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Sony Alpha A7RIII $3,149.30 ($2749.30 After $400 cashback), Sony Alpha A9 Full Frame Camera $3,599.40 @ Sony Au


Sony's 'Mayhem' sale starts today and runs until 25 May (or while stocks last).

A7RIII $3,149.30 when combined with $400 cashback = $2749.30

A9 $3,599.40

While both are older bodies, they are still very capable cameras, and I say that as the happy owner of a A7RIII.

Not many lenses are included in the sale but this caught my eye - new FE 24mm F2.8 G for $599.40

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  • +4 votes

    Very cheap for the a9, esp considering the a9 II is largely just the same camera with some usability improvements and is still $6k.


    I so missed the classic sony a7 deal back in dec 2014…… will that happen again on a7iii?


      Sony now has market dominance in mirrorless so less likely to get those kind of deals.


        I still thi k Olympus is better. Cheaper lens too


      you just missed this deal a few days ago on the a7 iii


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        Very good deal, but not as brutal as the 2014 one. I vaguely remember the a7 kit set + adapter cost only 1.1k after cashback, while the adapter itself was worth about 300+ bucks.

        I am bored enough to dig out the post 6 yrs ago:


        $2000 or 177X something was good if you wanted a full-frame right now! The A7C was not bad value ( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/623123 ) if you wanted to use an a7iii but for longer recording, as it doesn't overheat and has no 30min limit. But it's a cheap cut-down version of the a7iii. A7C has the new camera UI system too.


          A7C is more expensive than the A7iii.

          It also has real-time tracking found in the A7RIV, A7Siii, A9ii. Which the A7iii does not have..

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    Everytime I get an alert, I keep hoping its for a Sony A7S iii. Maybe I'll wait till the end of financial year sales period …


    anyone know if canon does sales like this to their R series?


      Let me know once you've got an answer. Please.


      I believe there was once 2 years ago, bought the rp body from amazon and cash back for 300, very good pricing


    $2,659 after $400 cashback at Camera House coming with 24-70 mm f/4


      errr…link please?
      i only found 1 entry at camerahouse.com.au and it is showing $4999 for A7riii + 24-70mm f4


    Dont forget there is Amex $20 credit, if you pricematch with JB : )