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[Everyday Rewards] Receive 3000pts (Worth $15) - Add Rewards Card into Woolworths App, Activate Booster Offer, Then Spend $0.01


Received email, seems like an easy win. I already had the app and was connected before getting this email.
Seems like no minimum spend specified in T&Cs. Regular spend exclusions apply (Smoking, Alcohol, Mobile, Travel etc).

Woolworths App link

Hi Scar4ace,

We've got an exciting Christmas gift for you!
Your gift of 3000 Everyday Rewards points is waiting for you in the Woolworths app. That's an extra $15 off to fast track your savings this Christmas.*

Collecting your 3000 points gift is easy:

  • Download and log in to the Woolworths app

  • Connect your Everyday Rewards Card and boost your 3000 points offer

  • Shop in-store or online to collect your points by Tuesday, 22 December*

Already have the Woolworths app? Make sure you update your app to the latest version and connect your Everyday Rewards Card. Your booster will be waiting for you in the offers section.

Mod note: This offer appears to work even if you did not receive the email, have already downloaded the app and linked your Rewards card before. You just need to activate the offer in the app.

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    Must be targeted to those who haven’t linked their everyday rewards card. I have the latest version of the app with my card already linked, and I haven’t been offered this booster.

    • Wife didn’t get email but also had the 3000 points booster. Despite having her app and linked card previously. Check the woolworths app boosters (not the rewards app just in case )

      • My setup is the same and I got the offer on the Woolworths app as well.

      • thanks for the heads-up, I also got it in the boost section of the app, although it had to refresh before coming up.
        Need to activate (hit boost button) before 22Dec.

      • Ah thanks, I can see it in the Woolworths App. However, mine seems to expire today:

        "Welcome to the Woolworths app. Boost and shop by 09/12/20 to enjoy your exclusive points booster".

        Guess I'm going shopping tonight then. Lucky I saw this, wouldn't have caught it otherwise.

      • I already linked mine long ago. Got both email and in the apps. So, we just need to shop anything and scan/tap the card as usual now to get the bonus?

        • Make sure you go into the App and check you Boost, then click on it to Activate.

          • @chrisie: I already did that. But we can't use that same App to shop, right? Need to scan our card (or tap the digital version) when shopping in store (or enter our number if it's online)?

            • @hanofee: Yes correct once activated shop as normal with your everyday rewards card (no need for the woolworths app unless you do online shopping)

    • Mines linked and ive been offered this promo.

  • Also received this promo.
    Make sure you go into the App and check you Boost, then click on it to Activate.

  • I got the email, but no boost available in the app though :-/

  • I did this for 1,000 points ($5) last week :0(
    Maybe hold out for a better offer if you've been targeted for less than 3,000 points

  • I got the boost this morning and already the 3000 points loaded after shopping at 9

  • I connected it and shopped but never got the points? Do I need to scan it through the woolies app?

  • Not targeted anyone log in to the app can active the boost

  • I had a 1000 point booster

  • I got the email , but no boost on the app

  • No, it is definitely targeted, no booster for me. Also no more 5% discount on gift cards.

  • Is it the same as this?
    Just the new batch because that offer expires today

  • So I was first confused as I was looking in the Rewards app, where these offers usually are. But I (re)downloaded Woolworths app. (No not the Woolworths Money or the Woolworths Mobile App) and there it was waiting for me, an easy $15 points bonus!
    So yeah I now have 4 Woolworths Apps on my phone, great!

  • Check the Woolworths app, Not your rewards app

  • I have 3000 points with $100 spend by December 13.

  • Seems to be failing to link the cards together, maybe an issue right now.

  • I wonder if there's a minimum spend!

    • no min spend specified in T&Cs:

      To ensure your offer has been added to your Everyday Rewards Card, you must boost your offer at least 2 hours before shopping online or in-store. To collect 3000 bonus points, download the Woolworths app and connect your Everyday Rewards card, then boost this exclusive offer and shop^ at Woolworths supermarkets and Woolworths Metro and scan or tap your registered Everyday Rewards Card at the checkout or shop online at Woolworths Online via www.woolworths.com.au (making sure your registered Everyday Rewards Card is connected to your online account at checkout) or the Woolworths app. Your bonus points will be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards card within 7 business days after your shop.

  • As an early adopter, I really dislike this kind of promo.

  • Already have d rewards linked, still have the boost for 3000 points.
    Hope 3000 points gets credited, the next time i shop

  • I had to contact them but they did credit it. They said it was for staff and sent to me by mistake. If it’s not credited after your next shop you will need to contact them.

  • I had it linked already and got the offer

  • Got it for all my accounts even though they are linked

  • Definitely targeted. Downloaded the Woolies app, linked my ER card and the bonus didn’t appear. Ah well

  • I got it. Thanks OP!

  • Got it, thanks. Got to say Woolies makes this super confusing with all these apps? Why not just have one… you would swear they are all designed by different companies.

  • Anyone else get the dreaded "Woolworths Rewards card entered is already in use"

  • It's freaking bizarre having a separate account for rewards, woolworths online, as well as a member number

  • may be a dumb question, but how much I need to shop to get 3000 points ?

  • so many woolies apps.. Woolies Money, Woolies rewards, woolies scan and go.. but i didn't have this one yet

  • I just got the email for this, so everyone that has not got it yet should get it. Does not seem targeted, I already have $70 banked in my rewards account and had both the woolies rewards and woolies app installed, so just hang in there

  • got it, thanks OP. i have card already linked from long time. expires today, so will go pick up some essentials

  • Is the app locked to one account per device? I am not able to log in to a second account that I have to activate this boost.

  • Just received an email and activated the offer :)

  • All boosters removed
    No points :(

  • I keep getting server error when I try to add my rewards number.
    Tried about 6 times now😕

    • Same

    • This happens to me when I am logged into my Woolworths online account and try to add a rewards card that is already linked to another Woolworths online account (I think it's linked to a really old Woolworths online account of mine). I think each reward card can only be linked to a maximum up to 2 Woolworths online accounts at a time. When I add the rewards card as a guest, it connects fine.

      • Thank you so so much for the tip😊😊😊
        I logged out and entered my rewards number.
        Surprisingly it worked!
        Once I finish this week's target of $50 purchase, I should receive 3000 points from the shopping and 3000 from this incentive.

  • Mine is/was already linked… But just opened app (not logged in), clicked on add ERC, verified with text to phone, then clicked BOOST!
    Thanks for the free $15 scar4ace. (After I shop that is!) 👍

  • woohoo!!!! just being to Woolies and did $27 grocery shopping…. 3000 bonus points added to my account. I dont believe there is a minimum spend limit

  • So I never had the WW app before only the rewards app. Seems the rewards boosters etc are shown in the WW app. Does that mean I can uninstall the rewards app as it's not necessary to have both?

    • I'm not sure but I'd use the 3000 boost before you do that.
      Thinking about it further if you have activated the 3000 boost I cann't see why not.

      • I meant in general. Can you see all the same things to activate/boost via the WW app making the rewards app redundant?

        • You need Rewards app to see points and transaction history.

        • Yea they are different but when linked can see some information of rewards on the Woolworths app. WW App is more for actual shopping, getting your invoices etc. Rewards will be better for your points, activity history managing your card etc.

  • Hi All, just a question on rewards. Is it better to select your reward points to convert to Qantas FF points (2000 reward points convert to 1000 QFF points) or is it better to take the woolies $10 credit for 2000 points?

    • Well for me I’m not fond of Qantas pts or ever flown with Qantas anyway so for me it’s an easy answer, 2k Rewards points for $10

      • Thanks for info. I’ve just changed to woollies points for rewards.
        Based on the gift card exchange at the ff store it is better to get the $10 credit I think.

    • This is very subjective. I convert to Qantas and think the rate is very good. I think its only worth it if you will use the points on fights and then it depends if you will be able to get a seat which depends on your status and how far ahead you can book. Once we can all travel again, of course.