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Fortis Gym Station - $299 Delivered @ Kogan


Just saw this on Kogan. Brother is in need of full-body exercise machine so we bought one. Not sure about the quality

Copied and pasted from their website:

Say goodbye to overcrowded gyms and exorbitant fees, and hello to the Fortis Gym Station, giving you a gym-grade full body workout from the comfort of your own home.

  • Tailor your workout with multi-function equipment
  • Work your chest, back, biceps, legs, shoulders and triceps
  • Adjustable weights to suit your fitness levels and goals
  • Sweat-proof high-density cushions for superior comfort
  • Heavy-duty powder-coated steel structure
  • Save money on gym memberships!

Whether it’s leg day or bicep week, the all-in-one design of the Fortis Gym Station has your workout needs covered.


  • Includes wide and close grip attachments, padded preacher curl pads and padded leg/foot holds
  • Triple pulley system with 45kg weights
  • Mesh weight plate guards for added stability

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  • Sold out, unfortunately!

  • Still in stock, just purchased

    • 45kg in weights isn't a lot?

      • Yeah good point, I don't see myself using this to get ripped and vascular but this is probably more than ample for the Mrs

      • https://www.runnersworld.com/news/a27750707/heavy-or-light-w...

        So thinking bas changed.
        This isn’t for mr universe but for most people here would be a great starter.

        To build muscle stick to low reps but go very slow until exhaustion

        This would be great to build strength and add some muscle mass.

        • +15 votes

          Thinking hasn't changed. There's no new secrets to unlock with building muscle. It's been the same damn concepts for decades. Why anyone would get hypertrophy advice on a runners website is beyond me but the advice is flat out wrong. Time and tension is a true concept but this article does a horrible job at explaining how to incorporate this into an actual muscle building program. Reps above 15 are not conducive to muscle building. Do sets of 8-12 with low rest in between and control the eccentric. Using free weights with barbells and dumbbells is also better than a machine because it does a lot of the stabilisation which your muscles and joints would otherwise do.

          Save your money and don't buy this low quality trash cos you won't end up using it in 3 months time.

          • @spiff: yes this is TRASH! TRASH!!!

          • @spiff: They did a study on high reps with light loads Vs low reps with heavy loads and found that both stimulate muscle growth and there was little difference in hypertrophy between subjects with no prior training. I believe that high repetitions have there place in weight training and should not be discounted as useless

            • @PAOK11: High reps on small muscles and largely isometric movements on exercises for calves, biceps, rear delts might have their place, but for big compound movements if you're doing more than 20 reps in a set you're probably wasting your time for the sole purpose of hypertrophy. From a mechanical tension point of view if you do 20 reps then the first 10 are probably a waste of time and you could just do 10 reps at a higher weight.

    • Did you have a problem with the weight plates being too wide for the support rod? Wondering if I did something wrong or they shipped me the wrong plates since they were in a separate box

  • Could someone please advise if this is actually a good price? I wasn't shopping for a gym station, I probably don't need a gym station, but now I have a gym station….

  • Thanks grabbed one.
    Usually $180 for shipping alone for me!!

    • Did you have a problem with the weight plates being too wide for the support rod? Wondering if I did something wrong or they shipped me the wrong plates since they were in a separate box

  • Thank you so much
    Grabbed one!

    • Did you have a problem with the weight plates being too wide for the support rod? Wondering if I did something wrong or they shipped me the wrong plates since they were in a separate box

  • +32 votes

    Good for airing laundry.

    • Speaking from personal experience, I'd say the G6 multistation from Lifespan is even better at airing laundry. The lat pulldown bar is bent at several points which means that you can evenly space coat hangers, and it has the extra chin-up/pullup/dips bars to hang things from. Definitely worth the extra few hundred dollars (when on sale) for this purpose.

      • If you unlock the weights you can use the cable as a clothes line.

        • You could also hang a coat hanger off each of the holes in the plates AS WELL AS the holes in the actual column of the stack.
          The possibilities are endless!!

  • +12 votes

    45 kg? That's going to be useless pretty quick for a lot of exercises.

  • How disappointing…not available for shipping in my area….

    This product can only be delivered to the following areas:
    Metropolitan addresses in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WASold Out
    Metropolitan addresses in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WAIn Stock
    Plus selected regional areas
    During the checkout, please enter in your postcode to see if it is available in your area.

  • +14 votes

    Reviews don't sound to good

    • you can expect many of the moving wheels and bearings to be encased in soft plastic that meld over time and then one day the cable just snaps and the weights slam into the floorboards.

      • But thankfully because they only weight 45kg it'd do less damage than if you tripped over your shoe laces and hit the floor

  • Not available for delivery to anywhere in Canberra :(

  • How hard to put together is this going to be?

    • -3 votes

      "how much does it cost to put this together" would be a better question

    • I bought a home gym station like this from Pauls Warehouse or Rebel Sport (I forget) many many years ago (like 15 years or so). They sent a guy out to install. Legit installed the damn thing in less than 30 minutes. It was like watching Van Gogh painting. He didn't even look at the manual. It was so complicated with all the parts and screws but that guy was a machine. It was amazing to watch. It would have taken me two days to install that thing.

      Edit. Yes they sent out one guy to install. He installed by himself !!

    • So basically you got a machine like this. Not this machine.

      Your story is like the following if this was a deal for say, a Corolla hatchback: "I bought a hatchback cheaper ten years ago, it had a bigger engine, I sold it two years later at 66% of the price I paid".

  • that a nice clothes rack

  • 45kg is a really low amount for most exercises you would do with this type of machine. Consider a lat pull down - if you weigh 80, it would take you only half way to doing an unassisted pull up.

    • A good friend of mine with the same limiting factor just worked up to sets of 100-200 reps (exercise dependent) and is ridiculously strong for a guy who never trains with more than about 45kg…. The challenge is just enduring the incredible monotony.

      • Depends on your body goal. Reps of 200 won’t build muscle but you will be mighty lean.

        • high reps is the whole point of hypertrophy though..

          Then add longer time under tension (im talking doing one rep over 10 seconds) and yes this will build muscle.

          • @end0rphine: Wrong. Mid range reps (8-12) is best for hypertrophy. Doing lower weights and 20-30+ reps is not conducive to hypertrophy.

            • +8 votes

              @spiff: You should be careful saying 'wrong'.

              I was a strength and conditioning coach for over 10 years, I've seen some crazy shit totally work. Also he's talking one rep for 10 secs. You need to include the TUT and not just mindlessly yell out 8-12 for everything. It's more complicated than that.

      • That honestly just sounds like a waste of time. Maybe if he literally can't afford any other equipment, but even a pullup bar would be beneficial with the increased load that his bodyweight would provide over doing low-weight lat-pulldowns at ridiculously high reps.

      • How would you measure strength if you don't lift heavier and heavier weights. Doing endless reps is a test of endurance.

    • I can do 30 pushups pretty easily and I weight 90kg. Does that mean I should be able to bench 90kg about 30 times without a spot?

      • If you can do those pushups as planche pushups then sure

        • Planche push ups are ultra difficult because of the core strength involved. I've been able to do them before and at that time I could bench about 70 kg at 85kg body weight.

          Pull ups are much easier than doing body weight lat pulldowns for most people. They are a different exercise using slightly different muscles and much easier to cheat or swing accidentally.

          I weigh 90 kg and can do about ten pull-ups. The most I can do on a lat pulldown machine is about 75kg one time. I have to drop the weight down to about 60kg to do ten.

      • No. Pushups are about 70% of your bodyweight, so 30x63kg reps may equate to around 10x90kg

        That said you are more stable when doing a pushup, so chances are your stabilising muscles may fail in a benchpress.

        In summary - don't test your max without a spotter or safety bar.

  • Did they increase the RRP from $600 to $899? That's what someone says in the review.

  • Sold again

  • Looks like some assembly required which should be fun to watch someone do : https://assets.kogan.com/files/usermanuals/FSHMGYMSTNA-QSG.p...

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to increase the weights and if so where to buy the extra weight plates that fit into this?

    • Yes. You skip this all together and get a squat rack, bench, barbell and weights

  • I'm dying at the photoshopped faces on some of the photos lol

  • 45kg is an embarrassing point.

    • Would 45kgs translate to something heavier since you're using a pulley system?

      • Not really. Im no fitness buff, but ive been going to the gym for the past year and im currently pulling 80KG on the lat pull down with 3 sets, so 45kg wont get you far. But i suppose you could start doing pull ups after reaching the max

        • Are you sure? If you notice the picture has 10 plates. That's because each plate is 10 pounds. To do 80kg you'd be doing over 17 plates labeled as 170.

        • I reckon you are misreading the weight, 80 probably refers to lb (pounds) not kg at your gym. Most gym equipment have it labelled in lb. Mine has different machines labelled in kg and lb. So I have to do a quick convert so I know I'm using the correct weight. If you can do a lat pulldown at 80kg in your first year then you must be very strong.

          Tbh, I have made this mistake until I realised this when I was using different numbered machines.

      • This is the only correct post in here regarding the weights - pulley systems will multiply force

    • Better than not lifting at all though, right bruh

  • this is good for women only. 45kg isnt enough. also do you even lift?

  • Probably some adjustable dumbbells and an adjustable bench is alot better.

  • Thanks op, Just ordered one and we'll see how it goes. had to try 2 different addresses as it doesn't deliver to some

  • I'll wait 2 months and see then on Gumtree for $180