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Free 6 Months Speed Upgrade for 100/20,100/40, and 250/25 nbn Plans (Select FTTP/HFC Customers Only) @ Superloop


Not sure if this has been posted before but you can opt in for a free upgrade if you have been on 100/20,100/40, and 250/25 for at least 3 months.

You'll need to call them and tell them that you saw the current promotion and want a free upgrade wait for an email. CS told me that everyone who is eligible will get one and they are doing it in batches. This can take some time. Guess if youre lucky you'll be first. Depending on your NBN, you may only choose the lowest upgrade.

- Upgrade from 100/20 to 100/40 or 250/25 for 6 months with no extra costs - https://hbbsupport.superloop.com/hc/en-au/articles/150000303...

The general T&C are as follows:

  1. With effect from 1 March 2021, eligible Superloop NBN existing customers who have been on Superloop NBN XX/XX for at least 3 months will be given an opportunity to opt in for a speed upgrade to Superloop NBN XX/XX (“Free Upgrade Plan”) for no additional cost for a period of 6 months (post service qualification), subject to these terms and conditions.

  2. This Plan Upgrade Offer is only available for Superloop NBN existing customers from 1 March 2021 until midnight AEDST 31 July 2021. Superloop may withdraw the Offer at any time without notice. By applying for the Offer, you agree to be bound by Superloop’s Standard Form of Agreement available at https://superloop.com/legal/terms/ (SFOA) and these Terms and Conditions. Superloop may change these Terms and Conditions at any time in accordance with the SFOA.
    Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this Offer, you must:
1. Be an existing customer of on an Original Plan for at least 3 months.
2. Opt-in to the upgrade offer that you were notified of; and
3. Have premises that have an eligible service qualification.
4. Superloop may accept or reject your application in its absolute discretion.

How the Upgrade Offer Works

  1. After 6 months, your plan will revert back to the Original Plan. The details of the Original Plan are set out in our Critical Information Summary and Pricing Schedule available at: https://www.superloop.com/legal/critical-information.html
  2. If you change your Superloop NBN Plan during the Upgrade period, then the upgrade offer will cease and your service will go back to the Original Plan specifications, as set out in our Critical Information Summary (CIS).
  3. During this 6-month speed upgrade period, no other terms of your service or applicable discounts will change. All other charges such as upgrades, additional data packs, other internet services, installation and other charges for non-standard installation will continue to apply. —> Still on my $10 less a month :)
  4. This upgrade is only available for selected FTTP & HFC premises.

Edit: 7 March 2021 - Got my email and upgrade :)
Im on FTTC so my upgrade went from 100/20 to 100/40 :'(

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  • +21

    It is very good to see a company actually rewarding existing customers

    • +8

      They're not really rewarding customers - it's literally cheaper for them to do this due to NBN rebates.

      However it is producing worse results for paying customers due to hitting CVC limits.

    • +2

      Unless you're already on top tier. When ABB had thisbpromo I thought it was stupid that I was paying more for the same service as someone else.

      Same goes for Superloop, but at least this time I'm on their new customer special. Sucks for people who have been on Superloop's top tier for a while.

      If you spend the most, they're happy to see you go

      • +6

        Don’t think you understand how the nbn rebates work…….

  • +5

    Just a shame about the "This upgrade is only available for selected FTTP & HFC premises." clause - it's FTTC for me, so no go on a free upgrade.

    • +1

      Yeah same. I'm able to get by pretty easy on my 50/20 but the novelty of 1000 down sure is appealing.

      • +1

        Yea if you can afford the $360 router to power 1000 down.

        • -1

          I have a old PC(i7 3770/16G DDR3) and slapped on a 2 port/1Gbps Intel network card which cost me like $30 shipped from China.

          Installed EXSi host and passthrough the network card for iKuai OS (x86 router OS with decent QoS)

          hooked up a Huawei AX3 Pro as AP which cost less than $100 shipped from China.

          I also have Minecraft server/XPE Synology running on the same EXSi host as well.

          So total cost around $130 (exclude cost of the old PC, but almost anyold PC will be able to run router OS anyway) and I have robust network that will allow me to game smoothly even when other people in the house are downloading/streaming.

          Consider it covers the cost of NAS and MC server for me too the electric bill is cheap enough to get me worried.

        • +1

          Pre loved $20 Telstra routers can do 1000Mbps down.

          • @Twix: Not even my Asus router can do 1000 down. Rt68u. The CPU chokes and I'm sure it's 3 X powerful than the Telstra ones!

          • +2

            @Twix: My Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 for $20 off gumtree easily handles gbit. Wifi wasn't as good though but I suspect that was my phone anyway, now running a Unifi AP.

    • Same here. I know FTTC don't offer gigabit speeds yet but still an upgrade to 100/40 would've been a nice touch. BTW I'm currently on 100/20 plan and may be I'm feeling a bit too greedy :)

  • +2

    Didn’t get any email, It’s FTTC for me, was planning to change to mate for the 250 mps for the same cost, if they give the upgrade then I might not change

    • +13

      pretty sure you can't get more than 100/40 on FTTC at this point.

      • +1

        Apparently, I synched at 113/40 but am on a 100/20 plan.

        • +7

          that's just the overprovisioning that NBN and some retailers are doing now. 50/20 plan gets you ~57mbps down, and so on. You can't buy anything above a 100/40 plan on a FTTC connection at the moment.

          • @Alzori: Pretty sure the overprovisioning was only temporary and has already ended.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser130521: You might be getting things confused, NBN provided extra free CVC to RSPs during covid and that might have ended already that's true. That doesn't affect max speeds, but it helps your internet to maintain high speeds during peak periods (i.e. evenings).

              A separate change NBN made was changing how fast the actual sync speeds are for different plan tiers. This change is permanent. Not all RSPs have implemented it yet though. For e.g. the 50/20 plan they only used to provision 50mbps download. Due to various overheads, when you did a speedtest the best you could get was about 48. Now they increased those max sync speeds, so on the 50/20 plan you can sync at over 50mbps and you can legitimately do a speed test and get results over 50mbps, my parents get about 54mbps when they test.

      • +1

        You can get a little faster on the download. 250Mbps or faster is not a FTTC option at this time.

  • +1

    I got an email upselling me an upgrade, but with no actual discounts. email contents https://pastebin.com/jVcBndi8

    (note: I'm on the 50/20 plan)

    • +1

      When was this?

      • +1

        This morning. I'm guessing users on the lower end plans are already getting a good enough deal. $69/mo for 50/20 is already quite good, but it's a bit of a bummer I have to pay $89/mo for 100/20 plan.

        Guess it's time to switch back to ABB to take advantage of new customer discounts.

        • +1

          I got the same email.
          Logged in to members area but can't see where I can pick to either get a speed upgrade or get the discount.
          Currently paying $74.95 for 50/20 and looks like they'll now charger $69 for that plan.
          Don't think I want to pay $89 for 100/20 plan.

          • @ksama0079: You may have a look at Mate.

          • +1

            @ksama0079: You have to manually request the $69 version of the plan. If you do nothing, you'll remain on the $74.95 plan (Which is identical except for the higher price)

    • +1

      If you were on the 50/20 500GB plan, that no longer exists and you can "upgrade" to the unlimited plan for free.

  • +1
  • +1

    Nice, my 100/20 FTTP $10 off ($79) end 20th this month. I don't really mind pay $10 extra for 250/25. Hopefully email come before that.

    • +1

      How easy was the cancellation with Superloop? Like do I have to let them know a month in advance to prevent charging for next month? Or is it fine to let them a week before?

      • +2

        i am not really sure, but i heard you can disconnect anytime but people suggest doing it at the end of the billing period as unused days will not be refund.

      • +2

        I cancelled last week, cancellation was easy, called up told them I want to cancel and they transferred me to their cancellations team.

        They asked if I’d be okay telling them why, no problem told them the reason.

        The guy says I’m paid up a month in advance so he’ll process a refund for the monthly fee.

        Monthly anniversary date was around 4/5 days before I called and he said he’ll set the cancellation date for that day - so I still had Superloop internet until the cancellation date.

        Best to call up and ask, ymmv. I probably got refunded because I paid early.


  • +1

    If this came a little earlier, I would have stayed with them tbh. But I already switched to Mate just this morning. I'll probably be back in 6 months though haha.

    • +2

      Same. I literally just switched about an hour ago. You snooze you lose I guess.

    • +1

      I was with TPG before made the switch to ABB, had drop outs and super slow speeds with TPG, same issue after the switch, I reported to ABB and they investigated it, within 2 days NBN fixed the problem and never had a miss after that.

  • +2

    I’m on the OG 100/40 plan for $89 which I believe is the current 100/20 price. Been with them for 2 years, I hope I get this

    A company who actually rewards their existing clients, believe it when I see it or in this case when they send the email

    • +1

      I'm on the same plan with a free static IP, I wonder if it will revert back to current terms or back to the current offer for 100/40

      • in the same boat and the OP wrote a good summary about it.

    • I’m on the same plan and have been for a while. They mention it will revert back to your current plan, but no mention of pricing… maybe I’m just being cynical.

  • Hm only been with superloop for 2 months on 250. Do you need to have been with them for 3 months as of today to be eligible? Or Given this offer is valid until 31 July will I become eligible next month for a free upgrade?

  • Edit Oops my bad - didn't realise there were other tiers for the promo.

  • +1

    Has anyone received their "free upgrade" e-mail yet?

    • +1

      Got my email.

      I barely use the 500 GB with my 100/40 plan, thinking of trying the 1000/50 plan

      Don't know what I'm gonna do with the extra bandwidth

      • +3

        Don't know what I'm gonna do with the extra bandwidth

        Loads of speedtests, obvs.

      • I wonder if it's because I haven't been on the 100/20 plan for 3 months yet… it would be 3 months on the 5th of March. I have been a customer for more than 3 months though, I was on the 50/20 plan prior.

  • +1

    oh nice, thanks OP - fingers crossed and will be keeping an eye on the emails!

  • I got the same from TPG. 6 months free upgrade to 200mb download speeds. I didn't have to do anything, it was automatically applied. It's almost worth it to call your provider and ask if they can upgrade for 6 months "because everyone else is".

    • Got same in a text from TPG other week. Funny, I thought it was because I've been looking at swapping to Superloop and reading reviews and this upgrade was relataliation to that but sounds like it's rolling out to a lot of customers

  • +3

    I was with superloop for 6 months and recently switched back to Superloop. Extremely unsatisfied with recent dropouts and the 100 plan has much worse ping performance compare to tangerine 50 plan. I will be switching away from superloop in a few days

    • Probably want to avoid Tangerine. Stayed a month, horrible experience. They throttle streaming services.

      • Yes but unluckily Superloop is no better….

        • Sorry to hear you have had a poor experience Miata9
          I'm not sure if you've had a chance to receive support but we could definitely have a look for any issues either on NBN or our side before you spend the time to move to another provider

  • +5

    A lot of complaints about Superloop's customer service and speeds starting to get posted up on Whirlpool.

  • +1

    Nice on Superloop 100/40 plan at $88.95 right now got 1 more month before price reverts to $98.95. But is it really an upgrade if the upload is lowered from 40Mbps to 25Mbps? Would love to have 250/100 plan!

  • Hmm, seems Vodafone have done the same thing, just sent me an email said we are upgrading you to 250 for 6 mths, no charge


  • Signed up to mate internet yesterday, so called superloop to get disconnected today and was transferred over a young lad offering this. Was told they dont prorata so gonna get billed to end of the month.

    Would have stayed with them if i knew about it earlier

  • Thanks for good write up - was wondering what's gonna happen with my $90/m 100/40 after the trial

  • Depending on your NBN, you may only choose the lowest upgrade.

    Not sure I understand this part, do you get to choose between the two upgrade options or does Superloop make that decision for you when they send the email?

    • +1

      You can choose. But if 100/40 is the highest possible upgrade due to your infrastructure, then thats the lowest upgrade you can get compared to 250/25

      • Cheers! :)

  • Signed up with them last week for the discounted $99 250/25 plan.

    Received my first invoice for $119 even though the members section shows me on the $99 plan.

    Sent support an email asking for this to be rectified and am still waiting for a response.

  • +4

    Hey Superlooper,

    Thanks for being such an awesome customer, we really appreciate having you with us. So, to pay that love forward, we're offering you a FREE 6 month speed upgrade.

    That's right. Free. Upgrade.

    Like all good adventures, you have a few different options to make this upgrade happen.

    As a current Superloop nbn™ 100/40 Unlimited customer, if your connection type is eligible, you may choose to:

    Upgrade to nbn™ Home Superfast 250/25 speed, unlimited data

    This option offers much better download speeds and no data cap, but has slower upload speeds compared to your existing plan.

    With your existing 100Mbps download speeds, you could download, say, a new release video game in around an hour and a quarter at peak speed. With this new upgrade, you could download that same game in about the time it takes to get pizza delivered.

    However, taking this option could mean you'd see reduced upload speeds which may impact things like uploading files, video streaming, and video calls.

    Upgrade to nbn™ Home Ultrafast 1000/50, 3TB data

    This is Australia's fastest NBN speed currently available. It offers much better upload and download speeds compared to your existing plan, but it also applies a 3Tb data cap, after which, your speed returns to 100Mbps.

    In this instance, you could download that new release video game in less time than it takes to rock out to the Guns N' Roses classic, “November Rain”.

    Stay where you're at. Which is ok too.

    Love it! How do I upgrade?

    First, decide which upgrade you'd like to pick.

    Then, click on the link below and select the speed upgrade you would like to take up. If only one option appears, this means your connection type is unable to support a higher speed tier.

    Choose wisely, as once you've clicked the ‘Upgrade' button, you won't be able to swap to the other option available in this promotion later.

    Upgrade Me

    What's next?

    Of course, as with all good things in life, these things don't last forever. We hope you'll love the upgraded speeds for the next SIX months, after which time, you'll go back to your original plan.

    Check your Members Area for more about your free speed upgrades.

    Stay cool, Superlooper!


    Superloop Home Broadband Team

    • +3

      Still waiting for my email… I'm on the 100/20 been with them for 9 months+ and referred about 3 people where's the love?

    • +1

      Thanks for sharing the email. Is the "link below" a generic link that could be shared as well?
      I'm on 100/40 currently paying $73.95/month (double discount) and wouldn't mind trying the 1000/50, but haven't received any email.

      • you will get the option for 250/25 speed upgrade not 1000/50.

        • +2

          @madbison is on FTTP NBN 100/40 (same plan) and was able to choose between 250/25 or 1000/50

      • Link is has unique numbers ids so it's unlikely sharing it will work.

    • +1

      for 1000/50 is the 3tb limit per month?

      • +1

        1000/50 is 3TB/month. If you manage to use 3TB/month your speeds drop to 100/50 for the remainder of the month.

        • +2

          still a win. But no email yet :/

  • +1

    I get 50% off my plan for education discount.
    Does anyone know when this will end?

    • You don't get included

      • That’s ok I don’t want a speed upgrade. I just wondered when my discount will end as it’s been really helpful.