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Mortgage Broker Refinance Deal - $500-$1k Extra Broker Cashback on Top of Any Lender Offer @ Integral Loan Solutions


Providing an update on recent lender changes this last month and what the majority of my client base has been doing this past month.

Most of my clients are going to these 3 lenders at the moment:

St George - Still running a 4k rebate till the end of January. Hasnt been extended yet. owner occ 2.04% 2 year fix comp rate 3.41% reduced after a pricing request. Owner occ 2.54% basic no frills redraw product comp rate 2.56%. Investment 2 year fix 2.44% comp rate 3.93% reduced after a pricing request.

Citibank - 3k rebate 350k to 750k and 4k rebate for 750k + loans. Providing 30 basis points off headline variable rates for 350k+ balance and under 80% lvr from their quoted online rates through the citibank bdm pricing approval. This makes the majority of citibank variable rates in the top 3 best on market right now. Once you account for the refinance rebate its best on market. Has the lowest 2 year fixed rate on market for investment on P&I and IO. 2.29% comp rate 3.26% P&I and 2.49% io 2 year fix comp rate 3.53%. owner occupied 1.99% 2 year fix 2.97% comp rate.

Suncorp - 1.89% 2 year fix owner occupied comp rate 2.94% reduced after a pricing request. No rebate at the moment. It was expired on the 18th of december. Ive been told they are running another rebate at the start of February.

Broker Cashback $500 for balances between 250k and 650k net of offset & $1000 cashback for balance over 650k net of offset. Broker rebate paid post settlement normally 2 months post settlement.

My experience 7 years in commsec and cba on a margin lending desk and as in in house cba branch home lender. 4 years as a mortgage broker running my own company.

You can book an appointment straight into my calendar - https://calendly.com/adrianplayermortgagebroker/15min

Kind Regards

Adrian Player | Director

M: 0416643638

E: [email protected]

W: www.integralloansolutions.com.au

Adrian Player is a credit representative (498364) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237).

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  • thanks for the info.. can you make any comments on a 1.99% fixed for 4 years with Bankwest, moving my savings / mortgage and credit card all there. $395 fees per year, no monthly fees etc.


    thank you.

    • Ive never written a 5 year fixed loan due to break costs associated if something changes in the 5 years. 4 years is pretty similar. Most suited client to this type of deal is age 55+ and looking to retire on a dependable payment or a client going over seas for extended periods of time.

      Its not a bad deal on that rate compared to the other products out there.

      St george does have a 4 year fix 1.94% + 4k rebate and that reduces to 1.89% if you lvr is under 60% lvr so it is a slightly better deal then that bankwest one.

      • thanks for comments.. I'm 50+ and not looking to retire, but I cannot foresee the % rate dropping any lower.. if employment fails and if I'm forced to sell there's little I can do about it any way - but it drops my mortgage weekly repayments substantially over what it is now. lvr is under %80, but above 60%.. will look at the St. George offer and contact you for your help. Thank you.

        • +1 vote

          Appreciate it. Send me an email or book an appointment. Can get you into citibank on a 1.99% 2 year fix with a 3k rebate if you want to avoid any big break costs. Either way you have researched the market and have an opinion on rates which is exactly the thing you need to do if you fix for longer then 3 years so kudos to you. Many dont do the research and sign up to these long fixes blindly.

      • Hi Adrian,
        I’m not looking to sell my property in next 4 to 5 years, is there any reason I would go with variable over fixed?

        • Variable gives you the flexibility in repayment and have offset account lined to the variable portion. Also if you think rates are going down variable can take advantage of anymore rate cuts.

          First you should check the gap between the variable rates and fixed rates. Only fix the loan if the gap is wide and to your advantedge. Online fix if you want a dependable payment. Only fix if you want to be protected from any rate rises.

  • A few of the calculators on your website aren't working

  • By any chance did u used to have the number plate player?

  • Do all the mentioned banks do construction loans?

  • The main 3 banks i run my construction loans at the moment is:

    white labelled nab
    me bank

    mainly due to rate + service levels ie how quick they are.

    • What are some rates for construction loans?
      How does LVR come into it? Does it even have LVR?

      • +1 vote

        Most construction loans do not include the end value of the property being built. So you have to settle on the land and cover the whole of the construction cost.

        ie 400k land you put 10-20% down as a deposit then you have a 250k construction loan ie end lvr is 400k + 250k = 650k with 80k equity in it ie 570k loan size at 87% lvr.

        bankwest 2.52% at 80% lvr comp rate 2.98% variable P&I
        adelaide bank 2.49% at 90% lvr comp rate 2.73% variable P&I

        • Thanks! Those are good interest rates.

          When it comes to refinancing, say the property increased in value - would I be able to get the extra equity back in cash if I've refinanced at a higher valuation?
          I probably butchered that question…

          • @Midcrown: Yes when ever a property is revalued you always have the chance that it will be higher or lower. If higher you can pull some cash out up to 80%.

            If you get past 80% you can refinance to another provider.

  • what are current turn around times with the banks?

  • anz $3000 cashback?

  • Hey Adrian, any cashback offers for new purchase loan? Looking at purchasing an investment at 80% LVR.

    • Yes citibank has the same cashback deal 3-4 k for purchases. But please bear in mind they limit the lvr on units if it is over or under 30 units in the block or if the block is less then 2 years old.

      You also get the same 500-1000 deal through me as well.

      Send me an email.

  • Hi Adrian,

    Would any of these loan consider my partners salary based on casual and/or self employed income?

    • yes if casual - We need to work how consistent your partners income is. is it seasonal and how long they have worked at that employer for? For self employed we need to know if the abn has been active for the last 24 months+ company or sole trader? And what was earnt on the 2019 and 2020 tax returns.

  • Hey Adrian, I've sent you an email :)

  • Ok thanks ill have a look. Driving back from newcastle to sydney today so it will be later today when i reply.

    • Thanks. You sent me your "calendar" which contains 3 dates available when I asked to book an appointment when my original email clearly stated I only work standard business hours.

      Take your time, no need for a reply over the weekend!

  • Ok no worries. Happy to book an appointment outside business hours if that helps. Let me know when you are free?

  • Hi Adrian. Does citibank still have the cashback going on? I cannot find on the website

    • Yes they do and its still available. Yes it isnt on the citibank website and or a lot of the discounts they are offering on their rates as well. Its a discretion they give through the broker bdm.