[Refurb] Sony WF1000XM3B (Black) $158 Delivered @ Sony eBay


Refurbished. But still a bargain IMO.

WF-1000XM3 truly wireless headphones combine industry-leading noise cancellation with high quality sound, smart listening features, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity, all-day battery life, and long-listening comfort.

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  • With $30 off , good value

  • $10 off with code 'PLUSDE1' for eBay Plus Members.

  • These have been the same price for a while no?

  • +1 vote

    Great deal. I picked up a refurbished one last year for about $200 and it's still going strong. For this price it's an absolute steal.

  • +4 votes

    Hot damn. I didn't need these til now lol

  • at $120 after cashback, I'd take a shot at this if I didnt already own one.

  • Questions please.
    Does the case has magnet so with the case open the bids will not falls off?
    Will the music auto pause when we take buds off our ear?

    • Yes and yes.

    • Will the music auto pause when we take buds off our ear?

      you can change this in the settings from the mobile app (if you want to download it - not required for the buds to work)

  • Great value at this price - but just be aware that a new model is around the corner with a far more comfortable design!

  • Free ear wax

  • Sorely tempted but I think these are not great for sport / outdoors as they are not water proof?

  • How do these compare to popular Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and the Soundpeats range?

        • That guy has no idea what he's talking about - Samsung own Harman Kardon and AKG, both heavy weights in audio and it certainly shows in the Galaxy Buds series. One of the most prolific IEM reviewers considers the Galaxy Buds Pro to be the best sounding TWS he's ever listened to.

          Chinese audio makers have also made huge strides in portable audio and completely disrupted value paradigms, creating a new movement of Chinese Hi-Fi (commonly referred to as Chi-Fi in the community). Soundpeats is one of the names making waves in the Chinese TWS space, this reviewer for instance prefers the SoundPeats H1 sound quality to his Sony WF1000XM3

          The Sonys are excellent value at this price - but both Samsung and Soundpeats have products that compete extremely well against it. Which is the best will likely come down to preferences in sound signature and comfort.

    • I'm not sure about the Pros. But I have the Buds+ and the Sony's. The buds+ have a way smaller foodprint. But for sound quality, you just can't compared the two. Honestly the buds+ are kinda trash. They have hardly any bass and don't get very loud.

  • Warranty?

    • Answer my own question- All items available to purchase on the Official Sony eBay Store are covered by a full 12 month Sony manufacturer warranty from Sony. Sony provides invoices on all purchases via an email with a PDF.

  • Possible to use just one? Either left or right

  • eeeww. someone else's ear wax lol

  • doesn't that mean… they have been in other peoples ears, possibly their noses before they returned them.. and their butt

  • Do these wirelessly charge?

  • Whooosh almost press buy lucky read review says cant touch control volume from the buds… no deal

  • Do you get to pick what colour ear wax they come with?
    Any surcharge for the different colours?

  • How long Does Shopback take to track?
    I always have 50/50 probability with them they miss too often.(while i have never missed anything with Cash Reward)
    Was too tempting to resist even with earwax and ShopBack's unreliability. Will work out to be $118 if it tracks. (bought GC from CR offer today)

  • I bought the "box damaged" version of these, not even refurbished and the quality was disappointing. They had pairing issues (constantly disconnecting) and seemed like they were used a bit before. Hopefully it was just a one off, but definitely put me off buying reburbs or box damaged.

  • I'm thinking to just get these and return my Sennheiser Momentum 1s, which are plagued with issues.

  • Can you by default have these turn on without noise cancelling?

    Have the xm3 and the first mode is already noise cancelling.

  • These have really good sound quality, better than any wired headphones below $100. You get rich bass and nice sharp treble, just a joy to listen to.
    AirPods Pro sound pale and have no bass compared to these.

  • They have the worst mic

  • Hmm $160 for second hand ear wax vs $230 brand new from mobicity.

    • Always someone with this silly comment as if refurbs replace everything else with new parts but somehow keep the old earpieces…

      These refurbs are direct from Sony themselves and have a full warranty. Some people might prefer that while having an extra $70 to spend on other things.

      • And how is this a silly comment when buying brand new you have consumer warranty of more than 12 months and refurbs tend to have more issues than brand new. The ear wax comment might have been pretty silly though.

        I see a lot of people have problems with refurbs so just thought I'd point that out.

    • They are 199 from Kogan or 208 from Amazon

  • Anyone received tracking yet from shopback 30$ off? I'm still waiting…

  • I've had these since the $199 deals on here pre-covid.

    Great pair of earphones. To be honest I only just realised the correct way to wear them.


    I wasn't putting them in and twisting and they were always falling out.

  • there are these Bose sound Sport if you're game.

    • hmm i had this loooong time ago. weird description says usb-c i dont remember it was. i thought micro.
      anyway, you will be hurting yourself everytime trying to press a button on this.
      shape make you looks like Frankenstein too. and bluetooth 4

      Beware seller feedback are bad

  • +2 votes

    I got these in the last sale $128, with the $30 afterpay credit. Initially, I thought they were great. They do have terrific sound, and the NC and ambient functions work well.
    After a week I concluded they just weren't comfortable, and the regular disconnects were annoying to re-connect. Apple AirPods are far superior imo.

  • Just be aware. I bought a set of XM4's from this outfit. Turned out they were faulty, maybe I was just unlucky .. BUT, they were a nightmare to deal with. My refund took months and they love swinging the lead.

    • Agreed. Sony customer service is a pain when dealing with refurbs

    • same same. last time they tried to repair a speaker for the 4th time i said refund they said no
      went to ACCC they melted like butter

  • Not sure about other's experience but with NFC active we found about 5 hrs was the max battery life. So don't think NFC and all day battery life should be used in the same sentence;)
    from the description "NFC connectivity, all-day battery life "

    BTW Paid $199 new from Addicted to Audio around 2 yrs ago but $128 is a real bargain

    • I saw the "all day" life too, but apparently it includes recharging via the case?
      Anyhow 5-6 hours at a time is plenty for me as they will be for travel mostly to replace my old QC20s.

      Shopback notification overnight to credit my $30 too.

  • got the buds that is quick. the box has orange big label. also another sticker says Sony Seconds

    @nafe what/where is the "Shopback notification overnight to credit my $30 too." ???
    when i use app, go to cashback activity i see "ebay australia" but only $1.xx

    • I got an email to notify me. It also shows me the $30 cashback from the eBay purchase in the app.

      My set are apparently due for delivery today

      • ok i got email too but with $1.xx cashback….. so just to clarify you got ONE email only with $30?
        omg.. the nightmare begins

        • I got one for my Sonys at $30 and another for a different item which was $6.24 - both ordered yesterday

          • @nafe: i just bought one this sony (but i used ebay giftcards - not voucher code, 100% sure left over giftcards)
            also the amount is strange, item price $158 but the cash back is $1.66 (its kind of 1% plus a little more)

            made the purchase and got email transaction alert from my credit card at 21.57pm
            but the ebay order confirmed email is 22.05pm
            .. went to ebay app, order details section and see shocking time placed 13 april 10.02pm

            • @ChiMot: Mine just arrived. Has big orange sticker, but nothing else to indicate "seconds".
              Everything in the box looks untouched and new.

              • @nafe: the sony seconds is on the white sticker on the side with Serial number
                i may return it and get a refund as the $30 cashback most likely fail for me, i havent open it yet

                • @ChiMot: Ha, I didnt look on the bottom! Im happy with mine so far, sounds good, and NC works nicely.
                  Proof of the pudding will be on my next train trip though.

                  • @nafe: i have jabra 65t still working i like to have NC but actually afraid the fitting is worst than jabra (for me personally i dont like ear bud tip style that goes deep into inside ear cannal). the jabra style not going too deep

  • Just got mine delivered and Shopback cashback notification.

    They look brand new with no signs of any use.

    Sound great too, think I will prefer these to my 1000xm3 as they will be more comfortable to wear.

    Bargain indeed

  • In case anyone (else) factors this into their purchase decisions, these Sony are the buds of choice for repairability according to ifixit, so hopefully no need to throw them out once the battery dies: