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[eBay Plus] $1 Tuesday Deals eg Oscillating Wall Fan, Protection Pest Repellent, Wiltshire Chopping Board (2 Per A/C) @ eBay

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        • and may even attract mosquitoes


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            @Merlict: buy couple more and gift it to neighbors

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    I really want the Led light, but the post man knocked on the door at 2 pm

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      The LED lights can be bought from Kmart/Big W/Reject Shop etc.

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    Can't seem to use the code on the mosquito device bummer!

    • yup, its expired

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    Typical ebay plus experience: mild excitement at the possibility of a bargain, followed by disappointment that code doesn't work and regret that I wasted my time.

    • Yeah if I actually paid for Ebay+ I'd be kinda mad

    • Typical ebay plus experience: mild excitement at the possibility of a bargain, followed by disappointment that code doesn't work and regret that I wasted my time.

      at least they're doing their job

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    Glasses appear to be back in stock!

    • NO, "Please enter a quantity of 0 or less"

    • Zero quantity, can't increase the qty

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      eBay was so kind to let me buy it for free. Waiting for the postman to arrive with nothing in his hands

  • I've been doing these for a few weeks now, first time I've seen so many items sell out so fast (in like 10 minutes)

    I really hope Ebay is planning to do more in 1-2 hours because that just wasn't enough time.

  • code not working for me now?

  • Mod : This deal is expired 5mins ago. Code is not working

  • will a normal phone charger work with the diffuser?

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  • Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order. missed the boat or will they fix it and release more soon?

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      have to keep on checking !! typical Ebay

  • Party's over me thinks

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    Saw this post 10mim ago but managed to get nothing, code stopped working as I went to checkout

    • same here :(

  • Fan back in stock but code no longer works …

  • damn, missed it "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."

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    I've been on OzB all day and just took time out for a dump run and came back to code not working… Missed out! Bummer.

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    Somehow got the Xmas lights and bonbons ! Winner in my books!

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      Sounds infinitely more festive than my ultrasonic rodent repeller. 😢

  • Code no longer works, unable to order a single thing.

  • Thanks Dealbot, I would not have remembered this without your post. Scored a fan and lights!

  • got 2 items.. see you all next tue

  • Is the bonbon still going ?

  • I managed to get the Ultrasonic Plug In 24/7 Protection Pest Repeller Bug Fly Mosquito Control Device(ebay.com.au) for $1 well after the deal ended using the ebay+ code (I am not an ebay plus member).

    Would only accept code once though for whatever reason.

    If I paid for a membership, I'd be so annoyed with eBay+. Thankfully I am not a paying member.

    • I'm a paying member and have lost count of how many accounts . The bloody Ebay gift card limits the main reason with what the power of what Ebay + codes offer and my bonus Ebay vouchers for cancelling I can never keep track of and lose em with the short expiry :)

  • Not that this sale was atrocious, but I think for me, of all the eBay Plus sales I've missed out on- this one bothers me the least!

    • Maybe fair value about 50% so I scored about $25 each a/c . Much easier to get than 12 X $2 bonus offers .

  • Will there be more next Tuesday?

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      My magic 8-ball says "Ask again later".

  • Items are still in stock - why am I getting "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."

    • I think the code can expire before the stock on the items are all gone.

    • Code has limited uses, which they don't disclose

      • For each person, there is a limit of 2 transactions per redemption code. One item can be purchased per transaction.

        They do disclose

  • Just curious when does ebay do $1 Tuesdays is it the first Tuesday of every month?

    • Pretty sure its just every Tuesday, that's how last month was anyways

  • Does this happen for a couple of more Tuesdays, or just once?

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      rest of December i believe

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      The person who said in a previous post it was just for November needs to be punished!

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        because it originally was. They extended it

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          OK all is forgiven

      • EBay’s offical t&c’s state that $1 Tuesday’s will run till withdrawn.
        Might just depend on what retailers they can get to supply the items.

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          Maybe until eBay runs out of marketing budget xD

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            @I Smell Pennies: I have 2 Ebay plus accounts. Just from these $1 promos I’ve racked up $35 in coupons for late shipping.
            I hope it keeps going

            • @Bad Wolf: I have 4 xD. These deals are awesome. I got a $10 late shipping voucher just last week.

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                @I Smell Pennies: I don’t get the vouchers, only free return labels 😒. Why do some get vouchers and others don’t?

                • @Sweet3st: Not really sure why on what triggers the bonus, I’ve currently still got soap rolling around in a fastways truck from 2 weeks ago ;)

                  EBay’s not notifying me on some of the vouchers but if you add something to the cart and look at your giftcards/vouchures any code LTSHIPxxxxxxx is late shipping.

                • @Sweet3st: It depends, I’ve only got the voucher like 3 times, the rest are free returns

                • @Sweet3st: I was in the same boat, only getting the free return labels. (What's the use of those anyway, when you've got free returns already with ebay Plus).
                  Anyway, just checked ebay again today, and a voucher showed up.
                  Coupon is not LTSHIP for me, but it is "XPNC…" see T&C here

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                    @johnmelb: I had 7 shipments which arrived late, only 1x $10 voucher (and I checked all my vouchers).
                    (2 more than 1 week late, 1 still pending delivery, but 5 days late for now)

                    • @johnmelb: You only get a $10 voucher if the item had a “guaranteed delivery date”. Most items don’t however.

                      See here

  • With the wall fan, is there a way to use it without it being on a wall? Can’t drill holes in the wall

    • The strongest 3m wall hooks?

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    Bloody hell I was under the assumption $1 deals were done. Absolutely livid I missed this, well done to all that copped

  • Is this $1 thing continuing during December? I didn't think it was on this month so missed our yesterday! ding, its the hot weather…..

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    There will be deal next Tuesday, I just seen this banner


    from incognito mode


  • Got my glass set this morning. Pretty damn fast shipping!

  • Noone gonna mention how the 100 solar powered led lights were marked as a RRP of $149?

    • Lol must be gold plated 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anyone else not getting a diffuser?

    Dear ..,


    We regret to advise that the item you ordered has been found damaged during the stock take. Sorry for the late notice. As the item has just been out of stock, we are unable to supply you a new one currently and we are not sure about the restocking date.

    Regarding this, would you like us to cancel your order and process refund as soon as possible?

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused and looking forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,
    ozplaza.living Customer Service Team

    edit: I guess I'll just get the dollar back if I cancel, it doesn't really sound like there are any other options..

    • Just received the same e-mail.

    • I didn’t order the diffuser.

      You could respond that you’ll wait for the item to come instock or try asking if you can have something else from their inventory?

    • Mine was shipped yesterday

    • I got a different message

      We are very sorry to advise that the dispatch time has been postponed to the mid of Dec as there is shipment delay. Are you willing to wait for the item to arrive?

      • Mine says dispatched

        • Mine still just feedback received and no email.

    • Same

  • Got my bonbon set today!

    • Hows quality overall not as $1 product

  • Same here…
    Thank you for your purchase and support.

    Sorry to inform you that the diffuser you purchased from us was found damaged during our regular stock take and it is also out of stock. We know it is disappointing and sincerely apologise for this matter. Would you mind cancelling the order and take a full refund instead?

    Sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. Looking forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,
    Ozplaza.living Customer Service Team

    • Same. I asked if I can get something from their inventory. I'll post back what they say

      • Got the same Diffuser cancellation email. You'd think they would check their stock before offering it. I could have ordered something else! I'll check back to see how you go…

        • Mine got delivered today. Not bad build, waiting for the oils now

          • @Dezeption: and another update from them…

            We are very sorry to advise that the item that you purchased from us was found damaged during our regular stock take. We understand that this is disappointing, and would like to assure you that we will work with our supplier and delivery companies to prevent this from happening again.

            As the item is also out of stock, we are not able to supply you with another item.

            We seek your kind understanding that this incident was entirely unforeseen, and we are actually as disappointed as you are as we not only would like to delight our customers with our products and service, but it is also lost revenue for us.

            As such, we would like to offer you a full refund of the total amount paid. Will it be acceptable?

            We look forward to your reply.

            Best Regards,
            ozplaza.living Customer Service Team

        • +1

          Thank you for your message.

          Unfortunately, we regret to inform that we are unable to provide item exchanges. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Therefore, we would like to cancel this order and provide you a full refund. Kindly advise if you accept this offer.

          Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.

          If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply and we will answer your email as soon as possible.

          Kind Regards,

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            @I Smell Pennies: For $1, I would keep at it and ask to wait until it's back in stock. It'd be worth it even if it took a few months.

            • +1

              @ChillBro: I asked that after and their response: "Unfortunately we do not know when the item will be in stock" and pushes me to request the refund


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                @I Smell Pennies: It's not a great situation because as others have said above, you can't go back and buy another $1 item anymore. I guess you could ask to wait anyway then just check that they've not relisted the item in a few weeks time.

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    Got the fan today, can be used as a desk fan if you don't want to wall mount it.

    • Does it come with a base for that?

      • +4

        No it doesn't. I just rotated the fan forward and have it set up like this

        • +1

          Great minds think alike

    • Also received the fan, I’m quite disappointed at the build quality. The buttons plastic plate thing on the unit is already half peeling off, the white wire underneath the swivel part has smudges and looks used

      Overall for $1 I’ll cop it but who would pay full price for this……

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