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NRMA Blue Membership Free for 12 Months (Usually $60)


When you stay at one of their parks they have a new offer to give you a free membership for a year.
The link in the email is user defined however the link to sign up and get the details is generic.

Sign up while you can I’m sure they will change it once thousands of users start to sign up.

Roadside assistance not included.


NRMA Blue unlocks thousands of Member benefits, including a 4th night free or 10% off shorter stays at NRMA Parks and Resorts across Australia.

For a short time, NRMA Blue is yours free for 12 months - saving you $60*.

Your subscription will automatically renew after 12 months, but we'll be in touch before that, so you stay in control of your Membership.

*Also no payment details needed!!!

Enjoy 😊

Terms and conditions: Just incase they start checking signups

*Offer is NRMA Blue^ Membership for $0 valid for NRMA Parks & Resorts customers who’ve completed a booking of three consecutive nights or more between 13 November 2020 and 30 June 2021; and are invited via a promotional email to take up the offer. One NRMA Blue Membership is offered per eligible booking.
Not valid for new NRMA Members or existing Members with an active Membership. Total minimum cost of $0 for the first 12 months. After the first 12 months, no further discounts apply on NRMA Blue subscription. This Offer is only valid from 13 November 2020 and 30 June 2021. NRMA reserve the right to terminate the offer at an earlier date and at its discretion. Not available for existing Members who’s subscription is due for renew during or prior to the promotional period. Not valid for roadside assistance products including “Join on Road” or in conjunction with any other offer.

Refresh the page multiple times to get it to work.

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  • +4

    Thanks for joining the NRMA👍

    Received membership number & link to app via SMS for immediate membership discounts.

    App has membership card & QR code for discount Caltex fuel.

  • Does this get the infamous Repco discounts?

    • +2

      I believe it does

      • Legen- wait for it -dary!

      • Just signed up. It does.

      • Repco discount is useless. Discount only apply for their full price.

        • +2

          Did you see 40% off blackvue the other week? Not useless!

  • What gift cards can you access? Or does it share a gift card portal with another company/service?

    • +9

      Other eGift Cards

      WISH Gift Cards - 3% discount. Read more

      BIG W - 5% discount. Read more

      BWS - 5% discount. Read more

      Dan Murphy's - 5% discount. Read more

      Cellarmasters - 5% discount. Read more

      • +5

        Woolworths 4%

        • +2

          Says 4% on Woolworths, but when you go to buy page, it eventually reverts to 3%.

  • +2

    Well that was quick… Expired

  • +3

    Access to all NRMA Blue benefits, including:
    Up to 5c/L off fuel at Caltex
    Up to 25% off NRMA Insurance
    Save 5% at Repco

    • What about eGift cards ?

    • then why :
      You can now save up to 15% on car insurance as a Member

  • +1

    Just got mine, thanks OP 👍🏼👍🏼🙂

  • +1

    Omg. Offer has expired :(

  • Fixed

  • -1

    Offer not active anymore. Mark it as expired.

  • Try clearing your cookies or use incognito if you can’t access. Seems they are on to us.

  • +1

    had to go through incognito a few times to get access

  • Filled the form successfully, but haven't received any confirmation letter yet.

    • Received as SMS in a minute & emails to active / add password & welcome came later.

    • Took about 5 minutes for me

    • +1

      I did mine before I posted the deal and it took a while. Might take longer now

    • +2

      Got SMS and email 10min after signing up

  • Expired for me.. :(

    • Try incognito mode on your browser

      • +4

        Didn't work. But I refreshed on the normal mode and it worked!

        • Cool. I did the same and it worked. Thanks OP :)

  • If you already have NRMA roadside assistance, are Blue benefits already included as part of it?

  • Refreshed multiple times and it worked. Thanks!

  • +1

    Thanks awesome. Interested in getting the roadside assistance for $10/m
    Any chance of avoiding the $55 joining fee?
    Or are their any better options else where?

    • -3

      Yeah it’s called a smart jump starter

    • try calling them asking to upgrade membership from blue?

    • +1

      Just sign up for Roadside through this deal and you get all the Blue benifits included.

    • +4

      I used gotU which has no membership fee. They charge a lot more for what they do and they seem to only be available around metro areas. However, they fit my purpose. Only needed 1 callout over the past 8 years for a flat tyre when the wife was alone, so paid $89 instead of $632 for 8 years' worth of membership

  • All modes : This offer has expired.
    The offer you're trying to claim has expired or reached a maximum quota.
    Please choose from one of our current Membership options:

    • Refresh the page and it will do

  • +2

    Refreshed a few times and it worked!

    • +2

      Thanks for the encouragement.
      I opened "Claim Offer" in a new tab a couple of times.
      Third time lucky!

      • Same. Third tab works.

  • Thanks Done

  • +1

    Offer has expired?

    • Keep refreshing the browser

      • Works now. When you get the “Offer has expired” page, press the BACK button and do it again until it works.

  • How long it take to receive an email once signing up?

  • Takes a few page refreshes but can confirm still working…

    Not recieved the email yet.

  • +1

    Great post OP! Confirmation email took about 15 minutes for me. Thanks!

  • +1

    Worked after multiple refresh
    Click 'Claim offer' - > Offer expired page
    Go back
    Refresh the 'Claim Offer' page and try again

  • Thanks, it’s still working, I have been use private mode on my iPhone’s browser, tried 5,6 times just done now.

  • -1

    Membership is only worth $5 right now.

  • Worked after a few times refreshing, great find OP. 👍🏼

  • Cheers OP! Still working.

  • Worked in incognito. Thanks OP

  • Offer has reached maximum quota :( Ozbargained again

    • +1

      keep refreshing the page and you will get in

    • +1

      This method worked for me:
      Right click on the “get offer” button, open in new tab / window (or press and hold on mobile).
      It should bypass the maximum quota page, you can just fill up your details and whatnot.

      • It worked !!!! Cheers

  • Won't work on my mobile on any mode Chrome including using vpn, but finally works on desktop after a few tries! Thanks!

  • just signed up - still working

  • I signed up but I am yet to receive the confirmation email or SMS

    Update: Received confirmation 40 mins after signing up.

  • Worked for me on private tab in Brave Browser

  • I tried so many times on one device, it didn’t work, and I tried on the other device, it worked straightaway.

    If you can’t get yours working after many attempts, maybe try a different device.

  • worked after refreshing a few times. Safari on Mac OS

  • Thanks OP

    Received confirmation of membership but I can't help but think that due to the large number of sign ups, the NRMA will be possibly be cancelling memberships and sending out 'apology emails' early next week after doing some cross referencing of contact details against holiday parks bookings.

  • -2

    This offer has expired.

  • Just worked for me after a few attempts

  • Expired it seems

    Edit: It worked now. Thanks op!

  • No email/sms confirmation. It's all over.

  • Worked for me x2

  • +1

    Thanks OP, registered and received the sms & email with membership details

  • +4

    Not sure why it’s marked as expired when it still works?

  • Worked for me

  • Worked for me but haven't received any emails or SMS yet. if it showed offer expires try clearing site data by clicking on the padlock icon if you are using Chrome!

  • still working for me

  • Worked for me too just now

  • Signed up 20 minutes ago, still no email/sms.

  • I signed-up 10 mins ago. Yet to get email/sms

    • I can confirm that I got the sms as well as email - it took about an hour over all to get the confirmation! This could be due to the volume but it’s all setup now for me

  • +1

    Signed up just now…appears to be still working.

  • Received confirmation email. 😊
    Thanks Op

    • +1

      Could you pls confirm how long it took to get the confirmation email? I am still waiting for the email since last 20 mins

      • +2

        I think mine took more than 45 mins to arrive.

        • Thanks. I got the confirmation about an hour later. My account is setup and running now

      • +1

        I did a forget password and it said you have to register first but at that very moment I got confirmation email. Maybe that triggered something in their system, so maybe give that a try

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