This was posted 8 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Back Order] LifeStyles Regular Condoms 40 Pack $10 (Minimum Qty: 2) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Hesitate to post condom deal cause Australia need more babies.

Not the cheapest (25¢/shot), but for those who need to stock up for valentine day.

update: out of stock, back order Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    any specials on "petite" sized ones?

    • +2

      Get a rubber glove, cut the fingers, apply.

      • +5

        I got a rubber glove, cut my fingers, have applied the glove.
        Not sure what I do next? The blood is dripping everywhere.

  • ah nice…

  • +10

    The fact I'm on OzB is enough contraception for me!

    • +7

      If you wear the IKEA hat, ozb shirt and eneloops on a belt clip. Guaranteed virginity protector.

      • IKEA hat > Bunnings hat?

  • Here for the comments.

  • which were the ones that were thinner?

    edit: Okamoto and they are pricey on ebay

  • +1

    Is there a subscribe and screwsave option?

  • +30

    I bought 40 the other day. Was asked if I wanted a bag.

    Told them they're not that ugly.

    • nice one! hahaha

    • Are bags on special this week?

    • +4

      The bag was for you!

  • +2

    does it come in XS size?

  • I'm thinking of getting the snip but I'm shitscared.. lol

    • +1

      Of what? That they might slip?

      • That, and also if I ever want more kids in future.

  • Odd that no one has mentioned it yet, but if its $10 for 40, doesn't that make it 25c/shot? or am I not math-ing right?

  • Do they have the thin ones on sale?
    Feel a lot better.

  • Lol at the report.

  • 20s/shot??

    you mean 20C/Shot?

    otherwise you may need to see a specialist….

  • my kid blew it up and used it as balloon

  • +4

    My SO Handgelina is going to be so excited…

  • Wow 40 x 2. No subscribe and save? :D

  • How many life times do they expect me to have? In a way I feel offended!

  • Never used one. Calculate your risk

  • +8

    You guys have sex?

    • +9

      Daily. Oh you meant with someone else?

  • +2


    • Your preeeecccious.

    • +1


    • Asking for a friend?

    • buy a ballon then

  • I want to lament about single-use rubber!

  • +3

    [Serious] Which is your condom of choice?

    • +2

      None, if I get a choice.

      • Raw (profanity) feel like you flying

    • Lifestyles SKYN range.

    • Anything larger than regular. Size-wise I’m at the upper end of the bell end curve and regular is too constricting. Large condoms aren’t just for showing off, they provide a more comfortable fit, meaning you’re more likely to use them. I think Skyn brand or something i usually go for. Most guys are on prep these days so it doesn’t take a lot of convincing to go bare, sadly. Until they invent a male pill to stop pregnancy for straight guys, condoms are your best bet to stop unwanted pregnancies.

      • What is Prep?

  • I have never ordered these via the web, what should I do if they are damaged in transit?

    • +1

      Call your credit card provider or Amazon.

      When asked how do you know they are damaged, show proof of pregnancy test kit.

    • They're not made of crystal, mate.

  • Are these reusable?

    • Wash them. dry them. Then reuse.

  • +6

    I'm married, does anyone wanna go halves?

  • Ribbed for her pleasure ??? EWWWWW
    /Wayne's World reference

  • +1

    I hope they don't cock-up my order.

  • +2

    Why don't the large size ever go on special?

    • +3

      Garbage bags are cheaper..

  • There's almost always more comments than upvotes for condom deals. OzBargain can be cringey sometimes.

  • So every "no" means I save 20c? There is a good side to everything then….
    Op's name checks out… :-)

  • 100 piece balloon pack at The Reject Shop for $5 is better value, only 5c a shot.

  • Married for over 15 years so.. Can I take this with me to the afterlife??
    As an ozbargainer, this is a too good deal to not miss.

    • Only if your wife burns them along with your belongings when you get pushed into the furnace.

      • ahh.. good point. I'll put this in my will.

  • Excuse me, what do you use this one for? Please explain

  • +1

    True Oz bargain would use one side.
    Then turn it inside out and use the other side.

    Boom! 40 = 80! And 25c a shot is now 12.5c a shot.

    • +1

      This method comes with a chance to win a free 18 year home arrest package!

      Don't miss your chance!

  • +1

    Weekend sorted

  • +1

    Glad to know that I've just saved $10 by not having a gf :(

    • +8

      mate!! you save more than $10 for NOT having a gf, trust me mate!

    • hmmmm guess it's -$10 for rubber, +$10 for extra kleenex?

  • +1

    The only effective reuse method I've found is with a friend. You need to touch heads and then do a clean exchange in one swift roll

  • Mum asks does this include the strawberry flavoR?

    • hold up

  • With the current Covid-19 outbreak, don't we need a condom to cover our entire body?

  • +2

    All this Olympic Games uncertainty is making the condom futures market volatile.

    • Took me a few seconds to work that one out!

      • Well, the Sydney Olympics allocated 90+ thousand for 11,000 athletes. By Rio, it was 450,000. 42 per athlete for 16 days of competition.

  • Do they come in extra BIGG for my ginormous penis haha big prednis funny

  • A true ozbargainer uses the drapes.

  • +1

    Not the cheapest (25¢/shot)

    I refuse to ejaculate if it costs more than 15¢ a pop.

  • +1

    Mine usually get supplied.

  • +2

    I think it's not good to buy condoms online because you can't be certain they haven't exceeded the max temperature during delivery. It's probably going to be ok, and safer during winter, but if it's hot weather and you aren't home and the package gets delivered and left in the sun, or if it sits in a hot delivery van for most of the day, perhaps next to the vehicle's window with the sun shining on the box… not worth taking the chance IMO. Something to think about

    • probably comes to your brick and mortar store in a hot delivery van as well

      • Coles and Woolies should be ok.

  • No extra large??

  • +1

    offer me someone I can use with please

    • +1

      There is a place in Surry Hills in Sydney, only $60 a pop if you don't last more than 20 minutes.
      But they provide their own condoms so you don't need this deal anyway.

      • Do they also provide masks?

  • +1

    Why would they sell such a large box. Enough for 20 lifetimes? So wasteful.

  • Opportunities are on back order too so no worries there.

  • +4

    I have 7 children who cost me close to $300 a fortnight on food alone! If this deal was posted 12 years ago, I'd have saved at least $7800 a year for the next 18 years!!

    • Hi dad! We need better food :(

  • Anyone wanna go halves? I can only fit so many of them inside my hot tuna velcro wallet

    • Yeah sure. Let me get my scissors…

  • such a waste of money, a true ozbargainer finds em on street corners and stomps em half clean in the shower

    • +1

      Wait, you use a shower?
      I just wait till it rains.

  • Don’t wanna get pregante

  • Good price for 40 min of pleasure.