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[Afterpay] Dell Monitors: S2721DGF $399 | S3221QS $389 | AW2521HFL $349 | XPS 13 7390 Laptop $999.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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      • Awesome thanks, is there a specific arm you're using for it?

        • Yup, the NB F80 arm. I ended up with two singles. If I was to do it again, for a more aesthetic look, I would get this from amazon 'VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Fits 2' It's got one pole, with spacing enough for 2 x 27"

          • @Wazzaaaa: Ahhh nice, been looking at this one, but a bit worried that there isn't enough room since it's a 32 inch?

            • @tomwhiteallnight: I messed up. Sorry.. I thought you mentioned the 27"..
              time for me to go to bed..

    • I have S3221QS as secondary (rotating between landscape and portrait depending on use) beside my 34" ultrawide - which is pretty similar (the ultrawide is a bit wider and a bit shorter, and at a bit lower ppi).

      I love it - it's great! :)

      Btw, North Bayou F80 doesn't have enough clearance to rotate between portrait and landscape, so I switched it out for an North Bayou H80 (H100 or F100A would also work). If you are not going to rotate the screen (ie. leave it static in either landscape or portrait), then the F80 will work fine for the S3221Qs.

  • Coupon code: 31MVHH?CN25RG1
    Until they give for free.
    Notify if you use it, so others don't curse you.

    • Is that a Dell coupon? This is sold through eBay

      • It is dell coupon. I guess wait for dell sale :)

        • +1

          Someone used it without acknowledging or giving you an upvote!

  • Does anyone have a Xiaomi ultrawide and this side by side? I have the DGF and I am considering having both on my desk.

    • Edit: Please ignore, I misread your question! (I have the S3221QS next to my 34" ultrawide) Sorry! :)

  • Does afterpay stuff up your credit rating?

    • It says on their website it only affects it if you have a late payment. As long as you're paying up front or on time, all good. At least that's my understanding.

  • +2

    Finally caved on the S2721DGF. Just couldn't resist at this price.

  • Someone help. I already have the Xiaomi, but ultrawide support on the Shield is crappy and the Xiaomi has noticeable ghosting / blur. Should I get the DGF and sell/repurpose the Xiaomi? I hate this site.

  • Can anyone please recommend a decent but affordable monitor arm for S3221QS?

    • Looking at NB F80, but the arm spec says up to 30 inch…

      • F80 will work ONLY if you have it static in EITHER landscape or portrait. You can't rotate the screen without banging the corner of the monitor into your desk.

        I rotate my S3221QS between landscape and portrait, so I switched mine out for an H80 for the greater clearance. H100 or F100A would also work.

        But most people probably wouldnt use a monitor like this in portrait, in which case F80 would be fine.

    • I use NB H100 monitor arm and it looks and works great

    • I got this to pair with my S3221QS

      VIVO Premium Aluminum Full Motion Single Monitor Desk Mount Stand with Lift Engine Arm, Fits Screens Up to 32 Inches (Stand-V101Bb)

      Lucky as this is the only monitor arm that will fit onto an IKEA Alex Desk

      • ahh nice, what's the reason only this one will fit the desk? is it just the thickness on the back? did you have to drill a hole? no idea how these monitor arms work…

  • Thanks OP, got 2 S2721DGF to replace my old monitors. Good price.

  • +8

    That S2721DGF price is criminal. I don't regret paying higher for mine.

  • +6

    You OzB people convinced me to impulse buy S2721DGF

  • I'm looking at a monitor for gaming and weighing up between the DGF or QS.
    Can anyone help?

    • +2

      DGF: Gaming / 27 inch / 1440p / 165hz
      QS: Office / 32 inch / 4k / 60hz

      Go with DGF if you have PC or console

  • +2

    Amazing deal, I couldn't resist.

  • On a different note, anyone know if I can use the stand from a 2721QS on the 2721Q? Are they interchangeable?

  • +1

    I uh…. got one… "upgrading" from the LG27GL850 which i paid $750 less than a year ago…

    lets hope using discounted gift cards wouldn't invalidate the deal and get the order cancelled.

    • Barely an upgrade, except frame rate which prob won't notice

      • Hence the "quotes" lol

        It's half the price I paid for my LG. Hope to sell my LG for more than I paid for the Dell and get back some $.

  • These insane prices on 1xxHz QHDs are making me hope we will soon see 4k 100+Hz monitors in the sub 600 range.

    Got one slow 4k and one DGF and don't know what I love more - the responsiveness or the text sharpness. I want both!

    • It'll come in 3-4 years time

  • Literally just bought the S2721DGF off marketplace (new in box) for $500 last night :'(

  • God damn… guess I have a DGF now

    • It's okay mate… I have two now. lol

  • +2

    Stupid afterpay won't process my order as I am a new customer. Oh well, won't be tempted to use them again. Can't get the discount using different payment method.

    • Pay with eBay gift cards.

      • How exactly does this work?
        So i have to buy 400$ of gift cards and option to pay with it will appear?

        I just dont want to sign up with afterpay.

        • +2

          Yes something like that…

          1. "Buy It Now" on eBay.
          2. Choose Afterpay option.
          3. Key in code for "PAPDY20".
          4. Key in codes, one by one, from the gift cards you purchased either via Shopback / Big W (Swap Cards, then to eBay Cards; See: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611558), until the balance to pay becomes $0.
          5. I did this and it didn't require me to sign up with Afterpay.
      • Thank you, paying with ebay gift cards worked. Bought a monitor I didn't know I really wanted or need. But thats the power of ozbargain for you.

    • I was a new customer but I could buy this?

      Also as ttkc said, if you can find discount eBay Gift Cards (or not discount) you can still take advantage of the deal. :)

      Suncorp App does 3% discount (if you have a qualifying insurance policy with one of their resellers), Shopback does 5% (I think if you can find the 'swap' cards).

      • +1

        You can get Suncorp benefits from just a free bank account too

        • Nice one! :D

  • +1

    (profanity) it. might as well lol

    • That's the spirit lol

  • Great deal, managed to get one with gift cards. Been eyeing for a while but finally pulled the trigger!

  • 320 remaining of the 27inch

  • Got a S2721DGF delivery date estimated is late April. Gives techfast time to get my 3080 in i guess.

    • +1

      that's just a generic delivery date, I got mine 1 week after ordering even though it said over a month delivery estimate.

      • Good to know my current pc already struggles at 1080p 144hz kicking it up to 1440 it will hate me :)

  • When Oled 27" at $500 Sir?

  • Finally got one of the S2721DGF. Thanks OP.

    What are people pairing this up with in dual monitor setups? I was tempted to get 2 but will likely only game on 1 so maybe a 4k secondary?

    • +4

      I'd just get another…

      I dunno about you but I can't stand the idea of having 2 completely different screens in a dual monitor setup. lol

      • +3

        Bought 2 now. Haha thank you.

        • +2

          OMG I should become an influencer. :D

          Nah but seriously it's not super bad going from one screen type to another, but for consistency in experience (window size, refresh rate, clarity, etc.) I would 100% try to match monitors.

          • @wellzi: Sticking with my Xiaomi 34" curved to accompany this :P

  • What is the latest ebay gift card deal?

    • +1

      The ones I know off the top of my head:

      • Shopback 5% (if you can find the 'swap' gift cards, or so i'm told)
      • Suncorp App 3% (if you have a qualifying insurance policy from one of their resellers i.e AAMI, Budget, etc.)
    • Macquarie Bank - Marketplace for account holders have 2% gift cards

  • +1

    The S2721DGF is such an awesome monitor for the price. I'd highly recommend. Tempted to buy a second….

    • +1

      Do it… I did.

      • Same same

      • this post made me buy another DGF

  • -1

    When doing tax return , do you guys claim the price after the discount, or before ? Because when dell send out the invoice, it show the full price, but we actually pay less, so I am confused

    • I would use the invoice that dell sends out

  • First time using the swap giftcard on shopback, but can anyone confirm that the adventure & leisure swap giftcard works on exchanging for ebay giftcards? Couldn't find a list after googling..

  • I think i have enough monitors from Dell to last a lifetime…..

  • Any recommendations between the S2721DGF and this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611206 ? Just looking for a 1440P high refresh rate monitor for gaming.

  • +4

    I bought S3221QS last month, at first I was on border line about it, but after some serious tweaking with the colours, calibration etc I am really happy with the monitor.
    I followed this post for adjustments https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/570005

    • By tweaking do you mean applying the colour profile from the rtings review?

  • +1

    Sorry all newbie here, isn't s3221qs seems like better deal than s2721dgf? Cheaper, larger and 4k

    • But 165hz vs 60hz , s3221QS is not a gaming monitor and its VA panel

  • FYI: Don't add comprehensive computer cover to your purchase - it won't let you use after-pay and so you won't be able to access the deal.
    Thanks OP for the great deal, I snagged 2!

  • Been only "thinking" of buying a monitor for work-from-home and a bit of CS:GO… And all this hype made me pull the trigger on the DGF. Didn't even do my usual full-fledged due dliigence! Not the first time I've put my faith in OzBargainers.

  • Any budget monitor deals for m1 mini?

  • Is it worth getting this as a second monitor if I will unlikely be gaming on it? Any other good 1440p or 4k options in the current sale?

  • Dell 27 inch monitor is now estimated delivery time of 21-29 April for me in Brisbane.

  • Anyone here know if the s2721dgf be mounted/tilted vertically?

    • Yes you can tilt it vertically. I have one can confirm

  • Everyone is really praising the Dell 27 incher. I've never owned a monitor with G-SYNC, and was interested in buying one, but they are obviously hundreds of dollars more than this one. For those of you who have experience with a G-SYNC monitor, does it make much difference?

  • +1

    Wow $200 cheaper compared to back in November insane…. For 32'

  • when i add the S2721DGH to my cart ($499), select afterpay and apply the PAPDY20, i get the message "This code can't be applied to your order"
    any ideas?

    • select afterpay as payment

    • Showing me the same message, even after selecting afterpay. Were you able to solve this?

      • double check you are using the correct links

        • I am using the correct link actually. I tried two of my accounts but got same results in both. Then tried through a friends account and it was okay, the same link worked, adding the code reduced the price. I want to claim at least part of the monitor's cost during tax return so wanted to buy from my account in my name. But can't figure out how.

          • @aurthohin: Try a different browser?

            • @Smaster: Tried different browser, cleared browsing data then tried same/different browser, then tried different computer - still no luck. Something's wrong with my ebay account may be.

  • Will I be able to use the monitor full potential with a RTX card? or only if an AMD card?

  • +1

    I can sense pandemic is ending

  • +1

    8% cashback on swap $20 gift vouchers!!!! Thank me later bitches!

    $20 voucher
    $20 voucher
    $20 voucher
    $20 voucher
    $20 voucher
    $50 voucher at lowly 5%
    $250 voucher at lowly 5%

    $400 for your monitor ;)

  • Just bought the 3221QS for $351.80

    Pics for calculation

    • How do you get this I can’t find the links to the discounts

      • +2

        Step 1: Follow this to get the woolworths rewards. I setup woolies rewards and added the virtual card to my Google Pay app so that I could use it at the self checkout terminal & collect points at Big W.
        You also need to activate the physical gift cards through 'Swap' or whatever it's called here & convert them to eBay vouchers.

        Step 2: The balance $40 can be acquired through following here. The app will show your purchased vouchers and the codes to use in eBay

        Step 3: Add the monitor to your eBay cart & proceed to check out

        Step 4: Select the Afterpay option & add the afterpay code 'PAPDY20' to get the price down $97.25

        Step 5: In the same box where you added the the 'PAPDY20' code enter in pins of the eBay gift cards, the balance owing at the end must equal $0.00

        Step 6: Your eBay invoice will end up looking like this

        In hindsight I should've probably just got $400 worth of vouchers from BigW and skipped step 2 entirely. I now need 1000 points at woolies to get an additional $10 back.

        Doing it this way however, the initial outlay is the least and I shop at woolies anyway so I'll collect those balance 1000 points sooner or later. As for the shopback I honestly couldn't be bothered with collecting $3.60 but I needed $40 worth of vouchers to complete the transaction.

        EDIT: TL;DR I spent $390 but am able to claw back $38.20 through vouchers

  • +1

    Finally pulled the trigger and got a S3221QS to replace my 10 yo monitor couldn't say no at sub $400.

  • I'm looking to get a monitor with afterpay sales which will mostly use for ps5/xbox series x. Any recommendations?

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