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Xbox Series X $749 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Back in stock again for those who missed the Microsoft Deal

Introducing Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles—all games look and play best on Xbox Series X.
Experience next-gen speed and performance with the Xbox Velocity Architecture, powered by a custom SSD and integrated software.
Play thousands of games from four generations of Xbox with Backward Compatibility, including optimized titles at launch.
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes over 100 high-quality games on console, PC, and Android mobile devices, online multiplayer, and an EA Play membership for one low monthly price (membership sold separately).*
Xbox Smart Delivery ensures you play the best available version of your game no matter which console you're playing on.

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  • +28 votes

    Refreshes PS5 link intensely

    • Microsoft =/= Sony…

    • I have a strong feeling by mid February or so we will have bunch of opportunities to grab a ps5, just gotta keep an eye!

    • Why is there always this comment in the Xbox deals but never the other way around. Not only that but people always trying to convince people to buy a PS5 in a Xbox deal..

      • On a scale from 1 to 10 how much does that frustrate you

        • it doesn't I just find it hilarious that people are so insecure about their console they post fanboy bs on a bloody deal website, what is this the youtube comment section lmao. Also tells you a lot about the people who are picking up certain consoles.

          • @Mooncakes: I just buy them all. And my PS5 was turned on twice since day 1. System updates. No regrets. Happily enjoying my Xbox consoles in the interim.

            Fanboys are pathetic.

          • @Mooncakes: "Also tells you a lot about the people who are picking up certain consoles."

            Also a fanboy comment.

            • @FabMan: This deal has 103 comments with 45 mentioning the PS5, the last PS5 deal has like 260 comments with 5 mentioning Xbox, there's a trend.

              • @Mooncakes: There aren't 45 comments mentioning PS5, PS5 is mentioned so many times as some commenters repeatedly say PS5, and in this post alone PS5 is mentioned 8 times. Many times PS5 is mentioned by people moaning about PS5 being mentioned adding to the tally, you have mentioned PS5 3 times here yourself, so what does that say about you? I would say you are acting like a fanboy. PS5.

                • @FabMan: You're just proving my point even more.

                  • @Mooncakes: Considering I own XBox, Nintendo, gaming PC, and PlayStation I wouldn't call myself a fanboy of one brand. I would call you a fanboy though.

                    • @FabMan: I own a Xbox, Switch, PS and PC too, care to explain to me how I am a fanboy I'll wait, can't wait to hear the stretch you go to.

                      • @Mooncakes: For the same silly reason I am supposedly proving your point. Let me know how I proving whatever your point was, as it is the same silly reason you are a fanboy.

                        You did however lie to try and get your point across. You stated 45 comments out of 108 mentioned it, that isn't true though as some people mentioned the Console-That-Must-Not-Be-Named several times in one post, and many of those that did was complaining about others mentioning it or asking which was the more ideal console to buy, only a few were the inane mentioning of the 'forbidden-to-name' product. So let's keep it rational.

    • Im gonnnnaaaaaaaaasaa

      Click refresh arghhhhhhhhhh

  • Just beat me to posting it! :)

  • genuine question - ps5 or xbox for a person who has never played on console ?

    • +20 votes

      PS5 - better exclusives.

    • Whichever one you choose will be the one you stick with in my experience. You're picking straws between the two at this point. I guess go ps5 if you like spiderman? Im an xbox person but just because im comfortable with the controller having had the xbox as my first console when i was a wee boy

    • I agree the PS5 has better exclusives (I'm still on my PS4 and don't intend to upgrade for a while) but Game Pass is a gamechanger for me on the PC and I'm seriously considering a change to Xbox Series X.

      • wow game pass is also great. wow its hard to choose now

      • Yeah I ordered an XSX through Telstra before Christmas and I'm really liking it. I'll still buy a PS5 eventually for the exclusives because they're too good to ignore but I can wait. For the time being XSX with game pass is an amazing deal, I'm loving it. Already played through 3 games I definitely wouldn't have purchased without game pass just because they didn't really appeal to me but I gave them a shot since they're "free".

      • Having been primarily a PC gamer for most of my life, but especially favouring it in the last few years (though dabled in consoles too -sega,ps1,2,3,4, xbox 1,360,X), the current benefits of XBOX and Gamepass is fantastic, definately a game changer. The fact I can pull up a massive library of awesome games with limited fuss is fantastic. The fact the xbox stays on in standby and automatically updates games, so when I come home I can turn it on and get straight into a game is fantastic. The quick resume function measns i pickup where I left off from the night before, and I can switch at a whim between multiple titles in literally seconds, not minutes, to pickup in that game where I left off. The big plus for me moving forward with gamepass that Linus Tech Tips pointed out, which has become a massive bugbear for me in the last few years, is that if friends have gamepass, then you all have the same games. No more of spending ages trying to find a title that everyone has bought (or can bothered/justify buying) in a group of friends. Sure there are a few counterpoints to some of the points made above, as there always wil be with any arguement (ie, you need to all have xbox's, you all need gamepass, you need friends), but the product and the ecosystem just seems well thought out.

    • Honestly buy what you want, it hardly matters you'll still have fun.
      Keep saving and buy the other console eventually and you won't miss a thing.

    • Any console which supports the games you want.

      I got my ps4 + vr for Beatsaber. Didnt play others that much, but still happy enough.

    • Game Pass is a pretty sweet deal, but as I have a PC, I'll be giving the xbox a miss. Will grab a ps5 once they're available as the exclusives are usually pretty good.

    • One thing people aren't mentioning is that if you have friends that mostly play one console, I would go for that one. Personally I have a PS5 though if all my friends were on Xbox I probably would have bought that instead. Theres a few cross play titles (Fortnite, CoD, etc), though not many.

    • Xbox as they have less stricter guidelines for game censorship.
      Also, you can easily emulate almost any older console on XBOX SX with the developer mode and massive list of backwards compatible games.

      PS5 is so "strong", you can't even emulate PS3 games.

      For me? I will stay on PC, as modding games increases the replayability to infinity.

      • I like PC too but expensive than console atm

      • There isn't much that emulates PS3 games well.

        XBox Series X probably couldn't emulate XBox 360 games well either. Currently, XBox 360 have their PowerPC executables recompiled into x86, effectively running natively on XBox One and XBox Series S and X. You will notice the XBox Series isn't fully backward compatible with all games because if the team hasn't recompiled the executable, it won't work.

        Try to calm your fanboyism.

        • I think the point being made is XB1 and XBS are backwards compatible with 577 XB360 games, whereas PS5 isn't compatible with any PS3 games unless they were remastered for PS4.

          XB360 games running on back-compat are generally equal to or superior in performance to the XB360 originals.

          Whatever your preference in consoles, Sony are playing catchup with Microsoft when it comes to back-compat. MS are playing catchup with exclusives.

          • @jirskyr: I would love PS5 to be 99% backwards compatible with everything going back to the PS1, however, it does cost money to hire programmers to recompile and test games, and apparently not that many people (percentage wise) are playing the older games. So it probably doesn't make financial sense especially since many of the more popular older games have been remastered for the PS4, so whatever is not remastered probably wouldn't justify the cost. I however am a bit of a retro gamer, so I would definitely want it.

    • PS5 if you like great single-player games with strong narratives. Xbox if you're into shooters and find game pass good value.

      Neither consoles has a lot of next-gen games at this point. In fact, Xbox has not launched ANY next-generation exclusive yet. Sony has Demon Souls, Sackboy and the black Spiderman which are technically next-gen. They do package some great last-gen exclusive that are "must plays".

      • Miles Morales is cross gen. The only real next gen exclusive on PS5 is Demon Souls, which is PS3 game.

    • Xbox with gamepass for a non console person is a great start. Just get a ps4 and play current gen exclusives.

    • Doesn't matter, both consoles have more games than you'll possibly have time for. Xbox has the better value and quality of life, ps5 has a larger player base.

    • Xbox game pass is amazing value , also includes ea play so you get a heap of those games to play too. No brainer for me.I haven’t had to buy a game for over a year.

    • who has never played on console

      either will do. for xbox get game-pass as it’ll give you lot of games to play with. ps5 will give you some real good games with ps plus as well for ps5 owners.

    • Xbox.. Especially if you have a PC and Gamepass. Free games on both!

  • Thanks OP bought 5,000 units

  • Shame there's no cashback on these.

  • Where my PS5 gang at

  • Can anyone actually add it to cart though ? Not working for me

  • Gone ski gone

  • Lasted about 8 mins before out of stock lol

  • 278 clicks in 6 minutes, OOS already.

  • OH WOW these were all gone in 5 mins RIP

  • Where is my ps5

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