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nbn Unlimited 100/20 $89/M, 100/40 $89/M, 250/25 $99/M, 1000/50 $119/M for 6 Months (New/Existing Customers) @ Aussie Broadband


I found this on whirlpool.

Existing customers use https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/lp/freakinfast/customer

100/20 $89/month (Was $99)
100/40 $89/month (Was $109)
250/25 $99/month (Was $129)
1000/50 $119/month (Was $149)

Due to the recent HFC technology shortages and the potential demand on our call centre, we feel it is important to manage demand and as such, we have decided to put our existing customer Focus on Fast promotions on hold.

If customers decided to upgrade their plans now via MyAussie, the system is ready and will apply the promotion (provided the service is eligible), but we will be holding off our communications of Focus on Fast to existing customers until later this week.

Plans not available at all premises. Only redeemable with an existing active Aussie Broadband nbn™ service. Current nbn™ plan must be held for a minimum of 3-months prior to the upgrade to be eligible to receive the discount.

Customers are eligible to upgrade to any supported plan above/faster than their existing active plan

Update. Thanks to kain0rer

They've scrapped the need for being on the same plan for 3 months, it's now as long as you haven't been on the same plan you're upgrading to in the last 3 months.

Focus on Fast Terms & Conditions

New customers for 100/20, 250/25 and 1000/50 use https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/lp/freakinfast

100/20 $89/month (Was $99)

FAST10 $10 off for first 6 Months 100/20 plans only (DIRECT MAIL)

250/25 $99/month (Was $129)
1000/50 $119/month (Was $149)

Please note: your promo code fast30 will be applied automatically on the final step of the signup process.

New customers for 100/40 use https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/nbn-plans/

100/40 $89/month (Was $109)

FAST20 Direct Mail offer $20 off for 6 months (100/40 PLANS ONLY)

Terms & Conditions

Referral Links

Referral: random (525)

$50 each for referrer & referee apply afterwards.

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  • +1

    Anyone on HFC signed up with the 1000/50 connection plan? Any indication as to what kinda speed I would get?

    • Anywhere from 750-990Mbps according to NBN Co.

      • +2

        I am getting around 910 - 930 any time of the day. But that may vary based on location and other factors.

    • I average around 930 on speed test. But steam downloads well over 1000

      • +2

        Are you sure you're not mistaking 1000Mbit equals 100MB/s? Because if you get 930Mbit you will be downloading at 116.25MB/s providing the other side can push it out.

        • As a guess he probably isn't misinterpreting anything, Steam just likes to over-report download speeds sometimes. Comparing with Task Manager speeds, Steam speeds can show a 10-20% difference.

        • +2

          8 bits in a byte.

    • about 700-900
      its pretty sweet.

    • I had this a few months ago.. Speeds were great on HFC, albeit topping out at 300 - 400mbps. Turns out (from what I read, someone correct if wrong) you need a pretty sweet (and not cheap) router to handle gigabit speeds. I changed to 100/40 cause I'm too pov to buy a better router.

    • i'm on HFC 1000/50

      Download speeds at night are around 110mb/s

      AVG speed through the day 90 MB/S

      Avg Speedtest 933mbps

  • +16

    Hahahaha I just ported out to Superloop.

    • +4

      Ported out yesterday to launtel.

      • +11

        As much as I loved ABB, Launtel with their adjustable speeds and Damien at the helm is going to get some of my money too.

    • +3

      Ported to SL from ABB as well. I am happy at the 50/20 tier and SL's savings are too good to ignore. Speeds are just as good if not better and my ping for FFXIV seems to be lower too!

      • +4

        Not sure why someone would neg your comment. Because of your comment, I just ported to SL 50/20 from ABB 100/20 going from $99 to $59 (for six months).

        • +3

          Beats me. Some weird people on this site.

          I was happy with ABB but their lack of pricing changes made me give SL some serious consideration and here I am, now a SL customer.

      • why does Super Loop have a low rating on Google

        • Dunno. But I can confidently say I am pleased with the service provided. Have had 0 issues since porting over and am a very content customer

        • +1

          Because if you need support they are atrocious, seriously 1+ hour wait times, which i had to endure because they stuffed up my sign up process.

          Also they are only as fast as ABB IF your in an area where their CVC is not strained.

          I'm in Canberra and the Superloop CVC hits bottlenecks at peak times, unlike Aussie Broadband, so i'm switching back to ABB.

          Happy to pay the extra for stable peak period speeds.

    • +7

      I did the same, two months ago I ported to Superloop because I was annoyed how AussieBB never offered deals to existing customers. Looks like things are changing. But I'm currently paying $74 for 100/40 for the next few months.

      • Same here.

      • is it 100/40 or 100/20?
        I have churned to SL but only got 100/20 for $75/m. How can you get 100/40?
        Thank you.

        • You need to select the "build your own" option - it is not displayed at first.

        • I signed up for 100/40. For me it was on the main plan selection. The original plan was $98.95, and when I signed up I got a $15/m discount. Then a friend used my referral code, so I got a further 10% off.

    • +1

      Also recently ported from ABB to Superloop, speeds are exactly the same but $25/month cheaper!

  • +87

    'Existing Customer Only" - too late, I've switched away! There's better to be had e.g. Superloop 100Mbps/40Mbps $89p/m first 6 months then $99

    That will teach you for not looking after existing customers first!

    • +22

      Yep. A day late and a dollar short.
      ABB - 100/20, $89 for 6 months
      Superloop - 100/20, $75 for 6 months

      It was a no brainer for me.

      • +3
        • much better customer service and speeds (YMMV)
        • +3

          From my personal experience Superloop's speeds are the same as ABB, 107/19 on 100/20 plan.

      • ABB - 100/40, also $89 for 6 months

    • +13

      Yeah - wish they had provided this earlier! Had no issues with ABB but couldn't justify the ~$30/mth price gap on 100/40.

      • +9

        Yep. Too little too late. Theyve lost a metric crapton of goodwill by forcing loyal customers to churn away with their recent draconian price hikes.

        I dont even know what theyd have to offer to get me back.

        • $1 cheaper than others :)

          Ozbargainers means no loyalty to any brand.

    • +6

      Hah same.
      Went to Superloop, suckers

      • +1

        review is horrible

        • +1

          Been with both at 2 residences. Same service, apples and oranges

        • +6

          been with two , SL is identical or even better (i switched to SL for better 100/40 price)
          People who put those reviews have little to no clue!

      • Me too, just yesterday. The process is ridiculously easy and fast too. I am never sticking loyal to any ISP again.

    • +6

      "That will teach you for not looking after existing customers first!"

      I checked through my emails to see if they were doing the right thing and sent me an email alerting me to this offer, but there was nothing in my inbox, promotions or spam from ABB. So I too have now transferred away to Superloop thanks to your comment. Signed up online and the process took less than 20 minutes from me entering my details to losing my connection to being reconnected again.

      Goodbye ABB.

    • No issues accessing sites in Asia with slowness ? Some people report ABB is better for Japan Hong Kong and China sites

  • -1

    Are their customer service location in the Philippines?

    • +18

      In Victoria.

      • +4

        Soooo… Mexico. ;p

        • +12

          Morwell. Close enough 🤣

  • +2

    Existing Customers Only - what

    • +3

      you can sign up here as new customer and same pricing


      • Doesn't look like you can. Go through the steps and it's the higher pricing.

        • +2

          I tried it at the time and on the final page it applied $30 discount to make it $99/month for 250/25 plan.

    • +3

      I'm already on the highest plan allowable, called to ask them WTF, they said don't care can't help.
      Going to change to another ISP.

      • Just be glad they didn't literally ridicule you online for trusting their promises in your recorded phone call.
        And then hold your VOIP number at ransom, by refusing to give the new provider the lock ID.

        ABB can walk

      • Yeah, considering doing the same. For $5-$10 a month I wouldn't care buyt $30 a month… ABB should really think about that. Who is going to stay?

        • +2

          Just churned, now on superloop.

  • -1

    Just downgraded to the 100/40 plan, no mention of the special price hope it works.

    • +1

      If customers decided to upgrade their plans

    • Downgrade further, then upgrade again?

      Hrmm… you would hope they're smarter than that…

  • How long with the price last for? Tempted to boost to 250

    • +4

      Offer ends 31/07/2021 at 11:59pm.

    • +2

      6 months.

  • +2

    new customers have same price of offer

    OP can perhaps update deal.

    • I tried on my mobile with 4G and it's showing the normal price?

      • checked again now using MacBook, same price for new customers.

        See Here

        • once you select the plan, it shows regular price on couple of pages but then shows promotional price -$30 for six months for new sign ups.
          perhaps they will update it soon on the main page

        • I'm still not seeing it even on incognito with 4G. I'll update the post if more users can confirm.

          • +1

            @Twix: go via the page you posted. Under Need help switching, there is a link "Click here to see our new customer offerings"


            • @fifoo: Now I see it thanks. The T&C's on that says.

              Only redeemable with an existing active Aussie Broadband nbn™ service.
              Current nbn™ plan must be held for a minimum of 3-months prior to the
              upgrade to be eligible to receive the discount.

  • +3

    Why existing only? Superloop it is

  • +34

    Discount isn't showing for me in MyAussie, am I doing something wrong?

    • +5

      Yeah, I can't see where to add the code

      • Yeah me neither - can anyone advise?

        • No idea

          • @JoJoker: Call them up, i couldnt find it on app/mobile, didnt try desktop though

            • @Securityclearance: Calling up worked for me. Agent had to get approval from a supervisor but all sorted within a few mins.

              • @BloodyOath: Its a bit ridiculous that a tech company, with a decent customer portal, still needs phone calls to make things happen.

    • +2

      Same here…

    • +1

      I had this too. If you were on 100/40 plan and we're automatically switched to 100/20 in November, you wouldn't have done the 3 months minimum as per the T&C's, so you need to call them up to get it automatically applied at next renewal.

      • +2

        Brutal. Still salty about that drop in speed, and price increase.

        • +1

          same, Ieft me with one foot out the door

          • @greennick: Same. The other company I was looking at world have had me if they had a comprehendable website too.

            That and I'm lazy…

        • Same. They are bullying existing customers, scared that we are not leaving them fast enough… so they are doing this to kick us all away to another provider.. like really, what is going on with their effort to provide a decent customer satisfaction.. it's all gone now

  • +1
  • +5

    Not sure why anyone would go for 100/20 when 100/40 is the same price

    • +4

      because after 6 months the price will be different

      • +3

        Yeah but you can just switch back to 100/20 after that or churn to another provider.

        • If you can be bothered, im sure alot of people just leave it cause it's on direct debit and forget

  • +6

    When you log into myaussie it doesn't show the offer, has anyone done the change yet?

  • -1

    What just downgraded to 75/20 for $89 from Feb.

  • Nothing for business users. Will be upgrading to give the higher speeds a shot.

    • Same here, they don't value business customers.

  • +1

    Like others, no discount showing when clicking through. Maybe come back later?

  • +1

    new pricing on their landing pages but it's not reflecting in myAussie?

  • How about any discounts for existing ABB FTTB customers, Any one knows any better deals available for FTTB plans on other service providers ?

    • +1

      100/20 and 100/40 is available on FTTB with Aussie BB.

      Superloop deal

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