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Telstra $59/Month 80GB/Month (12 Months) + $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (12 Month Contract - New & Port-in Customers Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


A JB employee has informed us that this deal is available today (24/12) and Boxing Day (26/12). I rang 13 52 44 to confirm it was on. It should be the same as these 2 deals in November 12/11 & 27/11 BF. Not advertised online.

From what I understand from previous deals, this is the info and JB take $10/off and add a further 20GB to the 60GB plan. Thanks brettyfxu.

You can sign up in store, or they should be able to do it over the phone (edit, phone is 26/12 only, but available in store now 24/12, see below). $59/Month for 12 Months = $708.

*Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers.

Edit: ETC from previous deal and linked CIS is $414.

Edit, appears to be in store 24/12 & 26/12, but over the phone 26/12 only - Thanks mark1237.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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        Same, I signed up around 15th October. Contacted Telstra a week ago to ask about the ETC and they said no charge against me had been lodged. I took a screenshot of that conversation, just in case.

        • Wow, so technically you scored a free phone?

          • @Lizard Spock: I guess so! But I’m a little nervous about being chased up later haha. Thinking I’ll contact them again in a few months just to really make sure.

        • Technically it may have not been lodged.

  • Can you get Telstra One Number with JB Hi-fi plans?

    • Yes

      • +1

        Thanks :)

  • I am on boost, does anyone know how I can change my number to another provider to be eligible for this offer in the same minute and then apply to this offer without having to pay for like a $10 plan

    • See first comment.

      • Thank but yeah it doesn't mention a procedure for boost, only a Telstra sim

        • Worth checking to see if you can get your Boost number onto your Telstra account, because that will make the method possible for you. Some people have previously mentioned that it just shows up automatically in their Telstra account.

          • @hybridex: Although Boost services use the same systems as Telstra (the same CRM) they won't appear on your MyTelstra app. So no, not possible

            • @mindurbiz:

              they won't appear on your MyTelstra app

              My wife is in Boost mobile and her phone shows on mytelstra app and she gets telstra plus points from recharge

    • I bought a $1 gomo Sim a few weeks back for this purpose.

  • Any mention of that voucher business from the hood guys deal that prevents lateral move to M2M plans?

  • If I have one Boost service and one Kogan service under my name, would I be able to port the Kogan number over?

    (I'm wanting to keep the Boost number separate as it's prepaid and still valid til April)

  • What’s the early termination charge on this?

  • Hmmm if sign up and cancel is the Early termination fee based off 69/month or 59/month?

    • Would be based on $69. The $10 is a credit and not a reduction of the base contract cost. If you check the PDS (click OP's link) you'll note the minimum contact cost is $414 (6 mths X $69).

  • Good deal. Pray you don't have any issues as telstra is a nightmare to deal with

    • Their online support is miles better than the regular phone employees.

      • I am guessing you haven't used it since COVID. You are now far better if going instore.

        • I've used it plenty of times over the last week and over the phone. Phone was pointless and sometimes didn't even connect. Did online chat and everything sorted within a few minutes.

  • How much would an iPhone 12 Pro Max cost with this assuming one cancels?

    • I would like to know as well for iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB or 512GB version.

    • Same here.

    • If not in a rush wait for the 15% off gift cards deal. Saved me 300$ on the 12 pro max 256gb. I wonder if it will come back soon considering the last disaster though.

      • Hey mate, thanks for giving your input.
        Which store’s gift cards did you purchase?

        • I got those him/her cards from coles and used them at jb hifi..

  • Anyone know how long this deal is valid?

    Wife's 30 days off network not until Monday.

    • As per the first line in the description and the expiry date in the expiry field, the deal finishes Boxing Day (at this stage).

      • Thanks.

        Probably should remove this bit:

        "…the operator confirmed it was on but didn't confirm the end date."

        • +1

          Okay sure I'll remove it to avoid confusion. The operator didn't confirm the end date that the JB employee gave us.

  • Does anyone feel that Telstra's signal is terrible while you are at home or in the shopping centre? Most of the time I receive 3G signal with my iPhone 12 Pro max while in the shopping centre in Victoria

    • Maybe your iPhone is the culprit

    • only once when i was dining in a basement in the city. other than that it's ok.

    • +2

      Telstra signals are terrible in some of the malls in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs. Eastland and Glen Waverley spring to mind. I walked into the Telstra shops at both soon after moving from Optus to Telstra and they were - "oh it's the mall. They don't want to put in repeaters". WTH. Malls and Telstra… You both suck for screwing over the customer. No accountability is why NBN is a royal f'up. And don't get me started about the impending NBN surcharges. Arrrrgggg.

  • Should we expect the higher $99 a month plan to have some sort of deal in the coming days? or just this?

  • I just chat to Telstra Customer service, The guy told me "If you will get JB Hi Fi plan you cannot get the telstra discount."

    • The chat people are out of the loop, never ask them about jb deals

  • +4

    I just signed up to this deal. Was on a Telstra month to month. Ask for a new number at Jb, total application time was 20 mins. Once complete walked over to the Telstra store and changed my old number to the new plan, canceled the old month to month, 20 minute process.

    Thanks OP

    • didn't think of walking to telstra store.. but good point

      • After trying for days online, I can confirm instore is the best option.

        • Did you use the app?
          It should switch to messaging and you pretty much message the support .
          No need to wait on the phone or anything.
          Sounds like you couldn’t figure that out

    • Can I know how you did this?. Like how does Telstra cancels the new number and merges with the old number?

      • Switch numbers so that the one you want to keep is assigned to the new 12 month plan deal. Then cancel the old month to month plan with the new number.

        • Okay, so after I sign up the plan with the new number at Jb hi fi, I go on Telstra chat and ask them to merge old and new plans and then cancel the old month to month to keep the old number?

  • Is the network 4G or 5G?

  • Does this work for 5g or 4g only?

    • +2

      It says "3G, 4G/4GX, 5G" in the document linked by OP. So I think 5G network access included.

      • +1

        You were spot on, enjoying the 5g now :)

  • I had one of these deal in early 2019, It was already cheaper than this as I had extra $10 credit per month. Then I ported out and back in with next deal - received another $500 gift card, 100k bonus Telstra Plus points for the plan sign up, 50k bonus Telstra Plus points for direct debit, almost 75k bonus Telstra Plus points from some adjustments. I used most points for AirPod etc. Furthermore, I am still getting benefit from it as I redeemed my left over Telstra Plus points for $300 Telstra Prepaid Sim kit, I have 190+ days to go on it - so no money spent on Mobile for whole year. The good thing is - when I switched to Prepaid from Postpaid, I received another targeted offer for 25k bonus points on Direct Debit setup. how good is that…

    • +5

      You must be have Angel Telstra by your side

      • I think it was. I wish I could pass the angel to others here, but unfortunately can't..haha.

    • Are we supposed to get Telstra Plus Points for signing up to this deal?

      • No man. It was offered last year around this time. You might get the direct debit bonus points though, I received it in July’20 for my prepaid service, not sure if they still offer it. But i reckon don’t set-up direct debit for some time and see if it pops up in MyTelstra app.

  • +1

    Just called JB Hi-fi for this deal and asked for a Samsung Z fold 2 deal if any…I found out Samsung Z fold 2 for $1799 on a $99 plan and a $10 discount on the plan makes it $89 per month for 12 months. I am going for it, thought of sharing if anyone interested. I was told the offer finishing today. Thanks.

    • Oooh!

    • $1799 is upfront?

  • I just got this at JB Prospect in SA and apparently there is no $10 credit. Just $69 with a $500 gift card and 80gb data (60 + 20 bonus). Are you sure there’s a credit? Do I need to get in touch with Telstra to have this activated?

    • Definitely a credit, I just did it in store.

      • +1

        can u post receipt or contract details as a proof?

      • Is there a way to get them to add this credit? The guy opened up a Plan PDF which said $69 and I couldn’t say anything. Can you please post your receipt? Or is this something Telstra can help me with?

    • The folks on 13 52 44 know about this ozbargain post. It's definitely as OP listed. I've checked. They are due to call me back next week to sign me up telephonically.

      • who are they?

        • You're not accepting DM's at present. Feel free to DM me for the name. I don't generally include names in posts.

    • Yep I did it in SA too. Says on the form I got its $59 per month. I'm pretty sure the $10 credit is from JBHifi so you would need to speak to them.

      • Can you please DM me a screenshot of the form that mentions the $10 credit? I'll go back in store to talk to them. Thanks for your reply.

      • Also, if you don't mind me asking, which store in SA did you get your contract from?

  • +2

    Fair warning for everyone. A new CIS for this JBHIFI and TGG plan in rolling in.

    It is called Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee of max $300 pro rated.

    “ What happens when I cancel my plan early?
    You'll need to pay an Early Termination Charge (ETC) if you cancel your plan early, equal to 50% of your monthly fee for the months (or part months) remaining in your plan term. The maximum ETC for your plan is set out in the above table. In addition to this, you'll also need to reimburse Telstra for any vouchers you received for entering into your plan if you cancel your plan early. This Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee will be pro-rated, equal to the total amount of the base voucher divided by 12 and multiplied by the months (or part months) remaining in your plan term. This charge will appear on your Telstra bill, the maximum of which is also set out in the above table.”

    • +1

      For new Telstra customers signing up to a mobile plan, you may be eligible to receive a voucher to put towards the purchase of goods from JB Hi-Fi or The Good Guys stores. It is not transferable or redeemable for cash (including any unused part). If you cancel, recontract or move to an ineligible plan then you will need to pay a Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee pro-rated against the remaining months on your Plan, the maximum of which is set out in the table above. This is in addition to any Early Termination Charges set out in the above table and accessory payments.

      • Do you reckon they check it when you cancel the plan and will impose voucher reimbursement cancellation fee? I doubt it but may be process change is in the works.

    • Anyone know if this clause is included in the CIS for the current JB Hifi deal?

  • hi all, for the 69 plan, it is $59 after discount, 80 GB and $500 gift card, confirmed, no more no less. the staff told me they are not allowed to advertise the above hence we saw the inconsistent offer through web.

    • I spoke to two staff members at JbHifi Prospect SA both said there was no $10 credit :(

    • They can't advertise it because its below market value. Which means they would probably be making near nothing from it. But I'm sure they would get plenty of kickbacks from Telstra themselves for getting people to sign on.

  • I called and the staff said that it needs to be ported out 30 days prior today… So, I have ported out my number to Optus last week and according to the staff, I am not eligible… :( ANyone else has any issue?

    • We ported off last month on the 27th November, and got rejected in store today at JB in Brisbane city as we had not met the 30 day requirement.

    • Same question.. i ported out to kogan yesterday and the guy at jb told me he cant port me in. Because my service isnt with Telstra anymore I doubt if the switch to Telstra will happen if I take the new sim

    • When you signup for a new number, will they activate the number beforehand? If not we can just activate the number after 30 days and port in while activating!

  • Silly question, I'm assuming JB gift card works at the good guys?

    • No. Both are different businesses but under the same ownership.

  • Thanks! This kind of deal is worth waiting for, every year.

    Ported and sorted!

    'scuse me

  • +1

    Hey, has anyone taken one of these deals and been allowed to sign up with an ABN for a business telstra account? Also, does anyone that has done that, also have a compatible data sim account and able to share data between sims?
    Or has anyone signed up for a deal like this, then changed to business on telstra chat or over the phone, without penalties? Cheers.

    • I don’t think ABN combine or transfer works. Please let me know if it works.

  • Went to JB Modbury and they said there is no $10 credit so $69 was the best they could do :(

    • Same with me. They flat out refused to offer the $10 credit. Its weird because there are others here from SA who have managed to get the credit :(

      • They're either uninformed or purposely refusing to give out the $10 credit. Someone in front of me was also signed for $69.

        • Looks like it. Hopefully someone can upload a receipt or copy of their receipt / form and we can go back to them and get the credit. $59 has a better ring to it :)

  • International calling /text not included

  • Confirmed, got the deal at Roselands NSW just before closing time. Had to wait in a queue of most likely ozbargainers.
    Just be careful as I heard a staff member selling this deal to a customer but mentioned a $400 voucher. Most of the other staff knew it was $500. Ported over as I waited for the paperwork and walked out with the voucher.

  • I signed up for this today at my local JB.
    CIS says maximum cancellation fee is $414 plus voucher.

    • Voucher fee if cancelled max $300, charge pro rated, per new CIS that I got from last Jb deal on October

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