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Telstra $59/Month 80GB/Month (12 Months) + $500 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card (12 Month Contract - New & Port-in Customers Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


A JB employee has informed us that this deal is available today (24/12) and Boxing Day (26/12). I rang 13 52 44 to confirm it was on. It should be the same as these 2 deals in November 12/11 & 27/11 BF. Not advertised online.

From what I understand from previous deals, this is the info and JB take $10/off and add a further 20GB to the 60GB plan. Thanks brettyfxu.

You can sign up in store, or they should be able to do it over the phone (edit, phone is 26/12 only, but available in store now 24/12, see below). $59/Month for 12 Months = $708.

*Available for New Telstra & Port-in Customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers.

Edit: ETC from previous deal and linked CIS is $414.

Edit, appears to be in store 24/12 & 26/12, but over the phone 26/12 only - Thanks mark1237.

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020

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    • I'm wondering ,whats the advantage of doing the port over with new number method? I'm interested in getting this deal, so I want to make sure I'm not missing out on anything.

    • Any luck? Support took over an hour to get back to me and they keep wanting to swap old service to a new $65 plan.

      • +2

        Still chatting with support.
        They’re painfully slow.
        Might have to go into a store tomorrow or Monday.
        It’s just going around in circles with them repeating what I type to them and just not really knowing how to communicate properly it seems.

        I told them I have two services on my account.
        I want to migrate the old phone number to the new service.
        They just don’t seem to understand what that means and just repeat that back to me and then I’m waiting another 15 minutes between replies lol.

        • Having the same problem. Seems to be some sort of script they are following which means they are incapable of doing a simple number swap. Had them refer me to jbhifi.com.au to do it, so clearly not switched on! I was doing the super slow texting for a 2 hour period earlier before the operator just fell back on the script, on second try now. No phone tech support seems to be available, likely they've all taken the day off. Feeling very frustrated with Telstra right now.

          • @Ncarey: Yeah I’m not overly concerned because I know worst case I can cancel my old service as it isn’t a contract but I’d like to keep the same phone number for convenience of course
            Edit- the Telstra support just said ill get back to you later lol.
            Probably a busy day for them who knows

            • @Contopaxi: How did you go? The chat agent seems not understand, what did you say to the agent?

              • @countmein: Yeah it was easy done in the end.
                Asked to cancel old service with preferred number.
                Asked for old number to be transferred to new service.
                Took a little over an hour to have it all done once I actually had an agent who understood

        • +1

          People in store said they can’t do it on their end and advised me to stick with the online chat

          • @Eddie2000: That’s a shame.
            The online chat is terrible

            • +1

              @Contopaxi: Yes, it can be a marathon with repeating yourself and/or having to re-word things in particular ways and then agents changing because something becomes too hard. At least the new agent can read the chat. As soon as you get the right person, it can be very quick from there.

              • @affinity: Do you know how you can get a new agent?
                The guy who was “helping” me is pretty useless.

                • +1

                  @Contopaxi: They seem to give up and someone else chimes in; either that or there is a shift change, it's very much luck of the draw.

                • @Contopaxi: I am stuck with this guy for 6 hrs, he only reply my message once an hour

                  • +1

                    @Eddie2000: Online chat still hasn’t been responding
                    I just went in store and they told me they’re unable to take the old number and combine it with the new service (plan), so that I would be cancelling the old service and the new number.
                    He said it would be breaking contract on the new service?

                    • +1

                      @Contopaxi: I had an agent who was helpful (chii), took a few hours but we got there in the end.

                      Agent cancelled my old service, then soon as it was done transferred that number to my new service.

                      Took a bit of faith (I thought I'd lose my old number soon as they cancelled the old plan, but it was retained and able to be transferred to the jb hifi plan), so they did get it right in the end.

                      Initially they suggested cancelling the new number then transferring the old number over to the new plan, but etc would have been triggered this way.

                      • +2

                        @The J man: Looks like I’ve finally hit someone who can help!
                        Albeit slowly but seems to be moving forward now

  • Went into JB and got my number ported from Optus. Service activate within minutes, got my $500 jbhifi GC.

  • Hi All,

    Anyone know if you can share data with a data share sim? If so, how much is the additional data sim? Cheers!

  • I’m moving my number from Boost.

    So far…

    I have to move the old number (Boost) to a post paid service in order to get it combine to the new service.

    I’m still waiting on chat to do this. I will keep this updated

    • Same thing here he asked me to move to a postpaid plan and i don’t know what he mean by that seems like he want me to pay for a new plan?

      • I finally figured it out.

        1. Go into Telstra Store and get them to change your Boost Number to Telstra Prepaid (it will take about 5 mins)
        2. Jump onto Telstra chat and request to swap numbers from your preferred number to the new number.
        3. Ask to only keep your preferred number active.
        4. DONE
  • Thanks for the post. Just signed up in store @ jbhifi world square NSW. $59/month w $500 gift card.

    I am on postpaid (out of contract) with Telstra, so jb staff linked the new number to my existing Telstra account.

    Telstra stores are full/closed but will try back tomorrow to see if I can do the phone number swap.

    • An update but was able to speak to someone on Telstra chat (Mark) on the 27th who enacted the request.

      As mentioned in pinned comment, need to cancel my old number, in order to be able to use it with the new plan.

      Process took <24 hours. Probably less but I didn’t realise I needed to use the new SIM card.

      Anyway smooth process! And many thanks to OP and pinned comment!

      • As mentioned in pinned comment, need to cancel my old number, in order to be able to use it with the new plan.

        Be careful. I believe you need to cancel your old account and not the number. Please make sure before proceeding.

  • Had a chat to the mobile manager in one of my stores today. The promotion is indeed meant to be nationwide. If your store rep isn't giving you the deal advertised in this deal, tell them to check their info

  • Currently with Telstra signed up today with a new number no issues . 20gb bonus $59 a month $500 gc took half an hr Wa Perth.. going to try merge my old number to this new plan abit later .. haha I'll keep you updated. Cheers to the OP!!

    • Ok success took about roughly 1hr on the Telstra Chat repeating what I wanted to do to different operators.. After I got past the bot.. process for my old service to be replaced to about 10mins

      so i kept my old existing Telstra number with my new telstra service. :D happy days !

  • Decided I didn’t want to wait for a call back in a few weeks so headed in store this afternoon. Got the deal, no issues. New sim worked instantly.

    The staff member I dealt with was fantastic and did it all in about 10 minutes.

    • Same here, it took only 10 mins and I didn’t even had to mention the plan but he knew which one I wanted to get hahaha

  • Thanks OP. Signed up

  • Went in at store open today, showed the salesperson this OzB deal and he was onto it, grabbed it with a pixel 4a 5G. Whole process including porting took about half an hour. Thanks for posting

    • I was gonna get this phone today but being a little skeptical about android devices. Snapdragon 765G + 6GB of RAM and 128GB internal storage seem like a real good deal though.

      • I went from a pixel 4XL to 4a 5G which was quite the sidegrade but suited my needs. A day in I can't say much other than its snappy, battery life is great, you'll notice the processing a tiny bit with the camera

  • +1

    Tried this at Highpoint JB and they refused because I ported out <30 days ago. Tried again at Brunswick JB and told the storeperson I wanted to sign up for this deal but was within the 30 day period. She said no worries we'll just try it in the system and see how it goes. All went through smoothly and ported out of Kogan and into Telstra with active service almost immediately.

  • Got the deal at Woden westfield JB in Canberra. Went straight in and talked to the staff about the deal, they all know about it. There were also two dudes there waiting to get their gift cards by the time I arrived. Half an hour process, got the gc straight away. There were 40min+ queues in most of the JB stores in Canberra, had to call around to locate one with no queue. Overall, its been pretty smooth. If the store you went to does not offer this deal whatsoever, then try a different store as some stores are behind in information and being stubborn at the same time…Thanks for posting mate! Good stuff!

    • Same here, got it from Fyshwick JB. staff were awesome, when I said Telstra he told me the plan. Signed up for new number in 15 minutes + 5 min wait for the GC. Thank you all.

  • RIP me. Found out at 4pm today that Telstra have moved my older service onto one of their new plans, which for me is more $ for 0 extra value. With Telstra garbage support over the last 6 months it was confirmed after JB Hi Fi closed today. I'm assuming there will be no way to sweet talk one of the staff members tomorrow for this.

  • Good deal, got this today also - thanks OP. Had to go back to get the giftcard as it didnt activate straight away but picked it up in the arvo.

  • Went in Boxing Day morning. Partner and I signed for a new number each. She bought the new iPhone at half price using $1000 iGc. Later that day jumped on Telstra chat through the app. Current Telstra number moved to new service and old plan cancelled. Only took 30 mins. Great deal.

    When went to the Telstra store they wouldn’t move the old number across and told us to do it via online.

  • This may be a silly question, but when you guys port out so that you can port back in, how long does the process take? Also, what carrier/plan do you port out to? I’ve always been with Telstra and I think I will be getting myself a deal this time rather than being the loyal customer that I have been while they screw me over!

  • Nooooo missed again

  • Online chat still hasn’t been responding
    I just went in store and they told me they’re unable to take the old number and combine it with the new service (plan), so that I would be cancelling the old service and the new number.
    He said it would be breaking contract on the new service?

    • Yep got told the same thing that I couldn’t do it in store and wasn’t allowed to transfer number.

      But that I should try Telstra online chat or call up to see if it’s possible. I wonder if Telstra briefed all in store staff something was up?

      • Nah just shitty lazy store people.
        Terrible service in a Telstra store

  • +1

    Just to answer many people here.

    I got this yesterday from jbhifi. New number and 80gb and $59p/m and $500 gift card.

    I was on boost 150 P/Y plan.

    Told Telstra online chat person I want to port my old number which is with boost to this new account. And he did it. Not a problem.
    My boost account or number wasn't even showing in telstra app.
    He ported from boost to my new account and discarded my new number I got from jbhifi yesterday.

    So yes you can do this with boost too.

  • Did anyone port over from Amaysim? We went into the store and got it done around 4.30 yesterday, still not ported over..

  • anyone know what the credit check is for when they activate your account on the spot?

    • Make sure you’re not a risk and pay your bills on time

      • so. if you're a risk, are they going to cancel your service?

        what I'm asking is they couldn't have checked your credit while applying at 5:30pm saturday boxing day, so why bother with this. this will leave an enquiry on your credit file right?

        • They can check it anytime, anywhere. They use the reporting agencies lie Equifax and Experian.

  • I was just chatting to Telstra about transferring the plan over to my old number, he said he cannot transfer the plan to other number. When I said my friends have done the same, he just left the chat without telling me. waiting for another agent. Should I tell them anything more specific?

    • Just got it done. They said there was system glitch, which broke the chat couple of times. Third agent confirmed that it is been swapped and I can see it in my login. Thanks for posting this offer and follow up. Took about 6 hours with the chat Huh!!

      • Whats the instruction/keywords please? The agent i chat seems not understand and said it cant be done

        • +1

          I didn't use any magic word. Find the right agent is the trick, and it is not in our hand.

  • I eventually got it done too - Telstra prepaid to this JB Hifi plan. Took 2 different reps and a few tries as it did not work the first time they 'did' something.

    1) Move prepaid plan to a new number (not necessary but seems to simplify things for them)
    2) Move JB $69 contract to old prepaid number
    3) Swap to new SIM card.

    Should be immediate or within a few minutes. You can check via the Telstra app or finding out if your number has changed by calling 12722123.

    • What is the magic words you used? I tried 3 times with no luck? My old one is postpaid btw, this is very effortful step, shouldve waited

      • Yes, very effortful step.
        The magic words I used were 'Change FNN'. But even that took a while for them to understand. Also there is the worry they will stuff it up.
        The first rep said "It's all done, should be visible within 24 - 48 hrs" - this is a lie. Results should be visible immediately or within 10 mins on the app.

  • +1

    Finally managed to get my Telstra number ported over to this new plan.. After spending 3 days on chat support through mobile app. Worst experience ever.

    Can't give advise, other than persevere and eventually you'll get it done. They've just got terrible, terrible support over the Christmas period.

    I opted to go the route of
    1. Cancel old service
    2. Move new service over to my old number

    There's a risk doing it this way though. There's a chance someone else will claim your old number before it's claimed again by you. They have the ability to just move the number over without any risk, but they've been informed not to, because it's supposed to be business only functionality. I called up a couple of Telstra stores and was informed that they'd be penalised if they did it now.

    Just Telstra being shitty corporate again..

    Side rant: If anyone From Telstra is reading this: Whatever the hell is going on with your support needs to be fixed.

    1. You call up, can't get through to a person and don't get told when call centres reopen (Sounds like they're closed, but it's never actually mentioned?)
    2. Whenever you call up, you just get spammed with garbage SMS messages and eventually hung up on because, I assume no one is available to actually answer.
    3. You try chat on the website and you get a useless bot, when you try chat to a person it says no agents are available (Call centres closed I assume?)
    4. You try chat on the mobile app, every reply seems to be from a new person, they ask the same questions and never look at the conversation. Huge amounts of time waste, huge delays between replies, staff seem to lack training.
    5. Mobile app conversation just randomly expires, and you have no ability to access the chat history. Even if you're in the middle of a conversation that was never finished. (Conversations can take multiple days due to the above issue)

    What the hell is going on there!?!?

    • I’m on day two, of sending messages through chat and have been told it’ll take 24-48 hours for the change. Fingers crossed. Have asked to end my previous plan, and transfer the number across to the new plan.
      Not sure they’ve fully understood as they continued to ask back if ‘this was what I meant’ and it wasn’t!

      • I don't like your chances!
        Mine said the same thing and it didn't work. Initials JP.

        • If I really have to I’ll just stick with the new plan and number :\ not ideal, but people contact me more on messenger/WhatsApp etc. Will just need to start a list of the places/websites I need to amend my mobile number on.

  • +1

    It's been a real marathon doing the final steps for me; Telstra chat has been, on the whole, completely useless.

    At one stage I was almost there, but I needed an account number for the losing service; that losing service is Circles.Life —- they have amazing usage reports from their app, but the reports didn't have the account number. I had to wait until 8am for them to be able to chat with me as it was during the night, but they immediately gave me the support I needed without any problems. Then back to Hel$tra and it's back to nightmare support and the job still isn't done after all these hours after having been "so close".

    Are they deliberately being this bad? It makes you wonder because extraordinary lengths of time goes by and then you might get a reply that asks questions that have already been answered and are still showing in the chat. What are they doing, servicing 100 chat customers per agent?!?!?!?

    I need to get this sorted, but I have zero confidence in Telstra support, they are the worst.

    • +1

      And it continues. After more than 72 hours I had just about given up on the chat in the My Telstra app; I was ready to visit the store to see what they could do about porting in the number so at least that part was done. They had no troubles doing that. Just before I went in to the store, the chat app fired up again and I thought I was going to get somewhere, but after waiting for quite a while again, I just went into the Telstra store to get the port sorted.

      Then back to chat with both numbers in my account and I had to spend more time trying to convince them that THEY could do it AND that JB could not. Eventually, I got to the point where they are going to cancel the prepaid, transfer the number to the JB plan and not lose my number in the process. Should be done by about now based on the last communications from the agent in the chat app…. but it still isn't done as of now — perhaps they are half done. This does not inspire ANY confidence whatsoever in the agents that participate in the "chat" sessions.

      • they are going to cancel the prepaid, transfer the number to the JB plan and not lose my number in the process.

        This is how they did it for me.

        Hopefully they got it done for you in the end.

        Would be a LOT simpler if they simply overwrote the new number with the old number.

  • +2

    Just gotta hold out for the next iteration of this deal…live the kogan life until then

    • This… I have 6 months of prepaid Kogan left, wanted to get LTE connection on my watch and put my name on the call back list for this deal but having realised I can save $354 only in 6 months… I'm backing off now.

    • Let us know if you see a new version. I’m hanging out too

  • Just managed to transfer my telstra number over to the new plan after chatting with nearly 10 different agents over a week.

    • So the pain and frustration isn't just for me ;-)

      I'm still waiting on everything being fully sorted, but I'm getting there (I hope).

      My marathon started just after 4am on the 30th December, so not quite a week yet.

      • You'll be alright, it just takes bloody long time with them.
        One of the agent deactivated my main number on Tuesday and failed to apply it to the new plan, I was bit worried if I'm going to loose my primary number. But this morning they fixed it and changes were applied within 10 mins after the request

        • +1

          I did finally get my original number back to the JB plan, but it was an absolute nightmare dealing with Telstra via their "My Telstra" app in chat.

          The prepaid got cancelled as part of the process, they credited the prepaid balance to my postpaid JB plan.

          Then, as I liked the JB number, I wanted to keep it as well (but on prepaid), they made me get a new Starter SIM kit. So, I got that and went through another torturous number of chat sessions to supposedly get that ex-JB number on the prepaid plan. I gave them all the right details multiple times and agreed to them activating the new SIM with the old JB number. They somehow created a second Telstra account and that account even had an address that I've never, ever had any association with. Furthermore, they didn't allocate the JB number to the activation as agreed and promised.

          Blind Freddy could read the chat and understand what needed to be done, but not a Telstra agent in their chat?!?!?!

          It is screw up after screw up and almost impossible to get the right things done at all, let alone in a timely manner.

          I just don't get it, they are always polite enough, but most of the agents seem to never be able to do their job — rarely you might get a good one, but it is so rare.

          • +1

            @affinity: The shop, in store, whatever you can do in store can be done efficiently and fast. In the My Telstra app chat, it is a total pain. The only single thing that chat needs to do is the following and they can't seem to do anything else useful:

            • after port in to a temporary service (be it a prepaid starter kit SIM), cancel the plan, save the number, port it across to postpaid plan (the JB one). Do not rely upon this chat for the port in or anything else AND insist that they actually CAN do the number swap of the JB plan, agents in chat take some real convincing of that fact…

            Again, do the port in at the Telstra shop.

            In my case I liked the JB number so I wanted to actually keep a cheap plan on the starter kit SIM, so, with a new SIM starter kit and in store, I could get the SIM starter kit activated with "it's own number", then in store immediately after it was activated, they could allocate the JB number to the starter kit SIM.

            I spent very little time in store with great results and an extremely long time on chat enduring the nightmare of incompetence.

            So glad my nightmare is finally over, all in all, it took just slightly under 1 full week for me.

  • +1

    Has anyone who phoned up about this deal on boxing day had a call back yet? I'm still waiting

    • Yes received a call on the 2nd and now ported over (they send sim via courier).

  • Me too - said they’d call after New Year. I’ll wait till tomorrow & call the JB Service line, that’s a week after new year 🧐

  • Just an update. I called JB Hi Fi and they honoured the deal. So if anyone hasn't had a call back, just ring them up

  • Any idea if this is still going at any JB’s?

    • Deals like this come and go, they usually have finite time and expire. The "late comers" that have gotten this latest deal after the fact, did so because they managed to get JB to commit to call them back, so they got on a list.

      No idea when the next good offer will come along, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe a history search here will give you a better idea for the future, but you can kiss this time around good bye.

      • Oh I’m fully aware of how they work, just seeing if anyone had had some recent luck by calling. I’ll hang out for the next deal

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