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nbn 50/20Mbps $50/Month for First 6 Months (New Customers Only) @ Exetel


Get unlimited data nbn50 for $50/mth for first 6 months then $79/mth thereafter. Limited time only.

Network with 47.5Mbps typical evening speed (7pm-11pm)

No lock-in contract

Free activation

Free Public Static IP Address (simple request in members portal)

Total min cost $50

The Standard Plus nbn50 for $50/mth for 6 months offer is available to new Exetel nbn™ customers only. Offer ends 31 July 2021. Available subject to qualification. See nbn™ Things you need to know.

Approved customers only or subject to credit assessment

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      • Yet something must be wrong when exetel has such low ratings on Trustpilot, Googleand productreview.

        Even the stuff you've linked doesn't show exetel in a favorable light - Broadband performance report.

        I can't find a reference anywhere else to modems being mandated. They're likely a cheap unit with huge mark up.

  • I think we all know what sorts of reviews are provided to public facing review websites…

    Mind you - https://au.trustpilot.com/review/exetel.com.au - 3.7/5 seems a bit better than 2.8/5 (https://au.trustpilot.com/review/aussiebroadband.com.au) cough cough..

    Our internal NPS results show a much better perspective.

    Modem details are here - https://www.nbnco.com.au/content/dam/nbnco2/2021-wba4/wbadoc... - The RSP (us) is mandated to only supply modems that meet the MMQS. Which is a good thing - supporting BYO devices is very problematic for the RSP and the nbn provides a reduced level of support for non-registered devices.

    Also, our modems are sold at essentially cost price plus GST.

    • +2

      Let's have more of a look into reviews.

      Aussie Broadband

      • Productreview 4.6 from 5859 reviews
      • Productreview stats show approx 4.6 for recent ratings
      • Trustpilot 2.1 from 31 reviews


      • Productreview 1.9 from 985 reviews
      • Productreview stats show approx 2 for recent ratings
      • Trustpilot 3.7 from 6,157

      Also, from Trustpilot which is nowhere near as well organised as Productreview when it comes to ISPs:

      • Exetel is 6 out of 6 ranked companies in the category Internet Provider on Trustpilot
      • Exetel is 14 out of 15 ranked companies in the category Internet Service Provider on Trustpilot

      There are only 6 ISPS listed on Trustpilot and Exetel is bottom rated. Is there a reason why Exetel chooses Trustpilot over the more typical Productreview, i mean, other than the obvious?

      OK, the mandate mentions modems which would mean FTTN connections as other connections only require a router?

      As I say, it's a good deal. This is the problem with Exetel. There's so much marketing spin and what, in my opinion, feels like dishonesty or at the very least - not being transparent.

      • Join, take the savings, share your experience, leave if you don't like it.

        Sounds like a win/win to me.

        • +2

          Will I be asked to leave if I don't?

          A few days later I recieved an email from Exetel saying they didn't appreciate my comments critical of the ISP and offered to let me out of my contract if I wanted to leave (and strongly suggested I do so). Quite a few Exetel users who criticised the ISP got this email, still not sure how they linked my different Whirlpool username to my ISP account.

          • -1

            @ihfree: Wow, that was ages ago…

          • +1

            @ihfree: I think this is when they was with Optus, AAPT reseller back in the days for ADSL, ADSL2+, Cable.

            NBN is another story and they now use Telstra, and Superloop for IP Transit to international however I believe they still use Optus as piggyback for domestic.

            Still won't touch Exetel as they don't provide CVC graphs to prove they dont oversubscribed, and nor enough bandwidth capacity on specific POIs.

            • @jmytch: We use Optus Wholesale for nbn POI backhaul which is not oversubscribed as per the nbn CVC subscription rules.

              We have ample head-end capacity for the nbn backhaul network and we have ample upstream IP/Content/Peering/Cache capacity.

              There are strong commercial incentives/penalties for RSP's and backhaul wholesalers to ensure all backhaul and CVC's are managed such that the actual peak usage is well below the nbn threshold, i.e., completely uncongested.

              Providing CVC graphs generally are a pointless exercise for probably 90%+ of the Australian market who wouldn't know an MRTG from a Grafana or Observium…

              The good thing about the nbn is, you can try a new provider at any time (generally) and if it meets your needs then you can stay. If you're unhappy with it, then leave.

              I can't believe the degree of discussion regarding a plan that's $5/month cheaper than the next cheapest offer… talk about looking the gift horse in the mouth!

              • +1

                @Glenn Ward: About the CVC graphs, you should be transparency with your customers and for the better to prove people wrong when they are there to check CVC graphs on the website knowing that it is not Exetel's issues then they can diagnose the issues as they wish instead of arguing and wasting Exetel time on the phone.

                Superloop, Aussie Broadband & Launtel provide CVC graphs. Being said that, it is good for customer to check if there was congestion in the previous day, or at current day. You should seriously consider adding them, even if it MRTG people would get to understand and learn them quickly on this.

                Launtel CVC - https://residential.launtel.net.au/traffic-graphs/ (select Aspley, QLD as a example as you can see there is 1,000 Mbps Capacity, and knowing that customers can see there is uncongested network on that POI.

                AussieBB CVC - https://www.aussiebroadband.com.au/cvc-graphs/

                Superloop CVC - https://www.superloop.com/consumer/home-broadband/cvc-graphs...

                This is a good read for you Glenn - https://www.whistleout.com.au/Broadband/News/aussie-broadban...

                As you said "we have ample upstream IP/Content/Peering/Cache capacity", then why is Steam download limited to 1.5 MB/s I just dont understand why Optus is doing that even though download region change to different state/NZ for testing purpose of the download is just too slow. I remember being with Exetel back in 2019 when there was $59/m plan on 50/20, i had 1.5 MB/s no matter what I try, it just wont download at 5 MB/s and that was with a ZTE router too. Looking at the whirlpool, it seems Optus still does this, have a read here - https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/9rppn4q9

                • -2

                  @jmytch: I've said all I'm going to say on pointless CVC graphs (notwithstanding the ways/incentives RSP's have BS their customers with 'transparent' graphs) - if these make certain customers comfortable, then good on the RSP!

                  The world has moved on - the real commercial incentives come from nbn not to congest CVC's - and they are in the best position to police this and fine for non-compliance.

                  Order the service and report on your experience - do us all a favour!

                  • @Glenn Ward: Order the service, sure are you paying?

                    • +1

                      @jmytch: haha what! steam downloads @ 1.5mbps!?

                      you might be waiting weeks to play a game

                    • +1

                      @jmytch: For you - first month free.

                      • @Glenn Ward: well played sir :)

                        • @jmytch: Please email me your order number

                          • +2

                            @Glenn Ward: To be fair, we can't try out anything on the NBN and leave if we don't like it, did you know there's a company called Exetel that we have to give 28 days notice if we want to leave? And it sounds like no Pro rata, so I assume you just lose the money if you don't give the notice.

                            And yes, we are sitting here nickle and diming you over what seems to be nitpicks but there is some truth to it. Making customers give 28 days notice is the same as locking them in to a month at a time contract. If we break this contract early in the month we don't get charged pro rata. You can't do that and then say you have no lock in contracts really.

                            Double also, you might feel that CVC graphs are pointless, and you may be correct, but you are expressing an opinion, and some of your customers on this thread are expressing a different opinion. Nothing you do will convince them they don't need a graph, so if you want you can explain why a graph is hard or not feasable etc. That's probably all you can do.

  • +2

    $50 is not too bad. But $79 is a bit steep.

    • Yeh exactly, I seen other RSP do it for $69/m after 6 months

      • +1


        I'm more than happy with Felix's unlimited mobile data @ $30.

        OP's RRP is definitely out of line.

      • Those other RSP's don't provide a free public static IPv4 address though.

        • ABB Biz NBN 50/20 Static IP $79pm, no credit chks etc

          • @ibtihaj: ABN required.

            • @Glenn Ward: oh yes, thats a big show stopper vs a credit chk, my bad :)

              • @ibtihaj: What's the issue with credit check?

                Either you have good credit and we both can have a mutually beneficial relationship into the future OR, you have bad credit and you buy your service from another company and we are both happy as well.

                • @Glenn Ward: I dont want a hit on my Credit check for no reason from your kind company to have a Go0D relationship, its just a made up of ur own rule which 95% of the RSP's dont follow, must be something unique with your company that requires this special act

        • For the static IP to be meaningful it needs to go with something better than 5mbps upload speed.

          For static IP use case that have low bandwidth requirements ppl could use a VPS to get around it. Admittedly that's probably too technical for most ppl

  • I signed up on monday night. Still haven't heard anything.

    • +1

      If you are concerned, please feel free to call sales on 13 39 38. However, you should be receiving the automated email correspondence advising of your order status. You should also be able to see it's status in My Exetel portal assuming you have got your username/password.

      • Thanks got connected today

    • +6

      Wow since Monday?

      Most providers these days churn in 5 mins up to 4 hours. Exetel is just sticking to good old churn time from the ADSL days which is a joke, as NBN is pretty much instant these days and it is 2021 now, not 2006 anymore.

    • This was concerning. Two days is still aokay.

  • How long is the transfer time?
    I am a bit worries since people wait more than a day.

    • It depends on the selected payment method (credit card is quicker), if you choose our modem (adds 1-2 business days to ship) and if you pass the credit check (instant if yes, 1-2 business days if no).

      So -> Credit Card Payment + BYO Modem + Good Credit Rating + Service Transfer of active Service = 1 business day (if you order in the AM) or 2 to 3 if you're really unlucky.

      If it's urgent, best to call sales (in the early AM) on 13 39 38 and they can 'hand-hold' the order for you and ensure it's activated ASAP.

      • +1

        If it's urgent, best to call sales (in the early AM) on 13 39 38 and they can 'hand-hold' the order for you and ensure it's activated ASAP.

        If I use a debit card as my payment method (which should be the same as using a credit card), pass your credit checks and all other checks in the middle of May, and request a churn date of 31st May, can you guarantee your team can perform the churn on that day?

        I also expect that the billing cycle will begin from the date of transfer (i.e. 31st May) and not the date of sign up.

        If you say yes to the above two questions, then I am willing to bite. :-)

  • Does Extel require a router capable of vlan tagging?

    Also it's not giving me a warning about the HFC NTD shortage (its a place currently on ADSL2) like other RSPs are, do you guys have a stash of NTDs somewhere or is that just an oversight?

    • NTDs somewhere or is that just an oversight

      Exetel is not responsible for supplying the NBN modems / NTDs. NBN Co are.
      Currently there is a massive shortage. That is what the warning is all about.

      • yes I'm aware but if you try to submit a HFC property (enabled but not connected) with any other RSP, you'll get warned that there's currently a pause on new connections. But not with Extel.

        • +1

          Good pick up. Maybe Exetel are over confident? They do hide things deviously well (e.g. 30-day lock in contract when you want to churn away).

          I got the warning with Tangerine (even though I am already enabled and connected).

  • 06/05 - 10:55 AWST
    Signed up via phone call. FTTP.

    06/05 - 19:50 AWST
    Received credentials for modem.

    07/05 - 07:13 AWST
    Service Active

    First day of the cycle is 06/05. even though its only active on the 07/05.

    Received a total of 10 emails since signing up.

    FYI: Credit card surcharge is 1%

    • FYI: Credit card surcharge is 1%

      I assume surcharge is the same for debit cards?
      Can you change to a different payment method which does not accrue a surcharge?

      • Payments made by debit or credit card incur a 1.0% transaction fee

        yes you can change them before the due date.
        my first invoice is issued today, due on the 21 May 2021.

        I have signed up using my Credit Card as this will speed up the process and have now updated my payment method to direct debit.

        • updated my payment method to direct debit

          As long as they credit the $1 from your CC against your first bill, then all is good.

          • @DoctorCalculon: pretty sure thats just a pre-authentication charge. or is it not?

            • @PissLUR:

              pretty sure thats just a pre-authentication charge.

              I would think so too.

              I think I got fed a lot of non-sense by their customer service representative then.

              Do they conduct ID verification using a government issued ID document during the sign up flow?

              Apparently, I am not able to specify a churn date on the order form. I have to call their provisioning team and request this.

              • @DoctorCalculon:

                Approved customers only or subject to credit assessment

                Yes. I had to provide my Driver's Licence number.

  • I took up the offer and been using for a week but the internet drops out every now and again, in the morning and evening (streaming radio and will be on for 20 seconds, off for 3-10 seconds, repeat). Speeds are about 10mbps at this time when it actually connects. Have to switch to mobile data during this time, which is ridiculous.

    On the good side, the set up this time was very quick and got good impressions from the service staff, but if connection issues go on for too long will have to go look elsewhere for a more reliable connection.
    Or maybe there's a quick fix? Restarting their ZTE modem doesn't help.

    • Did you have these issues with your previous NBN provider?
      If so, can you try your old modem/router?

      • Before signing onto this exetel plan I was with Tangerine, but using the Exetel ZTE modem which I got from previously being with exetel for several months last year.
        I didn't have problems with either exetel or tangerine before, only this time.
        So, same modem, and this is the second time with exetel, with Tangerine in between.

        • Please let us know how you go getting this resolved.

          • +1

            @ihfree: I called tech support a week ago about the problem and the tech said he would assign a new IP address. The fix seemed immediate and after using for a week, I haven't had a problem since then.
            Speed is no problem though on the rare occasion the test would return around 30mbps but no more internet cutting in and out.
            Generally happy with exetel that the problem was resolved when addressed.

            • +1

              @3sky: What it sounds like here is that you was on CGNAT, and they now put you on Static IP where it fixes the problem. I also found that other user have this problem on whirlpool where their speed test was terrible with CGNAT but once they put that user on Static IP he gets the full speed.

              Looks like CGNAT is to be blame here, and Exetel need to look into CGNAT issue. Could be a glitch some where

              EDIT: https://whrl.pl/RggmYb

              • @jmytch: I see. A bit disappointing that the problem was there to begin with, but glad to see they are capable enough to fix the problem.

    • Are you on FTTN ?

      • Yes

  • +1

    I am reading on the EPIC Broadband whirlpool page

    I decided to leave after I saw the same thing happening that happened to a previous ISP I built.
    Customers not paying their bills, month 3, 4 & 5x 30% of customers not paying… not to mention the stress. Ridiculous amounts of stress.

    I can understand why Exetel is doing a credit check.

    • have them pay upfront? aint that simple?

  • Does Exetel still have a referral credit program for NBN?

    Also I'm planning to cancel my ISP at the end of next month so when I sign up to Exetel can I specify a date to activate the service to align the activation with the cancellation date?

    • Generally a service is automatically cancelled when the other service becomes active. In my experience, outside of contracts, it's quite rate that ISPs require providing notice. I'd give your ISP a call and check that you're fulfilling your contractual obligations and check what their procedure is. Many ISPs will simply pro rate the last month.

      NBN should allow changing ISP with minimal downtime - generally just reconfiguring a router.

      I'd also keep this in mind with your next switch as Exetel require 30 days notice.

      • I'm with Tangerine so no pro rata refunds and I've already submitted the cancellation request well in advance of 30 days just in case.
        Just want to work out when I should sign up to exetel and whether I can sign up first and schedule the activation on a specific date…

        • Same thing with me now, though I am going to sign up with Exetel on the last day of this promo. How is your experience with them so far?

      • +2

        I'd also keep this in mind with your next switch as Exetel require 30 days notice.

        I basically gives them the right to bill you for one more month after you churn over if you forget to give them a heads up 30 days in advance.
        What a nice way to screw over those unaware customers with fake slogans like "no lock in contract" everywhere on their website.

        Many ISPs will simply pro rate the last month.

        Only the good ones. Superloop does not do this either.

  • I'm trying to sign my parents up with their FTTN, but the form states that an additional upfront cost of $297 will be required to install a new phone line since they don't currently have one active. Is this really mandatory even if they don't need a home landline or VOIP and haven't used one in years? I haven't come across this requirement with the previous NBN providers that I've signed them up for.

  • Price going up to $60?

  • Signed up earlier this week, took 3 days to get connected so definitely the slowest out of all the ISPs I've churned through so far. Previous disconnections and transfers only took a couple of hours.
    Is this just due to volume from the deal or what?

    • No, they are always like this. Still does this since the ADSL days, and they are very slow out of all RSP.

      Dont like it then dont bother with them like me. Exetel is garbage, good luck with your congestion for $50/m lol.

      If it too good to be true then it probably is

      • +1

        Apart from the slow transfer process the speed has been consistent for me so far. Just gotta remind myself about the 30 day notice before churning at the end of all this.

        If it too good to be true then it probably is

        It's not like this is some super deal where they're offering this for free. I personally haven't stayed with any ISP for longer than the 6 month promotional period anyway since getting on NBN so short of constant and disruptive disconnections or severe speed drops I won't be complaining in the meantime.

    • took 3 days to get connected

      3 days to connected from the date of sign up? If so, then that is normal. See comments about this earlier in this thread.

      If you are saying 3 days to get connected from the date you requested the churn to happen (after you have passed their ID and credit checks), then I would be fuming.

      • If so, then that is normal. See comments about this earlier in this thread.

        As I said in my original comment that hasn't been the case for me, maybe I've just been unusually lucky so far and I've gone through the major ISPs that offer 6 months deal already. Previously when I signed up in the morning or by noon the transfer is completed by the time I got home that evening.

        Also I don't remember seeing anywhere in the sign up form to choose a date for connection.

  • +1

    Was about to jump onto this deal to save $20 a month from my current $70pm 50/20 connection with Superloop, however after reading all the comments here I think I am gonna stay with SL for the time being. Not sure the savings justify all the hassles with payment/disconnections/congestion issues etc.

    • +1

      I understand about saving some dollars a month, and is definitely NOT worth the hassles.

      Cheap doesnt mean they are better, or have plenty of CVC on their POIs. If you want less congestion, stay with a better provider that cost more. I for one wont touch Exetel, as they are known to have congestion issue in the past and current present.

      • +1

        they are known to have congestion issue in the past and current present.

        Precisely why they won't publish their CVC graphs.

        • Yeah exactly right lol.

          • @jmytch: And that's how they can offer such a cheap intro price of $50 p/m. If they keep having to buy more capacity to meet the demands of their customers (i.e. be a decent RSP), then they can no longer afford to offer such cheap prices.

            • @DoctorCalculon: congestion etc and top of that a cReDiT cHecK, cherry on top of your cake to make you feel premium

  • seems like an ok deal

    can you manually select the connection date (2 weeks ahead for example)?

    • No you can't schedule connection date, you have to do it few days before in that 2 weeks time frame

  • I placed an order on 20 May and it’s not yet activated today. I use a bank account for payment and the service guy said they haven’t received my credit report yet. My current superloop will renew on Thursday. Any rep can help?

    • As there is pretty much many warnings in the comment section, and from our experiences too. Unfortunately there is not much you can do about that beside calling up the provisioning nor tech support to ask if they can activate your service today.

      Exetel is simply alot of hassle, and if you decide to leave Exetel, don't forget to give 30 days notice before you churn away to another provider in your nearest future.

      • Hi mate, thanks for your info.
        I called them in the morning and was told that my service would be activated within today. Wait until 4:30pm no internet connection, rang them again and got connected right away.
        Took 4 working days.
        P.s call superloop in the morning, they cut off my connection before i hang up.

  • I wanna upgrade my exetel plan to the 100, but it's $40 for the next tier because I got a good plan 2 years ago. Makes me sad.

  • +2

    shocking customer service, avoid.

  • Too many negative comments here. I used to be a happy Exetel customer for over 10 years on ADSL2+. They were probably the best provider in my opinion during the time. I changed to Belong when we moved to a new place who I was initially very happy with, however I have had a change of heart with them. Decided to ignore all the negative comments here and will be giving Exetel a go on nbn when my Belong contract expires in July.


  • Well, seems Superloop is acquiring Exetel.

  • +1

    I saw this deal and signed up with Exetel. That's when my nightmare started.
    1. I placed order with them on the 2nd of June during the day, but service wasn't switched over until the 8th of June.
    2. Once it was switched over, there was no internet. Called support and was either unable to help me (had to transfer me to someone else), or the person that was transferred to couldn't speak English OR the line just dropped due to too many transfers?

    I ended up cancelling me service after 1 day cause I couldn't get my internet to work!

    In my opinion, NOT worth the savings.

    • I ended up cancelling me service after 1 day cause I couldn't get my internet to work!

      Since you cancelled without 30 days notice, did they send you a bill afterwards? ;-)

      • No they did not

  • My cancellation from Exetel went through today and signed back up to this offer. Saving $15 a month as a "new customer". Will cancel again in 5 months time so I can reassess what is on offer again.

    • My cancellation from Exetel went through today and signed back up to this offer.

      I am guessing in between the cancellation and re-connection, you would be out of internet for 4 - 5 days?

      • I'll let you know, they said possibly 24 hours. But because all my billing was already setup, I could be quicker.

      • Connection was back online tonight, so only down for 18 hours or so.

        • That is pretty impressive. Maybe, they looked after you well because you were a past customer (i.e. already passed all the ID and credit checks).

  • -1

    Interesting article on Exetel being fined by the ACMA:

    • To the negger, please let us know which part of the article that you disagree with.

  • Called up 13 39 38 but sales rep advised they are unable to specify an activation date in the future. Suggested that I sign up one day before the actual day I want to join

    • Lol my rep did it without any issues.

  • Can you nominate a date you like it connected?