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Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G 256GB Mystic Green - Telstra Plus 31000 Points @ Telstra


Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G 256GB , Mystic Green available while posting for 31000 Telstra plus points. Looks like an excellent deal if its not an error from Telstra.

Minimum is 5000 pts + $89

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      I suspect, once the deal is posted on OZB, there is a surge in orders so it triggers some alarm which then is investigated at which point they shut it down. The timing of orders placed looks like the determining factor on if you will get yours or not.
      Don't sweat on it I think. Just consider it as a bonus if you receive it.

      • I suspect, once the deal is posted on OZB, there is a surge in orders so it triggers some alarm which then is investigated at which point they shut it down

        Lol - I think you're giving Telstra too much credit.

        • You might be right about Telstra, but I would be astonished if they couldn't write a bit of code to notify of anomalies in sales patterns to stop the human errors which they know do happen. How some of them still managed to be shipped and delivered is beyond me, but a bonus for those that get it.

          • @enjunuet:

            I would be astonished if they couldn't write a bit of code to notify of anomalies in sales patterns to stop the human errors which they know do happen.

            I had a friend who worked at Telstra a few years ago. Friend said that retail losses (fraud, theft, pricing errors) were considered low priority, because it didn't cost them much. They had other projects to remediate losses of over $1m/day. They were considered high priority.

            My friend's story was from a few years ago, so I don't know where retail losses fall in Telstra's priority list now.

            I have no doubt, Telstra have the expertise to write the code, but probably no motivation to do so.

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    My wife and I ordered about 1pm on 31/12/2020. we just received our tracking email saying our order is on its way and due tomorrow. we are in Sydney.

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      That's definitely gonna throw the cat amongst the pigeons if some people ordered earlier and haven't got tracking yet

      If the cat is Telstra's Support Team and the pigeons are the impatient people contacting them :D

    • I'm hoping i get mine soon, started to lose hope cause i hadn't had any correspondance besides the confirmation email, although they took the cash! I'm not sure why but they have said i need to tick the associated when i'm not lmao

    • Any update or any news in regards to your package?

      • Shipping days arriving today. Will post when it arrives

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            @Shark1989: Lol you might want to have that link removed. Pretty sure it's giving away part of your name.

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              @thefinalproblems: Done cheers

              • @Shark1989: For future reference, most people use an external site to host pics. I.e. imugr. Then they post the link on here.

                People correct me if I'm wrong, I think you can upload directly to Ozbargain if posting a deal.

      • it was just delivered, not sure how to post a photo on here but im 100% holding the phone in my hand.

    • I ordered an hour and a half after you, received confirmation email and CC payment went through, so hopefully I get shipping confirmation today.

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    Let's all pray together for a good outcome.

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      Due to arrive today. Will post when it arrives.

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        fingers crossed for you man! I still haven't receive tracking number email from Telstra, yet.

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    I noticed the deal on the telstra app around 7am perth time on the 31st. I ordered 1 with points only and then another with a combination of points and cash. They were shipped about an hour before the deal appeared on ozbargain, and I received them about an hour ago.
    It seems that anyone who ordered prior to the listing are in luck!

    • Looks as though a few have received shipping tracking information today so hopefully they’re in luck too if Telstra don’t claw the shipments back

  • Has anyone already contacted Telstra support to check the order status? (so we can keep our thongs ready)

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    Waiting for conspiracy theorists
    "5G caused Covid. Telstra giving away discounted 5G handsets so people can be inclined to take the vaccine in March"

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    I feel like the best course of action is to wait and not contact Telstra support. Orders still seem to be going through. Chat won't be able to speed-up whatever outcome you get. Plus some have no idea what they're talking about anyways.

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      Please lets do this and just wait it out.

      Do not contact Telstra chat/support

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    I have an order reference number and a thanks for your order page I screen shot, but no emails or points returned.
    3.49pm 31st SA time. So I hold little confidence that I will get one.
    Glad to see others have been lucky though.

    Cheers Rob

    • I ordered 4pm Melb time. Pointed haven't been returned yet. Fingers crossed!

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    The wait for this is so draining, come on telstra just give me the good or bad news already. I hate having emails come through and being excited to open them hoping its telstra to just be let down by another pizzahut email

    • Would be thinking that since others are getting theirs there would be room for push-back on any order cancellation?

      • You might get lucky like I did and scored a $149 bill credit for the JBL ear phones, though my push back was absolutely as minimal as asking the question as to why the item wasn't back on the store page when they said it was a pricing error. And probably have a bit more of a "leg to stand on" since a few others got theirs, but ultimately will come down to whichever rep you get

        • what if they insist in putting your order through via the phone manually?

          • @yolow: I don’t quite understand what you mean?

            • @MBix: Like you've mentioned that the JBL wasn't showing up on the Telstra plus store and you weren't able purchase it and they gave you $149 bill credit etc, what if I said that to them and they tells me they can put it through the order manually over the phone/chat?

              • @yolow: Make up some excuse not to so they don't charge you the 149,000 points they claim the JBL headphones were worth lol

    • Yep. This is me right now…

    • I'm just refreshing the Telstra plus page every hour waiting for the moment my points are refunded…

  • Ordered 2 Notes with points only on 31/12 @ 3:16pm.. No further information so far; patiently waiting for the order dispatch email..

    The page was taken down approximately 5-10 minutes after I purchased.

    • I got in about 40 mins before you did, got my order confirmation but no dispatch yet

    • In the same boat as you, got order confirmation and ordered approx 15 mins before you, i'm hoping i get that sweet sweet dispatch email

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    Posting an update.

    Just took delivery of my new phone 10mins ago. Good luck to everyone else!

    • Did you receive an email with a tracking number or just order confirmation? I'm not actually associated but it won't let me post without the tick

      • I did, I received the email with tracking yesterday with an ETA for delivery today.

        • Ah ok, that's good to hear that people are receiving it after the email with tracking were received.

        • -1

          Care to show some evidence/screenshot to prove its legit ?

      • +2

        If you're not Associated for real, contact the mods to help you remove it

    • Did you get an email with regards to order number and tracking?

    • I would also be interested to know if you also received a tracking number on yours as well. I'm still waiting on a tracking number for my order.

      • I'm the same as you yolow, although i did get an order confirmation, plus the points and cash deducted

        • Sorry Mate, I thought it was ragnar. I am in the same boat no order number after the confirmation email.

    • What company was it from? I got a Toll slip today, signature required. No idea if it's it since OZB makes me buy to much stuff

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        Most people above were StarTrack parcels.

        • +1


        • ty guys. Will wait X_X and pray

    • Sorry to ask so many questions, what time did you place the order roughly

      • Look above through the post. People have been writing what times they ordered.

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    lol someone has already posted their 2 x note 20's on gumtree in Melbs.

    • +1

      Will they take 31,000 Telstra points each for them? :-)

    • haha one guy trying to sell for $1500 claiming $1649 is rrp. meanwhile its $1071 at Catch

      • We need to remember that not all people out there are thrifty OzBargainers like the people here. Some sucker might actually pay that thinking they are getting a deal.
        Good luck to them on the sale I suppose.

        • Some sucker might actually pay that thinking they are getting a deal.

          Nah … $1200 is the best you could hope for, if someone wants it desperately and doesn't want to wait.

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    No one here seems to have received 2nd email today with tracking number which is bit concerning.. I have started to lose hope now that I'll get it, I placed order on 31st Dec at 3:00pm (AEST), got confirmation email within minutes but no update since then

    • I got the order confirmation and the points+cash deducted but that's it. No further email. Placed mine around the same time you did at the same time

    • Same here. Mine was on the 31/12/2020 at 15:04.

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      Could just be sourcing more stock since no one has received cancellations either

      • +3

        Id say they are checking what stock they do have to fill these orders without getting more in, with the new S21 coming out, these won't sell as much so to be getting 100 bucks from a majority of us is potentially still counted as a win for them

    • Mine was on 15:30, only received order confirmation email so far, waiting for dispatching email to come. I'm in QLD.

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    Hopefully it's a form of marketing from Telstra, 31000 points on the 31st December after everything that's happened in 2020, drive engagement with Telstra plus rewards program to regularly check in for hidden and unannounced flash deals. If not, then at least they can spin it that way after the fact lol

    • Perhaps they got a kickback for selling a predefined amount of Samsung handsets by the end of the year. This might have been a way to jack the numbers up to hit the target.

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    If you look at Telstra Plans on there website, the Note 20 5G is sold out online. You cant even order it with a plan, so Id assume our orders are taking time due to stock problems

    • Looks like most of the higher end Samsung phones are. Only the S20 FE available online.

    • Good point, didn't even think of it that way

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    Has anyone that ordered with only points received theirs?

    • It’s not to do with how you paid, seems to be the people who got in first or before it went on ozbargain have had their orders fulfilled.

      • +3

        I don't think that's entirely accurate, I believe at least 1 person who ordered on here after seeing the deal on here has received theirs.

        And another who purchased 2, one with points and the other with points + cash received theirs also (though this person may have ordered before it was on OzBargain.)

  • Did those that received their invoice &/or delivery, go direct to T-plus or click through via Ozbargain,?

    Edit, my order is $69 spend plus points, only received initial email, nothing else so far.

    • I'm in the same boat but with $35 (i think) spend.

      How you got to the Telstra plus site is irrelevant.

  • Fingers crossed*

  • I think there's a possibility it's the beginning of the end. If you don't have your by today, things are looking extremely bleak.

    Had another order about half an hour later (still before deal was posted) and tracking showed out for delivery all day, but now it's in transit again and there's a message saying contact sender.

    I wonder how many people got theirs in total.

    • Hmmm doesnt sound good but could be for a different reason for all we know

      The rest of us are waiting in anticipation this comes through

      • I have a sneaking suspicion my next notification will be that it's on its way back to Telstra. :S

        Maybe if/when Telstra get it back they'll send it out to another person who jumped on this deal. Lol.

        In all seriousness, hope others do get theirs though.

    • +1

      Hopefully it's just Startrack being incompetent like….Startrack :D

      • Did you mean Fastway

        • Could really be insert a number of courier companies these days haha

      • It was just Startrack being incompetent.

  • Honestly not fussed. If i get it, its a bonus.
    But enjoying my 2nd hand dual sim note 9 with snapdragon that i sourced last week for cheap

  • Two full work days passed and still no email on shipping. Looking very unlikely it will happen for anyone who hasn't received it by now. Hope I am wrong but unlikely I think.

    • Good chance they're waiting on stock. The JBL deal was cancelled by now.

      • Hope you are right, but not holding my breath.

    • -2

      there’s a possibility the office people are on leave and no one is looking at their inboxes… it’s Telstra after all. But I do believe they don’t actually have stock to fulfill the remaining orders

  • +3

    Have received mine today, paid with full points.

  • +4

    Remember, do not call to ask where your order is… longer it stays live the better

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    I was just thinking, if they cotton on to this and for those that have or will receive it, is it possible they say to return it or they will charge full amount to your post paid account or if you have credit card stored in your account? I mean it's a big ticket item to simply say "we'll let you have it due to our error".

    • +1

      They might ask for it to be returned, but it would be out of goodwill for a person to send it back - they can't demand any additional payment for it, and legally can't force you to send it back either.

      • I agree. Pretty sure that once received, transaction would be considered legally completed.

        Could you imagine if companies had the power to add on additional charges after you received a product? So many would claim "price error" after sales and then refuse returns because items had been opened.

        Honwstly, don't even think Telstra is going to bother asking for them back. Realistically the uptake would be 0.

    • +1

      It is Telstra, I am pretty sure you are thinking too much.

    • Lol. “If they cotton on to this”.

  • Is anyone else having the issue that they can't even see their order in their history. I'm still waiting for tracking and order 1515 that day. But I can't see the order despite getting an order number

    • Same here…no history and can't see it …but money is deducted from my CC.

      • Telstra plus orders can't be tracked through there website

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