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Trouver Power 11 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner $99.99 Delivered @ GShopper Australia


we want people to try it and tell us the true opinion for this handheld vacuum.
Is it Kmart quarlity? It is sub brand from Dreame and come out from same factory. Try it, if you don't like, send it back and we will refund your purhase. 30 days money back guarantee.

where is the wall mount? The vacuum floor stand is not included in AU model and we only found out after customer advised, But there is a wall mount included.

Main Features:

1.5 kg Host Lightweight: with an ergonomic handle, lightweight main body enable you easily clean up from floor to hig places.

2500mAh Long Battery Life: the battery vacuum cleaner takes 3 hours to fully charge, and the continuous using time is up to 60 minutes. Removable and replaceable battery pack.

Powerful Suction: 20kPa,utilizes a super strong motor with powerful suction, more helpful in renewing your dirty floor and keeping your house neat.

Multi-cone Cyclone Dust Collection: 5-fold filter system can intercept 0.3 micron particles, and the exhaust is clean. The filter element has no pressure and saves consumables easily.

Dual Cool Air-cooling Self-regulation: the air duct structure of the exhaust channel is improved to avoid the accumulation of temperature of the core components or local overheating.

LED Large Color Screen: the LED screen displays real-time status, including suction gear, remaining power, etc..

Removable Split Dust Cup: the filter screen and dust cup can be finely disassembled for washing.

All-round Cleaning, No Dead Angles: with different types of attachments,can help you thoroughly clean the dust of sofa, wall, stairs and other hard-to-reach areas.

Model Trouver Power 11 Dreame V10
OLED Display Yes No
Rated Power 400W 450W
Battery Capacity 60min/25min/10min Standard 60mins,Max mode 10Mins
Dust Cup Capacity 0.4L 0.5L
Product Weight 1.45Kg 1.5KG
Patented Motor AERO 4.0 Brushless Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor
Finger free operation mode Lock Mode Available Need to press trigger
Suction 20,000Pa 22,000Pa
Filter 6 Cone Filtration 8 Cone Filtration
Simplified Trash One Button to release One Button to release
Battery Swappable Yes, Extra Battery can purchase seperately No
Detachable Dust Bin Yes Yes

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  • +2

    Probs coz brodens bought craploads to sell on ebay at slightly less then the $199…

    • +1

      haha. This got ozbargain-ed? or broden-ed? We shall make the dictionary one day.

      • I guess one leads to the other!!

  • +2

    They still have plenty of stocks on their ebay store, just not adding stocks here :( https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/274741502910

    • eBay stock probably has not been updated

  • That was quick. All gone.

    • More available now

  • Gee, I would have liked one of these units, anymore available at this price anywhere?

    Also, does the power on button stay active when clicked once? or do you have to keep it pressed constantly to operate it?

    • Also, does the power on button stay active when clicked once? or do you have to keep it pressed constantly to operate it?

      There is some information here

      • Yep, thanks, after fully reading there is one which was a essential requirement for me.

        Hence, made an order so will see how it goes!

    • I wouldn’t mind one either, if more stock could be found at this price

  • +1

    If you really dropped the price for reviews, you should have made it one order with coupon per account.

  • I'd be interested if there are more… but people have bought multiple here.

  • Just ordered one? Seems to be in stock?

  • Just ordered one. Battery on my old Dyson Dc35 is dying and really hard to find replacements for cheap. Might as well buy a whole new unit. Hopefully it's good

  • back in stock, just order one

  • still showing OOS for me?

  • +11

    Back to stock

    • thanks op!

    • thanks op just got one.

    • Thanks op just got one too

    • Thanks Bought one!

    • ..

    • how long is the waranty please?

    • Why the price is increased by $20? Can you please fix the price, interested to buy one. Thanks

  • Thanx OP looking forward to trying it.

  • Still in stock guys, just signed up and ordered one. Will use to clean house and car.

  • Thanks op! Got one

  • Our Dyson V6 is beginning to struggle, let's hope this is better! Thanks op.

  • Is this any better than my Dyson v7?

    • +2

      I think these are the right specs that I could find….
      Dyson V7 is 100AW, Power 11 is 120AW
      V7 is 0.54L bin volume, this is 0.4L
      V7 weighs 2.5kg, this is 1.5kg
      2100mAh battery vs 2500mAh

      So other than having a smaller bin, it should be better than a V7. I think in terms of battery and power, it's closer to a V8 from Dyson.

  • Ordered one, let see if this thing is any good…

    If you have a go, you'll get a go

    • Let's hope it's a lifter and not a leaner.

  • Ordered one

    Hope it's good

  • Ordered one myself. Thanks! huge discount and hope its good.

  • Ordered

  • Only a 2500mAh battery and says operating time 60mins….what's that massage mode. Even a Dyson V6 with a (slightly less) 2100mAh battery would run for perhaps 18min on low or 10 mins on high.
    My guess this will be simular, i.e. as stated 25min high and 10min super high. Just ignore the 60min massage mode :-)

  • +2

    Yay I was able to get one hopefully it will be a good successor to my dying dyson v6 slim. Sorry op for my comment earlier I was just a bit disappointed in missing out on this awesome deal.

  • +6

    Found this really badly dubbed video on YouTube showing more about the Trouver. Sounds like the dude doing the over-dubbing should be doing bad Swedish pornos. 🍆



    • -1

      Haha. After watching that (well I stopped 1 min in), I definately would not want one. Ugly and cheap looking and having just watched a portion of it, would feel dirty using it……..unless I owned a nice purple couch :-)

    • +2

      Is that the

      And we are still editing the English review, will upload once finished.

      that OP has been working on from the initial (ripoff) previous deals?

    • WTF! What did I just watch? That voice over was just pure gold.
      Thanks for sharing this comedy.

  • At $99 worth a shot - good deal OP

    • -3

      Actually, no……it looks awful even for $99. Watch above video. It looks like cheap and nasty landfill. Certainly one to lkeep out in sight when you have visitors over …..haha.

      • That's not the Ozbargainer spirit. It's buy now, think later :) But yeah, the hive mind and the RRP may have got to me…

  • You think $60 is worth it for the "Movable floor rack" that's shown in the Amazon listing?

    • +1

      Its not listed in the accessories; so probably not included either.

      • Yeah good point. I bit the bullet with GShopper just then, so let's see how it goes.

  • Does it come with any of the accessories? I know not the wall mount but others like crevice tool etc?

    • I assumed it came with everything pictured in the box. Multi floor head, crevice tool and the smaller head (fabric cleaning brush?)

  • Thanks OP, seems like a good bargain for the price. Got one

  • I am taking the plunge. Still in stock when I just bought one.

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    Expires: May 13, 2021, 12:00:00 AM
    $17.99 for W26 1.75 Inch Smart Watch

    it doesnt work, can you please make it work, thanks

  • +1

    So with there being no wall mount included, is there any way they can be purchased if we like the vacuum cleaner and are happy enough to keep it?

  • got 1

  • Got 1. Thanks OP

  • I honestly believe spell check can assist this bargain
    Xaomai in ours for transparency
    Seems a super buy, good luck with it buyers, interested in the comparisons that pop up

  • i feel so dirty, dont know if i needed it but i bought it

    • +1

      Use this vacuum to clean you up

  • +1

    Anyone else get a pending payment email, even though they have already taken the money from paypal?

    • I got the same, not sure what's going on

    • Realised I had two orders in my account, because I noticed I had mistyped my address on the original order and went back to edit it, which seemed to have created another order. The original order was the one I got the payment pending email for.

  • Thanks OP, just purchased one!
    Edit: Where can we get extra filters and extra batteries from? The Aliexpress link doesn't ship to Australia? :O

  • How long would it take to receive the product🤔 I live in Liverpool area

    • maybe a week include weekend.

  • Mine is already shipped

  • Ordered one

  • +1

    I love it how it says "Recommended by Richard from UK Butlers Guild (UKBG)".

    • Also, "Jorge Marin Bravo gave good comments after testing who have 2.38 million subscribers on YouTube". There's not many reviews around, so gave the name a search. Can't find anyone of that name on YouTube, at least not with 2.38 million subscribers. Is it just fabricated nonsense? Seems very sus.

      • +1

        Found him on YouTube so at least looks like a real person. The 2.38m subscribers seems a little exaggerated but it doesnt seem like he's that far away.


        • Lol, it's certainly some creative stretching of the truth…

        • Are you sure it is the right Jorge Marín Bravo? Only 5 subscribers with 3 baby Chewbacca videos. LOL!

  • -1

    What to do when we need to keep this vacuum stand ? Please tell me your way !!!

  • +2

    Just bought a Xiaomi A9 from the other deal, I wonder if this is better value at half of the price.

    There is a Korean review on YouTube , not sure what is the verdict though (I don't speak Korean).


  • Good "quarlity" if you "purhase".🌿

  • Bought one and will decide later if I want to keep it. May be because I was waiting for dreame v11 with carpet head, then came the A9 deal for $199 I was tempted to buy that but decided to wait. And this superdeal came for Trouver Power 11 at $99.
    I had an amoral obligation to act with thinking and thus bought it.

    Now I'm confused as I never heard of the last two brand from Xiaomi and there are not enough reviews and comparison on YouTube. This one does not appear to have a motorized head too, and with OP original description. I am still confused about the mount - what does it mean by “correct the issue and sorted with customer” does this mean they will now send the mount?

  • I got one as well to try.

    In terms of youtube review, this one seems pretty good.. (Turn on the captions/subtitle unless you understand French).

    From the video it seems pretty good for hard floor but might not be good enough for carpet

    EDIT: the korean one mentioned above seems to be a good review as well so you should also watch it although i dont understand korean as well.

  • After having a look at Korean and French reviews decided to cancel my order.

    I should have bought Viomi A9, so cancelled my order online will buy Viomi A9.

    • What from those reviews made you cancel?

      • +1

        In one of the videos, I saw that the narrator had to go over the carpet a few times before it would pick up all the debris.
        You really need a carpet head for this job. Also, it isn't clear if the floor head is motorised.

        • +1

          I noticed it struggling with carpet cleaning, also not motorised head, no mount, and no one really has previously used it. Rather buy a well reviewed product for a little more.

  • Thanks OP. Purchased 1 for quick clean ups and stairs (to supplement my old school Dyson)

  • I need a new vacuume but prefer wall plugged ones. Any recommendations?

    • For wired/plugged ones, then buy a barrel type vacuum cleaner. Good brands such as Dyson, Bosch, Electrolux etc

    • i would go with miele .. you can get them for like 300

      • Yes, if you want good suction get the Miele bag vacuum cleaner. I have a Dyson and Miele bagged vacuum out performs it.

  • Anyone had pending payment? (paid with PayPal)

  • i got the fomo… but 99 bucks seems worth the risk… and my 2 yo dyson just broke, i wonder if dyson will give me warranty.

  • Sorry, I don’t know how you guys are able to keep buying it but it comes up as Currently Unavailable for me all the time.
    What’s the trick?

    • try a different browser.

    • Make sure your shipping country is set to Australia as it defaults to the USA. Top right of page I think.

  • Like others, I'm wondering what this means in relation to the wall mount - "…we correct the issue and sorted out with customer."

    It seems that the question has been asked multiple times, but no real clarification has been provided.

    Is there a wall mount available separately? Seems a real omission from a usability point of view.

  • Imagine if this sucks' and the influx of returns

    • +4

      I imagine there'll be more returns if it doesn't suck

  • just curious.. what would you do with the returned products? do you sell them as new again?

  • This is an interesting bargain deal.
    Cashback was $2.09 on a value put at $60.
    Xiaomi gear is usually of an amazingly high standard and worth collecting, but this one looks a bit like a Kmart NERF gun.
    I await delivery to be pleasantly surprised?

    • Yeah had the same… Odd

  • Price up to $119 now with the same discount code… I missed out

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