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Alienware R11 Desktop i7-10700F CPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD +1TB HDD, RTX 3080 $2,742.56 Delivered @ Dell


Seems to be the cheapest so far for the RTX3080 system. Eligible for CashRewards. Base system has a RTX3070, but the extra $350 is a worthwhile upgrade IMO. According to the Dell website it's on clearance while stocks last.

2/5 Update: Out of stock now, however R12 with 11700F + RTX3080 is available for $2,928.38

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          You don't know what you're talking about lol. OEM blower 3080s are going for $2600 on eBay.

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      Only about $2400 of no resale value.

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        Where do people go to sell high value items? I mean. You wouldn't want to go meet someone on a street or have someone come to your place with anything more than ~$1k.

        Well, I don't like people to turning up to my place period. I don't want the risk of being targeted. All these home invasions, etc.

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          Ebay or Gumtree/Marketplace and meet them at a cop station. Or OCAU if you have access.

          Also I'm not sure what you mean by 'all these home invasions'. Perhaps you've been watching too much Sky News?

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            @DisabledUser130521: Hm. I don't watch Sky News. Here's a 7 News Clip posted on YouTube 2 hours ago.


            Plenty of other home invasions just over the past few months if you follow the news. Another example:


            Edit: Be interesting to understand the reason behind the down vote.

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            @DisabledUser130521: What's better, ABC lying about a twerking story?

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              @m0usju1c3: ABC journalism is abysmal. But anything's better than listening to Credlin and co peddle fear.

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                @DisabledUser130521: I take it you're one of those who are going around telling everyone COVID-19 is not real and protesting against the lockdowns and social distancing, as well as wearing masks then?

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                  @DisabledUser175296: You couldn't be more wrong. Not everyone has to like the ABC's rapidly degrading editorial quality or the Sky New's fear factory. Or being bombarded with ads about the latest trite reality TV series in between everyone's favourite retired footy player struggling to read the teleprompter. There are other news sources out there.

                  • @DisabledUser130521: I can certainly be more wrong. I know nothing about you. Except you really don't like Sky News and the ABC. But again, you're the only one talking about Sky News.

                    Writing off an entire organisation because of a few bad eggs is also pretty extreme I must say. Especially knowing how trashy politics reporting is.

                    • @DisabledUser175296:

                      I know nothing about you.

                      And yet you continue to make suppositions.

                      Except you really don't like Sky News and the ABC.

                      I like the ABC. What I don't like is what ABC News has become after years of austerity measures and mismanagement.

                      For about 3 years, the ABC News was blatantly plagiarising the BBC News notifications. You'd get a notification from the BBC followed by a slightly reworded one by the ABC about 5 minutes later. It was literally the exact same on a few occasions with only one or two words synonymised.

                      Read almost any recently published article on ABC News and you'll find factual errors and childish spelling and grammatical mistakes. It's sad what our national broadcaster has become.

                      Writing off an entire organisation because of a few bad eggs is also pretty extreme I must say.

                      If you think 'a few bad eggs' is all that's wrong with the Murdoch media then you should probably get out and experience life a bit.

                      • @DisabledUser130521: Changing your prior response to make my comment become irrelevant is kinda sad.

                        Also, how does Murdoch come into the ABC picture? As I have previously pointed out. You're the only one bringing Sky News into the picture.

                        Don't waste your time re-editing your prior comments. I'm turning off notifications for this post.

                        Have a nice day mate.

                        • @DisabledUser175296: This site doesn't even let you edit comments once it's been replied to? Nothing's been changed. You're the only person who made your comments irrelevant lol.

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          I sold a $7.5k PC on FB marketplace last week from my house lol

          • @BargainMelbourne: How do you take the payment for such large transactions? Cash / bank cheque / transfer?

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              @binary1001: Instant PayID transfer is best.

              Even $1K in $50s is quite a stack of plastic.

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                @coxymla: PayID more than $500 takes over 24 hours in my experience.

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                  @binary1001: Think that might just be your bank as a safeguard, I have done large instant transfers before.

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                @coxymla: Nope. First PayID to a new account can be held for 24 hours. The buyer could claim it was fraudulent in that time and you'd have no recourse.

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                  @DisabledUser130521: Isn't that just CBA that does that? Haven't seen other banks do it.

                  • @neilpatrickharris: I'm not sure, but CBA is probably the most used bank in Australia anyway.

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                  @DisabledUser130521: When I tried. I asked the seller to send me $1 to see if it comes instantly. It did. Then he transferred another $799. Took over 24 hours for that one.

                • @DisabledUser130521: You can't claim fraud on PAYID payments, it's up to the receiver to either refund or keep it, all the bank can do is follow up with the person receiving and ask if they can reverse it, had this happen to someone sending me $1000 and accidentally typed 1 number wrong.

                  • @monkeyboi94: I was told by CBA that PayID can be reversed for fraudulent transactions. That's different than a person making a mistake. Bank transfers can be reversed too.

                    There's discussion about this on Whirlpool if you do some research.

                    • @DisabledUser130521: CBA has the first time payid. Westpac and ANZ I confrim no such safeguard

                      Also CBA payid first time during the 24hr hold can be canx if payee calls and speak to bank during that timeframe. So make sure it's cleared before handing over the goods. No matter how good the deal is

                      Stay safe out there peeps

                    • @DisabledUser130521: Also reversed on transactions where people are threatening harm in the message

                • @DisabledUser130521: I send a buck to them before the deal. I get them to send it back.

                  Another good little way to make sure things are on the up and up too.

            • @binary1001: Took cash in hand, then went to the bank to deposit it

        • Are you serious? Have you ever sold a car privately?

      • What's the going rate for one of these 3080's 2nd hand?

        This one's $2,500 on gum tree and seems to have been there for a few weeks.


        • Give them a message and see if it's actually still available. Might be that they don't take the post down.

  • Is the 3080 blower style?

    • +8

      Its Twin fan style. Scroll down halfway down the page to see the marketing image for it.

      Extensive cooling: Our new thermal design includes quad 10mm copper heat pipes with integrated vapor chambers – our largest diameter heat pipe design to date – designed for exceptional gaming performance.

      Innovative airflow: Another added boost for graphics performance is made possible by a dual-axial fan design with positive rear pressure relief – a new Alienware first for graphics cards. The positive rear pressure relief allows heat to escape from specially located vents designed to aid with flow and thermal management. This new approach is built with gamers in mind.

    • -3

      Yeah looks like it

  • I have been looking at this all morning, and can't decide whether the 10700KF ($2,863 w/ 2TB HDD) or the 11700F-R12 ($2,928) are worthwhile upgrades. Am I going to notice a difference? Probably not. Am I going to OC? Also probably not.

    • I bought the 11th gen the other day for that higher price. I wish I could swap to this one at the lower price without affecting my ship time.

      Buy this one. It's an amazing deal.

    • +1

      KF yes, but not the $100 for 1TB more of spinning platter storage. You would be better off either buying an SSD (1TB of a SATA 2.5" SSD) for around $120ish which is miles ahead performance wise, or just buying a large 3.5" HDD and swapping it out. I think recently there was a 4TB drive on OzBargain which could be shucked for <$100 which would be much better value, or if you wait a bit longer and assuming Chia doesn't take all the supplies away, buy a 8TB or larger drive for $250ish on sale and get much more storage.

      • edit NVM

      • It also has an 11th gen vs 10th gen.

    • +1

      I got the system as posted. From my research the 11th gen is no better than the 10th, and the KF is only marginally faster than the F, unless you want to overclock, which this system isn't designed to do

      • +2

        11th gen was rushed to market and performs worse than 10th gen with worse thermals. Idk what Intel were thinking. Get a 10th gen system if you can find a good deal such as this post.

    • I think benefit of the KF is the liquid cooling chassis too right?

      Edit: looks like both come with liquid which is good.

    • Either this deal or the 11700F deal. The 10700KF isn't worth it in this rig, you'll be unlikely to do any overclocking.

  • Unbeatable price!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good price based on current RTX3080 availability and prices.

  • +2

    Wow, maybe trying to beat the 3080Ti launch window… but a really good price.

  • +4

    Quite a few Dell desktops on eBay stating 'brand new without GPU', so a good sign at the quality of these recent deals.

  • +5

    Anyone think this is a decent deal as well:

    From what I can see $489 more expensive but get:
    -2TB instead of 1TB HDD
    -i7 10700KF instead of 10700K
    -AAW2720HF Monitor
    -510M Gaming Mouse
    -AW610H Gaming Headset
    -Mechanical Keyboard.

    up to the person to decide whether that increase is worth it.

    • -2

      Probably not, dropping to a RTX3070 as well

      • +4

        You can select RTX 3080 from the GPU options. The additional $489 factored this in

        • +1

          Right you are

        • +1

          Yep i factored it in. I decided to pull the trigger. I figured the extra $489 was worth the "extras". Do have to go to the trouble of reselling some of the stuff, but should end out slightly on top.

          • @dmcneice: if purchased seperatley just the keyboard is "$300", then you have a $600 monitor, $80 mouse. If you manage to sell them even at half price it's a great offer.

    • +3

      I am in a rush bought this, and find the 27 inch monitor is only 1080P, now in a hurry to cancel the order.

      • Keep in mind it is 240hz though. Which may not matter to you but figured it was worth mentioning.

    • +2

      I don't see the Mouse, Headset and Keyboard included?

      Edit: nevermind

      Also included in this system

      The following options and default selections are included with your order.
      Alienware 510M Gaming Mouse - AW510M
      Alienware 510H 7.1 Gaming Headset AW510H - Dark Side of the Moon
      Alienware 510K Low-Profile RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (US English) AW510K- Dark Side of the Moon

      I like it how they advertise the accessories even though they're included

      • I'm sorry, I still don't see where it says these are included?

        • Are you looking at OP or the link given by dmcneice.
          It's only included in the latter and it says it after the product options, right above the "Product details"

          • +1

            @FireRunner: Yeah I realised I was looking at the wrong link. Cheers bro!

    • +1

      All the extras are far overpriced and sub par. Surely better to get a xiaomi curved monitor, a Logitech gaming mouse and a modular keyboard. they should last longer

  • +6

    If you ok to skip cash back

    Live chat with sales… box will pop up when you are looking at site.

    negotiate a better price.. i got $700 off the sale price on my 3080 system a month or so back
    Free SSD Upgade
    Free Monitor, KB, Mouse and Headset (monitor was the rubbish 1080p IPS which i ended up sending back for a "credit towards a 1440p one)

    • +5

      I asked and they said no more discount on this.

      • I just saw OP said it was clearance

    • +1

      I asked as well and they said they wouldn't offer any discount.

  • +12

    For how long will LOVEKEANU last.. May be as long as one doesnt kill his dog.

  • +1

    Please note that these only come with 2 fans for the case, and the Dell OEM 3080 being a two fan variant is definitely pushing it. If noise or heat, or lack of upgradeability don't bother you this is a pretty good buy.

    • +1

      For general use/gaming the cooling is adequate. If you're crypto mining or running benchmarks all day then an extra fan and thermal paste on the GPU will be required. There's a number of YT videos that review the R11 and shows how to add a fan/paste

      • +2

        I agree, I just prefer silent gear that's all, and needing to modify a prebuilt really goes against what they're for in the first place

  • what the included mouse and keyboard looks like?

    • The one in the OP? I'm guessing the MS116 and KB216 (i.e. the cheapest, crappiest accessories)
      You'll definitely want a proper gaming mouse and keyboard

    • +1

      Is that you Yoda?

  • -2

    If only it looked better …

    Tech Fast help us.

  • Any ideas on the shipping time for these?

    • +1

      It seems if you see other 3080 systems on Dell, it says 25-31 business days.
      The R12 systems have estimates of 29–37 business days.

      • +1

        Seems like a long lead time for a clearance system. Trying not to give in to FOMO πŸ™‚

      • +1

        They're generally quite conservative with delivery estimates. Ordered a G5 Desktop recently, estimated arrival was 1 month but it came in 2 weeks

        • +3

          Called Dell and was told the next batch of 3080 would arrive on 5 May.

    • +1

      From previous deals people were saying their systems shipped faster than original timeframe given.

      • I ordered the R11 and it was 1 week early from the estimated time. Mine arrived 4 weeks from date of order but people catching on how to get a RTX3080 the time frame will blowout

  • +1

    Also 6% cash back from cashrewards as well, good price

  • +12

    Thanks, ordered 5.

    • +1

      Nice, so you saved 7% then yeah?

    • Are you stripping them down for mining? I'll be looking at trying to buy a lunar white chassis if you have already are willing to sell one :)

  • If you want the 3080 upgrade it takes a while, website says ships in 23 to 31 business days?

  • +10

    Probably worth noting that the PCIE slot that Dell put their cards in run at 8x instead of 16x not a huge issue, but worth knowing.
    Secondly the main different between the R11 and R12 for people wondering is that the R12 has the 11th Gen Intel CPUs 11700f vs R11 10700f, with the R12 running Gen4 PCIE and the R11 running Gen3.
    Also with the Dell GTX 3080 is made by MSI, it has a TDP of 320w and will have a locked power limit if 100% so you won’t be able to adjust this in something like afterburner like you could with a reference card.
    Ohh and lastly, there is only 1 m.2 slot on the motherboard, so you if you want another m.2 ssd you will want to get an adapter.

    • So you cant undervolt the card?

      • +5

        Sorry I should have been clearer, you absolutely can undervolt the card. You are just unable to increase the power limit above 100% like you can with other 3080’s.

        • Cheers

        • +2

          You can flash to a 370w bios if you want but that cooler probably won't be able to handle it

  • Can you add hdd / ssd / nvme easily to this?

    • yes / yes / needs $10 add-in card

      • Could you please link an example to the type of card you're referring to? Thanks

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