What Shiny Thing Have You Bought Recently?

Can be anything - cheap or expensive, from OzBargain or not.

I'll start with a copper bolt action pen" from Modern Fuel. 20% discount pre-order bonus + 10% discount.


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    I bought a cr2016 battery for work a couple of weeks ago, it’s shiny.
    Might buy some ammo next week, it’s also shiny.
    There might be something else but that’s about all I can think of in the past 6 months.

    • Like actual ammo? lol

      • The shiny pen is not necessarily mightier than the shiny stuff that needs a real bolt action.

      • Robovac here

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    There's a few Holos in some Pokemon Cards I got recently.

    • Can't believe how much pokemon cards are still going for. I still got some first gen cards that needs grading. Not Pokemon tcg related but tcg discussions always reminds me of the time my cousin has 3 black lotus from MTG back in the 90s on a sliver deck.

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        I've actually just purchased a Dragon Ball Booster Box and looking at the card quality/art.. it all looks amazing haha.

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      Whats the best way to sell /value cards?

      I have about 15 Holo cards, marked as 1999 wizards, only 1 is first edition. All perfect condition.

      • Alpha, Beta and Unlimited (first 3 editions) contains the most valuable cards. However, foils (holo) weren't introduced till much later (Urza's Legacy)

        • Sorry, I'm talking Pokemon cards?

          • @andyfc: 1st edition is where the money is, and condition plays a big role in it.

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    I bought a 10440 battery tube for a torch (GT nano).

    Oh and a 3070

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    Does a fancy notebook and a keyboard count towards something?

    • Does it reflect light?

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        Well I can see it so I am guessing yes?

    • If the keyboard isn't mechanical, then no.

      • Fortunately then, yes it counts. It doesn't have backlighting, but it was for my missus who needed a quiet keyboard for work.

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    a packet of chips

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      My partner is tired of me saying that Red Rock Deli's sweet chilli chips is the best ever lol.

      • +20

        Wish they were a little less sweet and a bit more chilli.

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          Have you tried Kettle Chilli chips with jalapeño and red chillies? All heat, no sweet.

      • Thins Smiths Thai Sweet Chilli is (was?) better

        • Red Rock Deli is a brand owned by Smiths Snack Foods (part of Pepsico Australia which is owned by the Asahi Group) so I'm guessing that those Sweet Chili flavourings all come out of the same vat.

      • That's because the Kettle Chilli chips are better

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    Free Ring Sizer

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    this citizen auto was a recent shiny 'steal' at $99:
    the contrast between the polished and matte sections of the stainless steel are impressive…the face also has a nice deep black which also appears either gloss or matte depending on the angle

    • +1

      Definitely a bargain. That's how much people pay for 5-6 battery changes in a normal kiosk lol.

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    Copper ball

    Very shiny, very mesmerising.

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      Fliippy Square next?

      • +2

        How about some Svalbardi Water? I hear it's fricken rare and has the taste of snow in the air.

      • +4

        Flippy Square is a maybe. I'll pass on the Svalbardi lest I lose touch with the common man.

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          Must be nice, must be very nice

    • +2

      Must be nice

    • Thanks Raymond Babbitt…

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    Alfoil (for Tin hat).

  • Just put a mirror up, so shiny I could see my own face on it

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    Nitecore NU25. Shiny and much lighter than my previous 3x AAA headlamp

    • And soooo lightweight! I've got a yellow one love it!

    • What did you pay for it cimrak?

      The prices seem to fluctuate wildly depending on ebay/gearbest/other places.

      At one point I saw a local seller for $35ish.

      • +1

        I paid $51 for it on ebay. Not the best price, but I needed it quickly and has some paypal credit to use up

    • An excellent, lightweight head lamp. Only frustration would be a preference to easily set custom lighting levels, the mid brightness setting is slightly too dark for my preferences (running at night for example) and the top one is overkill.

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        Same here, I find the warm white too bright, I can make a driver with custom functions but unfortunately the light is sealed. Maybe when the battery dies…

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    A Shiny Pokémon 😆

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      Pokemon Go? lol

  • glow in the dark condom.

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    A LED torch, very shiny at night.

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    Ordered this brush kit hoping it will shine n sparkle my car's wheels.

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    A motorcycle restoration project… I buffed some parts to see if it was ok. They came up pretty shiny.

    • Don't say it's Italian.

      • Kawasaki Pegasus?

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    Shiny ETH

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    Poco F3 from this deal here. My god 120hz OzBargain scrolling has never been more glorious on the toilet.

    • +3

      I've justified my ipad pro purchase from my partner by saying high refresh scrolling in fb and ozb lol.

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    Got a UV touch, wanted so see spots I missed ceramic coating my car. Not UV active, great if you're in a hotel room I guess…

    • +2

      yeah great if you want to run out screaming

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    Shiny Mini LEDs from my iPad Pro.
    Three shiny lasers from my 360 S10 botvac.

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    a $4800 heater.
    Not here yet, expected delivery in June. The shiniest thing I bought. The only thing my wife approves. "you cannot bring any junk to this room". There you have it. I will make sure it's beautiful.

    • +2

      what heater is $4,800?

      • +16

        Alienware R12 computer :P

        • +1

          Haha, excellent.

        • +2

          Use LOVEKEANU and pocket the discount.

  • Iphone 12 Pro Max 256Gb from MobiCiti - last ebay plus promotion with $300 off.

    Still shiny as sitting unopened in box.

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    A car last month. V8 Grand Cherokee. It's an awesome all-rounder. Fuel bill is not politically correct though.

  • Ideapad flex 5 laptop off Amazon.com. US spec is way better than what's available here. Great value laptop even after postage and GST.

    • Was that the $900+ one?

      • No, was about AUD$1000 for one with a ryzen 4700u and16gb ram. Lenovo AU wanted $1200 for one with an i5 and 8gb ram.

  • Panerai watch

    • Pre-owned or BN? I remember the time in early 2010 or even earlier when Panerai was the craze.

  • +2

    I bought an RTX 3090 for $3099 along with some new parts for a brand new high end rig I’m building 🥳

    • Thats pretty cheap for a 3090, well done.

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    Nissan 350z

    • +1

      Great value , powerful ICE car

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    Sheesh there's a lot of cringe in these comments. I may as well join in, an EP1 bolt action pen from Refyne

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    A mirror. Returned it after I saw the reflection. Must be defective!

  • I bought several asics to mine ether. They are pink and they sound like sydney airport has been moved into my house

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    Bought a Nintendo switch and Mario kart for my 4yo and I to play
    Also bought commander keen from gog for myself. My son loves keen more than the switch lol!

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    Kiwi Polish. The product itself is not shiny but it does make my shoes shiny after using it.

    • +2

      Would recommend checking the Saphir Renovateur and the Saphir lineup as well :) Comes highly recommended from shoe people.

  • I bought a Torchlight

  • I bought this https://www.pccasegear.com/products/53971/pccg-nightmare-308... and received it last Friday.

    My old gaming PC died and I was desperate. No ragrets.

    • +1

      Any particular reason this over the Dell / Techfast deals?

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    New air purifier :D

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    • Not that recent, but this from this deal. Photos don't do it justice. It's so shiny!

      • oh thats nice…im partial to citizens :)
        7 mth battery reserve!? wow

        • +1

          Yup, it's f'ing awesome. Perpetual calendar and the hour/minute hands are luminescent. Was a great deal at $249. My only minor concern is the glass sits slightly proud of the bezel (obviously part of the design), so may be susceptible to chips - but hopefully the sapphire glass does its job.

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