in transit. I am guessing the small amount of light we were getting was residual power or something, perhaps just from the LED switch?

  • Does anyone know if this PC has onboard speakers? Assume not!

    • +1

      Onboard speakers on PC's died out about 20 years ago mate…

      • Thought that could be the case.

        • You might be getting confused with onboard speakers for monitors which are still a thing.

          • @anarky: Yeah! I already checked for my new AOC monitor but it doesn't have speakers. For some reason it still appears under the Windows Sound settings but when I checked on AOC's website, they say no speakers. I guess I will have to look for a new small set. Headphones are good while gaming but for work purpose apart from voice calls/video conferences, speakers are better.

  • I've got my PC for a week or so now, how are people testing their PCs to ensure there are no faults? I've been just using it with mix activities.

  • Still waiting (ordered 30/11)

    Anyone with the MSI Ventus. How is the card and what sort of fps are you getting on games you're playing?

    • I got the PC today ordered on 29/11 with MSI

      I played Overwatch with my 34inch wide Mi and all ultra settings at 144fps

      And it's all good

      Happy with it ☺️

  • Anyone with the ventus card having issues with textures in games. Like very buggy.

  • I am playing an old game - Watch Dogs 2, seems to be working good with all Ultra settings at 1440p and consistently getting over 80-90fps, so far.

    • the CPU temp gets up to 65 and GPU around 40-50 degrees.

  • So, I have connected the third fan and RGB white pin as per their YouTube video. The fans are working now but the RGB lighting is really random. All I see is rainbow patterns switching and changing randomly rather than what they showed in their YouTube video. I tried using that top RGB button on the case but still the same. The fans are installed correctly with that arrow sticker pointing in one direction. Any ideas? Is there an option in BIOS or?

    • Please email [email protected] so we can assist. If the fan modes aren't changing when you press the case button check that you've connected the cables between the case button to the top fans (the two pin connector). It is not controlled by BIOS.

      • Thanks Luke. Will do. I did connect the cables as per the instructions including the one to the top of the case.

  • Hi, guys.

    I have ordered this system, but it had a display problem so I sent it back to techfast and they received it on 13th Jan.

    They said my pc will be diagnosed on 15th Jan, but they don't give me any update about it and don't reply to my email.

    You guys have any advice for this situation?

    • Happy to look into it for you - can you PM me?

      • hi, luke. how can I pm you?

  • Got the third fan in the mail, didn't realise it was missing a fan.
    Is there any dangers to the system without having the third fan? Gamed on it pretty hard the last month or so.
    Still very happy with the PC

    • The MSI MAG Forge is effectively the same as the Lance-V with two fans as standard - Mesh front, dual intake fans provide plenty of airflow for a 5700 XT or 3070 build. You'll also get RGB lighting by installing the white adapter following the instructions.

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