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Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB $449, S21+ $649, Ultra $949 (after $400 Trade-in and Stackable $200 & $50 Discounts) @ Samsung Store


$400 Trade-in & Stackable $200 & $50 Discount on Galaxy S21 Series ( S21 128GB $449, S21+ $649, Ultra $949 @ Samsung Store

Price has dropped $150+ from this deal - ask a live chat agent (https://chatbot.samsungcs-au.com/) for a $200 discount voucher and use the $50 newsletter sign-up voucher.

After coupon discounts should come to:


128GB $449
256GB $549


128GB $649
256GB $749

S21 Ultra:

128GB $949
256GB $1049
512GB $1249


Case & Tempered Glass Option

zillkin case

spigen case

spigen 2 pack tempered glass

Need a code? Giving away a code? Please use the

Code Request Megathread

Do not ask for (or sell) codes in the comment section of deals.

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    Thanks OP got one as a present.

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      Happy Birthday to you :) awesome username

  • Got a phone not eligible message. HK model so not acceptable I guess

    • Correct, I tried a HK S10+ and got the same message

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    Does the trade-in app work now? Keep failing with this error message. "Sorry, we are having a problem executing your request. Please try again." Tried with two different credit cards, but the same error message. Rebooted the phone, but the same error.

    • Same here

    • Same

    • Same here :-(

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    List of brands they accept as trade-ins:
    Google Pixel

    If you have a phone that's not from one of those manufacturers then there's no trade in available.

  • Having issues with Trade up App. Entering card details throwing me an error- 'Sorry we are having a problem executing your request.

    Any workarounds?

    • I have the same problem. Tried 2 phones :(

  • FYI - I used my gmail account yesterday for the $50 off sign up. Emailed them that I haven't receive anything, and the below is what I got. Used outlook email address yesterday and got it within few hours. Better use email address other than gmail to sign up.

    "Samsung Australia has received notice that you have yet to receive the requested $50 Marketing Opt-In Voucher Code to be used on purchases of over $350 on the Samsung Online Store.

    It appears that you have successfully registered, however, your email provider may have blocked emails from our promotional account."

  • What devices are eligible for the trade in?

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    this card verification issue in the trade up app is killing me

    • Same tried like 5 times with multiple cards.

      • if anyone gets through this step, let us know

        • Mine kept throwing up that error when it auto populated the data from Google Pay. I manually entered the data and then made sure the day for expiration had a 0 in front.

        • I went through fine, used a disposable card from Revolut.

    • Glad it's not just me. This thing seems horribly broken.

      • +1

        I'm getting this error too

  • Anyone getting a "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment" error when trying to add the trade-in ID? I'm using the trade-in ID of an iPhone 8.

  • Is Samsung Care+ worth the extra hard earned money, even with the 50% off promo? Your thoughts and comments are welcomed, so to are your smartass comments and wise cracks. :-)

    • No if you keep your phone well. Meaning you have never drop your phone.

    • I would. Most (all?) of the Samsung phones are glass back and front. There's almost no way to drop them without breaking something. If you're prone to dropping them then even a half case might not be enough to protect it as they have curved edges on the screen and cases which only go onthe back won't protect the edges fully.

      Personally I think glass [back] phones are stupid. They're sold as 'premium' and yet almost everyone either has a broken one, or has a case on it (or both). Why on earth would you want a portable device which is so delicate? They're making them all water resistant now, but they're still made of glass - and that water resistance doesn't work once the glass is cracked.

      I have an LG V50 and it's cracked front and back. The worst actually happened while it had the second screen attached (which means that I couldn't have had a case on it). My three previous phones are still in my drawer and all work and none are broken - they're all phones with plastic backs.

  • Its weird that I got told "Please be reminded that it can only be used on our Samsung Australia online store or website and it will expire in 7 days. The voucher also cannot be combined/stackable with our Trade Up promotions or other promotions such as the $50 sign up bonus."

    • +1

      Nah, was told the same, but worked fine.

  • Using a Z fold 2, but can't stand that the cases kept falling out……

  • Could I get a screenshot of the s21 phantom grey showing the discounts and final price please? I want to send it across to my credit card company with my screenshot from last week where I paid $150 more. Collected the phone from post ofdice 2 days ago and sitting unopened on my desk. Can't be bothered going through samsung refund etc and trying to get another phone. Thank you :-)

    • May I know what's your credit card provider?

  • It says "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment". Is it because I have opted for trade in the store and using that Trade ID without actually doing the trade in the store?

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      apparently. you need to enter the card details in. im having trouble with that step though

  • Chat seems to be down. Has anyone been able to get the $200 voucher over the phone?

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    By the way, remember to put "UPGRADE" voucher in to get free $100 worth of accessories when Upgrading to S21 Ultra.

    • How does this work? Can you put any accessory in?

      • +1

        Not really, but on the newsletter, it said the "UPGRADE" voucher is for free $100 worth of accessories. Wouldn't hurt to try when you are purchasing a S21 Ultra ;) Too pricy for me.

        • +2

          Just tried it, didn't work

          • +1

            @doubleh: Also having trouble, is it a specific code or just UPGRADE lol?

            • @nicD: Oh, was just referring to UPGRADE

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    $200 code was working that I got yesterday , today when I tried to make purchase it got removed automatically, since then its not working , I tried to get new code they gave me 3 diff codes none of them worked, My ticket has been escalated now

    • Same here but I was unable to get a new code because their chat is down.

      • Let us know if it works for you eventually

    • My original $200 code no longer works. Asked chat for a new code, and it worked.

  • Was going through the terms and conditions of the trade-up and below is what I found. I feel that I don't understand the legal terminology in the best way. Choose wisely :)


    Device Non-Return Fee means a fee which is equal to the amount of the discount You received when
    Your unique Trade ID was applied at the point of sale when You purchased Your New Samsung Device
    Online in accordance with clause 5.2 of these Terms and Conditions.

    In-eligible Device Fee means a fee which is equal to the amount of the discount You received when Your
    unique Trade ID was applied at the point of sale when You purchased Your New Samsung Device Online
    in accordance with clause 5.2 of these Terms and Conditions.

    • What did you choose?

  • Hi friends, does anybody else having problem in completing the trade-in process in the app? I'm getting error saying "Sorry, we have problem executing your request. Please try again." I tried putting the tradeup code during S21 purchase but it didn't worked. Does somebody know the solution for this?

    • make sure you have added your credit card details in the trade up app

      • Yeah that's what I was trying but it give the error I have stated above. Don't know what's wrong. I've been trying from last night. Even tried to reintall the app but no success.

        • If your expiry date is single digit month, try putting a zero in front of it so it's 2 digits

        • I've been trying the whole afternoon;
          Initially the app threw the error "Sorry we are having a problem executing your request".
          Now the error has changed to "Care verification failed - Unable to validate card info"; tried 2 credit cards already.

          • @ozbr247: Mine just worked now don't know what has changed but it worked!!!
            But now I'm stuck at purchasing s21 because when I put trade-in code it says sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment.

    • +2

      Managed to get it to work by turning off wifi and trying again. Hope this helps someone.

      • Good job, worked for me too. Switched off wifi and connected to another network

  • Does the trade-in app checks or asks if the screen is broken? I want to buy a cheap S7 edge with broken screen, but since it is at the bottom of the list, I am concerned if the app might turn it down saying that it is not worth trading in…

    • +1

      Yes, it's one of the last questions.

      • but will they accept the phone with a broken screen?

        • +1

          No. Say the screen is not broken and don't send the device. They will charge the trade-in amount from your card.

  • +5

    So I've started receiving actual newsletters from Samsung but not the $50 voucher. Nice!

    • +1

      Same haha

    • i signed up a few weeks ago and got nothing. I sent them an email last night and got a response with the $50 code this morning. everything stacked up to $434 for an old iphone 6 i had sitting in my draw. also bought the s20 fe last week from TGG for around $690 with cashback. missed out just by a few days on the $599 deal. i think TGG have price beat within 30 days but not sure if they will refund the difference considering the $599 was with trade up.

  • Does anybody know if it's possible to somehow still get a trade-in ID for a phone that no longer turns on? My pixel 3 bricked it a few weeks ago. Thanks.

    • You can't. You need to download the app on your phone and do some test & questions via the app.

    • My pixel 3 bricked it a few weeks ago. Thanks.

      What's wrong with it?

      • Stopped charging (even wirelessly) and started turning itself off randomly, even with full battery. It's out of warranty, but I talked to Google anyway, who said to send it to Melbourne for repairs which would take up to 6 weeks and $$$. Instead, I had it looked at by a mobile repair place and I paid for them to try and replace the battery, but no joy…

        Open to any ideas! :)

  • +1

    Trade Up app still not validating credit cards for me.

    • same here

    • Do you happen to be using a prepaid giftcard credit card? Lately some services are starting to block the use of prepaid cards. Though I have no idea if Samsung is this type.

      • Nope it's a Coles credit card

        • same issue I am having, got a Coles CC too, this is so frustrating

          • +1

            @streetsmart: Try changing to a different wifi network. That worked for me just now.

            • @ysbeer178: I'm having similar issue (card validation failed); changing wifi network didn't fix it unfortunately.

            • @ysbeer178: thanks did not work for me but it was worth trying

  • Does anyone know the process for redoing the legibility test that failed on a trade in phone? My folks took too long with one of the steps even though the phone is fine. They got all the way to the end, inputting the imei number and everything.

    Is it enough to delete and reinstall the trade up app or is more work needed?

    • +2

      Is it enough to delete and reinstall the trade up app or is more work needed?


      Delete/Reinstall/Wipe local app storage is enough.

      • cwong the legend to rescue

      • Isn't IMEI part of the application though? Or you just substitute another Samsung phone's IMEI

  • What happens if I use a family friend's phone to get the trade-in code? Does their phone go on some blacklist or have some other limitation now?
    Any downsides to doing this?

    • I think once the phone has been used in a trade up, you cant use it again (even if you dont send it in). As they ask for your IMEI

      • Use it again in a trade-in? or like actually use the phone?

        • +1

          use the phone in a trade in again. Sorry for shit wording

          • @exolocity: Hoping that's the case! Otherwise this was an expensive experiment

  • I've been trying all day to use the Trade In to purchase (I get the Trade-Up ID but then keep getting the error message "Sorry, due to an error, trade-in service is unavailable at the moment" every time. Anyone know a way around this? Thanks.

    • It is just there low quality servers I think, if you get "card verification failed" that's a problem that is yours, and they don't like your card

      • I don't even get that far, I can't get to add the trade up ID in to my cart without getting that error message :-(

        • you have to verify your credit card on the app before you can use the trade up ID, if not the error will persist

          • @Real Nimo: I put my credit card details in and keep getting the error message "Sorry, we are having a problem executing your request. Please try again".

            Tried again and again and with different credit cards, but no luck. :-(

            • +1

              @cinogirl: Try turning off wifi and use mobile data worked for me.

  • Was anyone able to complete the trade in process using the app with a VISA/MASTERCARD Debit card, and not an actual credit card?

    If that is the problem, and you can't use Debit cards, I"ll stop trying. Pretty dumb if that is the case

    • i did and nil issues - CBA.

      • Thanks I"ll keep trying

    • In T&C they say it must be credit card. This is fair enough since they have to trust you to send the phone and they need a mechanism to charge you fees if you don't send the phone or if it does not match etc.

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