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[LatitudePay, Preorder] Apple Airtag - 4 Pack + $1 Item for $100 ($25 Each) + Shipping (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman/JM/TheGoodGuys


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  • Email from Harvey Norman just now:
    “ Hello Vauled Customer,

    Thank you for shopping at Harvey Norman Online.

    Due to unseeable circumstances there are delays in shipment of the Apple AirTags. Our suppliers currently has no ETA. We will be fulfilling your back orders as soon as stock arrives.

    If you wish to cancel your order, feel free to reply to this email and I’ll organise with the online team to issue a refund on your order.”

    I think they are hoping ozbargainers will cancel their orders 😂

  • Got a call yesterday from good guys Cairns asking if I want to cancel as there is a delay because of a safety concern. Said I was happy to wait. Got a call from good guys Cairns again saying it's now cancelled due to recall and will be refunded.

    • thanks for the update. Refund is $150 I hope…

      • Didn't get a choice but surprised no one else has said their order with good guys is cancelled

  • Another live chat with HN to see if there's any update.

    Unfotunately we don't have an update as of yet, we are still waiting for the stock to arrive from Apple.

    As soon as we have an update, or as soon as the stock arrives, we will contact you immediately.

    Thank you so much for your patience with this.

    • Last I had a chat online with HN, Live Chat usually gives out a template/generic response like this since shipment is specific to stores and I don't think there will be able to extract shipment data per store.

      At the very early stages (circa 30th May), online chat redirected me to call the stores instead to get more details.

      But now, even the call to the stores are providing generic responses, so it's pretty useless.

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    My local HN store (Auburn, NSW) stated via live chat then a phone call that the batteries are in stock, and the airtags ETA is 21st May.

    Fingers crossed…

  • +1

    Just been on chat with HN who said:
    We've just received an update from our fulfilment store that they're unable to provide any ETA for the Apple Airtags as the item is on extreme constraint even for pre-orders. Apple is unable to provide any rough time frame for this.

    • +1

      LOL… received an email whilst I was on chat which said much the same thing. Wonder if they have sent this to all?

      Hope you are well.

      I am contacting you in regards to your order that was placed on 23/04/21 for order xxxxxxxx. Please be advised there is currently no stock available with no estimated time of arrival. Once an update has been received, we will get in touch with you.

      I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused for you.

      If you still require further assistance please do not hesitate to get in contact with us again.

      Have a good day!

  • I haven’t received any email from HN for my Airtags :(

  • has apple themselves sent out any directly?

  • +3

    Good Guys received email today -

    "Hi Valued Customer,

    Thank you for your recent pre-sale online order for the Apple AirTag and accessories. Unfortunately, The Good Guys will not be selling Apple AirTag at this time.

    We're sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. The Good Guys will be issuing you a refund in the next 5-7 business days.

    To apologise and thank you for your patience we'd like to offer you a store credit of $20 for you to use on your next transaction with us.





    We will contact you by email if/when we are selling Apple AirTag in the future."

    • +3

      well… at least you get extra $20 for the 3+ weeks wait…

      and doesn't seem like this mate got the $20 credit - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10452972/redir

      • +1

        Yeah I am happy with it. I will end up forfeiting the $50 latitude pay promo during the refund, but at least the $20 has no minimum spend conditions (haven't used yet).

  • +1

    Got the cancellation email from tgg along with $20 credit as mentioned above.

    What a journey it has been.

    I guess I’ll need to order straight from apple.

  • +9

    Still nothing from HN

  • I wonder if we cancel the order through HN, how to refund? back to latitude pay?
    what about 50 promo?
    Just dont know how to work on this new “tech”

  • +1

    Collected the Airtag from Nunawading Harvey Norman today.

    • I haven't received any notification to collect mine…. same store :(

      • +1

        well, at least it's slowly coming in rather than a full recall like the other retailers…

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    HN just finally shipped the AirPod today !

  • Any other click and collect notifications lately for NSW stores?

  • +1

    Finally received the shipping notice from Joyce Mayne.

    • Lucky, the status on mine is still processing.

  • I’ve decided HN’s ineptitude and total lack of respect for customers (as shown by their many chat reps over the past month) is not worth the $50 saving and I’ve cancelled my order. At least buying direct from Apple I’ll actual get some service and a product.

    Never again.

    • Contemplating doing the same. Did they at least process the refund without delay?

      • +1

        I cancelled over chat last night and they said it takes 2-3 days for the click and collect store to review and process the cancellation. I questioned why it needed to be reviewed by an actual store and not actioned immediately as the order was never even fulfilled but they insisted this was their process…so I haven’t received any notification as yet that anything’s been done.

        And to top if off I got another text again this morning saying part of my order is currently delayed, so based on that, I would suspect nothing has actually been done.

        Friggin useless.

  • +1

    Airtags have finally delivered from HN today. Very nice ~

  • I ordered a $20 cable with my Airtags from Good Guys, but order was cancelled. However I received my cable and Latitude refunded my whole amount. Guess it was too hard to split the payment?

  • Gosh still haven't received mine from Domayne. I'm in VIC!

  • Continue to be greeted with the copy paste response. Unwilling to give any compensation either. This is dumb and (profanity) from scammy hardly normal.

  • Hmm anyone else getting a page not found on this now?

    I bought a 4-pack from the Apple last week, was going to hold on to them for the 14 day return period and then cancel the order from HN if that time passed, just in case they decided to pull them from sale in Australia.

    • Same - page not found - sounds like full recall is now real?

  • +4

    Just got email from HN N Ryde to say AirTags now available for collection. Finally,
    No mention of the batteries I had to add to the order to make the minimum purchase amount though!!!!!!

  • Still waiting for mine.

    • me 2

  • +2

    I gave up and asked them to cancel the order today. I usually avoid Harvey Norman but got tempted to save $50, and now I remember again why I avoid them. Will buy it off Apple directly.

    • let's know if you get refund of $150 instead of $100.

      • +1

        it should be $100… based on feedback from others above…

      • +1

        Got refunded the $100 only, just happy that Harvey Norman actually cancelled the order properly. ;)

  • +1

    Just received HN's pick up notice. I have not contacted them at all. They are progressing with the orders!

  • +1

    I just got shipping notification for these from HN.

  • +1

    Geez finally got pick up notification.

    I had a chat with the person inside when I picked up my batteries to meet the $150, the stock come in batches every 2 weeks, I was really impatient with checking when or if there was an eta. There never was, even up to last week. They simply don’t know when but it is Apple directly who their stock is coming from.

    • +1

      Picked up now. The lady said there’s a (profanity) at the back. Cleared all backlogs from the store. Should be a good sign for everyone else who waited.

  • +1

    Finally !! Received pickup notice today, gonna pickup in the morning. Glad I didn't cancel.

  • Still waiting on mine. HN tracking still says backordered.

  • +1

    still waiting. local HN shop said they only received 5 sets in May..

    • got the call to pick up this afternoon, but the store didn't release it to me coz i used an alias when ordered.

      cancelled it and bought with apple just now

      HN is nightmare this time 😠

      good luck everyone

  • My email yesterday- The store has just advised me that they still don't have an ETA for the AirTags and they cannot get a store transfer as there are not enough stock anywhere. We can offer you a refund on the Airtag if you no longer want to wait.

  • +1

    Picked mine up last weekend after 6 weeks wait

  • +1

    Got the notification last night and picked up this morning.

  • +1

    Just got the shipping notification from Domayne now, finally!

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