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Free Speed Upgrade for 6 Months from nbn 25/10Mbps to 50/20Mbps for Existing Customers @ Superloop


Hey Superlooper,

Thanks for being such an awesome customer, we really appreciate having you with us. So, to pay that love forward, we're giving you a FREE download AND upload speed upgrade.

That's right. Free. Upgrades.

As a current Superloop nbn™ 25/10 Unlimited customer, we're giving you a massive upgrade to nbn™ Home Standard 50/20Mbps speeds.

Of course, as with all good things in life, these things don't last forever. We hope you'll love the upgraded speeds for the next SIX months, after which time, you'll go back to your original plan.

Check your Members Area for more about your free upload and data upgrade.

Stay cool, Superlooper!


Superloop Home Broadband Team

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  • -2

    I am on 100/40 , I haven't received the email yet.

  • I got this for both my houses. Got upgraded to 1000mbps with a 3tb download limit

    • Called Superloop to check if my promo code for SL through work stayed active when upgrading and was advised by support that 1000/50 should be available for free to me shortly as well.
      So I can confirm it seems they're doing it for 100/40 (unl) - 1000/50 (3tb) plans.

  • +4

    Am I right in thinking this now means that all FTTP/HFC Superloop customers except those on 50/20 plans get a free upgrade? Seems an odd exception to make.

    • +3

      If that is the case I'm canceling my service. I will not stand for not getting a free speed boost just because my plan is 50/20 Mbps.

      • +7

        I can't tell if this is sarcastic or not.

      • +1

        blame the cat

    • that does seem to be the case. Although i'm not unhappy about it as i'm on 50/20 and am happy paying my intro promo price of $60 a month. There isn't anything better at the moment I think.

      • I remember that there are a couple of different NBN providers that offer a similar service for a similar price

  • Isn't this if you've been with the a min. 3 months?

  • +1

    Nice bonus, was on 100/20 and got upgraded to 100/40 FTTN

    • +1

      Yeah same here but FTTC

      • I'm on FTTC too but didn't get the upgrade yet

    • +1

      Yep exact same here. FTTN aswell.
      My 6 month $10 discount promo ends this month too

    • Wow I thought only FTTP and HFC customers are eligible for the upgrade. When did you get upgraded? Did you get an email from Superloop?

  • +2

    I switched to 100/20 from 100/40 with Aussie after having weeks of stability problems.

    Sure enough, today's going to shit again

    Now I'm calling them to remove it.

  • +1

    I received the email today to upgrade from 100/20 to 250/20 and it says it's already done except my speed hasn't change even after a router restart. Anyone know how long when it actually goes through? Next billing cycle?

    • +2

      Mine was instant

      • Strange then. Definitely still getting around 100 down on speedtest. Not sure what to do.

        • +3

          I called tech support earlier and was advised they're aware of delays due to the amount of orders so apparently it can take up to 48 hours..

    • +1

      I got free upgrade to 250 as well getting 257 now. Wasn't working as had qos enabled which strangely couldn't handle more than 200. Try disabling that if you have it

      • Thanks but never enabled QOS so can't be that. Really weird. Might just have to call them.

  • I was on 100/40 and offered 250/25 unlimited or 1000/50 3tb cap.

    Taken the gigabit, aww yiss, really pleased!

    • What's the download speed if you go over 3TB?

      • +2

        "This is Australia's fastest NBN speed currently available. It offers much better upload and download speeds compared to your existing plan, but it also applies a 3Tb data cap, after which, your speed returns to 100Mbps."

  • If I switch from 50/20 to 25/10 will I get a free upgrade back to 50/20?

    • +1

      No.. doubt it. My supposed upgrade seems to have started mid January. My account page shows the following.. Ive gone from 14.5 down and between 5 and 6 up to 23.5 down and 5 up….. not what i would call fantastic… also if i can get 23 down now, why not at least 18 pre January increase….

    • +1

      if i were you, i will contact superloop about some credits for 6 months.

      • Thanks, I might do that

        • +2

          im in the same boat, currently on 50/20 plan. let me know how it turns out.

          • @selphie: I ended up with a 5% discount for 6 months. Had an email yesterday apologising for missing my email. I asked to be downgraded to 25/10 and a free upgrade to 50/20. Happy enough with that.

            • @Willyeckerslike: oh how much is that you're paying per month then?

              • +1

                @selphie: They said they couldn't do what I asked with the downgrade and free upgrade so offered me $5 (not 5% as in my reply above) off so down to $64.95 per month

  • So, what are peoples actual changes..

    go into you account and click on line status results and scroll downnnnn

  • I just got upgraded from 100/20 to 250/25 for free for the next six months. :D

    • I haven’t gotten any email :( I’m also on 100/20

      • Should also mention I’ve been with them for longer than 3 months too.

      • Ok finally got my email. Must have been doing these upgrades in batches.

  • I got upgraded from 100/20 to 250/25.

  • +1

    I got the email. Currently on 50/20 unlimited and paying $71.06 after referral which ends this month, then back up to $78.95. If I move to the new 50/20 I will be $69.95.

    No speed upgrade for me, but no problems with my current speed. Guess I'll move sideways.

  • TPG also same as well, my speed free upgrade to 200MB for 6 months

  • We signed up for 25/10 over a week ago I wonder if we will get the email… we are paying $49.99 for 6months though

    Will the speed upgrade happen on its own or do we opt-in in the members area?

    • Not eligible - need to have been with SL for atleast three months.
      I'm in the same boat unfortunately.

      • Hello,

        As blurn posted below to a whirlpool post we are running with rolling eligibility so as long as your plan is eligible and you are on the same plan for 3 months before July 31 then you will be eligible and should receive an email.

    • You just need to wait 3 months from the time you connected. The promo runs until July. Expect an email around may.


  • Copying iiNet.

    • Why wouldn't they? Provided the users usage patterns don't change too much, it can be much much cheaper for the next 6 months for the RSP to do so.

  • +1

    I'm stoked with the 1000/50, 3tb cap.

  • I got free upgrade to unlimited data on 50/20 plan

  • Does this then mean for new customers, if they sign up for the 25/10 plan, they get $5 per month discount for 6 months, plus a free speed upgrade to 50/20 for 6 months?

  • +1

    I abandoned superloop because of constant drop outs , they used to be really good not sure what happened. Atleast in my area

    Also superloop have very uneven customer service , for example months ago my friend whom I referred got a free upgrade to100mbps from 50. When I asked them for myself they refused, was really put off

    • May I ask what type of connection are you on? Recently came across this article on HFC which illuminates some of the wide-spread problems with HFC connections - https://launtel.net.au/2021/01/24/nbns-hfc-s-a-complete-dogs...

      Personal experience with Superloop has been very good on FTTN. However I must admit I am a very lightweight user - just some occasionally working from home video conferencing and Netflix…. nothing with heavy traffic. Always quite curious when I read about other ppl's horror stories. Or maybe I was just really lucky to live at a POI with good speed.

      • I have FTTP actually , I know 1000% it’s superloop because the moment I switched problem was sorted. Even Superloop support acknowledged the issue but they never managed to fix

        I’m not alone many on whirlpool forums complaining of the same problem. Might be location based issue

        • Thanks for getting back to me.

          By all accounts FTTP is the most reliable one for residential NBN delivery so it makes sense this can be isolated to the ISP. I guess there can still be major pain points within an ISP's network even if most of its network functions adequately. The good thing is if it's ISP related at least it's easy to switch providers. Unlike if one's unlucky enough to be stuck with a problematic NBN infrastructure then there's really no escape…. besides StarLink I guess.

      • +2
      • +1

        Same here, on HFC with SL and have been underwhelmed with the speed being average at best and a few drop outs in the last 3-4 months. I'm a light user- WFH and occassional YT browsing, no Netflix/Stan etc.

        Received the e-mail for a free upgrade from current 25/10 to 50/20 so can't complain, will stick it out for the next 6 months and see if it improves.

    • +1

      My speeds seem poor, i.e on 20 down i max out around 14 and on the current speed boost of 50 down, im maxed out at about 23 down.., but ive never had any real drop outs to speak of, well, that I'm aware of..

  • Unfortunately not eligible, need to have been with Superloop for atleast three months to qualify.

  • Activated 4.5 hours ago. Members area showing upgrade speed to 1000/50. Speedtest showing no changes from my original speed of 100/40 despite rebooting both NTD and router.

    • Mine was working within half an hour, didn't need to reboot anything. Same speed changes.
      Are you testing it via ethernet?

      • Yes… my Desktop PC is connected directly to my Edgerouter X. On NTD I have an amber light indicating 1gbps connection and my PC is at 1gbps LAN connection as well.

        It is now over 15 hours and still no speed changes. My account shows 1000/50 though.

        • +1

          When you choose to upgrade we place the order with NBN Co at the same time, orders can take up to 48 hours for nbn staff to process, if still not upgraded after that give us a call and we can check :)

          • +1

            @Super Craig: Big thanks… yes it is working now after 24 hours :)

            • +1

              @OzTech74L: Great to hear, enjoy the increased speeds!

              • @Super Craig: What's the number we call when a speed boost hasn't occurred after 48 hours? I'm at 4 days and no change, profile shows my speedpack as 250/25. But the speed is still 100/40.

                • +1

                  @mxlegend99: Hi mxlegend99,

                  sorry for the delayed response here, you can call us on 1800 10 12 10 and an agent can investigate for you

    • Thats same as me, except from 20 to 50

  • How is Superloop when compared to Belong or Aussie Broadband

    • +1

      I switched from ABB to SL about 18 months ago, was planning on switching back and forth on promo rates but got a couple of referrals so SL remained cheaper. Now with the free boost to 1000/50, they've got me for another 6 months.
      I'm usually on 100/40 via HFC, speeds are about the same - very close to 100 down during peak times and slightly over 100 offpeak.
      Could count on one hand the unplanned outages I've had in that time, they've been solid.

      Current promo prices put it ahead of Belong

      • +1

        You cant go backwards and forwards with promo codes , your name is linked to the address , it's a one off thing either way , I had the conversation with ABB , the only way to sign up to a new promo code is with another name at the address , so looks like the wife and all the kids will have a turn .

        • +1

          Interesting, thanks for the info

  • Haven't received it yet. I guess those on the student 50% discounted covid 25mbps plan won't be targeted?

  • +3

    still nothing for us on 50/20 :(

    • It's still the best bang for your buck plan I reckon. Works for me.

  • Bandwidth is getting hammered right now, cna't even test

  • I got the email and I was on 25/10. Restarted the router and did the speedtest, still sitting at 25/10 -_-

    • The bandwitdth got upgraded today.

    • When you choose to upgrade we place the order with NBN Co at the same time, orders can take up to 48 hours for nbn staff to process, if still not upgraded after that give us a call and we can check :)

  • Superloop killing it with the recent offers. Glad I took up their offer, connection had been alright so far touch wood.

  • For some reason mine is 50/11.

    Also I noticed the referral discount doesn't actually last 6 billing period. I have only received discount for 5 billing period.
    Has anyone else noticed this?

  • +1

    I'm on 100/40 and got a promotion for 250/25 OR 1000/50 (3TB cap) for the next six month. v cool.

  • I'm a very heavy user on FTTP 100/40 unlimited and till now for past 8 months totally satisfied. Never had any dropouts considering I have internet facing services and immediately will see a drop. Btw my PoI is Tullamarine before people start accusing me of being a SL bot!!
    Just upgraded to 1000/50 , my mate who just upgraded to 250/25 HFC told me takes 24hr for actual speed change.

    • +1

      I went from 100/40 to 1000/50 and it was jacked up in about half an hour. Like churning, I guess it depends how busy things are at the time