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Sony Alpha A7c Full Frame Mirrorless Camera with 28-60mm Lens Kit $2099 (Was $3499) @ JB Hi-Fi


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Also, seems like the cashback is valid making this kit $1899 and a better deal than Ryda's.

Purchase this selected Sony camera and get $200 Cashback via redemption! Offer valid until 30th of June 2021. For full terms and conditions and to claim, Click Here.

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  • Whats the coupon?

    • +3

      Oops - got excited. Added.

  • Is the code generic?

    • Most of the time yes.

      • Cool, yup received the same code as what you just entered.

  • Can confirm I've got the same code

  • +1

    Is this overkill for a first camera/video camera when travelling?

    • +3

      Its an overkill if you'll be using this camera on auto.

    • +8

      No, it's perfect for a first camera.

      But it's not that small. Definitely not pocket sized. If you want this primarily for travelling and walking around etc, consider a point-and-shoot with a decent sensor, like a Sony rx100.

      • -1

        M8 how is a FF camera where each lens is 2x the cost and heft a perfect camera for someone shooting in JPG?

        • +3

          Full frame images will have a much higher dynamic range but far less digital noise. In most cases, you'll see a 1- or 2-stop improvement in high ISO performance when comparing a full frame sensor with a crop sensor. Also good during day trips when you take photos containing different areas of dark shadow and bright lighting.

          • -1

            @Buy2Much: I'm acutely aware of the benefits, but are you aware of the cons? For a FIRST camera? For travelling?

        • Stop regurgitating what 10 year old posts in forums regurgitated which was mostly outdated when they wrote it. Do some research in today's market and compare weight, size & cost.

          2x the heft & cost? Compared to?

          Non FF rx100 & a6000 series prices have continued to go up in price and FF options have continued to come down. With the entry level FF market being very competitive.. with technology improving FF but sensor size still a limiting factor on P&S & APS-C..

          The FF lens that comes with this camera is 45mm X 66.6mm and weighs 167g. Price: Free with camera. Digidirect eBay: $359.20.

          This camera has every possible advantage for travel. Which will help get a better shot in any environment at any time over a P&S.

          Most responses have not had weather-resistance or IBIS and have been touted as a superior travel option.. with no meaningful weight difference. I know my camera gets wet when travelling and it's mainly handheld for practicality. With lighting suboptimal a lot of the time.

          A6400 is 100g lighter because it doesn't have IBIS. With no meaningful size difference.

          If you get serious about photography you'll save money in the long run as well by not investing in lenses that aren't FF. When you eventually want the benefits only a FF will achieve. You'll also save on resale.
          Usually APS-C and MFT end up being expensive hobbies anyway once you buy in.

    • If you're keen on full frame. If you're new to photography, I'd suggest the A6400. Great APS-C for photo/video. It will be more compact too, so great for travelling. In saying that, this price is so good, it's hard to say no to.

      • -1

        The size difference is a couple of mm and 100g..

        • +6

          APS-C means smaller and cheaper lenses, though.

          • @garbage man: Have you seen the size & weight of the kit lens this comes with?

            Or the Sonnar T* FE 35mm F2.8 Zeiss

            Or the Sony FE 28mm f/2 SEL28F20

            Or the Sony FE 50 or 55mm f/1.8

            • +1

              @stickymoo: I'm sure there are plenty of compact FF lenses and plenty of chonky apsc lenses but my point is just that as a general rule you can get cheaper/smaller lenses the more cropped the sensor is.

              • -2

                @garbage man: Maybe 15 years ago your rule applies..

                • +2

                  @stickymoo: Nice, I didn't know the laws of physics has changed in the last 15 years

              • @garbage man: The differences are really noticeable the closer you want to get to a faraway subject, both in size/weight of lens required and wallet-rape.

        • (Full-Frame) A7C: 124 x 71.1 x 59.7mm, 509g $1899 (kit)
          (APS-C) a6600: 120 x 66.9 x 69.3mm; 503g $2099 (body)

          Sony FE 50mm lens is compatible with both full-frame and APS-C Sony E-mount cameras

          Weight: 192g

          Can be had new for around $300 and second hand cheaper around $200.

          Size, weight & price don't correlate directly with sensor size.

          There's too many examples of cameras with sensors smaller than FF that end up being either bulky, heavy &/ or expensive. Especially when specialising.

          And plenty of cheap, compact & light FF examples. Sigma fp/ 422g, Canon EOS RP/ 485g, Panasonic S5/ 630g, Nikon Z5/ 675g. With equally compact, lightweight & cheap optics.

          Not to mention it's the modern features that dictate the size and not directly the sensor. With 4k video these cameras need larger heatsinks to help with overheating. Big video cameras are big not because of sensor size but because their body is practically one big giant heatsink.
          Not too mention how much smaller ergonomically do you want an a6600/ a7c to be?

          Also IBIS takes up space.. which is why the a6400 is 100g lighter and 19mm thinner than the a6600

          Which means for photo & video your more likely to require aid for the a6400. Grip, tripod, monopod, gimbal etc. Adding bulk, cost, weight..

      • Canon G1X III.

        Interchangeable lens camera is wasted on noobs (no offence), especially a FF where people have no idea how to use it.

        Point n shot will yield better result/value.

    • +8

      All depends on your budget, isn't it? If you have $1,899 to spare and have nothing better to buy other than a camera, go ahead with this one. Although the temptation to buy more lens will quickly cause your outlay to balloon out. If you're committed to eventually delving into the world of Sony's mirrorless cameras and lenses, I suppose this is relatively cheap. Full-frame sensor is a huge plus too. I wouldn't call this a beginner's camera though…

      If your concern is size, weight, photo quality and would like to learn a bit more about photography without thinking about lenses for now, I would recommend the Panasonic Lumix LX100. I got the Mk1 having come down from dSLRs due to size and it has been great for almost all purposes (not great for pro videos only because of no external mike output, though video quality is great). Big sensor (Four thirds 17.3mm x 13mm) with a standard zoom range (24-75mm). MkII priced lower than this one at RRP $1399.

      Sony RX100 MkVII is the other go-to for a compact camera that delivers on quality. Bigger-than-standard-compacts sensor at 1" (13.2 x8.8mm) with a great zoom range 24-200mm. Priced about the same as this at RRP $1699 although the previous iterations are still available at lower prices without compromising on much quality.

      • +1

        I bought the RX100 VII for my wife for Christmas and got it for under $1300.

        An amazing piece of technology.

        • Same. bought the VII refurb from sony ebay for $1k and the technology is just great. Just bought an extra grip as it's a bit too slippery lol.

        • I chose a RX100 VA over the VII, which has a much brighter 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 lens, at the expense of the extra reach. I also got it refurbished at a great price. If I need more zoom I take my RX10 IV, which goes up to 600mm has the same internals as the VA and is incredibly sharp all the way through.

    • +1

      Articulating screen, industry leading auto focus, eye focus, 5 Axis IBIS, incredible low-light capabilities, small full frame camera, weather-sealed, kit lens is the smallest and lightest ultra-compact standard zoom full-frame lens available.

      Those factors make this the perfect user friendly first camera for travel. Which will promote great hand held images and video in a wide range of situations. Taking a lot of user error out of the equation.

      And at this price your resale value at the end of the trip if you wanted to sell. I'd doubt you will lose any money. I recently sold my A7iii for more than the current price of this.

    • -1

      My main concern with full-frame units is the size and weight (and price) of lenses (and bodies for that matter). If that isn't an issue and you want high performance in most areas, then go for it.

  • +1

    A full frame as your first camera? Probably yes. But if you can afford it why not. This is a cracking deal. I’m getting tempted to sell my Sony A73 and buy this.

    • +8

      Why would you sell your a73 for this? They are basically the same camera in a slightly different form factor.

      • +4

        He must really want that kit lens

      • +1

        I have the Tamron 28-70 and the A73 superb combination but this combo on sale is just so nice and compact for travel. Smaller cameras and lenses tend to get used more often. Also this kit lens is quite sharp for a bundled kit lens.

        • +2

          The camera bodies aren't meaningfully different in size. The A7C isn't pocket sized, so either way you're still looking at having to carry a separate camera bag. Last time I went overseas (a couple of years ago now…) I left the interchangeable lens camera at home and took a Sony Rx100, and had no regrets. Got so many great photos to keep the memories. Sure, the quality was lacking in comparison and the wouldn't hold up in a photo competition, but that's not what holiday snaps are about for me.

          You can get the kit lens for $360 at the moment with digidirect ebay sale, so if you really want a compact zoom you could do that. But actually, given that this is so cheap, you could probably buy this and sell your A73 for cheaper? So maybe you're right?!

          • @MisterTee: Lol you make valid points, which is why this deal was so tempting.

        • Just to add in here that the viewfinder is in a reeeeeeally awkward sport on the A7C, so if you shoot through the viewfinder, I'd almost write off the A7C is not for you (stick with A7iii - I have the same kit you noted, incidentally, after months of deliberation). The A7C does look pretty though.

      • +3

        A7C has better auto focus and better tracking. Not enough for me to swap an a73 for the a7c 🤷‍♂️ but i'm waiting for the a74 at probably double this price haha

        • I’ve never felt the autofocus lacking in my A73 it never seems to miss shots. I’m a street shooter, people move pretty quickly on the street! It’s crazy how good camera tech has gotten.

        • +2

          Articulating screen, unlimited video recording. 2 years younger than the A7iii, resale value, has real-time tracking which the A7iii does not. The A7C did get the same autofocus enhancements that are in the A7Siii, a9/a9II.

          You could make the switch and not be out of pocket.

          • @stickymoo: Not debating the improvements in tech agree with your points, but doesn’t the A73 have real time eye tracking and animal eye auto focus too (via firmware updates.)? Articulating screen is a personal preference, for street shooters like myself flip up screens work better. Also the a73 has had excellent resale value. I think it probably boils down to new features vs viewfinder vs compact nature.

            • +1

              @karankadam: A7III received real-time AF update not real-time tracking.
              Real-time tracking is a meaningful upgrade.

              At this point in time it does look like the A7iii will not get real-time tracking and that will be a selling point for the A7IV.

              At this price it isn't a terrible idea to switch out the A7iii for the A7C if the differences add value.

              It definitely doesn't become a cost factor.

              For me the extra video features make the transition worth it. When price is not a consideration.

      • I agree. The differences are marginal.
        The only thing I would want from the a7c is the eye tracking, the no maximum video length and maybe the flipy screen. The extra memory spot would be useful I guess.

        You lose the second card slot and get a worse EVF (size wise).

        • +1

          I haven't heard anyone call real-time tracking found in the A7C, A7RIV, A7Siii, A9ii as marginal.

          Which the A7iii doesn't have but the A7IV definitely will as a featured upgrade.

      • Having come from an a6000, I do note the a67iii's evf hump and overall look puts people on guard in ways that the a6000 never did.

        It's worthwhile for the compact size and its less serious looking nature. If an a7c mk2 comes out with improvements to the evf then I'm in.

    • Was trying to reply to the comment above and I meant “Probably yes” to this being overkill as someone’s first travel camera.

  • I've been wanting to upgrade to this for ages.

    This deal is way to good to pass off but ouch my bank account.

  • +2

    Don't forget the Amex offer on JB Hi Fi - Spend $100 get $20 back

  • Just an FYI all,

    There's heaps of rumors that a new Sony camera is going to be announced end of this month.

    Probably why it's on sale.

    The disclaimer is its still in the "rumor" stage.

    • +2

      rumour. I don't normally do the whole spelling correction thing, but given it was twice I felt compelled to. It's possible you're American though I guess.

      • +2

        Haha, nah I'm aussie.

        My autocorrect is American based I guess (SwiftKey).

        • +5

          <3 you. Swear I'm not being an ahole. Us old folk are still obsessed with spelling. I'm not eligible for an AstraZeneca vaccine, at least not for another week or so. :)

  • No one mentioned the $200 cashback yet? Come on guys where is you ozb spirit???

    • I added it as an edit already :)

      • Way better than ryda’s the lens can be sold at least another $200 minimum

  • i usually get full frame canon, should i switch to sony?

    • +5

      if you have to ask, you probably OK with what you already have

      • -1

        i had mine for a while, and im looking to get something new again. this seems like a great deal, but i don't know anything sony. i like canon and don't care much for nikon, but the sony price is making me considering switching. what is your experience?

    • If you're already in Canon land, save up and get a r6?

  • Decisions, decisions. I have an ageing A7r2 that still produces magnificent photos but with a baby on the way, I feel that I may need better autofocus to capture candid moments. However, I like to crop my photos so I'm not sure how well the step down to 24mp will serve me.

    Anyone want to weigh in on this?

    • +1

      Stalker mode is great. Ahem, I mean silent shutter. Eye tracking is fantastic and is worth the upgrade.

      The a7m4 might be coming out soon. So you could get that or wait for a discount on the a7m3.

      • +1

        Thanks for the comment. Yep, waiting for the a7m4 to be out to snag an a7m3 for cheap may be the way to go. I'm thinking I'd really only need the insane autofocus when kids start zooming around as toddlers. As it stands, planking 3 or 4 grand on a camera body doesn't sit well with my wife.

        Strange how the camera world works. I grabbed the a7m2 for $2k a few years back but it seems like priced have stayed stagnant for a long time, probably because Sony hasn't been releasing many high resolution bodies in the R series.

        • +1

          I had the a7m2 but offloaded it cos I wanted those extra features. It's great now that there are more "affordable" e-mount lens.

    • You won’t miss the extra pixels unless you’re a landscape photographer who prints huge. 24mp is nothing to be scoffed at and allows plenty of cropping. The eye autofocus on the A73s and higher ups is brilliant. Perfect tack sharp portraits every time.

  • Worth the upgrade to this from a a6300?

    • +1

      IMO I would spend the money in buying a good lens :)

    • +1

      Yes if you want that full frame character. Do remember that full frame lenses cost a LOT more than crop lenses especially Sony.

  • +1

    Good deal but would skip this
    Still quite happy with my A6400 APS-C camera

    Looking at the comparison between APS-C (A6100) vs FF (Sony A9) review
    A6100 performance are still pretty excellent but at least half the price of A9

    • Depends on what you’re after. Autofocus is probably similar along with other modern features. What you’ll miss out on is the image quality (the look). Different sensor sizes. Edit: grammar

      • -1

        Image quality is actually mostly on par. What you get with FF is shallower depth of field, because they usually don't make APS-C lenses with as wide of an equivalent F stop (eg you can easily get F2 on FF but you can't easily get F1.4 on APS-C (which is the equivalent in DOF)). But if on FF you rarely shoot faster than F2.8, then you may as well stay with APS-C.

        • Been using E35 F1.8 prime lens on A6400 and have been really satisfy with the light capture and blur background
          I think its equivalent to around FF lens F2.7?

  • +1

    i got the a7iii, but still want to buy it

    • +1

      I got the A7iii and did buy it lol. Not sure how I will like the lack of a front dial though.

    • +1

      Please don't buy lol.

      You lose the front dial and lower quality evf.

      Only difference is better auto focus.


      The lens isn't even that good anyway.

      I'm an a7iii user also btw

    • +1

      Me too mate. So tempting. Can probably sell the A7m3 for a similar cost, cop the loss and get this!

  • Looks sold out to me?

  • -1

    This a worthy upgrade for a6000?0

    • +1

      It's a different beast. Similar form factor, but it's full frame

  • +1

    Wow - thanks for sharing OP! I sold my white kit (Canon FF & lenses) a little over 12 months ago to tap out of the game and have felt regret since. This gives me a perfect re-entry point at a solid discount. I nearly stacked with discounted gift cards (Suncorp @ 5%) but was too excited/worried it would sell out.

    • +1

      I feel that fear EVERY TIME I see a good deal on JB Hifi and hate having to buy multiple gift cards on the Suncorp rewards app.

  • +2

    Dammit I just upgraded my A6300 to the A6400 a few months ago. I wish I didn't already have 4 apsc lenses - I feel like they are locking me in from upgrading to full frame…

  • I've been eyeing the A7III for a while (as upgrade from first-gen A7). Never considered the A7C because the A7C reportedly has a lesser viewfinder (which I will rely a lot on). I also shoot a lot with manual lenses. At this price though, should I consider the A7C?

  • +1

    Is this great to record a 2-3 hours video non stop? Looking for a camera to record my daughter's play, but also like to take occasional photos when travelling.

    Is the sound recording good?

    • +1

      Pretty sure the A7C has no recording limit, but I would not rely on it for sound. Get an external mic if you don't want your ears to bleed.

  • -1

    i just got a A7iii with a GM lens worth the upgrade?

    • That depends on what you shoot.

  • Use jbhifi gift cards from shopback to get $60 (3%) off on top

  • I wonder how much out of pocket to replace my current kit
    - Nikon D610 - $800
    - Sigma 2.8 24-70mm - $500
    - Nikon 1.8 50mm $150
    - Sigma 70-200mm (cheap one) - $100
    - Metz 44 AF 1 - $100

    The lot is prob just short of covering this "kit". Then selling the kit lens will give me $200 (if lucky).

    And 1.5k out of pocket for a sigma 24-70 2.8… hm… tough choice. 400 for a new flash gun… $2k cost to " upgrade".

    • I would spend ~$1700 for 24-70 GM, looks the retailer is clearing the stock for this lens, they usually do 20% off plus sony cash back.

      sony HVL F60RM - I bought it at ~$420 after CB

      • All good. Camera is sold out. Saves my headache to think.

        Managed to dig up a super wide 12-24 at bottome of my draw too.

  • +1

    This is a true bargain

    • -1

      if you have profit from bitcoin

  • Never purchased through gift cards, can we use multiple gift cards at jbhifi online??

    • This is according to the NZ website.

      Can I use multiple gift cards for my online purchase?

      The website will only allow up to 5 gift cards to be redeemed per order.


      And ozbargains.

  • Keep your eyes on the Sony cash back. They are quite tardy processing it, I have been chasing them up for one back from November last year, always get the reply "escalated to the management team", they must be taking a leaf out of eBay's customer support handbook…

    P.S. Gone in 60 minutes! Seems out of stock now. Getting message "Temporarily unavailable online
    Due to very high demand, this product is currently unavailable for online purchase."

    • I also have horrible experience with Sony cash back from last Nov. They are customer support is useless. I love their product but hate horrible customer support

  • +3

    out of stock online… just as I was buying gift cards..

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