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nbn FTTP & HFC Unlimited 250/25 $89/Month for 6 Months (Save $20/Month) @ Mate


No contract and Aussie support.

The offer includes: A broadband data service over the nbn™ for residential use. $89 per month for the first 6 months, then $109 per month.

Typical busy period download speed 208Mbps

Critical Information Summary

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      I would stick with the 100/40 if you are working / studying from home.

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        Oh make no mistake, I intend to. Even 40mbps upload isn't enough for me, but it's seemingly the fastest I can get on HFC… and apparently no one needs more than 20mbps! Real shame how the NBN turned out.

        • Totally agree. At this point it is likely that with orders open in Australia, it is likely that Starlink at 300Mbps will be the fastest ISP in the country when measuring average connection speed. Latency of 20ms is also very good.

        • I’m with Telstra, well I was until I received this unsolicited email today about a change to my plan.

          “You’ll keep your unlimited data, and your current nbn Premium Evening Speed. Your typical upload speeds will reduce from 40Mbps to 20Mbps.”

          Does anyone out there have a plan they can recommend for 40mbps upload speed on HFC? Uploading 4K videos is already a PITA @ 40mbps. Speed more important than cost in this case.

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            @mooney: To get back your 40Mbps upload their is Superloop, Swoop, Aussie Broadband, Mate & Launtel.

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              @Twix: Rock star thanks. They all bury the upload speeds in hard to find locations.

              Bloody Telstra. I asked them at 2pm for other options to retain my speeds but apparently their helpline is experiencing unusual demand. FFS.

  • Do we know when this expires? TIA.

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      July 31st.

      • +1

        Thanks, Twix.

  • If Im on HFC, but how do i know i can get 250?

    Also how are they as an ISP?

    • Use the address checker on there website to check available plans.
      I used them as my ISP when I used to have adsl2. They were also. I have no experience with them as a NBN RSP.

  • Great, just switched from ABB.

    I need a static IP I hope they can accomodate.

    Upload speeds is really slow but good enough for 6 months.

    • +5

      Mate gave me a static IP as standard

      • Incredible.

        Means I can port forward and access my Home Assistant instance nicely.

        • I use Home Assistant too, but if you are going to use port forwarding, then Id suggest going via DuckDNS and having SSL for security

    • +5

      Static IP is free and given automatically.

      • Oh, damn - if this is true, its a pretty good deal

      • When I last looked into using Mate it was CGNAT and no option of a getting a internet routable IP.. Has that changed?

        • https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/3n2nn583-3

          Mate's support confirmed in 2018 that they don't use CGNAT.
          Recently people report that their static IP address has changed. Suspect due to Vocus' reallocation.
          I personally haven't experienced that, my IP address stays the same since I joined in Feb last year.

  • That'a good Mate

  • +2

    Am I blind or do they not explicitly state what the upload speeds are for half of the plans?

    • +1

      It's in the Critical Information Summary PDFs.

      nbn™ Home Fast = 100/20
      nbn™ Home Fast+ = 100/40
      nbn™ Home Superfast = 250/25

      • It is? I still don't see it :/

        • Oh it's only in the 100/40 PDF 😐

          Those are the upload speeds set by NBN.

  • Nice price. Anyone know how long a typical churn is with these guys?

  • +8

    Good timing. Telstra emailed me with "commitment to simplify our products".
    They are taking away my legacy cable/HFC 100/40 plan and making it 100/20 and also increasing price to $110 per month.

    • +11

      I’m on the same boat. Reducing speed but increasing the price by $10/m. What a joke.

  • +3

    lets be mates? crazy with the names eh
    when ever these 250mbps plans hit $100 a month as a regular price plus home phone, than id join.

  • -3

    Internode is where its at

    • +9

      If we are talking about 10 years ago, sure.

    • +1

      internode stopped being anything special when they got taken over

    • aka TPG

  • Mate is a solid service, im on nbn hfc 100/20, rarely any slow periods, i dont test my speeds, but when i have done a speed test, i between 76 to 86mbps connection,

    When i download something, its stable and hit above 10mbps and peaks below 12mbps.

    Customer service is top notch, plus they call back.

  • +3

    they are a vocus reseller, some may not like that fact.

    • what's the issue with vocus?

      • they have a LOT of people on their network. Network congestion is common with them.

  • Damn, Only just saw this 5 mins after their phones closed. Sent an email so hopefully they get me upgraded first thing in the morning.

  • That’s crazy weird, just signed up to this an hour ago before this was posted. Waiting for churn to occur

    • Are you on HFC? If so please update how long it took to activate

      • +1

        Looks like it’s just happened. I’m configging my Telstra smart modem now

  • if my place is FTTC, will the speed reach the advertised speed?

    • yes

      • -1

        In peak hour or only during 2am - 3am?

    • FTTC can't do 250/25 at this time. It will reach 100/20 or 100/40.

    • I'm on FTTC on the 100mbps plan and get 92/19 on speed test

  • Looks decent. Do they have smaller plans.

    • Mate have 25/5, 50/20, 100/20, 100/40.

  • Weird checked my address and it comes up as $79 for me for first 6months then revert to $99

    • Me too

    • do you have the nbn+mobile tab selected? you save an additional $10 a month if you bundle

  • Thinking of porting my mobile to take advantage of the $10 discount, any issues porting number from Belong to Mate?

  • Can I sign up next month and still get discounted price for 6 months?

    • +1

      Yeah you can.

  • With churning NBN, do you only cancel your current ISP after the new service from Mate is live? I'm on Superloop atm and looking to change to Mate. I

    • +2

      What connection type are you. FTTP you’ll need to contact them, but usually on HFC etc it happens automatically. If you don’t receive correspondence from superloop after disconnection then it’s best to contact them, but usually they detect the disconnection and email you saying the billing has stopped etc

      • I'm on FTTP. To confirm, I should sign up with Mate then contact Superloop to inform them I'm changing ISP? Thanks in advance.

        • +5
          1. Signup with Mate and wait until you they say your service is live.
          2. Cancel Superloop.
          3. Change the router config from IPoE to PPPoE with your username & password given by Mate.
          • @Twix: Why would we need to change router config?

            • +1

              @Adoses: Superloop use the newer IPoE protocol that connects automatically and Mate use the old PPPoE protocol that needs your username & password. Who are you with?

              • +1

                @Twix: With superloop right now.

                Thanks for the info.

          • +1

            @Twix: Mate’s service will go on the next available UNID port.

  • Is there a contract length on this?

  • +1

    Are these guys available on Opticomm?

    Struggling to find a decent deal or promo for 250 down for less then $100 a month.

    • Thought a guy used Harbour for 99/month on contract

  • +1

    I hope these intro deals aren't going to be the norm for them going forward. I joined them specifically because they said they would only offer the one low price and not screw existing customers out of a deal.

    • +2

      This promo is from NBN and ISPs are passing them on.

  • So I can switch to this and then downgrade to a lower plan at no penalty/cost in 6 months?

    • Yeah you can.

  • +1

    I am on HFC, but after putting my address on mate, max 100 Mbps is offered. But my POI max speed is 1000 Mbps and also ABB could provide 1000 Mbps. Am I missing anything?

    • Probably just need to call them up and get them to manually approve the plan

    • Make sure you choose NBN Only option.

  • +2

    Such a good deal, but when i can get my newly developed property connected. The shortage of NTD is driving me crazy.

    • +3

      NBN will resume HFC orders in May or June.

    • same here

  • I saw FTTC for a split second

  • i just churned to Superloop… Should I charn again this month??? 10 dollars saving for 6 months!!!

    • How is superloop? Are you on HFC?

      • Superloop is great. No issues at all.

      • I am on FTTP.

        Have not had single issues since churned over. The IPv6 works well as well.

  • I am with mate 100/20.
    typical speed is 70.
    the first half year is great.
    I start having dropping out around 8-10pm recently.

    • Are you on HFC?

      • I am on FTTN

    • On NBN FTTC it's much better - 92/19

    • My 100/20 is giving me typical speed of 94 down and Ive never had a drop out

  • I was with mate before moving over to NBN (From ADSL to HFC) Located in Wattle Grove NSW and was extremelly happy with the service! I recently moved to Aussie Broadband only because they did not offer Gigabit.
    Amazing Customer service and very reliable internet from mate!! Highly recommend

  • -1

    Will probably have deals like 1000/50 $99/month within the next 6 months.

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