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[Pre Order] PlayStation 5 $749, Digital Edition $599 @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store Only)


It's now confirmed. JB Hi Fi has stock. If you haven't already, call your local JB and see if they have any units available for in store order. (@AustraliaPS5 on Twitter)

Comments confirming success.

JB Hi Fi Stores without Expression of Interest lists all around Australia are taking in store orders.

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    For Perth folks interested:

    Malaga had 10, sold out their allocation apparently. Stock should be in late this week, early next week.

    Belmont has "a huge list" and if you go in store they can put you on that list. No guarantees.

    Midland had zero idea they were getting any in.


    • Bought the last one in Booragoon

    • got the second last one at cockburn. last one went as I left.

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    For people in Adelaide

    Call both Modbury and Gepps Cross, they confirmed shipments are arriving but they aren't taking more orders until the backlog is cleared (Gepps Cross seems to think potentially pre-ordering will be open again mid next week). As usual will be in-store preorder only.

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    Called a few stores in melbourne. Dandenong said they were receiving some today but you had to go instore and pay in full. But still couldnt guarantee id get one

    • Went to Dandenong to pick up my Game and Watch pre order, they had a printed sign at the counter saying that all pre orders for ps5 were sold out, they said they got hammered with calls.

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    No love at Mt Ommaney, Queensland

    • I had left my name on a list last week at Mt Ommaney and got the call to say come in to make payment to secure the ps5. When I seen the list I was the last, they only had 8 consoles assigned to the store

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    Belrose in Sydney has stock for $749 variant.

    • Ledge. 2 more spots left still.

  • What is EOI

    • EOI = Expression of Interest

    • Expression of interest list

    • Expression Of Interest

    • +2

      End of investment

  • Called a few JB hi-fi in Sydney and they're out of stock, no wait list either

    • Yep me too, all gooonnne

  • Rang Indooroopilly QLD, they said unless I had been contacted about stock they weren't aware of anything.

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    😂😂😂 finally, I don't even know if I should bother with an upgrade from the PS4 Pro yet.

    I only play Warzone :/

    • +1

      Same. TBH I'm not even sure if I'll see a $749 difference between my 500GB PS4 and the PS5. Apparently there isn't a PS5 optimised Warzone yet. It just runs the PS4 Pro version.

      • Yeah, that's the issue.

        I also don't think you can get paddles for the controller for PS5 yet, but I guess selling a PS4 pro sooner than later is better? I got 20 games I haven't even played yet.

        No external HD for PS5 yet either I believe., But doubt there will be any mid-year sales etc

        • +1

          Can confirm there is nothing to play… I just have an ugly piece of plastic on my desk. I would sell it but I can't be bothered pre-ordering in the future, since everyone who doesn't play games made it hard for me to get one the first time.

      • -1

        It is optimised on the xbox series s and series x, can run at 120fps if that's what u are after ;)

        • -2

          It still wouldn't be like PC.

    • Cyberpunk and GTAO here - I think at this point I'll just wait until they're in retail stock.

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    How can a twitter post from a third party be considered as a deal?

  • JB is the worst

    • +61

      No jv is the worst.

      • +2

        Lol I had a good laugh 😂

      • Leave Jerome Valesca alone, he was the best part of Gotham.

  • Happened to get the last one at local JB sydney

  • +2

    Called a few in VIC, seems like preorders/stock has been exhausted already.

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    Just called 3 JB's in Sydney, all out of stock. One just sold out before I called, they were only allocated 8 units. Yikes.

  • +6

    People panicing and buying stuff because of the fear of missing out on stock. Not because they actually need it. This reminds me of toilet paper rolls.

    • +5

      toilet paper much more useful - not a fair comparison

    • +3

      Who actually 'needs' a game console?

    • +1

      The issue is the scalpers… The amount of Nintendo stuff I have to buy at launch to avoid scalpers later is ridiculous.

      • Are scalpers still targeting this console? Surely the hype has settled and although in demand people aren't prepared to pay much of a mark up, making it not worthwhile for scalpers?

        • +1

          I'm not sure in relation to the PS5 as I stopped looking once I bought one, but still any gaming item that is "limited edition" is being picked up and resold asap.

    • A.k.a Real estate fomo in Australia at the moment.

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    No luck at Oxley QLD either

  • +2

    ill get it when there is a worthwhile game worth my time

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    Waiting for a revision that’ll fix some issues people have been having.. I can wait another year or two if I have to lol there’s nothing good to play yet

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    No luck for either the Wollongong or Warrawong stores.

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    I was lucky last at the Leichhardt branch

    • +1

      was about to call them!

      • They had like 10 units or so.

  • Vodafone has some lol

    I got one a few weeks ago with no issue at all shipped to my house in 2 days

    You have to have a mobile plan and nbn plan with them tho

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    I bought one before and because of that, I can't buy another.

    • +3

      Just use the one you have then, save yourself 749$

  • JB Nunawading out of stock

    • Right, just got there and got told stock ran out at 11am this morning.

  • JB Bundall , QLD said they got some this morning and sold out in half an hour. Guess I have to keep waiting, regret buying JB gift cards in advance but oh well.

  • Thanks for the heads up. Geelong had 5 when I rang. Got there in 20 minutes and had 2 left. Last one would be gone now, surely. Finally!!

    • +3

      Now to play all your old PS4 games….

  • kedron superstore had gotten 8, all gone

  • All gone in QLD according to JB hi-fi Carindale

  • +3

    None in Melbourne cbd or docklands. One guy even told me to please ignore ozbargain - must have had a few calls and was sick of it

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    With the demand for these, why does Sony even bother with a middleman? Setup up a website and sell direct, surely they'll sell them as fast as they land?

    • -1

      and you’d end up with pissed of Sony resellers who will direct customers to competing brands like Samsung, LG, Hisense etc.

    • They do sell direct from theior website now, but they know that the PS5 is also a good sales lead to selling a new TV etc for stores. I mean I got my PS5 and a 4kTV and I bought a Sony 4K TV. I was always going to buy a new TV with my PS5 though.

      That said I have a PS5 and there is a distinct lack of games for it IMO. But I never got a PS4, so there are still plenty of PS4 games to play.

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    I called the Waurn Ponds store in Geelong and they said they weren’t doing this pre-order, none had been allocated to them. So I called the Geelong city store and they said they had some left, I got there 10 minutes later and there were none. The worker told me that Waurn Ponds is now taking deposits and to go there, I got to Waurn Ponds 15 minutes later and they have decided to take the full amount instead of $50. I called the city store back to clarify and they said that individual stores can honour the deposit at their own discretion. JB hi-fi customer service is a joke.

  • Called multiple JB in western sydney, no stock an no preorder.

  • +1

    Im happy to say that got my pre ordered in one of Sydney jbhifi. I called 7 different stores and one store had in stock. Tears of joy the moment i held the deposit receipt

    • Congrats! When is the delivery ETA for Sydney CBD?

      • Only pick up. Jb doesn't do delivery or pre order over the phone. They can only take deposit and save one for you over the counter and thats what i did

        • Indeed, I meant delivery to store i.e. when is it available for you.

    • +13

      How are we 6 months from launch and people still ask these same questions?

      Many of us, myself included, use this website to find out when these consoles along with graphics cards become available.
      This is a highly in-demand item where the fact it is 'available' (even for pre-order) is considered a 'deal' worthy of posting.

      I appreciate those who post updates and encourage them to continue.

    • +1

      Time is money?

  • +3

    JB told me by mid-year there would be stock nationally.

    • +10

      And Scotty said there would be vaccines by March.

      • +5

        Scotty doesn't know.

  • +2

    My local said they would be receiving the next batch in about 6 months…

    • -1

      They just don't know, which is the issue. They are probably hoping in 6 months they'll have stock on shelves.

  • Anyone have any luck with parra? I called yesterday morning and they said i was on the EOI list but might miss out this round as they usually get 8 or so each round, at that stage they didn't receive stock confirmation yet.

  • Anyone know why JB seems to get their stock in quicker than Good Guys? JB owns them no? I ordered one through GG yesterday and have been told 6-8 week wait, while JB seem to get them in store ready to go at the same time

  • Got a text today your order is ready to pick up 😊

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