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Cooler Master NR200P TG ITX Case + Corsair SF750 SFX Platinum PSU (White / Black) $299 + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


I think this is a pretty sweet deal, the PSU itself has gone for $240 on OzBargain before. This is the tempered glass model, comes with a riser cable, Reddit says its only PCIE 3.0 but I'm happy to be proved wrong…

Delivery Estimates based on cost to Brisbane and Chilla Well in the Northern Territory
Brisbane $28, Chilla Well $71

Black Version + Tempered Glass here, also $299

You can also get the regular version with no glass and no riser cable for $269
(initially I thought, "ewww, who wants one with no tempered glass", but you won't get a 240/280mm AIO cooler otherwise unless you spring for some 15mm slim fans, and even then, will be a tight fit…)

Black Version
White Version

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  • Damn that’s cheap

    • phew, I already bought one. I was thinking maybe price error so I made sure to snag mine first…

      • Btw you get the one with no glass because:

        A. so you can actually put some noctua fans in there and not cringe.
        B. No need for RGB = save more money.
        C. The black border around the glass makes it look cheap because it's thicker than an Ipad gen 1
        D. It's a mini itx lol, for anyone but a seasoned pc builder it's gonna end up looking crap because this case definitely doesn't do the best job in terms of cable management, it's just average at best, particularly if you mount the psu in the second position for vertical gpu.

        • Tempered glass comes with both panels btw.

          I built my second custom loop in there, can post a pic later on. Vertical GPU helps hide the cable situation, but it's going to be fine with a modular psu

  • PCCaseGear kills on the delivery cost, but an awesome deal for pickup or for cheap deliveries.

  • Save $100ish. Nice

  • That's a nice combo anyone have this case can comment on the air flow?
    I have an old 7700k ITX setup with a 2060 and a 240 AIO I use as a VR rig.
    Currently it's in a old Bitfenix Prodigy case thats super old with the plastics all yellowing and I would like to replace it.
    However the old case has pretty good airflow.

    It looks promising I think I will grab one.


    • +11 votes

      This is the best bang for buck all rounder ITX case at normal RRP. This deal is insane value. Check out the vid from the ITX guru
      Optimum Tech.


      • Got one myself. Came from a Thermaltake Core v1.

        IMO the TT Core V1 was easier to work with when it came to cabling and making everything look neater. But the NR200P can practically fit any GPU out on the market, whereas the Core v1 was only able to fit 2 slot GPU's.

        The glass side chokes the GPU if it's on the vertical PCIe riser, facing the side of the case. You may also have issues with the top front fan and the GPU power cables sticking up. My fan JUST fits with the GPU power cables pressing on the fan grill.

        Airflow wise it's not too bad, you can fit 2x120mm fans top and bottom, with a 240mm AIO on the bottom or side, a few options for AIO and GPU config.

    • Better airflow/thermals on the vented version vs the glass version fyi.

    • Remove all wiring in the case (including push button if it uses a spring) and soak in bleach solution.

      I did that with a 10 year old plastic cover that had gone all yellow and it looks brand new.

    • I have this case + rtx3080 + 5900x with the Scythe Fuma 2. It looks great but temps do get into the 80s under load. Make sure to look at a few YouTube videos to get an idea of how you'll want to run the airflow direction.

  • Perfect combo, have the black one. Happily paid $100 case + $240 psu last year, this is a real bargain!

  • holy thats cheap
    i got the case for 80$ even then this is still cheaper.

  • Amazing deal.

    It's basically buying the PSU and getting a free case.

  • Waiting for a SSUPD Meshlicious + SF750 Combo πŸ˜›

  • What would you power in an ITX case that would need 750W?

    • New Non-Existent GPU + CPU that are impossible to get (for a reasonable price).

    • Glad you asked, I have this exact case and PSU powering my 3090 ventus and 5800x πŸ™‚

      • How are the thermals?

        • Pretty good actually, I have two slim noctua fans under the GPU and it stays in the mid 70’s while gaming and my air cooler keeps the 5800x under 80 a lot of the time while gaming. Can get up over 80 though the 5800x is a toasty Boi to say the least, and my cooler is a more of a budget one too. Case has great Airflow too.

      • I have the same card in this case but using a 3950x. I deshrouded the 3090 and have 2 nf-a12x25 cooling it, plugged into the cards fan headers… works fantastic TBH, hardly ever see it hit 70C.

        I wish I had a done a bit more research and grabbed a triple plug 3090, but I'm pretty happy with it flashed with to a Gigabyte BIOS. (390W)

        • I thought you could only flash the gigabyte bios to the cards with a triple plug? What benefit have you seen with the flashing of the bios? I am very happy with mine even though it is a bit noisy, no more so than my old gigabyte 2080 windforce though.

          • @88dozz: No the regular gigabyte card has a 390w bios instead of 350w, so you just use that one. Don't forget to put up the power limit to 105% afterwards as well. You do lose one of your display ports due to the different plug setup. But all success otherwise.

            • @Mael5trom: and the purpose of this is to improve the overclock potential of the card? I am gaming in 4k and wondering if its worth the effort for a couple of extra frames is all.

              • @88dozz: If you play a game and have GPU z running with the sensor tab open, it will show you why the card is limiting performance based on a range of values, the 3090 often throttles it performance down because of the power limit. It can vary by game depending on the workload, but the gigabyte bios will perform better at stock settings.

        • How did you mount the noctua fans?

    • I have a 5900x and 3080 in this case and minimum requirements are 750w PSU.

    • This isn't logic it's people looking at a number and 600 is less than 750.

  • Fantastic deal! Can vouch for both case and PSU, they are very good.

  • Shipping sorta kills what would be a cracker of a deal.. Still good but not great

    • I paid $239 for the PSU (collected at Umart) and $149+$40 shipping for the case when they were very hard to find. In my calcs this is a steal even with shipping (probably around 10kg combined)

  • Damn, I have this combo. insanely good price.

  • Now the question is - where to buy GPU

  • Had to cancel my order, 240mm AIO won't fit in the top and even though I believe the mounting holes are still there to mount the radiator on the side in the glass model, I don't think it will perform to well…

    • yeah, this itx. like all proper mitx cases, are not about show case. I got the TG one only because it was on sale.

      If people are buying a proper mitx for flash rgb and to show case their pc, look else where, maybe lian li.

      i love mine, people think its just a simple air purifier.

      In answer to your question, it is possible, only if you modify and invert it.

    • Go the vented version, you can easily fit up to 280mm AIO with fantastic thermals with that.

      • I did. Do you think a 280mm actually do much better than a 240mm? Cause thats what I have already…

        • It probably wont be enough of an upgrade to warrant a new purchase if you already have one.

          Check out the video someone posted above from optimum tech in terms of full range of optimal fan configuration to get the best out of it though.

    • There are a bunch of 3d printable componants for this case on Thingiverse. Link 1 Link 2. You may find what you're after there

      • This is pretty cool, didn't know so much existed. Wish I had the room for a 3D printer!

        • There are print shops that charge by the minute. Maybe something in your area, or mail order. You may want to do your own PLA smoothing with an isopropyl vapor for a really nice finish

    • the P version comes with both a glass and vented panel in the box though, so if you use the vented panel it should be fine, right?

      • Works well with included AIO side wall bracket. Tempered glass needs a different layout (hence case top and bottom 3d mods)

    • You can run a 240mm bequiet AIO down the bottom and then the GPU in a vertical configuration. The bequiet AIO has an inline pump and a refill port so you can bleed out the air and top up the fluid, it also comes with fluid to top it up as well so it won't run into the problems that other AIOs have in this configuration.

  • Airflow over the glass any day of the week.

  • Damn this is tempting. I've got a 240mm AIO waiting to be installed (Just won't fit in my Corsair 400R due to my motherboard's heat sink height..). Been eyeing off the fractal compact 2, but would also like a more compact psu as my current one is 180mm long.

    Could take the plunge into mITX, just would need a new mobo.

    • if i wasn't already about $400 deep or had a time machine, I'd probs have stuck to mATX form factor to be honest… There are lots of not tiny, but still small mATX cases about, they are cheap, they are easy to build in and you can buy most whatever you want to put in them.

      I like this https://www.coolermaster.com/au/en-au/catalog/cases/mini-tow...

      • This case is 18L and there are a few mATX motherboards that will fit it. Asrock B550M was one of them from memory. Have to cut off a little plastic clip to fit it though, hence it's unofficial

  • New to building PCs. Can anyone explain why a $100+ PSU is worth it? I would only be going a budget/mid range build.

    • It can be worth is if you want a compact PC (and would then aim for SFX size PSU's), have high power needs (which budget PC wouldn't), or want a longer warranty or quality (potentially quieter fans, or fans that dont even need to turn on).

      For a budget PC, it would be more normal to just get a 600W ATX (full size) PSU and that probably wouldn't even be more than $100. It depends a lot on how much power the graphics card needs.

    • There are lots of SFF PC Cases around but this is one of the very few that support triple slot GPUs. And if you have a triple slot GPU, you need lots of power. Also, nice things cost money.

      Go to au.pcpartpicker.com , build your PC, whatever it tells you your system total system power draw is, double it and thats what PSU power supply you should optimally have.

      Or so I'm told.

      The one in this dealio is particularly expensive cause it is

        a) good brand
        b) high wattage  (compared to certain pieces of string) and
        c) SFF (small, for small computers)
      • I ordered an MSI Suprim X (possibly biggest GPU ever) late last year on a good deal. If it ever arrives, the NR200P SFF case is one of the few that can fit it. Link to reddit from another poster with same case, cooler, and GPU (still pre-order) I have.

        The SF750 doesn't kick in fans until 325W (50%) according to manuals so is great for a silent build

  • Great deal and great case.. I have a Silverstone 650w psu and together they cost me more than the non P combo.. This is a better PSU so awesome deal.

  • If anyone concerned about the PCIe 3.0 riser (which it is) culling performance, I saw reviews with an RTX 3080 where they measured 1.1% performance difference between PCIe 3.0 and 4.0. You can get a compatible 4.0 riser from LinkUp, but terrible FPS per $ to do so.

  • Can you recommend any motherboard (around 100-200) and ram (8x2) that can fit this, I’m planning to get the rtx 3060 gpu too.

    • IIRC the Gigabyte Aorus B550i Pro AX might hit your price point if it keeps dropping. Best in budget now would be Asrock B550M-ITX, though I haven't researched for a few months so there could be better. Given issues with onboard Wifi and Bluetooth you might consider a budget board with an M2 slot for a BYO wifi/bt card and antenna

  • This is a phenomenal deal!

    I paid $259 for the Corsair PSU alone 3 weeks ago.

  • Goes well with this mobo or motherborad as they called it. Historical low at $136, but only a couple left. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Gigabyte-B450-I-AORUS-PRO-WIFI-B...

    Aaaaand coupon gone

  • was too quick on ordering and got the glass one then had to cancel, its the mesh one to get.

  • Okay, so yesterday I bought a NR200P + the SF750 off Amazon for $394. They are out for delivery today so too late to cancel.

    Do you think I can return it unopened to Amazon?

    • I just cancelled my AIO-240 that was in transit. It's gonna cost me $7, I stated "No longer needed". I could have taken it to a Post Office but I am taking it to a ParcelPoint location near my work. https://parcelpoint.com.au/find-a-store

      This guy did the same thing as me but he changed his reason to "No longer suitable" and got it for free.

      Jeff Bezos just went through a very expensive divorce, I figure he needs that $7 so… meh

      Cancel the order through Amazon, see what sort of deal you can get, worst case you can cancel your cancellation.

      • I have no cancellation option available, just called Amazon (wow! they have 24 hour phone support! 1 min wait time), who told me to refuse delivery (can't, shipping it to work, reception signs all packages), or to call back once I've returned the item, and they will give me a free return shipping label.

        Thanks Amazon :)

  • Nice they have the non tempered glass version bundled for $269, what a steal!

  • Doesn't the NR200P come with both Tempered Glass and Mesh side panels and 2 x 120mm fans and Riser card.

    NR200 you have 1x120mm fan and 1x92mm fan and the option of either panel.

    Also having an issue with PayPal option, keep getting an error "no payment method selected" even though it is ticked/selected

    • all sorted. The TG $299 option has the Mesh panel as well as it is the NR200P, the Mesh only panel is the NR200, I should have paid more attention.

      PayPal worked as well, eventually. Thanks OP

      • Not entirely your fault. PCCG have listed the NR200 as "NR200P" as well.

        Sillly PCCG.

        Disregard the fans it comes with. They're cancerous. LOL

        • What non-cancerous fans do you recommend? Noctua or Be Quiet!?

          • @pull the lever: I had the included CM fans develop a rattle, but CM support was very good and they sent replacements.

            However, as I am using a Gigabyte B550i MB with Fuma 2 cooler it is not possible to cleanly fit the 25mm fans on top. I purchased 4x Noctua Chromax A12x15 PWM fans for top and bottom (two headers w/ two splitters), but suspect the bottom fans are overkill (pro reviews also concur). I may sell them soon as my GPU won't fit with them installed, and they rarely kick in

          • @pull the lever: genuinely be quiet have been pretty good for me… push a lot of air and are very quiet.

            i'm currently using the lian li uni fans at the moment… no complaints. :)

        • "Disregard the fans it comes with. They're cancerous. LOL"
          I'll wear gloves