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Free Plan Upgrade to 250/25 from 100/20 or 100/40 for First 3 Months for New FTTP/HFC Customers @ Superloop


Superloop have released an offer from the 2nd of March to new customers who signup on a 100/20 or 100/40 nbn speed tier.

This offer allows the customer to upgrade, at no extra monthly fee, to the 250/25 nbn speed tier for 3 months, your plan will then revert back to the originally selected plan at the time of signup once the 3 months has expired.

Simply select the speed upgrade option in your signup journey when submitting your signup request with superloop.

This offer is valid until the 31 July 2021.

You can check your address at: https://superloop.com/

For full terms and conditions please see the attached link.

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    yeah, why give anything to the existing customers :D

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      We do have an offer released for existing customers also - the reason for not posting here is we will be emailing all eligible customers with the offer and how they can upgrade if they want to where customer opt in is required.

      You can find more detail on the offer at the link here


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        Thanks for the information. Is there nothing for customers on 50/20?

      • Hi Craig - as a current 100/20 customer, I think I've missed the 3 month requirement by 8 days. Anything I can do to still get this offer? Thanks

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        So the upgrades for existing customers are:

        12/1 => 50/20

        25/5 => 50/20
        25/10 => 50/20

        50/20… stays the same :/

        100/20 => 100/40 or 250/25
        100/40 => 1000/50

      • Looks good, how do I enable it as when I go to my members page it is stating a $41 increase going from my 100/40 to 1000/50


        • +3

          At the moment there is no manual way - we will be emailing all eligible customers, the email will either advise auto-opt-in or provide a link to opt-in with a process to follow

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        Why is it that the 50/20 miss out ?? and also I'm paying $75 atm but on your website it's $59.95 then reverts to $69.95 not really happy about this..

        • You can change to the $69.95 price if you want to pay less, or change providers. Unfortunately nbn isn't offering any kickbacks on the 50/20 plan, Superloop are just passing on the deal from nbn.

          • @puls8r: Yeah I realised that last night, just crap they don't do it automatically typically something Telstra would do..

      • So, if I'm on 50/20 with SL now and change plan to 25/10, does that mean I have to wait for 3 months to be eligible to get the 6 months of 50/20 upgrade for the 25/10 price?

        • Yep, that's exactly how it works.

      • What about the new signup's before 1st March?

        • There will be rolling eligibility checks between 1 March and 31 July so if you signed up today for example and didnt change plans at all you would be eligible on 3 June and should receive an email.

          • @Super Craig: so on 3rd June I will be eligible for this free speed boost? I am on 50/20 plan. Is there anything for the customers on that plan?

            • @powerful9990: I dont think there is an upgrade for 50/20 but if you were to move to 100/20 as an example and maintain for the 3 months you would be eligible.

              you can find out what plans are receiving upgrades and what they are here

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    what happens after 6 months if you are on a grandfathered 100/40 plan and use this upgrade.

    • following

      • +4

        After the 6 months you are moved back to the same plan as you were on before you were either a) automatically upgraded, or b) opt in to upgrade your speed. We are at this time not pushing customers on older plans to our newest market plan.

        • Top stuff.

          Been with SL HBB for about 2 yrs now, so it's kinda cool to see a present (of sorts) being thrown my way.

        • +1

          So just confirming Super Craig - I’m currently on a legacy 100/40 plan at $89.95 per month with an included Static IP at $0 per month. If I take up the offered 1000/50 Free Plan Upgrade for 6 months - I will be able to retain my free Static IP throughout the speed changes and go back to my 100/40 plan if I so choose at my current legacy pricing?

          • @stephenharrington: Hi Stephen,

            Yes you will continue to retain your free static IP, you shouldn't lose that between plan changes. :)

  • Anything for 50/20 tier customers?

  • +1

    Really sticking it to us fttn losers who cannot go past 100. Thanks MTM.
    “This upgrade is only available for selected FTTP & HFC premises.”

    • FTTC also lose out :( That’s discrimination.

      The Superloop number to complain is 1300-TELLSOMEONEWHOECARES

      • We would love to offer to all technology types but sadly not all can get the same speeds, NBN Co set the speed tier eligibility per property so not something we can control unfortunately.

        • So FTTN 25/5 to 50/20 isn't a thing?

      • Same for FTTB :(

        According to my modem, I can hit 140/60.

  • Contacted your sales team twice with some questions and never heard back. Not really impressed.

  • I signed up a couple of weeks ago, but I asked to not be connected until the 21st. Can I still get this deal?

  • Buyer beware.

    I churned my HFC NBN from ABB to SL just a few months ago after ABB increased the price significantly (by about 35% if memory serves) AND halved the upload rate.

    I opted for SL based largely on the general OzB appreciation of them. I can't say my experience has been great.

    I never had outages for the year I was with ABB. With SL though I've had a handful of them already. One recent outage was >14 hours long starting at about 5am. It was exacerbated by very poor communications from SL.

    Neighbours (in the same townhouse complex) with Telstra and ABB haven't experienced any outages (nor 4g failovers).

    Now I'm just awaiting a decent deal from elsewhere to try a new RSP.

    • +1

      Try Mate NBN out for a month - 30 day risk guarantee. $89 for 100/40 or $79 if you bundle a $20 Mobile (8GB) plan = $99

  • It's a deal if you actually get the speed. Not for me, had a horrible month with SL last month, finally switched back to ABB after first month with SL. Always get high ping and very low DL at around 8-10:30 in the evening, every single day. Support did not bother and CVC is always under 60%. Sent quite a number of speed test to them without hearing back. Long phone queue time and call back sometimes doesn't work.

    Superloop result

    First day back at ABB
    During peak time at night with ABB getting 625-800Mbps. No more turtle speed and high ping.

    Never again.

    • +1

      Which POI? I'm in Newcastle on 2HAM I haven't had any issues in the past few months

  • +1

    I have been with SL for 3.5 mths and have no complaints. I have been with ABB and Launtel and SL has been as good as them all. Have contacted customer service once and got through in 5 minutes. Can't say anything bad on SL.
    I am on HFC

  • To superloop rep just wondering if the upgrade will be automatically done? And how does the speed choice work? I am currently on 100/20 but I could go to 100/40 or 250/25 so which will it be?
    Good to get some clarity on how it will work…..

    Scratch that, saw a post earlier stating existing customers will be emailed opt in instructions.

    • +1

      Hi Mickyboy14,

      There are two types of upgrade, auto-opt-in where the upgrade is all benefit so we do it automatically for you. Customer opt-in where something like a 100/40 plan is offered a 250/25 which has a lower max upload speed so we give the choice in case upload is needed as an example.

      We are offering the highest speed the property can offer, we run a service qualification on each address to determine eligibility which is defined by NBN Co.

      Hope that helps answer your questions.

  • 2PAR POI HFC been flakey this month some nights as low as 25mbps on 100/40 plan and gaming buggered. CVC graph shows no issues. No credit, raising tickets is useless. Customer for 18 months but wont be for much longer at this rate.

  • +1

    please show some love for 50/20. your service been great, keep up the good work.

  • I have been with Superloop on the 250/25 plan(HFC) since March 2020. At first the speeds were excellent - usually in excess of 250 and at about 230-240 in peak times(although with Covid, peak times were no longer just after 5pm bit spiked during the morning and after lunch due to WFH).

    In the past few months it seemed to slow considerably and be very erratic. I guess as more people have taken up the additional speeds it is struggling to keep up. I never really needed the extra bandwith so, last month, I downgraded to 100/40 and it seems much more consistent. If it was a 250/50 plan I would have stayed on the plan as the upload was more important to me. I am considering moving to the MATE deal but am not sure they would be any better.

    I can't comment on their help desk as I have never used nor needed to use it.

  • Signed up at 9pm last night to a 100/20 plan :(

    Should I cancel, and re-sign up?

  • Signed up this morning lol, any way I can get the upgrade?

  • When will existing customers get this email? been with superloop for more than a year

  • Why removed the existing customers post?
    isn't this one for new customer for 3 months? the other is for existing customer for 6 months

  • I have a question. Since the ending date is 31st July. Can I be a new customer now for 3 months and then be a exist customer for both promotions?

    • Hi,

      unfortunately not - the new and existing customer offer is under the same promotion and not eligible together.

      • Hi Craig,

        I am on HFC with superloop 100/20 500GB plan on the gold coast for over a year now.

        No email as yet, so is there something we need to do or is it just wait?

        Also, if my Arris cable modem is able to get 1000/50 will I be offered it or how can I know what SL will offer?


        • Hi,

          For now you just have to wait for your email - as an existing customer you only needed to be on the plan a min of 3 months to be eligible and secondly have a technology type that can support higher than the speed you are on.

  • Do you guys still do loyalty discounts to people who have been with you a year?

  • Seems like good value, just signed up. Took about 30 mins to switch over - HFC.

    However, seems to be a billing problem, it showed 74.95 while sign up but the bill I've received says 89.95. Support lines are flooded, so waiting for a call back.

    Anyone else in a similar boat?

    • Likely just a small issue there, like you said just give us a call and we can sort it for you :)

      • +1

        Lol, one doesn't "just" give Superloop a call.

  • Just to be clear, this still does not stop customers from cancelling the plan in 1 month or in 3 months if they do not wish to stay with superloop, right?

    • SL don't have contracts.

      • +1

        Technically it's a 1 month contract, not a no contract service. When you leave you don't get a pro rata refund, unless something has changed lately.

  • I hope they're upgrading CVC big time, at the moment a lot of people are experiencing latency issues during peak time so if you're a gamer and thinking of joining I'd stay away. You can check your POI, if it hits over 80% any night you're in for a frustrating night

  • I still haven't received my e-mail? Are they still coming or ?

    • I just got one

  • Mine is still 100/200, how do I know it's been upgraded?

    • It’s show on your plan. Also Speedtest.

      • Plan Type Superloop NBN 100/20 Unlimited

        Looks like I didn't get it somehow, signed up March 2nd. Emailed support but no response until now. Oh well this is what I get for cheap price.

        • Try giving them a call. They’ve been quite helpful in my case.

  • +1

    Just got my free upgrade from 25/5 to 50/20

    Before: https://www.speedtest.net/result/11037899390.png
    After: https://www.speedtest.net/result/11042553473.png

    Got the email to upgrade my FTTN from 25/5 to 50/20 3 pm yesterday seems to have went through in the early hours of the morning

    • +1

      Great to see you are enjoying that speed upgrade!

  • I signed up on the 6th March on 100/20 but still to receive upgrade to 250/25.

    I emailed support on 6th March and followed up the automated ticket every day via email.

    I just rang up today 10th March and was on hold for half an hour but still roughly 7th in queue. I took the callback option.

    The reason I signed up at this rate was free upgrade to 250/25.

    • resolved

      Superloop rang up half an hour later and it has now been resolved.

      • Great to hear - glad it's all sorted!

        • So when can new signup expect the upgrade? What would be the normal turnaround time? And does the upgrade period starts on the day the upgrade was made, or on the day of signup?

          • @wildstone: As a new customer when you go through the signup you will have a choice of eligible speeds upgrades at your property if it is eligible. Once youve submitted your order with us, we submit your order with NBN Co to the upgraded speed tier, once you're active you should have the upgraded speed and will revert to the base speed chosen on signup after the 3 months expires.

  • Hi, I'm currently on Telstra HFC, if I switch to Superloop can I still use the Smart Modem? Or do I have to get a new modem from Superloop?


    • You only use it for routing capabilities on HFC, the Telstra one is fine to continue using if it suits your needs.

  • Would I also get $10 off if I sign up with referral?

    • I also want to know

  • I signed up the night before last for the Superloop NBN 100/20 Unlimited with the expectation I would get 250/25 from the start.
    Upon doing speed tests it seems I'm still getting 100/20. In my account portal it says Free 250/25 Upgrade.
    What is happening?

  • looking to sign up to superloop today (now), does anyone have a referral code?

    • OK. Will message you.

      • ahh sorry, I used the random link already :(

  • Superloop activated me in under 10mins, here are my speeds.


    Pretty good so far, but am I supposed to be getting 250Mbps

  • Three-month feedback (250/25 HFC NBN) - To Community and to Superloop

    So it's coming up to the end of the three-month trial. It's halfway to the end of the month.

    We really haven't noticed much difference between 50/20 and 250/25 but we haven't been doing much games download or home usage anyway.

    Besides a billing stuff-up on the second month which was resolved by contacting customer support and getting a $15 credit on next month bill, there have been no issues. The customer support experience was That is what you want from an ISP - it's invisible.

    So for our purposes 50/20 is fast enough. We would like to stay for a while longer assuming there are good deals.

    Some questions and notes:

    Expand the pie. Find the third way. This isn't a zero-sum game (We win, Superloop loses; it can be win-win)

    • Just following up?

      Anyone have any experiences to share or suggestion for better forums?

  • Our Aussie BB 100/40 discounted plan ends in a few days (after the 6 months offer expires) so we're going to give SL a try. Signed up tonight and we'll see how it compares. Sorry to leave Aussie as their service and help has been excellent, so if SL aren't up to par, will be going back.

    Edit: wow, 5 minutes after I submitted the request for 100/40, we're up and running, and already upgraded to 250/25. Excellent speeds and pings so far. Very impressed and fastest migration ever!

    • Great to hear ozron!

      Enjoy those blazing fast speeds mate!

  • Would I get extra $10 off with referral code?

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