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First Month Free Mobile Subscription (Worth $35): Unlimited Australian Calls, Text & Data (20Mbps Speed Cap) @ Felix Mobile



Apply the code for one month free with felix mobile:

Download the felix mobile app
Apply the code ‘FLX1MONTH’ under ‘Add Promo or Referral Code’
Order your SIM with free express delivery
Keep your number or get a new one. You won’t lose service with your current provider until you activate your felix SIM
Offer ends 31/03/2021. After one month your felix subscription will automatically renew at $35/month. You can cancel at any time via the felix mobile app. T+C apply.

Optional add-on: $5 per month unlimited international calls & text

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1 Month Free or $35 Free Credit each for referrer and referee.

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  • +4

    Just signed up like 2 weeks ago.

    But this is a good deal!

    • how to cancel subscription permenantly?

      under suspend subscription?

  • +5

    they plant a tree every month you subscribe to them …ok

    • +26

      Hopefully they don't rip it out if you churn to another provider

  • +3

    unlimited data nice!

    • 20 mb speed cap

      • +6

        20 mb speed cap basically can do anything :)
        Netflix requires 5 Mbps
        YouTube requires 5-7 Mbps

        Download apps, checking email is capable at 20 mb too. Quite good

        • +3

          Yeah faster than my old adsl 2 connection. Not much slower than my nbn.

    • About time!

  • +4

    I've been with then about 2 months now. Awesome service so far.

    • +5

      1 month so far and tbh seems to good to be true. Cynic in me doesn't expect these conditions to last.

  • I tried it before the data access speed increase and even then it worked fine. For those its suitable for well worth considering.

  • +2

    So free for a month, but I suppose we have to give them a valid credit card?
    If these are post paid, then do they do a credit check on you?

    • +3

      It's a prepaid subscription, so you need to give a valid credit card and they do a $1 temporary charge. There is no credit check and payments are deducted monthly similar to something like Netflix.

  • +25

    Vodafone network for those wondering

    • +7

      "No lock-in contract, no exit fees

      You can also pause your plan whenever you want."

      It says you can cancel any time???

    • +4

      I left them recently, was hassle free.

      • When do they charge for the upcoming month??

        A week before the end of the month?

        • Does Netflix charge a month in advance? Nor does Felix.

          Felix is a subscription service, you are charged on the same day every month.
          Just make sure you cancel/pause before the start of your next month.

    • +2

      Nope, I ported out to another provider before, instant. No need to give notice, and they are prepaid provider anyway!

  • +2

    Been on the Felix plan for now over a month. Been using the sim in my 4G modem (Huawei B525s).
    Genuinely been plug in and enjoy. I have no issues streaming Netflix and running my smart home appliances.
    Just make sure you don't go over a 1tb of data usage a month - that will raise some flags…

    • +1

      Do you know that to be a limit or is that just a guess?

    • what network are they on?

      • Voda

    • +1

      Apparently a limit was mentioned on their Fair Use Policy. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9846627/redir
      Probably a good rule to stick with - wouldn't want to abuse such a good deal.

      Vodaphone network. I am in Brisbane and have no issues at all.

      • -2

        Mate unlimited means no limit

        • +2

          Even unlimited has its limits…

          • +2

            @avgbowlofpho: Don't be a corporate suck up.
            It's easy not to call your product unlimited.

    • +5

      Seems using it in a modem directly violates the terms…


      Tethering (hotspot)

      For your personal devices only, not as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem. Fair Use Policy applies.

    • What is the actual speed when you test on speedtest? Can you post the screenshot? Thanks

  • +7

    I'm addicted to checking Speedtest quite often and it's always consistent at 20Mbps down! Love it.

    • What kind of upload speeds do you get?

      • +4

        The max download is 20 mbps and the max upload is 20 mbps

  • Very good

  • +2

    Recurring monthly subscription Fee charged in advance until you notify that you wish to cancel. How advance ? Anybody know ?

    • LOL yeah they might take your $35 the moment you sign up

      But will they refund it??

  • +4

    From their Felix's Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA)

    "Your right to terminate Your Agreement

    You may terminate Your Agreement by telling Us at any time that You wish to do so or cancelling
    Your Subscription via the Felix Mobile App. Termination of Your Agreement and cancellation of
    Your Service will become effective immediately upon the expiry of Your current billing cycle, or
    earlier if You request to terminate earlier."

    • +1

      So you can cancel a week after activating and keep it until the end of your billing period without charge?

  • +1

    Is this prepaid or postpaid? Credit check?

    • +1

      Prepaid but charged to a card monthly and no credit check.


      • Thanks!

        Pretty much like other provider's auto recharge feature then.

        • Yep exactly, no difference to a monthly subscription to Netflix really.

          Even Telstra post paid is moving to this scheme with their new "upfront" plans.

  • +2

    I want to move away from using hotspot from an old mobile.

    What 4G modems (with a Sim slot) do you guys use?

    • +2

      Huawei B818

    • Why do you want to do this? Any benefits of 4g modem vs phone?
      Considering downsizing my internet connection to save money and mobile+ hotspot was my first option.

      • +1

        Mainly to use two bands (2.4 and 5) instead of the one from my old android phone.

        I was hoping it'll be faster and less congested than the phone. It struggles with two devices downloading at the same time (watching Netflix and downloading updates for the Xbox One, for example).

        • +1

          Some phones also broadcast hotspots with two bands. Sometimes, phones may also be faster as a hotspot however that's relative to how good your 4g modem is and what your phone is.

    • +1

      I use this Archer MR600 V2

  • +8

    So for all those asking, you can buy the sim now and activate later.

    You simply download the app, enter your details, and promo code. You'll have to enter a card number which it verifies with a $1 temporary payment but it doesn't charge you yet.

    The sim cards are sent via express post and you have 2 years to activate it once received!


    • Will it charge when it is activated or at the end of the month?

      • +2

        I just ordered one, didn't charge me now although my valid credit card has $1 pending.

        It says in the app $0 now but $35 for the next month. So I guess if you really wanted to you could get it for 1 month and cancel before the next charge.

        • depends on when they charge for the upcoming month.

          Most companies charge mid month for the next month

    • Two years to activate a month?

    • +1

      Wow that's a lot better than Amaysim, could be worth having in the drawer.

    • FAQ says 2 years but maybe the T&Cs of this promo stipulates that you have to activate by a certain date.
      I can't seem to find the T&Cs of this promo anyway.

    • +4

      Not gonna happen, you can just port away to another provider and port back in with the promo code but why the hassle?
      Support them, dont be an ass :)

      • Mmmmm, better yet, save 70 bucks by ending these SIMs when they tick out and sign up again.

      • These providers require the number be out of network for 30+ days to be considered new customer.

  • I'm managing 5 mobile numbers (mine included). In order to get this Sim, do I have to order from each individual mobiles?

    • You can order from just the one phone by logging out of the app and selecting the don't have an account option.

    • Are they all under your name? If so you can only order one per person.

      • source?

        • Myself. I made 2 orders and one got cancelled.

  • Ordered thanks OP

  • +2

    I heard someone here on ozbargain that if we use a lot of data, like 2Tb, they can terminate the subscription. Is this true? Did anyone have this issue before?

      • +18

        This is why we can’t have nice things.

        • +5

          Well if companies were upfront about what limits actually apply for “unlimited” services he wouldn’t have to do the experiment to find out what the limit is.

          • @PainToad: it's called fair use and common sense.

            • +4

              @FutureTech: unlimited: not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent

              It should not be up to the customer to try and guess what a company determines "fair use and common sense" to mean.

              • @PAEz: It's called sales puff.

                "A 'sales puff' refers to exaggerated sales talk. They are not intended by the speaker to be taken literally and a reasonable person would recognise this. As they do not constitute a 'representation' in law or a term, there is no remedy if they turn out to be false."


                • @AFOS: Ive heard of sales puff before and think its ridiculous. It assumes that a reasonable person can make a reasonable decision on whether something said to them is puff. But as any scammer could tell you alot of people are not able to make reasonable decisions…..oh, the prince of nigeria will give me millions if I send him some money, sounds reasonable to me. And then on something like this, how is it reasonable to assume that the average person has enough knowledge of the subject to know that getting true unlimited service is unreasonable. Also just because a person can make the decision that it is just puff doesnt mean that such statements wont have an effect on them subconsciously. If it doesnt have any effect on the viewer than why would they bother saying crap like "Best movie ever made".

                  And I dont know what "As they do not constitute a 'representation' in law or a term, there is no remedy if they turn out to be false."" means?

            • +1


              it's called fair use and common sense.

              I'm aware of what it is and that it's technically legal, doesn't mean I have to agree with it (or you).

  • +1

    thanks op, ordered

    im getting it to test the network and to see how realistic 20mbps is going to feel like
    since you cant replace your home nbn modem, with this, I assume most people are going to use this when outside their house

    I struggled to use 20gb when I had a big month

    • +2

      it is very realistic. it will hit 20mbps no problem. very useable.

  • Can someone post a screenshot of their upload speeds?

  • +1

    Presumably by using this code, we can't double dip with a referral code $5 for referrer and referee?

    • +5

      Correct, can only pick one so it'd be silly not to use the first free month code.

  • +3

    Mbps, not MB/s. Please change title

  • +6

    Can I order 24 sims by creating 24 new account and have free internet in the next 2 years?

    • +1

      Given you have to ship to an address and also verify ID like other mobile services, something tells me they might catch on.

  • +2

    Have been using it over 2 months. No issues faced. Mainly for streaming Netflix / YouTube.

    Customer service via Chat was quick, instant and efficient

  • +3

    This is actually a great deal if you have decent Vodafone reception. 20Mbps is plenty for most things.

  • Just checking, do we need to activate within 30 days? Thank you!

  • What do you guys use Felix for assuming you have nbn at home?

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