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[eBay Plus] $10 / $5 Discount Voucher on eBay AU


I also got BPLUS/APLUS notification yesterday for $10 off but like others it didn't work for me either.

However, today I just checked eBay plus items again in the evening and got customised code starting with BPLUSXXXXXXX under eBayPlus items and was able to apply it at the checkout.
May be its targeted too but not sure.

The screen is now showing "Check my eBay for code"


Please check your my eBay page.

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  • Your post answered the question from your ID

  • The terms and conditions is a 404 for me, but it seems like its for any item that ships from Australia?

    the T&C working for anyone?

    • Worked for me for something from USA. I tried a few things in my cart and it worked for all, had to past for OS order, though.

  • Thanks for the post, I have one but Ebay didn't email me or notify in any way

  • So far saved $10 on eBay plus. Another $40 to go.

    • Got a $50 voucher for signing up, then saved another $80 on Black Friday so happy enough with it.

  • I have literally never gotten one of these targeted ebay plus deals…

  • I got a $5 voucher…

  • Got it thanks. Used it for a $10 iPad case I needed.. bought for free :)

  • Damn. I literally just bought something and as I clicked send I spotted a $10 voucher that could be applied to the order. I then bought something from China in US dollars and it wouldn't work on that.

    Looks like it expires on 23/1

  • This seems like a good buy for $13:
    $10 off at Dan Murphy's also seems like a good option:

  • Picked up a pair of $9.00 gardening gloves for free, eBay gave me a full refund because I was asking for a gift card every time my order wasn't on time during lockdown Melbourne, they said they didn't have a proper refund system and asked that I don't use eBay Plus features.

    • You might be one of the lucky ones. The cancellations don't seem to work either when they manually do it.

      I was a + subscriber early on, was bad, got banned, they canned my + account and refunded it, telling me I am never allowed to register for + again.

      Since then, my + features have stayed (free shipping, express shipping, codes during + days etc). Its now been well over 12 months since the original cancellation and the + is still going strong.

      • I got the Plus with the $50 voucher, got nearly another $50 worth of vouchers from complaining, then a full refund and these few deals including Fifa 21 for $25.

        Even got a Coles order for 20% off with delivery. It's a terrible service but for those who can get their $49 back it's pretty awesome.

  • I received $10, check out Cotton On, they have heaps of $5 items with free postage!

    • I got $5 voucher with minimum spend $50.

      • Weird, mine had no minimum spend so grabbed 2 items from Cotton On, and free delivery so absolute score!
        Do you have eBay Plus?

      • I got $5 voucher with minimum spend $50.

        If the code starts with MYPLUS, this is a monthly code for your plus account, not related to this current promo which has no minimum spend.

  • Assume this is single use?

  • Targeted code there now, Cheers
    Spare Phone covers always handy to have

  • How to check from app? Android app

  • I bought something non-ebay plus from US and the $10 code worked. It showed up under everything I searched. The code didn’t show up in the cart ‘Gift cards, coupons, vouchers’ section automatically with the US purchase, though, I had to paste it in 👍

    Annoying, though, had two notifications last night - APLUS and BPLUS - so thought both accounts with ebay plus would get the coupon, but other account not showing. That’s what you get, I guess 🤷

  • got $10 too.

  • Whyyyy the heck don't I have it!? Tried every step you guys have talked about in the comments darn it

  • Thanks OP

  • Do you need to have the app to get the offers?

  • I had the $10 pop up on my phone but can't find it now, there is a $5 now.
    edit, have both now in myebay.

  • Where do you see coupon offers as per the Op's screenshot

    I cant see it

    • You can check in myeBay(Desktop) page where all eligible coupons are listed or I was able to see when I click any eBay plus items(Verified on mobile app) where it says $10 off with code.

    • You can try it when you add ebay plus item during check out and go to vouchers/coupons and it should be in there.

  • Unrelated to this deal, has anyone got one of those offers of a $50 voucher to join ebay plus on an account they’ve already had ebay plus on?

    I don’t want to sign up with an account I’ve either had the trial on or a full year unless that voucher is guaranteed..

    • Yes I signed up earlier this week, my yearly sub expired back in October. They sent me an email promoting the $50 voucher. If you were sent the email, it will be fine.

  • In case it helps - I checked including in my eBay plus items and saw no reference to a voucher. However I found an iPad case I was looking to buy and the voucher was listed below the Postage details.

    • On the app the code will only be seen on individual product listing page.

      However, on a desktop browser, or on a mobile browser in "desktop view", you can see all available codes in the "My eBay Summary" area.

  • I would be sorely disappointed if I was eBay plus member and STILL NEEDED to be targeted to get a deal like this. Glad i got nothing to do with eBay plus anymore

  • I got $10 in the My eBay Summary page, though no notification of any sort.

    I didn’t used to get any of these offers until I let my eBay Plus subscription lapse for a few months before renewing. I’m also spending less than I used to, so that may also be a factor.

    • So did you get this without having a current eBay plus?

      • Nope, I have a current eBay Plus subscription.

        I let it lapse and after a few months got the offer to renew and get a $50 voucher, plus $5 each month.

        It took a few months of waiting until I got the above offer to renew. It was no big deal because the stuff I was buying was not benefiting from the eBay discounts on “selected items”.

  • I got $10.

  • I purchased from this Pharmacy. Free shipping and $10 off.
    Thanks OP.

  • For me, The 10$ valid for international item from China and not that plus item

  • I also have the $10 off but I did not get any notification or messages for it.
    Where does everyone receive their $5 coupon per month? I used to receive an email but I was advised it should be in my messages as part of ebay. I am yet to see any in there. Haven’t received one in about 6 months!

    • In my eBay summery , use full website not app
      I got that $5 off every single month. Minimum spend $50 eBay plus item only

      • I think theres two types of $5 vouchers the one starting with MYPLUS has no min spend whereas the one starting with YXXX has $50 min.

  • Nothing on either of my accounts ☹️

  • Thanks OP. Got the $10 offer.

  • The $10 off could be used to purchase a carton of the ozbargain favourite XPA for $58 delivered from the Sippify store: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Fox-Hat-Heavy-Handed-XPA-375ml-5...

  • Member since August 2019 and haven't received any targeted offers for several months now.

    • Yeah my mate never gets anything (not even the $5 off spend $50), and won't be renewing. I don't think i will either. Amazon usually the best for most stuff. Ebay Plus is (just) worth it for the $49 get $50 voucher promotion, with the express shipping and free returns. Hardly that necessary though.

  • Thanks OP. Got a $10 voucher

  • Only one of my accounts have the $10 voucher. I wonder what criteria activates this offer.

  • I received a $10 coupon last month and bought a brand new NFS Heat (PS4) for $10. It's better price than Amazon.

  • Got the voucher in my email, went to use it and says it is no longer works despite expiration being the 23/01
    Thought there might finally have been some benefit to being a plus member…

  • I saw yesterday there was a $10 voucher given to me, but today it disappeared. I haven't had a chance to use it. Is this even legal they can took away something they just gave away?

  • What a shit show, my voucher is gone too…

    • Mine disappeared too, was just about to use it now! Arghhh

      • So I tried my luck with online help/chat. They asked for a screenshot and I said I didn't have one but remembered the voucher started with BPLUS.. and it was available yesterday but didn't get a chance to use it.

        The guy then gave me another $10 voucher as a 'once off' which I have just redeemed :) (note I also had a 5% off code but they didn't stack unfortunately).

        So maybe try your luck with online chat (although looks like some people haven't had much success)

        • Code is back! Score cos I also got $10 from the online chat guy this morning too. So $20 in total today.

  • Mine is gone too. Seriously just when I thought my opinion of eBay couldn't get any lower.

  • Yep - went to use this morning and gone! And could I be bothered sitting on the phone with them to sort it?? Not sure…. time to cancel eBay plus soon methinks

  • Same, had a code last night, logged on this morning to use it and it's gone. EbayPlus seems a waste of time these days.

  • Same here went to use today morning and it gone, I am pretty sure it was showing yesterday use by 23/01, I contacted the help via chat they have asked me a screen shot to prove and without any screen shot they can not able to honour it :-(

    • By some miracle I put my laptop to sleep with the code on screen.
      Tried the code and it didn't work but lucky I have the code now to present to chat to see what they say.

      Also took a screenshot for good measure. Let's see if they honour it

      • Lucky you mate, chat with them hopefully, it will helps to resolve the issue for others

        • Even though I had the exact voucher code they wouldn't reissue the voucher without a screenshot.

          So I had to email it in then they honoured it.

          Terrible service

          • @edrift: Agree is terrible service, that's why I gave them 1star feedback literally, I don't want to give any star, but unfortunately, I need to select at least one.

    • Yes, thats the expiry date. Lucky I redeemed it yesterday.

  • same here. code disappeared

  • omg! mine is gone!!!!
    it was saying expired on 23 jan ???

  • response from chat… "I understand the issue about the $10 voucher. We have been receiving similar concerms about this voucher. We have escalated this issue with our technical team and they are looking into it. We will contact you via email once this is fixed."

  • s/*$ ebay. I was targeted for both, then I had a personalized code. Now it disappeared too …
    ebay support "Sorry. We're having technical difficulties. Please try again later."

  • My $10 is gone. Never seen this before.