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[Back order] MSI RTX 3060 Ti TWIN FAN OC 8G Nvidia $749.00 + Delivery @ Saveonit.com


One of the better priced cards. Shipping came out at less than $8.00 for me.

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  • Here we go again!

  • Here for RRP, US price, Aussie-tax, scalper comment.

  • Seems like these RTX 3060 Ti cards have some good cost per frame value according to this review

    • Apparently the best cost per fps. I guess the value curve flattens as you go up the market.

      • "diminishing returns" is a concept that applies to pretty much everything.

      • The reviews are assuming the card costs $399 USD, that's $538 AUD, or roughly $600 after tax. This is priced at $550 USD/$749

        I imagine a 5700XT that you could get for $500aud would have better cost per frame than this

        Very misleading reviews IMO. Or rather, Australian reviews catering to just the US market rather than looking at Australian prices as well

    • Yeah but nah. For example, they're comparing cost per frame to a 5700 XT at the same price of US$400. You can get the 5700 XT a lot cheaper here than AU$749. I suspect with the 5700 XT at about $500 or 2/3 the cost, it would win most cost per frame contests in this case, no way is the 3060 ti 50% faster.

      • I think there is another review which did the comparison based on the newegg price, and 3060 ti came out on top still.

        • That's all well and good, but at current Aussie prices, no way. The 5700 XT has dropped to around the $500 mark for the last week or so

          • @thunda: I guess you can do some calculations based on Aus going price and benchmarks and let us know…remember RTX 3000 are quite significantly faster than prev gen.

            Also, in some way direct comparison is not easy because 5700 XT doesn't have ray tracing. So with the new games with this feature, there is simply no comparison.

            • @fidelio: you practically would never run RT on this card, the 2080ti as it is struggles in most RT content at 1440p/4k and this is a slower card.

            • @fidelio: even if you use Aussie prices against the fps on that link alone the 5700 XT wins cost per frames almost every time. The 3060 ti would need to be 50% faster than a 5700 XT at current prices to win cost per frame comparison. Sure the 3000 series is quicker but a 3060 ti never benches 50% faster than a 5700 XT, not in any of the benchmarks i have seen so far. Obviously they're clearing 5700 XT's right now to make way for the 6xxx series and it's a good time to consider one, but as it stands they are a better cost per frame right now in Oz. This will change once the demand for the 3060 ti drops a little too

              • @thunda: Yeah on the flip side I think it shows how good the value of 3060 Ti is, with above RRP price it is still pretty close a value card like 5700 XT. Once the price falls close to RRP, would better value.

          • @thunda: I saw 4 deals on Black friday through to Cyber Monday where 5700 XT were $500 aud.

            Fair enough they were the models that got a bad rap at release because they had dodgy cooling. But still $500

            Some were even $500 with a bonus razer keyboard and/or ssd

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              @IronOrchard: There also was the $399 deal for the 5700 XT > that I missed out because I was in a meeting :'(

              But anyway my point being .. if shops have this kind of margin to work with (assuming they didn't make a loss but @ BE point) .. then hopefully there will be some more bargains of its kind when shops fill stock of 6000 series.

    • That's based on msrp. You have to do your own calc based on prices you can actually get the cards for.

  • Dammam these are cheaper than some of the Rx 5700 xt super 8gb I have been looking at ……why ?
    Are they worse than a Rx..?

  • For once I'd actually love to see ozrrpbargain

  • Trying to build a budget comp for daughter stock levels are insane ie: world wide shortage of AMD
    3 300x CPUs… I'm going mad.

    • +9 votes

      I wouldn't consider this card budget.

    • Why not go with i5-10400f? In stock, performs about the same/better and has 2 more cores.

      • True …but see above an I also prefer AMD , the 53600 n 3300x are so close in gaming capabilities but they do blow Intel out of the water on bang for bucks.

        • If you were future proofing, how many years are you talking about?

          • @ATangk: I'm thinking 5 years plus …use would be simple games and school work, downloads ,streaming and watching movies.
            I know a decent laptop would do the job but …no bling ..lol

            • @Mortis: Well, pretty sure after zen 3, intel is the value king again. If you choose to stick with AMD then it would be okay too, but the things you listed just scream laptop…

      • MB cost is also a factor when choosing which brand of CPU

        Intel ain't cheap there

  • That cooler looks so cheap.

  • 399= 749
    love this world.

  • Everyone was saying the 3070 would be this price, but at least MSI is a good brand

  • Boi-oi-oing
    I just became engorged

  • Here to say buy x bone instead - better fps and has ray tracing

    • Upvote for X bone

    • Xb1 doesn't have ray tracing

    • +5 votes

      There's more to life than performance.
      Many people prefer PC even when console have a good price/performance ratio.
      They may already own thousands of games on PC, they may prefer their own existing peripherals, there are some games on PC that simply are not ported to console.

      To switch to consoles at the start of a generation is going to pose not just a lump cost, but an ongoing cost (games, subscriptions, accessories) too.

      Not saying Xbox or Playstation aren't platforms worth considering, but most PC gamers generally don't even use their systems like a console, which is why Steam machines never really took off.

      • boring, xbone $750 - pc with this shitty card at $750 just for the card

        btw Im a pc gamer but I'm not biting at this nvidia crap of card shortages to drive prices up

        p.s you can do so much on the new xbone - not just play games
        watch apps, blue ray, surf the net - bla bla bla

    • yeah but imagine using a controller for gaming

  • Gawd the marketing team really must not be much chop. Twin Fan OC has got to be one of the least imaginative names I've seen.

  • Best place to buy these things are at shops with no website.

    Went to Capitol Square a few weeks ago in Sydney Chinatown. Picked up a 3070 straight away.

  • 399usd = 538aud + 10% gst = 591aud
    we should not pay this card for more than 600.

    • Wait until 2022.

    • That's not how this works. Nvidia has different reference prices for different market, for Australia it's $688. Still I feel you, it's $60 more than the reference price.

    • Board partner cards are a bit extra… They don't get the pcbs as cheap and need to cover design, manufacture and returns in the cost.

  • ROG Strix popped up on Amazon for a split second at $756. Considering this card is retailing at $950 here, shows the markup premium vs the US market.

    • I can't even find 3060s on Amazon unless it's by direct link. How are you searching?

      Edit: seems if I tick the 'include oos' box a bunch comes up. Guess you gotta be lucky to return anything on the regular search then.

      • Yeah the OOS box helps you find the product page but unless you find something on the regular search, you won’t be buying it in stock.

  • If $399 iPhone SE can cost $679 in Australia than everything is given, we did this to ourselves. Buying overpriced products all the time, that's what we deserve.

    • I think most people don't have a good concept of money and just buy the things they want, amount be damned.

      • Does everyone just have more money this year because no one's traveling or what, I've never seen so much interest in spending nearly a k on a graphics card, let alone the new consoles at $750.

    • For most people on it or software industry, you get tax return for devices such as phones / laptops.

      • So why are you claiming this uhh GTX 3090 product?
        Oh it helps me stay calm, used for work purposes.

  • price / availability talks aside, thats one ugly card though :-/

  • Will the price of these fall closer to the $688 RRP over the next few months? Does it still outperform a 5700XT at this price?

    Anyone have any good deals on Shopmate or US parcel forwarding services? Probably still end up cheaper than buying locally.

    • Yeah, I have at 5700 xt and want to know if the 3060 ti is much of an improvement. But I don't think so. Not if you already paid 600-800 for an 5700 xt anyway.
      Just wait until 3080 prices drop, which will definitely happen when the 3080 ti's come out. A 5700 xt will perform well in 2021 and keep you going for another year, so just hang onto it.

      • I don't have either yet. I've been holding out on upgrading for a while now. Still on my i5-4670K + GTX 1070 Ti. Still quite capable, but it's reaching its limits soon.

        • I guess these 3060 ti's are reasonably priced if you really wanted one. But I'm personally waiting for 3080 prices to settle.

      • reviews are already out… rasterization performance is in line with the 5700xt, you'd be paying almost double on the 3060 ti for accelerated ray tracing.