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iPhone SE 2020 256GB Red or White $779.97 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Needed a new phone for the mother's birthday and landed on this. Ticks all the boxes for her and will probably last her for the next 5 or so years.


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Costco Wholesale

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  • Well that's a juicy price.

    • +1

      Ripe for the taking

  • +5

    If you're looking for something for your mother in law then you can't go past this deal

  • If OW will do a price match with the 5% off, then it will be about $741.

    Does anyone know if OW will price match CostCo?

    • -2

      They should.

      • Why would they? Costco costs $60 before you can even shop there.

        • -1

          Well, if you take up CostCo membership, then it /may/ mean less sales for OW… so they just might do the deal.

        • -1

          Try it and find out then

          • @jonchai: Don't need to; OW will just say no as theyll argue that Costco is a warehouse that requires a $60 outlay before one can shop there.

  • I actually asked jb local store if they could match this price to take advantage of the discounted cards and he said yeah but they don’t stock the 256gber

  • Not bad for the price of the phone. I bought samsung phone for my wife at jb, they did price match at costco price eventhough the guy said the price is below their cost. I tried to get price match at officeworks blacktown and they said they don’t pricematch with costco as costco only for members and not for all public.

  • Is the phone unlocked ?

  • This is the C Class of phones.

    For those too poor to get the S Class by want to show off.

    • +1

      Some of us like the home button.

    • -1

      The mini is what the SE should have been, guess Apple always considered the SE budget, not compact. Either that or they just wanted to cash in before they released the real "SE" people wanted.

      • +2

        iPhone 12 is priced for conspicuous consumption.
        The mini is 10% cheaper and a flop. If they sold the mini at the same price, it may have been more popular? As as, it is still expensive, but perceived as second rate.

        SE is great value when you take into account the much longer support life of IOS vs Android phones.

    • For those too poor to get the S Class by want to show off.

      It's more like the A Class, and the A class is far more practical than an S class if you just want to buzz around town, so it's horses for courses.
      The SE is a great choice for those that need to support kids or old people and want a quality, long lasting, well supported device that won't break the bank

  • +1

    Thanks OP! Got one.

  • Had the exact same idea as you OP - but for the mother-in-law.

    Too hard now to teach her how to operate on Android and this model still has the home button which will make things easier.

    256GB is great as well so I won't have to download photos of her old 16GB iPhone 6 anymore.

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