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Hisense 65” SX Dual Cell TV $1995 (Was $3295) @ JB Hi-Fi


Saw this tv today on special at both jbhifi and Harvey Norman and was shocked at the price. Didn’t even know it existed and for the price looks incredible also includes a subwoofer built in! 12bit colour and duel cell. Wish I got this over my Q8 I bought last month.

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    and duel cell


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      12bit colour and duel cell

      It's worth fighting for!

  • The JB reviews (all 2 of them) are pretty scathing on this. Might be best to view instore.

    https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/9lywj2z3 for whirlpool info for those considering.

    Great price though

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      I've seen it instore and it looks amazing. Like an OLED but much brighter and cheaper plus no burn-in to worry about.

      Potentially downsides I see are:
      - It's a new tech that's also not out in the Europe/US yet so hasn't really been properly reviewed.
      - Based stand is slanted backwards, seems like it needs to be wall mounted.
      - Slightly higher power consumption (~20%) compared to QLED.
      - Significantly heavier, especially with the stand/subwoofer attached. Needs at least two fairly strong men to position.

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        This is sexist.
        Fails to mention that the women are too busy cooking, cleaning and giving birth to install this TV.

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          I have a big set of scratches on my new wood floors from the "muscular" female furniture removalists who couldn't hold her end of a piano. Believe what you want, but those scratches are on my damn floor!!

          • @lew380: Sure it wasn't a male on roids or supplements?

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    $1880 @ appliances central


    The reviews aren't overly positive, seems the weight is a massive issue so likely very difficult to mount.

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      Hold my beer

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        Jerry-rig it to a home made mount nailed to the wall you say?

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      OOS at appliances central AND when i checked yesterday, it was $144 delivery!

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      I’m here to lift it

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    • For another $1k plus sure

    • 65sx has a 12bit panel

      • Is there even any 12 bit content?

        • 12bit processing is for 10bit with some overhead. It was great on my old Sony HX925, to me it felt the colour band was less of an issue.

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        It’s 8bit colour & 4bit B&W - not a true 12bit. For that you need hdmi 2.1 too anyway. Price drops have been thick and fast as it’s now under $1880 already. Screen flicker in some apps seems common, even with the latest updates to the tv & app. WP has settings that fix it but it also removes motion features!

        Look, buy an Aldi 65” for <$800 and wait… I know a trick on most android tv’s that make them look amazing! Turn on the developer mode in android and set graphics to use GPU only. Made my old TCL look like a new tv!

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      This is dual cell QLED, so it looks like an OLED. There's 2,000,000+ local dimming zones compared to the 100+ on a standard QLED.

      You shouldn't really be posting advice when you haven't got a clue tbh.

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        No need to be nasty.

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          Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

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        You shouldn't really be posting advice when you haven't got a clue tbh.


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        According to this review
        It is a monochrome screen layered with a colour panel, which probably explains the extra power consumption and weight. Apparently this improves the blacks over a QLED but still not oled territory.

        • While it may not technically be as good as an OLED, irl you would have a hard time differentiating between the two. Things like this TV being a lot brighter or no burn in would be more relevant.

  • Maybe some sort of manufacturer clearance?

    Same price at HN: https://www.harveynorman.com.au/hisense-65-inch-sx-dual-cell...

    • Except there is and has been pretty easy ways to get JB discounted gift cards to bring it down another $100 or more.

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        You can easily get discounted Harvey Norman gift cards as well

        • It can be ordered from Good Guys with 1 month lead time as I’ve been told.

  • Was looking at this at HN next to the Q8, guy was trying to convince me to get it over Q8, however reviews haven’t been favourable. Not only an energy whore, but very heavy too.

    • Well they did put a subwoofer into the base.

    • I purchased Q8 over the SX on the Boxing day due to its weight and the reviews which wasn't enticing enough. I am more than happy with my new Q8.

      • Yeah the q8 is fantastic for the price. Only paid $1,300 for my 55" and the picture is maybe 70% as good as my lg oled

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    Haven't seen the SX in person but was very impressed with the Q8. The only thing that is holding me back is the lack of HDMI 2.1. It's not 120hz/4k that I care about, it's the lack of VRR/4K.

    I'm keeping my next TV for 3+ years.

    • SX doesn't look anything like the Q8, way better.

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    TVEE-VEE [abc teeveevee]

  • Looked great in store, but the user reviews on WP aren't encouraging.
    In a nutshell: very heavy, very high power usage in comparison and dodgy image processing software (hopefully this can be addressed through a software update)

    Strangely enough it comes with a 'subwoofer' which actually attaches to the stand or is seperate when wall mounted

  • Been this price at TGG for a week or so

  • For the same price maybe buy the TCL instead, has some good reviews and 10" larger


    Onkyo soundbar and sub-woofer attached to TV

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      Completely different type of TV. This is their flagship model that's replacing their OLED range.

    • I returned TCL 75C815 due to the annoyingly laggy Android on this TV and the Ethernet not holding at first power on. TCL was kind enough to acknowledge the fault and accept the return. TCL offered me full refund to replace it with Hisense Q8 and seriously can't be more happy.

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    I bought this tv last Monday and it stopped displaying picture after 3 hours. I got unlucky clearly but the picture quality was amazing. Better than my replacement Sony x900h( got the Sony cause didn't want to take risk with the last unit of my local HN). The weight is an issue though. The TV itself is 48 kg and subwoofer is an extra 30 ish KG.

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    If you're spending this sort of money just buy an oled.

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      This looks like an OLED, but brighter and no burn-in issues. Hisense have discontinued their OLED range and this is the replacement.
      It's 2,000,000+ dimming zones compared to the 100+ on a normal high-end QLED with local dimming.

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      Ummm, because the 65 inch hisense SX is $1,995 and the LG CX 65 inch is around

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      It's half the price of the OLED. I went into JB today to look at the 86 X9000H. Had a look at this and the picture quality was really good. There was a LG GX close , whilst the OLED quality is way better , this dual cell TV was impressive.

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    happy new yr ozbargainers

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    No HDMI 2.1. Sorry. Can’t do it. That’s why they dropped $1k.

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      Pretty dumb of them to not include HDMI 2.1 on a "flagship" TV that just got released…

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        Relax chief. Not everyone is a gamer that needs 120Hz, like me who just wants a good movie TV. Also dual cell is brand new technology which was obviously their focus.

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          Not just for gaming. HDMI 2.1 also brings eARC, more bandwidth for higher quality audio for your movies and TV.

          • @TheContact: Mea culpa. I made a hot take without fully knowing the capability of hdmi 2.1 but I stand by my words about hisense.

            I have Hi hopes (hehe) for hisense. I want them to challenge Samsung's TV market.

    • Probably price got dropped because they will announce version 2 at the virtual CES in less than 2 weeks and are clearing stock.

  • Anyone bought the shopback 3% discount gift cards know of they're same day delivery and can be stacked on purchase to make this cheaper?

    • Yes I believe it is instant digital delivery (it was when I purchased HN gc's) and should stack given the 3% is cash back from shopback, and not facilitated by JB

  • Ive been waiting for a deal on the Sony X9500 is it worth just buying this one?

    • This tv would have a superior picture quality if that's what you are after

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      The Hisense has potentially better lighting but I would imagine the upscaling and motion would be significantly better on the Sony.

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        This… the contrast on the Hisense is marginally better but the image processing in the Sony is lightyears ahead. With a lot of 1080p (or lower) content still floating around, the ever so marginal improvement in contrast was far outweighed by the much better imaging brain in the Sony.

  • Wouldn't LG Hisense 65PX - 65" OLED a better option for the same price ?

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      Not in stock anymore?

  • I own both this TV and the TCL that Seijai mentioned above. The Hisense has a much better picture but the TCL has better sound. The TCL also has more irritating issues with Netflix and Stan. You have to clear cache etc on apps often and restart TV. The Hisense has less issues overall.

  • A good review on this technology!


  • Be interested to see what the other manufacturers come up with mini led and the like. Hisense seem to be the only one with "Dual cell". Probably another tech they'll ditch for their next series…

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