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Edifier R1700BTs Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers $139 Delivered @ Edifier Australia Amazon AU


Another price drop. Was $209.99, then $178.49, then $151.71. Now $139.99 and the lowest yet. Camels

This is the new model R1700BTs, NOT the older R1700BT.

New features of R1700BTs: BT 5.0 (with aptX), Subwoofer output, Sound Spacilizer, new remote. (Thanks thebadmachine).

$20 off with Littlebirdie coupon if you are a new Amazon user. Thanks doweyy & beeepbooop.

Edit 2pm: Available again (Thanks Deccas)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks OP. Some great new features which make these an even more appealing option. New remote was definitely needed!

    • Does this signify a new range launch or something? Speculations anyone?

    • Yeah except the R1280DBs have another colour option, slightly better frequency range and an optical/coax input. If those are not important, this is definitely the better choice for a bigger room.

  • Worth upgrading from my 15+ yo Logitech X-230 2.1 to this?

    • short answer: yes.

      what environment/space and equipment are you using your speakers with?

    • +1

      I did simlar and these are awesome. Wish I had done it earlier.

  • +2

    don't forget $20 off little birdie coupon :)

  • +3

    Have had these for a bit over a week, sound absolutely amazing for the price. I've just ordered the subwoofer from this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/599385 to pair with them

  • These with a subwoofer or the s350db set? What do folks think, upgrading from logitech z623

    • +1

      The S350db have an optical input. These just have RCA it seems. I'm going to go with the s350db I think. Reviews suggest that the sub and speaker pairing is plug and play and sound fantastic matched - which can be quite hard to do on your own.

    • +1

      I have the 1850BT, which is similar to these but included a sub out. I only went that way as I already had a spare sub. I would go the 350BT as the sub is designed to work with them and has proper crossovers, whereas you just use your sub low pass filter on these or my 1850s. It sounds fine, but it is not as good with out a crossover on the speakers and harder to adjust sub volume.

  • Can anyone recommend a sub to go with these? I have a set of these but I also got the samsung T450 soundbar/sub to test, which has it's own pros and cons, one pro is that the samsung came with a sub. Trying to decide which ones to keep.

    • What's your budget? Oh and what size room?

  • Hmm odd I can’t see the price or add to cart, or even select buying options. Anyone else having a similar issue?

    • Try again now, back to $139.

  • OOS

  • difference between old model and new model?

    also, I currently have a 1280db - worth the upgrade or nah?

  • Price has increased to $209.99 now


  • ffs just bought the 1700bt for 119 and i see this :(

  • Bummer, would have bought this.

    • Back again now.

  • Didn't know that there is a newer version, just bought an older version few days ago with Wireless1 with $20 differences. T.T

  • always seem to miss out on these deals! need to keep a better look out for my turntable system.

    • +1

      Set "edifier" as a search alert for your ozbargain account. That way you'll receive an email as soon as anything with Edifier in the title is submitted.

    • Back again now.

  • I've got the older model. Maaaan I wish I had that new remote. Pretty much my only complaint with the older model speakers. I use them as the TV sound system in our '2nd loungeroom' setup, and they provide awesome sound for TV, movies and computer games.

  • +1

    Does anyone know how this new model compares to the Edifier R1855DB? The 1855db has a few more outputs, but seems similar spec wise.

  • +2

    Back in stock for $139.00! 99 cents cheaper! Winning! Ordered!

  • -1

    Ordered! Note that the deal link above links to a deal priced at $149, but the $139.99 deal is linked further on.

    I missed out on the first time the deal was offered, so I am happy to jump on this deal the second time around.

    • Hey mate it still says $149 in the check out where abouts is the $139.99 that you mentioned?

    • Yeah, I also only see $149 as the price, and $138.99 for the old variant

    • Apologies! It ends up I ordered the older speakers. Unfortunately I have already unpacked and set it up, and came back here to say I got them- and then I saw the model number. I hope neither of you made the same mistake I did.

      I'm keeping them anyway, as they still do what I ordered to do, but paying for my dumb mistake.

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