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Lodge L8SK3 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet with Helper Handle $26.70 + Delivery ($0 with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


One of OzBargain’s favourite frying pan deals is back on.

Slightly cheaper than:
https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575316 (28.25)
https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/572309 (27.49)

Thanks to previous posts for description:
-Unparalleled In Heat retention & Even Heating
-Seasoned & Ready To Use
-Brutally Tough For Decades Of Cooking
-Made In America Since 1952
-At Home In The Oven, On The Stove, On The Grill Or Over The Campfire
-Easy Hand wash, Dry Promptly & Rub With Cooking Oil

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +7

    Lodge = Eneloops of the cooking world

    • +2

      You've sold me, bought!

      • I just checked ikeas website to see if their VARDAGEN pan was the equivalent to LADDA batteries 😒

  • +3

    If youve got a sander of some type it's worth smoothing out and reseasoning these particular pans. They still work great regardless, but i would recomment additional seasoning before use.

    • i wouldn't recommend smoothing out the inner surface. The textured finish helps with the "non stick" effect. Speaking from experience here as i have both smooth and textured surface

      Additional seasoning is always a good thing

  • Meanwhile the Lodge Enamel Dutch Oven I want is listed as $447 lol :-(

    • +30

      can give you one for free

      • +8

        Is this implying they are rubbish? :P or a genuine offer

        EDIT: Oh wait i get it…………….

      • +3

        If you're good at something, never do it for free.

    • -1

      You can get Le creuset on sale for that money , and it’s not Chinese made like Lodge

      • +1

        I thought Lodge was all made in the US?

        EDIT: 4th pic on Amazon shows "MADE IN THE USA"….

  • I can't seem to get free prime delivery.

    • +2

      You'd have to buy 2. Only free over $49.

    • +2

      Got to spend over $49 as it's US prime not AUS prime.

    • +2
      1. Add something like 10x books that is not in production or in stock to the order
      2. Make sure this ticks over the $49 threshold
      3. When you get the confirmation the pan is dispatched, cancel the book order.

      The only reason why I say books is that the likelihood of production or stock is very very low vs something that is still reasonably available

      • +12

        It's even easier than this. Order something else that puts the order over $49 and then immediately cancel the second item. Done.

        • doesn't break any tc or agreements?

          • @kid-vhee: Been doing it since they launched free international Prime and they're not angry at me yet.

  • -2

    I'm a prime user and delivery kills the deal since I'm not spending over $49

    how big is 10.25 inch? can it fit a steak?

    • +6

      Do you have 10 inch long steaks?

    • +2

      Depends on the steak…

      1 inch = 2.54cm

      A massive tomahawk, probably not so much.
      But, if you’re talking a couple of scotch fillets, you should be okay.

      • +1

        ahh thank you

    • +1

      Yes, but I prefer the skillet for steaks so you can get those nice sear marks…

    • +1

      Note: The size is measured at the top of the pan, not the surface. The actual surface area for cooking will be significantly smaller.

      So if you want to cook 10" steaks, you'll actually want the 12" Lodge.

      • any deals on the 12" lodge?

    • +3

      Is that too hard to work out for yourself?

  • +1

    1 x Skillet $57.80, 2 x Skillets $53.40 - science b***h!

  • Anyone in Perth that wants one so I can order 2.

    • Where abouts in Perth? What would my share be inc. postage?

      • free postage, just have to buy one of the skillets, I have Prime

        • Checked it out… didn't realise it was so scientific with the whole seasoning thing. I'll pass, thanks anyway.

    • yeap, I'm in Clarkson

      • pm me if you want one

        • already ordered the pan plus a grill pan

  • +5

    SeriousEats has a pretty sweet recipe for making pan pizzas in these 10 inch cast irons pans - https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2013/01/foolproof-pan-pi...

    • +1

      Can be a stainless steel frying pan too, as long as it's a thick pan and doesn't have any plastic or rubber handles, ie. can be used in the oven.

      • +1

        Haha I saw the notification pop up with your username and knew this would be good. Thanks for the tip dude, how do you rate this as far as pizza recipe goes? I haven't had a chance to make it yet, got a pan sitting in the cupboard that I need to reseason.

        I'm hoping it's decent so I can kill my dreams of buying a Koda pizza oven.

        • +2

          Pan pizzas would burn in a superhot pizza oven as the dough is thicker and require longer time baking. That kind of thing is great for thin Italian pizzas.

          The recipe is decent - no funky stuff in it. Just don't overproof the dough, so don't let it rest too much longer that the recipe says. Otherwise you may miss the yeast's prime and you'll end up with a cakey crust.

          You can also try recipes with resting the dough in the fridge overnight - slower fermentation makes the dough easier to handle and tastier. Look up "Babish pizza" - that guy's fine and has a couple of different recipes and approaches.

    • +1

      I've done this it's awesome.

  • +1

    anyone in south west sydney (liverpool) want one too come pick on up from me? I'll buy 2 to get over $49 to get free delivery we both save HAHA

    • +1

      I'm close to the airport, but keen to chip in for 1 and pick up from you!

      I'll inevitably go to cabramatta one day for vietnamese food and on that day I can pick the skillet up. should I pm you? cheers

      • +1

        yeah DM me!

        • Hi pascoe, sorry for wasting your time but I decided to go with another ozbargainer closer to my location for convenience sake :(

          Hope you find someone soon!

          • @sfreds: Why don't you guys make your lives easier and just order something else to make it over $49 then immediately cancel so you don't need to run half way around Sydney?

    • — removed —

  • If anyone near the Sydney Ryde area wants to save shipping by ordering two, I'm keen to go halvies. Let me know.

    • PM'd

    • Could you count me in too

    • Also PMed

    • Thanks to those who have messaged, I've found a second buyer thanks.

  • +4

    The 12” one seems to have dropped recently to $52
    So it’ll be shipped free, not as much of a bargain comparatively but still seems a decent deal as even the IKEA version is $49 and this is a lodge.


    • Thanks I just bought the 12".
      pretty good price

    • The missus dropped our 12 inch one a few weeks back, snapped the handle off. Finally i can order a new one.
      wait, clicked and its $89.95
      back to waiting.
      wait, signed in, now its $52. bloody weird.

      • Any other tips? mine still shows $89 after being logged in (non Prime member)

        • Must be a prime thing then. Can you do a one month free sign up as a new user?

      • I hope your floor is OK

        • Yeah, if it fell on a foot it would of resulted in a hospital visit. i think because it was the handle that hit and snapped off it took a lot of the force from the fall. Lucky for the tiles.

  • I got one of these last deal, sat in my draw for about 7 months because cbf doing the 4 hour process to get the thing ready, wash > oven > oil soak > oven > clean > lint free towel > air dry > can use it once. Finally bought some $50 350 gram steaks for a dinner and got the pan ready, cooked the steaks perfect like better then any frying pan ever could, cleaning was easy enough I guess but now the fact I have to do a process each time I want to use it gets a bit annoying. Long story short, if your lazy, don't bother with this

    • +6

      I don't think that's how they work Once seasoned properly you don't have to go through that every time.

      • Really? So once I've done the first process is it now seasoned? I followed some guys advice on a reddit post and he said I need to do this process at least 10 times to season it then every other use.. I was hoping he was wrong!

        • I'm pretty new to cast iron as well and bought a couple of the Adli ones 6 months or so ago. I'm no expert but from my own experience and from reading around you just keep cooking anything and everything in that pan and they come good. I've done a few of those serious eats pizzas and they get better and better every time.

          • @cv05: Nice as! I will have a read around more too i was new to it but after cooking that steak I will never cook steak on a frying pan again, it was cooked perfect. Was keen to try alot of other items on it but after the guy said about seasoning it after every use for 10 uses I was like damn alot of effort for some pizza or eggs lol. Thanks for letting me know cant wait to keep using it :)

        • +3

          That wasn't good advice for a new pan. They are pre seasoned from factory: Lodge you only need to re season after cooking certain acidic foods and noticing it sticking. Cooking oily foods helps it season.

          • @hyaspty: This is a real good guide, I will follow what this says. Last time I take advice from a random on reddit on this stuff, I had a feeling he was wrong but he was so damn sure and I was new

            • @Iwantthebestprice: post the reddit if you want… Sometimes they don't have feedback and also not enough disclaimers for all situations.

          • +1

            @hyaspty: I did a lot of research when I bought my lodge pan and I ended up doing a wash (with soap) and a proper season (the steps mentioned in the original comment) before using it for the first time. Since then, after I use it I wash it with some boiled water and using chain mail to scrub any charred bits off the pan. After drying it with a towel I re-season with a couple drops of oil and wipe the oil around the pan before putting it away. My pan is pretty much non stick now.

            I think a very helpful thing to have with a cast iron pan is the chain mail as it helps make cleaning so easy. People have suggested using coarse salt as well.

            Edit: Oops replied to the wrong commenter. Oh well

    • Wow, I just wash the pan and then season it before I put it back each time.

      I have to admit I still see stuff sticking so normally use oil when I cook anyway. Not sure if it’s too hot maybe when I’m cooking.

  • +1

    L8SGP3 10.5 inch Square Grill Pan is also $35.71 (has been cheaper), but I also got one of these to qualify for free shipping.

  • +1

    Do people use cast iron for everyday cooking or just for certain foods that need good heat retention? I got excited and bought a whole set of these last time but don't use them much anymore… I did quite a bit of research on seasoning & washing them properly etc. but just can't seem to stop some foods (e.g. eggs) from sticking, and a regular frying pan seems more convenient for everyday use… Yet some people swear by 'em. What am I doing wrong?

    • Same problem, my seasoning actually got worse after time and starting flaking off despite following all instructions to a tee. trying reasoning in oven and still no luck.

      • +1

        You probably are applying too thick an oil layer in each pass.

    • Is it seasoned properly? These come pre-seasoned, so I've never done mine, but I'd follow Youtube tutorials to do so. I have mine for ~5 years and haven't used any other pan since, and don't plan to do so. Most important in my experience: Don't wash it. Never ever. Avoid contact with water or acidous substances, every now and then I use tomatoes in it, it's not a problem if you won't do it all the time. Make sure the pan is hot enough before you put your food in, it takes a while. the food should sizzle. Clean after every use with some salt from the salt crusher, oil and kitchen paper. That gives a sandpaperish effect in it and polishes the surface to make it extra non sticky. Cleaning marinated sugary chicken goop will take a few goes, but as I said… no water and you should be golden. After cleaning, add a slight layer of oil.

      • What happens if by mistake I get water on it or I wash it in the sink, do I need to the reseason process? So let's say I cook a fatty steak in it, to clean it I just use a paper towel to wipe it off and then oil and heat to clean

        • +1

          In the beginning i've washed mine a few times and I did not reseason it, it just got better by itself after I stopped washing it. Correct, you cook a steak, and when the pan has cooled down, wipe it a few times with paper towel, oil and (most importantly) crushed coarse salt. Takes me about 2-4 sheets of paper and takes a 1 or 2 minutes, depending on the food. Afterwards add a thin layer of oil with the last sheet of kitchenpaper.

          • +1

            @ElWircho: I do it when its still hot AF

            Wipe excess oil with paper towel - watch out for burns

            Add salt, rub in using old tea towel (wash and reuse for the same purpose only, gets charred) and wipe away all the crusty.

            add a drop of oil once it cools and apply all over with a paper towel.

            Easiest pans in the world to clean.

        • +2

          I replied to your previous comment with how I usually maintain my pan, but a good way to clean is to use hot water and scrub with chain mail (you can get on Amazon as well). After you scrub off anything stuck to the pan, wipe it down dry and put it back on the stove on high for a couple minutes to make sure there's no more water (otherwise you risk having rust form). After this you just wipe it with a couple drops of oil and let it cool before storing it away. Sounds like a long process but it only really takes a couple minutes.

        • +2

          What happens if by mistake I get water on it or I wash it in the sink

          Nothing. I wash my cast iron pans with detergent and hot water every time and they're fine. Will heat them on the stove and buff with a little oil after washing.

          Seasoning on cast iron pans is polymerized oil and not affected by water or detergent/soap. Acidic foods will deteriorate the seasoning but easy enough to top up.

      • +1

        no water? what?

        • Correcto. Okay, admittedly the missus washed it with water the other day, but after cleaning it so many times without water I haven't noticed any loss of stickyness, it's okay if it happens once in a while (not that I'll ever let her use my pan again, haha). Initially I was also concerned of transferring flavours from dish to dish, i.e. doing sweet crepes after salty fish and cleaning it with salt, but even that does not occur.

      • +3

        Can't argue with you if this is what works for you, but you most certainly can use water to clean it (and most people do). What you really don't want to use is any soaps/detergents as they'll remove the seasoning that you're trying so hard to build up on the pan.

        I boil water in a kettle and pour into the pan and scrub to clean the pan. If the pan is piping hot you might want to wait a bit and you definitely don't want to use cold water as the temperature difference can warp the pan. But yeah, definitely can and probably should use (hot) water to clean your cast iron. Just no detergent.

  • +1

    anyone want to get one near mascot sydney?

    • PM'd

      • Could you guys count me in as well

        • Ignore please..replied to the wrong comment

  • This is the only pan I have (the 31cm version) and I'll use it until the end of my days, highly recommended.
    Important: Don't wash it. Once cooled slightly down salt from the salt crusher, oil and kitchen paper will do. And you will need a handle holder for these, they get hot hot hot.

    • Where do you buy your handle holders for these?

      • I got mine off eBay for ~$10, shipped free from the UK. I got two because my husband melted the first one by having the handle directly over the gas stove. You might consider getting two.

        • thank you. i need to buy some so i stop burning my hands!

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